The Unseen Scream 4 Part 2: Parking Garage (Spoilers)

The MPAA didn’t order any cuts to Scream 4, but a major amount of material was removed by Team Scream themselves. In the second of a multi-part series of articles, Scream-Trilogy tells you – and shows you – what was left on the cutting room floor. This volume we look at the parking garage scene.

This, the second of two new scenes shot in January 2011, is nowhere near as different as the original opening scene and because of that, actually qualifies as “additional photography” instead of a reshoot. In the finished film, Rebecca gets a nasty call, hides in her car, is scared by the killer on her hood then soon after leaves to bail for the exit.

The initial version was basically the same minus her vehicle moments. Instead, cars started bumping and their alarms were going off. Ghostface popped up behind a car, she screamed then turned to run for the door. The rest played out as you saw in the movie.

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41 Responses to “ The Unseen Scream 4 Part 2: Parking Garage (Spoilers) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. This was my least favorite kill of the film. I will say i liked how GF looked around after she fell to the floor.

  2. I hated the car bit, at least this way shes just caught off guard, not doing something dumb like getting out of the car when she could just get her phone and call the cops who she knows are in the building.

  3. I’m glad they did re-shoots, the car scene was pretty cool, a shirt game of cat-and-mouse :p

  4. I agree with Hope. I realize that they were trying to add suspense and a jump scare, but her GETTING OUT of the car knowing fully well that Ghostface awaits outside did nothing but cause a collective groan in the theatre and someone yelling “Stupid bitch!” Why wouldn’t she call the hospital security or 911 and lock herself in?

    Her not even making it to the car would’ve been so much better.

  5. I loved Alison Brie. Her character was absolutely hysterical. “Fuck Me, WOW!”

    I hope we still get articles and news from you guys now that the movie is out. Keep up the updates! Scream-Trilogy=Home Page!

  6. I enjoyed that scene.

  7. I liked the change they did on this part….it was better….

  8. In general:
    – Alison Brie did exceptional. No surprise there. <3 her.
    – The character Rebecca was funny, and I loved her also.

    Regarding the additional footage:
    – It did make it better, tbh.
    – But at the same time, made Rebecca STUPID. Why would you get out of the car when your cell is still working inside your vehicle? Just call for help.

  9. I think her getting out of the car was a slasher film cliché but I think even if there were reshoots. . . the scene could’ve been better. She could’ve been chased instead of running towards the exit and ghostface supposively behind her. It would’ve been so cool if ghostface was behind the exit door so when Rebecca got there. . . Stab. Like she almost made it.

  10. there’s a reason she got out of the car when she should have stayed: she didn’t even read Sid’s book.

  11. ohhh… did we watch the same film?! first of all YOU ARE NEVER SAFE IN A CAR! GF could have shot a bullet threw a window or brake it with he’s boots. Rebecca tells GF her signal he’s going low… and when the phone ring in the car it’s obvious she miss the call due to low signal. he’s scared, she’s not even in her own car, she wants to run for her life. period

  12. awesome scene, and even though she was a total bitch she still made me feel sorry for her.

    Good acting and writing <3

  13. Her scene really pissed me off. I heard everyone in the theatre groaning when she decided to leave the car instead of easily calling the police on her cell she was JUST on. I mean, the police were in the building so they would have gotten there quickly. The killer would have probably smashed through the window though if she locked herself in there, but still!

    I think she should have just dropped her phone on the way to the car, and when she went to pick it up, saw Ghostface, so she kept running, and then the phone wouldn’t have been an option at all, and me and the rest of the audience would have been satisfied.

  14. It was the closest we got to a “cat and mouse” chase.

  15. ^That’s actually a pretty smart way to fix this scene Chris, The fact that she got out of the car, and then hung around to look for ghost face under her car etc.. was one of the biggest cliche moment of a scream film.
    It was a “dumb slasher” move

  16. Again, they should have went with their first instinct. It was really dumbfounding that Rebecca NEVER used her cell phone either while trapped in the car or when running for the door to call for help.

    By the looks of this first cut, at least she has her cell to make her not look like a dummy.

  17. It’s official: Scream 4 earned $19.28 at the box office this weekend debut :(

  18. I’m really beginning to despise this website. I’ve read alot on here but it really seems to be just a bunch of pissy fans moaning and groaning about such little and insignificant things.

    Rebecca sucked, first of all. Kevin wrote her, not Ehren kruger, and she sucked. She was like a wannabe Parker Posey, only Posey was far better and 10x more believable as a witty, conceited little tramp.

    The scene would have been too short had they left it the way it was. I agree that her death should have been better, she could have been stabbed in the face or have the knife shoved down her throat, that would have been cool. But her being stooopid and leaving the car was something she would have done because her character was a witty little idiot.

    She was dead either way. Stay in the car and wait to die? Or runaway and try and dave yourself? She was going to die either way.

    I like that this site is giving us something to look into as far as cuts and reshoots go, but I feel its doing so in a fashion to hurt the final version of the film.

  19. @FACTS, yeah exactly, and even if her phone would have work to call the police… would they have make it in time? they were on the front of Olivia’s house and they were too dumb to make their job correctly

  20. For the people saying why did she not just stay in the car a use her phone, Ghostface would probably have then just smashed the window and killed her that way instead. At least with her getting out of the car and running, there was more chance of her getting away or getting help.

  21. I enjoyed the scene. No complaint on my part. Although the bumping of the cars and having the alarms going off would have been cool to still keep in.

  22. Loved the version in the movie. I’m glad they added to the scene.

  23. Yup, I love the scene in the movie, so no complaints about that my only problem is that we already knew she was gonna die because it was shown everywhere. Ghostface dropping down on the hood was killer!

  24. Will we be getting the fountain scene? Or any other versions of Olivia’s death scene?

  25. Best kill in the movie, for me. It was the only kill that had suspense and a bit of action. I think that Alison Brie conveyed terror in a really convincing way. It’s sad that she didn’t have more to do in the film.

  26. Dear “FACTS”: “I like that this site is giving us something to look into as far as cuts and reshoots go, but I feel its doing so in a fashion to hurt the final version of the film.”

    In this series of articles, I’m not making any judgement calls on if the film would have been better or worse leaving them in. I’m simply cataloging our information and visuals from the removed material. I don’t see any harm in that.

  27. i would really like to see marnie’s full death scene and rebecca’s main scene that she was supposed to die in in the first place but i really enjoyed scre4m i am goin to go the movie again next wekk on a wednsday with me mom and sister and plus i hope they have a directors cut dvd of scre4m so we can see the actual deaths of marnie jenny and rebbeca

  28. loved da scene but why get out and run to an exit when u have a cell phone in da car wit u!!! she could’ve easily called for help lol

  29. This is the only reshoot that I really enjoyed.

  30. FACTS no one cares for you comments and most peoples comments arent moaning.

    And i think most like Rebecca, she seemed very natural, just let down by a dispatching that would of been fine had it just made more sense and been less cliche(getting out & no signal) And also btw, kevin made the character who was good in her short time but ehren kruger obviously rewrote that scene so, wrong again.

  31. i liked the car part and i dont think she was that stupid for getting out and trying to run for it… honestly what would have stopped ghostface from bashing in a window and grabbing her.. this way she thought she kinda had a chance… if the door knob hadnt broke sheda lived…

  32. As far as this scene, I don’t care. It was fun. The opening, I really wish they could’ve somehow blened the two girls deaths together. I was just left wanting more

  33. At least Brie had the best scream of the cast!

    Also, was she dead when thrown over the edge? There’s the scream we hear as she’s falling, so is that her? If it is it means she was still alive and they could’ve given her scene more punch by having a Cici moment where she realised “oh shit, i’m gonna be thrown over the edge!”

    I mean, we all knew she was getting thrown off due to the ads so it’s not like her fall was meant to be a big surprise.

  34. It’s the worse kill…
    but she is hot!

  35. I screamed in the theater “you deserve to die!” when she got out of her car!

  36. Well, it adds more tension, but she did something stupid, as @Hope said: “not doing something dumb like getting out of the car when she could just get her phone and call the cops who she knows are in the building.”

    They should left Kevin’s script UNTOUCHED, for God’s shake.

  37. I mean sake :P
    Anyway, I hate that the trailers spoiled this scene from the beginning ¬_¬

  38. @Hope
    Nope, Wes did write all of the reshoots because Ehren Kruger was back on Transform3rs set.

  39. Wes, nor the Winsteins can’t see Kruger is a horrible writer. I wonder what LOST’s Damon Lindelof could have done with Scream 4. Anyway, I thought this scene was meaningless, the reporter did a lot of stupid things to dictate her fate plus her cell phone signal wasn’t blocked.

  40. This was FOR SURE my least favorite kill, aside from kirby… what bugged me was, not only did she get out of the car…(which to a point i understand.) but running to a door thats far away, when there is CLEARLY one RIGHT behind her that probably would have saved her life. its just dumb>.

  41. It would have been cool to have Rebecca call Syd for help from her car, while Syd screens and doesn’t pick up.

    I would have cut away from the carpark with Ghostface rushing at her (no onscreen stabbing) and cutting to the sheriff’s presser down below.

    We neither see nor hear from Rebecca until GF throws her over, rather like CiCi in Scream 2.

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