The Unseen Scream 4 Part 3: Hospital Room (Spoilers)

The MPAA didn’t order any cuts to Scream 4, but a major amount of material was removed by Team Scream themselves. In a multi-part series of articles, Scream-Trilogy tells you – and shows you – what was left on the cutting room floor. This volume we look at a scene between Jill & Trevor.

Trevor originally had a larger part in the storyline, but the snips began at script stage and continued all the way into editing, leaving the character a mere footnote. We’ll certainly elaborate on that in a later chapter but today we’re focusing on a filmed hospital room scene that gave Trevor perhaps his biggest red herring moments ever – in retrospect, the seeds of Jill setting him up. This would have taken place before Rebecca’s death.

Apart from the surviving photo above, to give you a complete view we’ve transcribed the entire scene for you, direct from the script pages.


Trevor’s still out there in the hall. He hasn’t moved since they brought you in. You won’t even see him?

Jill feels conflicted. Regards her bandaged arm.


Maybe for a minute.

Kate nods, goes to the door. Says something to Trevor, who appears as Kate leaves.


I’ll get some coffee and be right back.

Once she’s gone, a silence. Just Jill and Trevor.


Uh-oh. She said “be right back.”

Jill manages a smile. Trevor comes to her side.


Y’know, if Sidney can forgive all the fucked-up people in her life, I guess there’s a version of my life where conceivably, hypothetically, eventually I can envision forgiving you.

Trevor steps closer now, nearly touching but not quite...


If something’d happened to you...I don’t know what I would’ve done.


You would’ve regretted...the way we left it.


What’s the way you wish we left it.

(even closer)

If we had to leave it now.

She just looks at him. He leans in...and kisses her. She responds. An intense moment. And they break...


I want this all to end. I don’t want to be a victim. I want out of this stupid town--


You’re not a victim, you’re no one’s victim. You’re not Sidney, OK? Sometimes lightning just strikes.

He smiles, strokes her hair. And kisses her again. But this time she fails to repond...and when he pulls back--


You said you never read her book.




“Lightning just strikes,” that’s a line from her book. But you said you hadn’t read it. In my bedroom -- at the window, you said--


What the hell, Jill? It’s just an expression! Lightning strikes! Shit happens! Whatever!

But Jill’s gone tense. Her wheels are turning...


I told you we’d never get back together. And you said never say never. And now here we are--




Get out of my room.


What, I’m killing girls so I can get back with you?!


Mom! I need you! MOM!!!

She reaches for the call-button wand. Trevor grabs her arm.


Jill, I love you, I want to help you--



Aunt Kate returns, bringing coffee and a smile--


Hope I’m not interrupting anything...


No. Trevor was just leaving. I’m not sure he’s been home much the past couple days.

Trevor just looks at her. Shakes his head in dismay...


The hell’s it gonna take, Jill. What the hell do I have to do...

This is a roughly 2-3 minute scene we expect – hope – to see as part of the DVD extras.

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54 Responses to “ The Unseen Scream 4 Part 3: Hospital Room (Spoilers) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Oh wow!

    Where did you find this script page?!

  2. That was awesome, why was this cut out! :l


  3. It’s really good red herring. I like it.

  4. Dreadful!

  5. I like the line about Jill wanting to get out of Woodsboro, and nice to see some more of Kate. And, yes, it positions Trevor as the major red herring by having him at the hospital right before Rebecca death.

  6. I think it also points out at Jill when she says “I don’t want to be a victim, I want to leave this shitty town”. But then immediately, Trevor says something that makes him a red herring. It would have been good not to cut it, as it gives more screen time to Trevor and Kate and slows down the fast pace editing of the whole movie!

  7. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve seen the movie but the Red herring isn’t Trevor in this scene….all of what Jill is saying makes her sound like a nut or atleast a Girl I’m not going anywhere near.

    Great Scene though….I hope this is a deleted scene on the Scream4 DVD.

  8. I definitely think it places Trevor in a bad lighting, because after “Scream” (1996) you just stop suspecting the boyfriend. But, even in “Scream 2″ (1997) they give us a few red herring frames of Derrick and when he dies, Sid feels like shit.
    In “Scream 3″ (2000) Sid wore Derrick’s Greek letters. Sure, she’s an adult, now, but having written a self help book and returning to Woodsboro. I’d assume she’d have more flashbacks having actually been back there. She seemed all too comfortable and didn’t even have the letters, anymore.
    Don’t mind my jumping around, I’m in love with the “Scream” movies, I practically know them all word-for-word and frame-for-frame. But, to give Trevor and Aunt Kate a little more screen time would’ve been great. I love Kate’s consistency in being completely oblivious to everything happening around her. She’s like, “Nobody asks about my scars,” and while murders are happening she’s outside fixing wind chimes like the killer won’t off her. SMH Which kind of leads me to believe that when she is killed and says, “Tell Jill, I’m sorry,” there was more behind that than we took. But, that’s just me …

  9. i agree with Ur side-note TL …the filmmakers could have had so many small chances to tie back to the trilogy or u don’t…and this way it was kinda half-assed…with the way the story went, Gale Dewey and Sidney weren’t even really necessary…maybe it would have been better…i hope we get a directors cut, or a reworked version with all these huge edits and all

  10. @fanOfRandy
    Yeah, I just think that had a little more time been spent it would’ve been a great movie. Because, Ehren Kruger is a great writer, but he should stick to “Transformers”.
    I think he knows more about a story that is already written for him, Kevin Williamson was doing fine. While I enjoyed “Scream 3″ and I must admit, it’s my favorite of the series; I think Ehren and “Scream” should divorce one another.
    They should hire me, after all, my real last name is Williamson. LOL I’m an aspiring writer and I could offer up some great ideas. But, all in all, I think Kevin’s original script was probably flawless. Hopefully they shot his movie and then just changed it, at least that way when the DVD is released we can see EVERYTHING we didn’t get to see in it’s order instead of trying to figure out where it’ll go with deleted scenes.

  11. Well, it’s clear that the cut we saw was Craven’s, not the studio’s. Now, instead of a deleted scenes extra, I want a “writer’s cut” for the Blu-ray. Why they can’t stop messing with his scripts?

    I can’t find anything wrong with this scene.

  12. That scene would of added to the ending alot, for starters we may see trevor as a red herring (which is all he is in the film, basically) but you do get a bit more on him which could of helped, plus some obvious williamson writing there. It also wouldve added more aunt kate, with added affection from jill shouting out for her, so at the end the idea jill may have killed her would seem extra messed up! And finally the whole jill wanting to get OUT,and obviously forcing these theories upon trevor instead of trevor saying weird red herrings himself, That hospital scene could of used this, although i can uderstand that wes proberly allready thought trevor was way to red herringy.

  13. @Mr. Floppy

    I do agree, the scene plays out well on paper. But, maybe it wasn’t right when they filmed it. A lot of great ideas are written down, and just don’t come out right during filming. I’m sure that if Wes cut it on his own accord, it was for the better of the film.

  14. I was wondering if there is more footage in between the time from right after Olivia’s murder to this hospital scene. Because I remember seeing footage/pictures of Aunt Kate’s comforting an injured Jill on the street.

  15. It’s a good scene….if anything more Kate the better….if I was Mary McDonnell I’d be livid….all that shooting and she’s only in two scenes….

  16. More Kate would have been nice but this scene is terribly written. Ew.

  17. @rick
    Is not, the dialog comes off the page pretty fresh.
    Keep in mind, we’re not talking 1996 teenagers anymore, this is 2011, sadly this is the generation. I think it’s a great scene.

  18. I think this was good but the fact Trevor came for her in the house was still good but then you don’t know what happen with them Trevor and Kirby and Jill all go outside and then nothing no dialogue nothing they just go to Siney and then Sidney goes out to Jill it’s stupid. I think they should of had dialogue of Jill or Kirby saying “go home Trevor” because they actually felt contempt with Trevor in that scene. So maybe this would of been good for it. NOTICE: “you said NEVER SAY NEVER” LOL! Leave Justin Bieber and Craven’s love out of it. No it probably wasn’t an intention at all but if you are a real fan you know about the two meeting and when you heard that in the movie you would of laughed your but off.

  19. Will we eventually get to see the rest of the script? I’d KILL (pun intended) to read Kevin Williamson’s draft before all the re-writes.

  20. a little tweak in the dialogue and the scene would have been a nice breather from one attack to the next while still having us raise an eyebrow at two main characters. The whole “everyone is a suspect” scenario never felt true for this movie so this scene would have been nice as a companion to the finale.

  21. Wes is losing it. So much was ripped out of this movie. It could have been great instead of good. I really don’t get it. I never thought I would say this bit maybe if we do get 5 it might be time to replace Craven. =(

  22. I wish Williamson wasn’t such a drama queen when it came to scream, his priority always seems to be those shitty tv show and not the franchise that made his career

  23. @wickedscribe is this just before the part when you see in the trailer Judy Hicks opening a door gun pointed, and in the house you can see Perkins, Sydney and Jill is just before that scene. There is pictures too showing Sidney and Kate comforting a wounded Jill just after Olivia’sattackt.

  24. WOW, were the director and studio on crack. what is up with the senseless cutting of every scene. This would have fit in perfectly, and would have helped built up the much needed tension for this drab rushed movie.
    Honestly Scream 4 is truly the death of Scream.
    Thanks alot Wes and the Weinsteins!!

  25. O.M.G!! where did you get the script??!!, I would love to read Kevins original vision.
    Please spill!!

  26. This was a fine excerpt from the (?)original(?) script. I would’ve enjoyed the added element. I literally cringed in my theater seat at the pacing of this film. My bud was thoroughly into it, yet I was still embarassed by how/what he might take it/get from it…due to the quick edits all over the place. It seemed even the dialogue was spoken quickly so has to meet the small time frame.

  27. Gotta agree, Scream is dead! Don’t mean they won’t make another but as far as I can see it’s dead and gone. It’s lost it’s brilliance. The fact that we got what we got, a movie with barley any character development and zero real scares, but all these scenes takin out, scenes that could have gave us a bit more of a story. Sad really. I mean damn, insidious was better, that I did not expect!

  28. Watched the film again today. I really like Trevor and wish we got to see more of him in the movie.

  29. they were foolish to remove this scene and the initial crime scene.

  30. For die hard scream fans you people make awfully good haters…..I would of love to have seen all the scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor too but after religiously checking this site in the lead up to Scream 4, I was excited but slightly pessimistic about the possible quality……..and it surpassed my expectations…..its not as good as the first (nothing is) but I think it is equally as good as number 2….I certainly think that if the script is right there is life left in the scream franchise

  31. I think some people are misunderstanding this post… it doesn’t say this is Williamson’s draft. People praise him like crazy and talk shit about Kruger for no valid reason in a post that doesn’t even name this scenes writter. I think both writers are good and did great work but neither is without flaw. This scene, regardless of who wrote it, is a fine idea but the lines are horrible and that’s not because “it’s how teens talk now”. “Lightning just strikes” is the suspecious phrase? Really? And she’s yelling for her mom a second earlier then calm a moment later? That makes less sense if you take into account that she wants him to be a suspect. Why not act afraid so the mother has to ask him to leave making him the prime suspect after Rebecca dies? And “The hell’s it gonna take” after she is attacked AND with her mom in the room? No, this scene does not flow right as written unless it was written for a made for TV flick.

  32. @Butters “Sad really. I mean damn, insidious was better, that I did not expect!”

    Well, that isn’t entirely a fair comparison, because Insidious is actually a really good piece of work. It outshines a lot of other films out there, not just Scream 4.

  33. I didn’t feel the movie was long at all. Actually, it felt somewhat short to me. So all these cut footage needed not to be cut, imo.

    And so what if the movie is a little long? It doesn’t necessarily mean people are bored. I was pretty engaged the entire time I was watching the movie. Given, I am a fan of the franchise, but still.

    On a side note, I actually felt a lil bored during “Rio”. It’s all relative.

  34. Not all scenes are cut for length. Some (like the above) either don’t work (dialogue) or simply disrupt the pace. This film is much quicker pace (hence, why it feels short) the first 3. If this scene was in the film it would’ve slowed the film down further and for characters that were in no way relevant after the events of the film.

  35. They really cut alot of stuff out. The one thing i was really sad about was the crime scene cut. But I just hope alot of the cuts make it to the final DVD/Bluray.

  36. Some scenes I can see why they were cut. The crime scene was the only one I wish they wouldn’t have cut. Still a good movie.

  37. I liked the scene, Trevor was one of my favorite characters. He was so funny and I wished (out of all the characters) he had more screen time and that he did not die. I love the scene toward the end where he shows up at Kirby’s house and he is like “Geez Kirby, with a killer on the lose you really should lock your front door” and when Kirby is about to kiss what’s his name and Trevor interrupts and Kirby is like “Who invited you, get out of my house”. Trevor was the best of the new characters (to me), Kirby was overrated.

  38. oh cool another good scene cut out. SURPRISE!

    I dont know what the hell Wes was thinking cutting out all these scenes that gave CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT to characters. Fucking Scream4 let me down ALOT!

  39. Its simple. He’s become a tool for the studios. He has no vision anymore. Whatever the Wiensteins tell him to do he does. He caves. Wes as we once new him is dead.
    Long live sellout Wes

  40. i loved the film. i think that some people are quick to blame the studio, kruger, whoever else. people who are blaming any parts that they didn’t like on kruger should probably take a step back, and take a deep breath. it is to easy of a scapegoat. if anything, i feel that he might have redeemed himself. i’m sure that only a handful of people know what exactly he rewrote anyways. changes happen. it’s the unfortunate way of the business, and i will be the first to admit that it sucks.
    many people become involved, and they are all human. even though most without a doubt had the best intentions, different aspects are forced to change.
    the important thing now is for us as fans to support our beloved franchise. even if, (god-forbid in my opinion) we don’t get another trilogy, it might not be what everyone envisioned, but us scream fans if nothing else, are passionate. proven through such great debate and ideas shared on this site. it’s to early to crucify anyone. we finally got the film we waited so long for. lets fight for it!
    side note: how you get this information wicked-scribe, or everything else you did during production is beyond me. but beyond impressive. well done, and much appreciated! keep up the great work

  41. Quite frankly this scene seems fine but I don’t think it was such a great scene that I am shocked they took it out. It would have been fine if they kept it, but it’s also fine that they didn’t. I do wish they had found some opportunity to use the last line though to continue painting Trevor to be Billy: “What the hell do I have to do [to prove to you that I’m not a killer]?”

  42. I think they could’ve included as much Trevor screen time as possible since he was nicknamed billy 2.0, his character could be one of my favorites like Kirby and Robbie but screen time ruined it. :( don’t get me wrong though . . . I love scream4

  43. Should’ve. . . Not could’ve.

  44. For scream 5 to come true scream 4 needs to hold up well this weekend or its proberly over, So i know most have seen it several times but just one more time each will help a little to boost, we need at least 10m so its not the usual 55% horror drop. Also pray to the god of scream, who looks after the characters we’ve lost (especially Randy)!

    As films like Thor and Fast five are out in most other countries this weekend, US boxoffice for scream4 will be even more important this weekend!

  45. Fast five apparently just made scream 4’s entire weekend taking on its first preview day in the UK.

  46. Sorry they refered to it in $, not £, so scream 4 made £2.1m and atm fast five has made $2.1 but £1m, still thats on previews thats at least £5m thats high as scream 4 was a high opening for the UK.

  47. There’ll probably be an extended version on the DVD, well… lets hope. :D

  48. SCRE4M office box is too BAD!!! SO sad!

  49. @ Charlie Yeah i agree with you. If they were die hard scream fans they wouldn’t be complaining about every tiny little thing.

  50. @charlie your right theres just so much complaining about very little, there were only about 2 or 3 problems, except for that it was a great installment.

  51. This was grea!!! This should have been in the movie! It seems whenever Trevor was around the filmmakers wanted us fans to be nostalgic about Skeet’s character from the original Scream but I hoped he would be so much more — a red herring — to what’s going on. I hope this scene is actually intergrated into the film–even a extended branching thing on the dvd or better yet blu ray.

  52. it seems like they cut a lot out that may have stepped the movie up a bit. hopefully the dvd has all of these scenes on it.

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