The Unseen Scream 4 Part 4: Fountain Society (Spoilers)

The MPAA didn’t order any cuts to Scream 4, but a major amount of material was removed by Team Scream themselves. In a multi-part series of articles, Scream-Trilogy tells you – and shows you – what was left on the cutting room floor. Today we dissect an excised ensemble scene.

A defining point of characterization in Scream (1996) was the scene early on in which Sidney, Billy, Stu, Tatum and Randy sit at their local hangout, the fountain. It was important because it showed us they formed a small social clique, and their functions within that. It was a chance to sit back and relax with the teenagers in their natural habitat before the plot started barreling forward. They were cynical and insensitive with their remarks, but that sense of detachment rang true of the younger generation.

For Scream 4, a whole scene was filmed that took place in the same (fictional) location with the new generation of characters similarly discussing the death of two fellow students. Present were Trevor, Robbie, Charlie, Olivia and Kirby. It seems Fake Sidney 2.0 Jill was unaccounted for, presumably because of her ex-boyfriend’s presence. As one can extract from the snippets shown prominently in promotion, part of the sequence was discussing who was inevitably next on the chopping block:

Charlie: “You can’t kill Sidney, she’s victim royalty.”
Olivia: “Not true, Sid’s expendable.”
Charlie: “Point taken.”
Olivia: “Well, it’s time for someone new to die.”

Those lines would result in two instances of irony as Olivia unknowingly prophecized herself as the next victim, and Charlie failed to finalize a third-act bloodbath for the main cast. It was the supporting cast to get massacred, including ultimately Charlie himself.

This might have been snipped for one of the overall deletion reasons Wes Craven stated: excessive red herrings. But a scene like this is supposed to create red herrings, just as the 1996 version practically outed Stu as one of the culprits (in retrospect). The 2011 edition of the Woodsboro High splat pack seemed a refreshing motley crew of disparate social classes, viewing and verbalizing the victims through film lens instead of real life. So another possibility for the removal was a possible resulting lack of sympathy for the new characters, a reason that a similar group scene was removed from Scream 3.

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44 Responses to “ The Unseen Scream 4 Part 4: Fountain Society (Spoilers) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. olivia morris just did not have enough screen time. We see the girl once then shes dead.

  2. I feel that the following line, was edited together for the trailer.

    Charlie: “Point taken. Guaranteed third-act main cast bloodbath.”

    He says. “Guaranteed third-act main cast bloodbath,” in the classroom scene from what I remember from the 4 times I saw it. I do trust Wes’ decision to cut things, especially seeing the deleted scenes from the first 3. Can not wait for the DVD! and not the bootleg you can buy in Chinatown NYC as I write this.

  3. Honestly, I felt with this scene the movie would have been too much of a tribute to the 1st one. We already have reference after reference to the first film. Plus the acting seemed so stiff in the trailer. However, I would love to see this scene in it’s full. And better yet, I would love to see the Director’s cut of the film. I don’t want to just go to the film, click the menu and watch the deleted scenes. I want to see them all in the movie. Even tough I understand that these scenes needed to be cut and I agree with the cuts, I want to see them.

  4. I’m glad this wasn’t in the movie cause the dialogue is crap and doesn’t actually make sense:

    Charlie: “You can’t kill Sidney, she’s victim royalty.”
    Olivia: “Not true, Sid’s expendable.”
    Charlie: “Point taken.

    Point taken? That’s not a point. It’s a statement. She would have had to explain why Sid is expendable for the line ‘Point taken’ to make sense.

    Overall though, I would have liked to have the scene in there.

  5. I’m sure the scene was edited for TV, just so they wouldn’t give away too much information.
    While I trust Wes’ decision, as everyone else does, I have to agree with “JUSTIN” on this one.
    I wanna’ see the scenes as they would have shown in the movie, not random deleted scenes. I would love to see a Director’s Cut, “NOT SHOWN IN THEATERS” version with more gore, more hang time, and extended scenes. YES!!! But, even if we don’t get that, we can still try mapping out where scenes would have gone. I don’t think it would’ve been a bad scene to use. Because, rumored, Kevin’s original script didn’t kill off EVERYBODY. So, if your goal was to start a new generation, then it would’ve been great. I mean, to have your deceased cast sitting before the fountain – in our heads, we’d just KNOW that somebody survives and they don’t? It’s perfect, but I must say – Hayden needs to be the new Sidney. She carried “Scream 4″ for me, aside from the original cast, of course. Great way of making her a supporting role and then she rises to the top, though – that’d be new in “Scream” history.

  6. WAIT!!! Didn’t see Kirby there. LOL My mistake. But, I still run on what I said, nonetheless.

  7. how can u say this ur glad this scene wasn’t in the film then at the end say u would have liked it in there. that doesn’t make sense. This scene should have been in the movie. bit more character development. hopefully it will be in an extended cut version dvd. but i wouldn’t bet on it.

  8. JRT, we only see Olivia once? There’s the car scene introducing the three girls, the scene walking up to the school where Robbie and Charlie are introduced, the scene in the classroom where she announces the two girls were murdered, and, of course, her final scene.

    She had more scenes than Sarah Michelle Gellar had in Scream 2 (and SMG even had her name on the poster). I thought we saw plenty of her before she bit it.

  9. She is also in the Police station.

  10. WHAT is the goup scene taken from Scream 3?

  11. another scene cut that would have been great. Fucking A Wes… why did you cut all this out? Why did you kill Kirby? WHY DID YOU LET THE ONE SURVIVOR FROM THE NEW CAST BE DEPUTY HICKS?!

    At least we have a directors cut to look forward to..

  12. I just hope it is on the dvd, along with the other stuff that we’ve seen or heard of.

  13. To piggyback off another comment, can you please point us in the direction of the group scene cut from Scream 3?

  14. I cant find it on youtube but the scene in Scream 3 took place on the steps to one of the houses on the Stab 3 set after Cotton got killed, and before Gayle arrived. It was the cast talking about the murder and their careers.

  15. umm…that scene was in Scream 3 Mike….

    The scene where they’re on the steps of the set house talking about Tyson being a Randy substitute and all of that good stuff? It’s in the film.

  16. That is in the film, but not the one in the clip. Sarah Darling is in the clip in the movie. I misspoke about stairs, I guess they are on a riser.

  17. Can’t wait to see all that cut stuff! Hope they’ll put them properly on the dvd!

    Maybe all the persons in the fountain scene were meant to be killed after all : new decade, new rules!
    But I think Kirby is in that scene, she was in the stills photographs…

  18. @myself : of course Kirby’s in the scene! there’s a pic of her in the post! I didnt remember seeing her in the trailer!

  19. I’m kind of glad this scene was cut. I just don’t see how they could work this into the film. It just seems random and out of place.

    Hell, this scene could’ve just been shot for promotional purposes only. Don’t be surprised, IT IS Dimension Films. By the shot I saw in a TV spot, everyone in the scene looked like they were posing rather than having an actual discussion or whatever.

  20. To respond to some of the above comments:
    1. The “point taken” line seems out of place/illogical because we have only seen what the trailer allows us to see. I agree that what Olivia said is a statement or opinion, and does not carry much argument to it. But keep in mind: this is edited to fit into promotion/trailer/tv spot. The actual dialog in the scene would (probably) run longer and make more sense. You guys need to stop complaining about the bad writing basing what you’ve heard in the trailer ONLY. It’s silly!! >_<

    And my general comments:
    2. Lack of sympathy? That's the reason why this scene got cut? That's a horrible reason. In a Scream movie, there is a degree of callousness to all characters, or else the story can move forward without everyone's mourning. (I personally think it's absurd that no one really mourns, but as far as this scene goes, I don't think it adds or takes away anything in this weird Scream universe.) Plus, what's left in the movie shows Kirby's being excessively indifferent about Olivia's demise. She's out partying, watching Stab 7 on TV… I don't see much of a problem leaving the fountain scene in if that was, indeed, the reason why it was cut.

    3. And for WHATEVER reason Wes or whoever decided to cut this scene, bad move! :\ I don't care if it creates "excessive" red herring. To me, there wasn't much red herring in the movie that felt enough/much. There isn't any character development at all, some may even argue. Leave this scene in, give these kids some personalities, and let us enjoy a great homage to the original. As Rebecca would put it, "win win". ;)

  21. you people really need to learn the difference between an Unrated Cut and Director’s Cut.

    Director’s Cut – A version of the film that is the way the director intended it. It doesn’t need to be longer, it could also be shorter.

    Unrated/Extended Cut – Footage made to be cut by the MPAA for whatever reason but the cut footage doesn’t really effect the movie.

    The Scream 4 we saw was the director’s cut. Didn’t you read? No cuts were made by the MPAA but by the Scream team themselves. That includes Wes Craven. So no. This scene was not vital, if it was, Wes would make sure it would make the final cut.

    If there was a Director’s Cut or any type of extended version(which there won’t be) Wes would’ve stated it along with the 7-8 deleted scenes. We’ll most likely get this scene as one of those.

  22. About the cut scene from Scream 3, I know what you guys are talking about. It’s indeed cut, and it was featured on the Scream 3 DVD.

    It takes place after Sarah Darling’s death, and the surviving cast of the time were talking about how the movie is now shut down, and how they are feeling about the now-shut-down movie and their future.

    It features Tom, Angelina, Tyson, and… I think that’s it. Jennifer wasn’t there. Roman wasn’t there.

    You can see some police and Milton in the background, walking by, however.

    The commentary said that one of the reasons why it was cut is because it makes the actors look very unsympathetic toward Sarah’s recent death, which to me again, is s somewhat stupid reason. You could’ve tweaked the lines a bit or tell the actors to act a certain way to make it somewhat appropriate.

    I am personally torn on this as well. I think the characters in Scream movies are somewhat cold beings in that they never seem to mourn for anyone’s deaths. But at the same time, I don’t think that’s reason enough to cut scenes out. There’s gotta be a better way!

  23. @SmarterThanYou

    Thanks for pointing out the difference between the Cuts.

    A week ago, I too mistakenly used the term “Director’s Cut” instead of what I meant. I do mean “Unrated/Extended Cut”. I wanna see all the scenes that are taken out.

  24. @Mason

    I agree, but I don’t understand the whole logic behind filming promotional scenes. It just creates a false sense of excitement because once you see the actual movie and those scenes are not present, it’s kind of a let down.

    I remember this was heavily done for the remake of “Black Christmas.” I was so excited to see that film after watching the trailer. The scene where Lacey Chabert is tangled in Christmas Lights and the killer yanks her back looked epic. I read that that scene was not meant to be included in the film and was only for promotional purposes. That really pissed me off.

  25. If wicked-scribe is correct about the reason it was cut then that is extremely dumb, surely Scream is about everyone being a suspect?! In any event this scene effectively suggests that Scream 4 will be a sequel-cum-“reboot” (ugh!) which makes it all the sweeter when Dewey, Gale, and the lovely Sidney survive. It’s actually unpredictible that the older characters are allowed to survive instead of being treated as expendable because they ARE older. Sidney is THE heroine to have her die now’d be just wrong. Still it’s depressing that Hayden’s Kirby dies along with all the others but it IS unexpected.

  26. No Script this time? :(

    I’d love to see this included in the final cut. It’s classic Scream.

  27. I know what we saw was Director’s Cut, so that won’t happen for the Blu-ray.

    But I want to see them in context of the movie, not as deleted scenes. They can do it with “seamless branching”. That way, we could see it they were irrelevant or not.

  28. If “unexpected is the new cliche” the fountain scene would have helped. Why? Because it would have given more screen time to the kids, effectively making them the “main cast.”

    So when we hear, “Guaranteed third-act main cast bloodbath,” it could really be referring to the kids on the fountain.

    That means their deaths ARE expected, in fact “guaranteed”, and therefore… not a cliche.

    Does that make sense, ha ha? They were stating EXACTLY what was going to happen at the very beginning!

  29. Wes really screwed up with this movie. The editing, which he mainly did, just wasn’t well done. Too much was chopped out. This scene, and the hospital scene with Jill and Trevor would have made the ending stand out so much more when the killers were finally revealed. Ugh… Wes Wes Wes. Tisk tisk tisk.

  30. Sorry but this scene would have been overkill. I honestly already wasn’t thrilled about the many, many Scream 1 references in this movie. It was just too much that it took away from the movie as it’s own standout individual. I would have liked if this movie had a bit more of a fresh plot instead of a Scream 1 concentrate. Ok, so it may sound like I hated this movie, but I really did enjoy it.

  31. I think Olivia had lots of screen time but she wasn’t written enough lines. She was practically silent in the police station and she didn’t get much in her final moments before he death in her room either. Some more dialogue could’ve easily been put in. Although I do love her death scene and it is my favorite death of the movie.
    I love kirby. . .

  32. *her death

  33. Ummmm has anyone even though that Maybe the reason Hicks survived is because she is from the same era as the originals? She went to school with Sidney, is a teen of the 90s, no new Gen teen survived this flick, maybe that’s a nice lil comment on how the teens of today don’t stand an effing chance in a horror flick cause they don’t understand the history of them, as evident by shoddy audience numbers for this film. As soon as I saw Hicks had survived that was my immediate thought, has no one else thought that? Come on SCREAM FANS?!

  34. Olivia really wasnt in many scenes but i doubt this would of helped to much, it dosent matter anyway i thought her death was one of the best in the series, it was smart, bloody and very brutal. Even if we didnt see her much she worked in the few scenes we did and i felt sorry for her dispatching.

  35. @Matt “…how the teens of today don’t stand an effing chance in a horror flick cause they don’t understand the history of them, as evident by shoddy audience numbers for this film. As soon as I saw Hicks had survived that was my immediate thought, has no one else thought that? Come on SCREAM FANS?!”

    That’s a nice interpretation, I do like it, but that’s only YOUR interpretation. There are people who died in the movie who are in the same age group as the trio and Hicks, making your argument somewhat invalid.

    And what about Jill’s Mom? She’s too old to appreciate the history of horror? If anything, her generation created the state of horror that Sid lives in.

    I think your view is interesting, but there is always room for argument otherwise. Your own personal epiphanies may not be shared by other fans as readily as you think…

  36. Maybe Scream 4 would have done better if so much stuff wasn’t cut out. Everything they cut I thought would have been great in the film. Except for the stabbing scene that comes out of nowhere heh heh. I’m glad they changed that. It was refreshing.

  37. Thanks to those who pointed out the bloodbath line was from later in the film. It’s amazing how much trickery was pulled with the trailers – seems it worked too well, as many were looking out for those scenes and lines as presented.

  38. I’m gutted they didn’t add this scene, I’m guessing it had more than olivia and charlie banter, they all must of had a line, its pure homage, and more character development which is what we needed in the finished film but I’m glad they left these scene out at the cinema, I’m having so much fun searching for missing bits, and they have to do scre4m unrated dvd

  39. I was looking forward to this scene(I’ll be fine with however it showsup on the DVD)
    It doesn’t necessary fit the movie we were given.
    I think the only real Scream homage was Jenny’s Death(a la Tatum)
    and this little scene would have been a great sort of this is how it was but later we’ll flip the meaning thing.
    Scream 4 was still fun though even with all the cuts.

  40. So Craven goes so far to replicate the first Scream movie but thinks this time that character development is not warranted. Hmm. I’m curious to know what movie he did before the original Scream? Was it the flop musical Merryl Streep movie or the total disaster A VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN starring Eddie Murphy–BOTH of those flops had zero characterization. I hope these scenes are restored.

  41. Do you happen to have the script lines for this scene? Im sure there was more than those 3 lines of dialogue seen in the trailers.

  42. The dialogue could have been as follows, charlie: this is mad the kids from the first stab sat in this very spot like us ten years ago. Kirby: yes, except they where friends and we all don’t get along which is why this don’t make sense us all sitting together. Charlie: good point. Trevor: yhea and I’m no killer. Robbie: they where stu mockers famous words charlie: trevors no stu, he is obviously billy 2.0m kirby: no way trevors a dick, billy was a genius. Robbie: is that a little crush I detect. Kirby: I’ve always been attracted to seriel killers, bundy, manson, its my kink. Olivia: ok so if this is a screamake who’s who. Charlie: well I’m randy. Kirby: no way I’m randy, I’m the horror movie buff. Charlie: yhea but you haven’t got enough penis to be randy, your totally tatum the blonde best friend, so stay away from beer and catflaps, trevor is billy, robbie is stu, cus we all know he’s gay for trevor. Robbie: I’m not gay, that so untrue. Olivia: who am I then. Charlie: your an extra kill, you have no character, your death is a way of upping the horror. Olivia: oh so who is jill. Kirby charlie robbie at the same time: “SIDNEY.” olivia: ok so where is she, shouldn’t she be here. Unless she is being killed as we speak which would be kind of ironic. Charlie: you can’t kill sidney she’s victim royalty, its all about her. Olivia: not true sids expendable, she could have gone mad after all the attacks and become the killer. Charlie: sidney the killer I don’t think so. Kirby: hold on I thought we was talking about jill. Trevor: we are there the same person. Kirby: look if this was a current remake, we would all likely end up dying, infact this scene wouldn’t even make it to the final cut, nowdays its all flashy violence this and twenty second dialogue, trust me this scene right here would end up on the dvd extras. Charlie: wow, you so get me. Kirby: back off butt boy, and go make a move on some other poor girl. Trevor: where is jill anyway. Kirby: she’s still with sidney. Olivia: I told her to stay away from the angel of death. Kirby: sid staying at jills house. Olivia: no way, oh well, time for someone else to die. School bell rings the kids leave

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