StabFlix: Website Within a Website

If existed within the Scream films, what would that website be? StabFlix is the answer…

For latecomers, Stab is the fictional franchise within the “reality” of Scream and has garnered a mini-following, further propelled by Scream 4‘s double-twist opening scene.

StabFlix is just the beginning of our plans for expansion in 2011. If you thought the release of Scream 4 would initiate our slinking into the sunset, you were wrong – dead wrong! This project is nowhere near complete, but getting there will be half the fun.

Here are the current main attractions at StabFlix:

-Read known details and storylines of all 7 Stab movies plus the Gale Weathers books they were based on, with reveals like the nature of Stab 5‘s time travel storyline.

-Download/print the Stab-a-thon logo and artwork as shown in Scream 4‘s barn party – ideal for your own Scream marathon.

-Purchase the official Stab trilogy posters released to coincide with Scream 2 and Scream 3, respectively.

-Download/print hi-res sleeves of the Stab DVDs, recreated by P.L. Boucher from the real prop front covers.

It goes without saying: Scream 4 spoilers will feature prominently! What are you waiting for? Are you ready to jump down the rabbit hole? See you on the other side

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29 Responses to “ StabFlix: Website Within a Website ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Love it!

  2. That’s soooo awesome!

  3. This is amazing! And utter genius!

    You had me at hello, literally. I’ve been checking back here to see Stab Flix since the news story was posted a few hours ago :P

  4. Looks awesome!!!! Love it and this site!!!!!

  5. This is really good! I love it. How did you get the Synopsis? Oh and the stab 2 Dvd Cover doesn’t work for me. I can’t open it. But really great stuff right there!

  6. Thanks Victor, the link is fixed. You’d have to ask the artist but they’re mostly made up, 4-7 at least. On the Stab 4 section we do have that official synopsis, however.

  7. Hate to be a stickler. But Stab 3 should be titled, “Stab 3: Return To Woodsboro.”

  8. This is so awesome! AMAZING JOB!!! :)

  9. Stab 3 was ‘Return to Woodsboro’ but was renamed ‘Hollywood Horror’ after the events of Scream 3

  10. lmfao Aria Grande in Stab 4. She’s an actual teenage on the show Victorious. She was probably 5/6 when that movie came out in the Scream world.

  11. “If you thought the release of Scream 4 would initiate our slinking into the sunset, you were wrong – dead wrong!”

    @wicked-scribe: Mad props to you and the team behind scream-trilogy! When almost every other fan site has thrown in the towel, you guys keep going strong and giving us goodies to check out daily! Rock on!

  12. I know this sounds stupid, but in Scream 3 it is stated by Emily Mortimer’s character (Angelina) that Tori Spelling (Stab “Sidney”) and David Shwimmer (Stab “Dewey”) did not want to return to the Stab films so why are they listed on the Stab 3: Hollywood Horror, dvd. Maybe they came back after they’re replacement actors (Angelina & Tom) were killed? Thought I point that out.

  13. Awesome ! Just : awesome ! The DVD covers are brilliant, can’t wait for the site to grow. Wes & co should film the Stab saga as short movies or at least trailers, like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez did for their Grindhouse movies !
    Oh, the killer on the Stab 7 DVD cover looks very funny !
    Great work guys, really, great, great work !

  14. Definitely like the site, but was curious where the information about the Stab movies and the books they are based off of comes from? You said these are “known” details, so I’m guessing you got them from someone who is actually involved with the Scream movies in some form or another? I only ask because my understanding from the movie was that Gale had faded out of the spotlight completely and was trying to write fiction but couldn’t do it (hence the scene at her computer, and the scene where Allison Brie talks about giving up her fame for love). If her fiction books are wildly successful and leading to more Stab movies, it seems like she wouldn’t have faded into the background the way they said in the movie. Did I miss something?

  15. I loved the site, but I’m mainly a mobile user. Could you do with Stab-Flix like you did with Scream-Trilogy and make it mobile?

  16. what is the DVD Set?

    from scream 1-6? why scream 7?

    what is stab?

  17. Love. It.

  18. Joel: Have you seen the Scream movies? The answers to your questions are explained in the films.

  19. Wow I always thought the stab films should get more attention than they did, its a scream geeks dream, ilove it thank you guys. I’m now thinking of filming a “stab” film myself hmmmm I wonder what copyrights conditions are on that.

  20. I thought the idea was brilliant in Scream 2, but was very tired in Scream 3. Scream 4’s opening scene opened the doors of how stupid it was to begin with and Wes for some reason can’t get past that tired idea. I wish Craven and Kevin can simply put the whole STAB thing to rest.

  21. I love Stab XD

    They returned, because the film became based on a true story :P

  22. is anyone else curious as to how they dealt with the movie of “stab” in “stab 2″ like if stab 2 is based off of scream 2 then the stab maureen and phil had to go to the movies and see a movie based on sidney’s (tori spelling) life. So what was that movie called? was it just called stab? meaning the characters in stab 2 went to see stab 1?! does that mean there were actors playing tori spelling’s sidney too?! its all so confusing!!! personally i think they should have called the movies in the stab movies “scream” like the real movie so that in the begining of the 4th after sherrie and trudie die you saw the title “scream 6″ and people would have been like huh? and then they sould show kristin kill anna’s character and then shown them to be in stab 7. That way when aimee’s character explains to britt’s character that theres a movie inside a movie it would have made more sense. I THINK I’VE MADE THIS SOUND WAYY MORE CONFUSING BUT COULD SOMEONE PLEASE COMMENT AND EITHER HELP ME SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS SUBJECT OR ATLEAST AGREE YOU’VE BEEN WONDERING THE SAME THING I HAVE….

  23. Are you guys gonna try and find the Book covers??? lol I would so love to print those out and put together books for my collection.

  24. This is awesome! I’ve always wanted a Stab movie poster! :)

  25. Actually there was a Stab 8, so that would be in there to unless it was just the begining of stab 7.

  26. how did you make the logo its so cool

  27. any one know were i can get the stab dvd cases

  28. COOL

  29. is all the stab movies going to be on dvd

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