Terrorize Your Friends With Sightings-Ghostface

Wanna spook your friends out with multiple pictures of Ghostface around town?  Well now you can with Sightings-Ghostface!  The iPhone/iPod Touch app – which costs $0.99 to download – is a new feature sponsored by Fun World that brings Ghostface into your world!  You can incorporate over 20+ different poses of everyone’s favorite psycho killer into new and already taken photos – reporting all sightings to your Facebook wall or the Sightings-Ghostface group world. So start creating some sightings today and let the world know that Ghostface returns in 5 days! For more info visit www.Sightings-Ghostface.com

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9 Responses to “ Terrorize Your Friends With Sightings-Ghostface ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. can you get any of these fun apps on something besides an ipod or iphone??

  2. I bet this is just for the US, as usual! :/

  3. I know!!! It’s so annoying. I have an android phone…

  4. No, OMG! It works for Norway! :D

  5. great so it only works in us and norway, what about all of us other countries, we want to have fun with cool things like these :/

  6. It’s really great the Zombie and Scarecrow masks are also included. :)

  7. *sigh* I think the movie was just spoiled for me on youtube. I should have know better. Just wanted a spot to share my heartache. I hope it’s wrong. Sad day…

  8. What ever happened to the Scre4m app on iTunes? I can’t find it now that the movie is coming out Friday.

  9. The photos submitted by the fans have been outstanding, so many talented and creative people out there. Im pleased that SIGHTINGS:GhostFace is being enjoyed.

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