The Unseen Scream 4 Part 1: Opening Scene (Spoilers)

The MPAA didn’t order any cuts to Scream 4, but a major amount of material was removed by Team Scream themselves. In the first of a multi-part series of articles, Scream-Trilogy tells you – and shows you – what was left on the cutting room floor. We start with the opening scene.

After two fake-out Stab scenes which were left untouched, the Woodsboro opener with Jenny (Aimee Teegarden) and Marnie (Brittany Robinson) begins. However the sequence was almost completely reshot and would reverse each girls’ role of centerpiece or supplementary victim. All that that remains of the original scene is the discussion on the couch about the Stab sequels at which point the released film diverges into the new footage (starting with hearing a noise upstairs). What follows is how it originally played out:

Marnie gets up from the couch and heads to the kitchen, voicing her hate of horror movies. She opens the cupboard (possibly to get some Stab Popcorn) and shuts it, surprised to see none other than Ghostface standing behind an oblivious Jenny. Marnie assumes it’s a prank and goes back to getting food ready, so Ghostface starts stabbing Jenny in the back from behind the couch. Ouch! Jenny is screaming bloody murder, Marnie just rolling her eyes, telling them it’s not funny. Once she starts seeing all the blood on the couch while the stabbing keeps on going, she approaches, sees Jenny is really dead and screams – causing Ghostface to snap his attention to her.

She runs for the door, phone in hand to call emergency but Ghostface cuts her off in the hallway, pulling her away. He stabs her and once she’s down on the floor he moves into place for the kill. Marnie’s final line is: “But you’re not real…” Cue Scream 4 title card.

In the final film, Sheriff Dewey is notified about the deaths by Deputy Perkins over radio. The following aftermath scene was removed due to the reshoots – it was either rendered contradictory, or simply a running time casualty because the new opening scene was longer. “It’s bad. Real bad.” But how bad? A blood-scrawled message on Jenny’s living room wall rhetorically asked “What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?”, Marnie’s body has been hung from the ceiling fan and Jenny’s corpse is bound to a chair, duplications of Casey & Steve from the opening scene of the very first Scream (1996).

Note: you can see Jenny’s bloody foot in the bottom left hand corner of the image above.

Cutting this aftermath scene deprived us of the most important part of each Scream: Wes Craven’s cameo! After playing a janitor, doctor and tourist respectively in the previous movies, the director appeared as coroner here, one of the fan suggestions he asked for.

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<p style=”text-align: center;”><img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3871″ title=”scream4robertson6″ src=”” alt=”” width=”568″ height=”241″ /></p>
<p style=”text-align: center;”><img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3872″ title=”scream4robertson7″ src=”” alt=”” width=”568″ height=”241″ /></p>
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91 Responses to “ The Unseen Scream 4 Part 1: Opening Scene (Spoilers) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. It’s sad, because that was actually so much better than the reshot version.

  2. I have no idea why they cut out the crime scene footage of Dewey and co. at the scene. It would’ve really delivered home the horror of what happened to the first two victims; without it, the opening kills seem pretty bland.

  3. How many parts will there be in this series of articles, Wicked?

  4. That would Have been awesome… If reshoots were necessary they should have just added the phone call bit from the new version, then ended it as described above.

  5. I’m really bummed because that scene sounds awesome. Not that the opening we received in the final cut was bad by any means (it’s quite possibly my second favorite because I didn’t have a problem with Aimee like others seem to have had), but I admit that Brittany seemed like the girl who should have made it longer.

    And the aftermath scene should have been included either way. It wasn’t really a plot hole. Ghostface could’ve easily still staged the bodies that way even though he didn’t kill them the way he did in the original opening.

    But I’m happy that Wes has agreed to put these cuts in the DVD extras as deleted scenes. I think it would also be cool if we got a director’s cut or even an “Alternate Movie” (doubtful) with all of the added scenes and the alternate opening. It’d probably be well over 2 hours long, but more Scream is never a bad thing.

  6. This wouldn’t have been that great. Where was the phone call? There was no great line like: You’re the dumb blonde with the bit tits, etc.


  7. CutCasper – as many as it takes to get through all the material on a detailed level!

  8. I hope we see this on the DVD and get an explanation as to why it was cut. I think they may have cut the opening idea as the disbelief in Ghost Face has already been done by Tatum in Scream, and was also parodied in the terrible Scary Movie(s). It also feels like it wouldn’t fit in right with the feel of the rest of the movie where Ghost Face seemed quite quick to come in and get the shock/quick kill. There was less build up and waiting around, so the idea of them starting with that kind of taunt maybe just didn’t feel right given the way they act later on.

    However, I wish I’d seen the aftermath. But there is one thing that I actually wonder. I wonder if it’s in any possible that given foreign (at least UK) standards for certification, cutting this aftermath scene gave Scream a 15 rating instead of an 18 in the UK? This would be a first for the Scream series in the UK. I was shocked to hear that Scream 4 is a 15 but they tend to go off scores of “amount of” including blood, method of death, posing of bodies, etc. Maybe this aftermath just tipped them over the scale and they made the decision to get a better rating.

    Thinking back we didn’t see an awful lot of any of the aftermath, not too many bodies lying around or posed. This would be entirely unrelated to MPAA but there is almost a standardised list for how the BBFC certify their films and maybe that’s how the decision was made. Just a thought.

    Or it could have just been a way to keep the movie rolling along. It could have been unnecessary and slowed down the story too much. I’m sure we’ll one day find out :).

  9. Now I know why that picture was released. It’s not in the film, so why keep it a secret? Sad, since it’s actually a much better opening.

  10. This opening would have been so much better, because we actually see the aftermath of the characters and it would have been a good homage to the original.

  11. WOW the original opening sounds absolutely stunning. The whole “your not real” line, and the casual way she goes about while her friend is being brutally murdered in front of her is absolutely haunting. It’s also a perfect way to address the audience and the characters growing lack of intimidation over ghost face as a villain.
    The perfect way to reintroduce you to this now Iconic character as a “Real” life threat

    To think they shelved that just to add some phone call, where ghost face honestly sounded like a corn ball with all his “I’m making a movie references”

    I prefer the gut wrenching opening any day, And Brittany seem’d like she could act circles around Aimee
    sigh.. such a missed opportunity.

  12. im gonna act as if i didn’t read this awesome opening sequence, specially cause i loved brittany’s acting even if it was short (as well as mary macdowell’s, she rocked even for 40 seconds).

  13. “but you’re not real”.



  14. I thought the opening scene was great, and so did a majority of the reviewers. In fact, the reviewers who at the end gave the film bad marks, still commented that the film had a great opening.

  15. Spoilers!!!
    Saw it a second time. FREAKING loved it the second time. I think I was just so wrapped up on freaking out that I was actually watching Scream 4 and being all excited and it took away from really just relaxing and enjoying the film. My only issues are 1 the opening scene and 2 too much comedy at some points.

    This alternate opening seems SO much more brutal. It seems like it would have just been so much better. Plus it would help with the whole too much comedy issue. I hate how as Anthony dies he cracks a joke but you know all this after he was just stabbed in the head…

    I REALLY hope all of this cut out opening is on the DVD/Blu-ray!

    *I am SO FUCKING pissed Kirby dies. :(*

  16. I’m not seeing Jenny’s bloody foot in the bottom left hand corner of the image. Can someone help me here?

  17. is that the reason I couldn’t spot wes? Or is he reworked into the film?

  18. Was “but your not real” in the original opening though?! To me seems like that is/was something that would have been spoiled by those test screeners if it was, because it’s just TOOO good not too?! I’m probably 100% percent wrong, but just something I thought of randomly during my workday boredom earlier.

  19. “Same one Marnie is in. Only her part got CUT!”

    It sure did, unfortunately.

  20. @Ariel The “Your not real” scene is actually in some of the commercials airing now

  21. Marnie reminded me more of a “Casey” character than Jenny did.

    And since when does the brainy friend always die first? Isn’t it supposed to be the dumb blonde with big tits?

  22. @Rich

    hahahaha. meta meta meta meta

  23. Let’s be honest. We can guess that this revamped opening would’ve been better, but with the complete mishandling of the film’s action sequences, we’re safe to assume it would’ve been as underwhelming as what was put into the finished cut.

  24. they’ll put it on the DVD… that’s all a question to get the cash of the fan with the director’s cut :)

  25. I can understand the point that including this scene would have lessened the impact of the Charlie (Rory Culkin) as Steve chair scene towards the end of the film — there would have been two shout-outs to the Steven Orth death.

    Still, they could have included the original opening, and not done the chair thing, by simply having both girls hanging from the fan.

  26. The final version was just too bombastic. Craven and co. mistook action for terror. I’m really surprised by how much they missed the mark with this one. I would have loved a drawn-out opening.

  27. @JD

    “Still, they could have included the original opening, and not done the chair thing, by simply having both girls hanging from the fan.”

    A ceiling fan would not hold two bodies. It would rip out of the damn ceiling! lol

    If it were a girl and a guy watching the Stab movies, the whole Steven Orth/Casey Becker idea would have been cool.

  28. Wow that original opening sounds awesome. I kept waiting for Wes’ cameo and to see Ghostface’s mask splattered with blood, but it never happened. Now I know why! The original opening sounds great, but maybe a tad short. But the line “You’re not real” while Ghostface kills her…WOW. That would have been so cool. And the crime scene stuff would have been great too. Damn, I’m wishing they would have kept it. Glad we will get to see it on DVD/blu-ray though.

  29. Maybe they’ll include the “aftermath” scene when they release the inevitable “Unrated Version” on home video… I’d love that.

  30. @Wicked Scribe
    AWESOME! Can’t wait!

  31. SPOILERS-The after-math scene really needed to be put back into the final film. Without it the bookstore scene kinda doesn’t make sense. Would have been better showing the police finding the phone at the crime scene and tracing the call to the bookstore than having Judy explain it.

  32. I like the sounds of this opening better than the one in the film – the actual death reminded me of Scream 3, bloodless and quick – but who knows how it would’ve actually played out.


    Would there have still been the Trevor reference though since it sounds as if there was no phone call? And the aha moment that comes with realising Trevor cheated on Jill with one of the opening victims is a good one.


  33. I think they should’ve combined both scenes together. Like Jenny going upstairs, Marnie dying whilst saying “you’re not real”, rather than her death being offscreen….and then Marnie still being alive when she is thrown through the window, but severely injured. Then Ghostface chases Jenny who is helping Marnie, killing her. Then go to the crime scene…

  34. Why this scene was result has me scratching my head. I am in the same boat with most here…while the opening was a great concept the reahoots and rearrangements of this opening just fell flat. As much as I wanted to be blown away with this film it just didn’t do it. Now I know how fans of the original star wars trilogy feel when people mention the second trilogy…they carry the star wars name but there just not the same thing. Same goes for scream. This just didn’t feel like part of the scream family. I hate to admit this bit I think craven needs to retire. Scream 4 seems confused, muddled and quite frankly like others have said if thus is the best willison can come up with it’s pretty sad. Oh well…at least they hype was fun. :(

  35. Ooops….result = cut.

  36. As much as it hurts me to say this I feel this entry fell flat. It was an ok watch but it just felt off. I felt the original casts acting was stale and they clearly were just repeating lines and not acting. This film clearly shows major signs of the script issues. It just feels like it’s trying to be something it isn’t. Unfortunately I think craven and Williamson can’t hang anymore. They’re kinda like old guys trying to be funny again….this ain’t the 90s anymore and scream 4 clearly show that. My rating ** out of *****

  37. Really hope that will be in the dvd! Sounds great!

  38. They shouldn’t have completely reshot the opening; instead, should’ve just extended it. I feel strongly that Britt is a better actress than Aimee, not saying that Aimee did badly.

    And to cut out the scene in which the police force discovers the body… for whatever reason at all… WRONG MOVE. I really think that scene would explain to the audience how the murders are patterned after the original Woodsboro murders or the original Stab.

    And now, not to mention Wes’s cameo is gone.

    Hopefully all this will resurface on the DVD.

  39. And also*, not to mention…

  40. Don’t get me wrong, the final opening is great, but this one sounds soo much better! I hope they put this, and the other removed scenes, on the DVD.. I just don’t understand Jenny’s death in this’s sonethig I’ll have to see to uderstand I guess

  41. @ Ghostface. That’s how I felt. Gale saying the killings are based on the original murders makes NO sense. There is no evidence for this within the finished film. Put that scene back in and it becomes much more obvious. Seriously the after-math scene needs to be in the movie

  42. And after seeing the film twice…this new cast doesn’t hold a candle to the original. Ulrich, Kennedy, Lillard….these guys put on performances that were solid. These new kids were just that….kids…and the acting or lack of shows. I’m just really disappointed and frankly I’m tired of pointing the finger. I really don’t care anymore if it was Williamson, the weinsteins, craven, the lack of Konrad, the studio……something about this film just didn’t gel in the creation process and what were left with is a mediocre return to woodsboro.

  43. I think the aftermath was cut because of a problem of continuity: the broken window in the new opening.
    Actually I would have put the title card just after they discover the bodies (using camera angles that hide the broken window if possible). As the new opening was not particulary unforgetable, the aftermath would have been a good climax and would have made the whole sequence more shocking.

  44. I’m not sure what people are complaining about. It sounds like the original, even if it had good moments of disbelief, was rushed.

    The reshoot added a sense of deliberate action and motivation. Ghostface is very methodical and takes his time in the MIDDLE of a kill and this shows a sort of “crazy” we haven’t seen much of before in these movies.

    I imagine that people are misreading things in a “grass is always greener” way. Once they see the original, they might find it too abrupt or cartoonish, like the Stab deaths were. And the point was that this wasn’t Stab 8. This was a “raw footage” remake.

  45. This is much better,bloodier opening and the aftermath should have been included either way…

  46. It would be stupid to put the scene and aftermath in because Charlie already gets tied to a chair later on in the film.

  47. @Chupacobra “It would be stupid to put the scene and aftermath in because Charlie already gets tied to a chair later on in the film.”

    It would be repetitive, but not stupid since that scene plays an integral part of why the murders are patterned after the original massacre or original Stab.

    And while I see your point, I would take repetitive over completely cutting that scene out, especially when it’s so gory and honestly AWESOME to see in a Scream flick.

  48. i agree with most of u. this opening is a lot better and should have been in the movie. they should have cut the kristin and anna scene on the couch which i thought was just silly really. they should have had this opening after the shenae and lucy scene. a lot better but hopefully will have this on the directors cut dvd.

  49. I think it’s pretty clear Dimension & The Weinsteins shot themselves in the foot.

  50. Honestly I like both. This opening would have been good because it would have worked with the whole fake out thing. :( Too bad. But, I still really do love the opening we got :)

  51. I havent commented much on the opening scene because I’m rather torn….I like the two Stab scenes…but the “real” part of it I thought was pretty awful. It actually got me scared into thinking the movie might be bad. I was quickly reassured but the opening bit wasn’t all that. HOWEVER, this old one is fantastic….we have a lengthy hide-n- chase…humor….and it fits perfectly to the plot….all these teenagers are desensitized to Ghostface….and people complaining about the lack of phone calls in it…puh-leaze…That’s not all that important if you think about it. This was supposed to be a remake…things have to be a little different…and it makes it scarier. AND am I the only who’s pissed about Wes’s cameo being cut?

  52. I wish someone who was at the original screening and saw the new version would comment on which played out better.

    I prefer what I’m hearing about the original, and I don’t think we needed a phone call since we got one in the “Stab 6″ opening. But either way, I think the two fake openings kind of deflates the “real” opening no matter WHICH one we got.

  53. I would’ve liked to seen both a longer death scene of Britt and Aimee. Aimee had a great one but I would’ve liked to see her beat the shit out of ghostface a little more. And Britt could’ve easily been wounded but not killed in which there would be potential for her to have a longer scene after Aimee and she could’ve still said “but you not real…” it was a good scene. Could’ve been better with Aimee and Brit though. And may I mention that it was kind of rushed? What happened to the long and increasingly menacing phone call. It was so quick. There wasn’t even trivia!

  54. I guess they cut the scene because Casey and Steve scene were remade in the end of the movie (with Kirby). It would be redundant, and since their remake would be different and better, the beginning was actually the end… I kinda liked it

  55. Yup, another awesome scene that was cut out in place for a SHITTY one. Thanks Wes. The more I think about it, the more of a let down scream4 was to me.

  56. The final opening was fucking shit. Wes is in fact loosing his touch and whoever decided the cuts were necessary should be fired.

  57. I don’t know what most of you are complaining about! This old ending sucked! No real suspense, no big chase…and NO phone call?? That’s a terrible ending, I am so happy they reshot it!

    Some if you have to stop complaining about every little thing. Who cares if they cut a scene, reshot something, or the movie was short!? That’s the way they released it and remember, we’re supposed to be FANS of these movies!

  58. I think the reason why they cut these seanes is because it was too long for theaters.

  59. I hate the opening in the movie, and while I agree that this would have been a MUCH, MUCH better opening (sorry, Aimee Teegarden can’t act to save her life – literally, and the dialogue in the phone call was dumb), it still kind of sucks…Ghostface just walks in and starts stabbing? Where’s the build-up? Where did he come from? And why does Marnie think it’s a joke? That’s a REALLLLLLY elaborate prank.

    Both openings are way below SCREAM standards, in my opinion.

  60. Pretty sure its her bloody hand taped to the arm of the chair..

  61. I think out of all scenes cut they should of kept this longer death scene, it looks way better, the opening felt so rushed!

    the scene with dewey etc investigating wouldve been great!!! plus wes cravens cameo was in that scene, so it deffinatly shouldve been left in, silly wes disliking his own acting i bet.

    The other scenes cut wouldve been good but these were the important ones, i dont see how cutting these scenes helped the film, wes said there were to many red herrings going on but honestly apart from a few here and there, it just felt like all Trevor did in the film was be a big old Red herring. Im hoping for directors cut on blu-ray, the halloween remake directors cut was far superior to the theatrical version and i think this will be too!

  62. I understand why they chose to reshoot the opening to include a phone call making it clear that the killer was making his own “Stab” movie and also to elude to the fact that Trevor cheated on Jill with Jenny (something I didn’t pick up on until my second viewing), but honestly the footage that was shown in the trailers and the whole original opening sounds better. I was disappointed that Marnie was killed off screen because I took an instant liking to her (not that I don’t like Teegarden)and I loved the whole, “You’re not real” part. The final version with the phone call almost felt too quick, and I really only liked the final moments in the garage. I don’t know, this one just sounds more effective. They could have figured out a way to include a phone call somehow and kept the original…

  63. @wicked scribe can you delete the scream 4 movie from youtube the person who added it to youtube name is trailerdahora or something like that

  64. @JosePrendes “Who cares if they cut a scene, reshot something, or the movie was short!? That’s the way they released it and remember, we’re supposed to be FANS of these movies!”

    Fans with no ability to voice their own opinions, the picture that you’re painting there.

    I think most people here like the movie but still would like it to be more perfect that its current state. There is nothing wrong with that. I think most of us walked out of the theater fairly entertained. It doesn’t mean the film couldn’t bear an improvement or two.

  65. @ghostface killer“@wicked scribe can you delete the scream 4 movie from youtube the person who added it to youtube name is trailerdahora or something like that”

    I don’t think he has enough authority around YouTube to be just deleting any video as he wishes!! Please report it to YouTube’s team, and the rest will be taken care of.

  66. Some parts of the movie felt a bit choppy, probably because scenes were cut out. Hopefully we get a directors cut on dvd.

  67. The opening scene would have been SO much better if all this had been included. Even though the final version was good, I felt cheated because the deaths were so rushed (we didn’t even get to see Marnie’s actual death).

  68. Well that really sucks, this scene being in the film would have made Gales comment make much more sense when she mentions the killings resemble the original events. They dropped the ball on that one. I wish they would bring out a uncut DVD/BD of this.

  69. they should do a 5 and 6 then wait 10 years then do 7,8,and 9 where the 8th one dewey dies and the ninth gale dies then the last scene will show sidney 90 yrs old in a retirement home sleeping in bed the ghostface comes in in a nurses outfit and stabbs her in the chest

    the end!

  70. You guys probably won’t believe me…but i just got back from my 3rd viewing of the film and danged if it didn’t knock me down! When i got out of the friday showing i was really torn because the film flew by light lightning. Plus, with many scenes cut i just could not process the film correctly. So, i let saturday go by….thought about scream 4 all day and night. I let sunday morning go by….thought about it more and more. Then, i just saw a 5 pm showing and i sat down completely relaxed with no tension. What i received was a whole new viewing of the film and i am so much more pleased with it. This happens to me sometimes when i amhighly anticipating something. It can be like a sensory overload….so i find it best to sit back, breathe and give the film a fresh watch again. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t My first viewing of pulp fiction i hated the film. Let some time go by watched it again and it blew me away. I’m happy to say that after my 3rd viewing of S4 i genuinely loved the film. Yes i still feel the film was way too short and the cut scenes still doesn’t sit well with me. But, part of my dissapointment with the opening night viewing was i was so tense from waiting 11 years! So, after a few days….and after the film sorta simmered in my mind….it hit me from a whole new angle and i couldn’t be more pleased. Going back for a forth viewing to find more treasures in S4 that i missed. I hope to the others who were semi-dissapointed that you relax and give the film another viewing at your own time. I did…and boy am i glad i did!

  71. I am gald they didn’t have the Casey/Steve references in the start. The Tatum one worked better. Plus the climax with Charlie in the chair was WAY better. And it would have been too repetitive to have both. That scene with Kirby was freaking amazing. Best revel ever. I hope she is still alive. My first impression was that she was alive when the camera cut away. Lets hope.

  72. NC17 so maybe on D VD or Blu Ray…i loved the film so good

  73. I always loved Scream 4, but yes, like others have mentioned, it’s better on the second or third viewings.

    I’m just totally bummed for Marnie’s (and most importantly, Brittany Robertson) lack of screen time. The original sounds great, but I suggest splicing the two for the best of both worlds!

    Beginning with Jenny’s phone call from upstairs, Marnie gets taken by Ghostface off-screen, Jenny comes down to see Marnie get thrown on the glass door (cut the part where Marnie is dead), Jenny’s chase ends with her getting dragged, Marnie obviously has to wake up (use possible footage of her getting up), we get rid of Marnie in the kitchen getting stuff from the cupboard and directly go to Jenny getting stabbed from behind as Marnie watches in horror, queue Marnie’s chase scene, “You’re not real!”, end with stab and title screen.

    I wonder if the original cut actually showed Marnie getting hung and splattering from the ceiling fan…

  74. I loved the opening and i dont think they really needed this one.I would have loved to see Marnies death but the begining was already amazing and i thin Wes did a great job :)

  75. The cut opening was more cinematic so I can see why it was cut. The series is in a play safe mode ie repeat as much as they can from prior films. Thus we have the telephone baiting which by film 2 was devoid of tension.

    Whatever’s released on DVD may determine the course of the next film.

  76. I loved part 4, but they should have definitely just combined this with the opening used. With any good franchise, they are always ways they could have made it better. I think maybe having a couple or even three people, just something a little different to add variety to it. Either way, still an excellent movie

  77. I agree they should have left the discovery of the bodies scene in the film……..

    HOWEVER, it was cut because it felt too contrived. In that scene, when Dewey and his posse are investigating the crime scene, they show a flashback of Scream 1 that shows Casey hanging from the tree to connect to Marnie hanging from the ceiling. We don’t need a flashback. Everyone remembers fully well the most memorable scens in the first 3 films.

    The same was done with Olivia. When Sid sees her dead body on the bed, Olivia has her head smashed through a picture frame. Sid flashes back to Tatum’s head crushed by the garage door.
    STUPID! This was all revealed to me months ago when my buddies saw the test screenings btw.

    As for the opening, had they kept it the way it was, Marnie never got a phone call. She sees Jenny getting stabbed, runs away, Ghostface catches up, stabs her and then we cut to the opening SCRE4M logo. Where’s the punch? Where’s the cat and mouse game? Jenny got a phone call AND had her fucking spine injured by the garage door.

    I like that this site is giving us something to look into as far as cuts and reshoots go, but I feel its doing so in a fashion to hurt the final version of the film.

  78. The original opening sounds so much better than what was in the final cut. The main deaths (not the Stab clips) felt so rushed and a complete letdown in what could have been the most inventive opening sequence since the original. There was no tension or build up to the deaths of Marnie & Jenny. They felt like last minute additions to the movie.

    As for the aftermath/ police investigation, it would have been great to see Dewey realizing that the events of 15 years ago were about to happen all over again. And considering these were the promotional stills that were either leaked or released by the studio AND were included in the trailers, it seems like it should have been included in the final movie.

    And what happened to the scene with all of the newbies sitting around the fountain/ town square discussing the rules or a remake? Again, something included in the trailers that would have provided some character development for the new cast. Considering the “rules” are always something featured in every movie, they were completely glazed over here. Since this is supposed to be for a new generation of movie goers, they should have been spelled out more clearly.

    I found everything missing to be completely distracting to the final cut of the film. I hope they release what was missing on the DVD when it eventually hits stores.

  79. It sounds like if they kept the old opening scene there still wouldn’t be much of a build up. That’s what this scene is seriously lacking. A good hardcore ghostface and victim phone conversation.

  80. i think perez hiltion takes ur stuff !

  81. i would have liked both scenes combined!

  82. Well, Wes said the chase scene was in Kevin’s script and that Bob said they won’t film it, so they did when the reshooted that scene.

    So… you all are loving Bob’s version (with the suggestion of the phonecall! LOL :P

  83. This original footage would have been better and made the film more of that original Scream appeal than what it has now. Plus you need a Wes Craven cameo in a scream film! come on! i love the film but it could have been better, this didnt need to be re-shoot!

  84. I like the re shot opening, but I think we really needed the aftermath.

  85. Wow, this an incredible revelation. I have Scream director’s cut on LD, I wish this was on dvd or better yet blu ray, and before getting that gem of a film I discovered the material first on Fangoria along with segments of the original screenplay.

    I thought the opening sequence was brilliant for Scream 4 but after seeing this, I hope this footage gets resurrected under Lionsgate.

  86. I would have loved to seen more action in the opining death scene it was good but id love to see marnie’s death hopefully they put it on the dvd.:)

  87. I agree with you guys!

    I watched Scream 4 for i think 10th time and every time I watch it, I enjoy it even more (although it’s not perfect in all ways).

    The original opening scene was much better and makes much more sense. Also the aftermath scene – if it was included in the film – would make the whole thing much more logical, since Sidney later says that the killer patterns the murders by the original Stab movie (also the original Scream – Steve in the original Scream was tied on the chair and Casey got hanged by the tree) would give an extra charge to the movie. Not to mention the fountain scene. I thought it was a great hommage to the original movie. :)

    Also a comment on the future fate of Scream franchise: if they are really plan to start release ‘direct-to-video’ Screams, then please, stop the Scream franchise with dignity at part 4. It’s a great franchise, and it doesn’t deserve such shitty ending. :(

    I really hope those deleted scenes will be found on DVD or Blu-ray, and I really really hope that the picture of this footage will be clear like in the movie and not some blurry video.

  88. I have no idea why they would cut this scene out of the film. To be honest, I was looking forward for this scene when I saw the previous and the picture of the body hanging from the ceiling. Why they would even think of cutting this I’m beyond shock. Okay fair enough there were time constrains and running time issues, but seriously, this scene would’ve been the scariest out of them all. How about cutting out some of the other pointless scenes they had, like in the hospital with Rebecca and Sidney or when Rebecca approaches Gale. No wonder why people didn’t find it suspenseful/gory enough because they took out one of the most important scenes in the film.

  89. They should of kept marnie “Your not real” Scene and The ceiling fan scene

  90. i actually like the reshot version because it was longer but i do wish that marnie had more lines and that the crime scene was added,plus of course the fountain scene and when gale says “go ahead, if you got the guts” i think it would have deff added to the movie. i also realized that this was the shortest Scream. usually the screams are up to 2 hours. this one not so, and by adding those parts would have made it longer, would had made the killer more psychotic and we could have easily seen that he was making a remake or as charlie says a “screamake” plus it was weird not seeing wes! and i also find it weird that red right hand was NOT in this film it is kind of screams unspoken anthem

  91. What’s up, just wanted to mention, I liked this blog post.

    It was practical. Keep on posting!

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