The Unseen Scream 4 Part 5: Scarecrow & Zombie Ghostface (Exclusive Fun World Quote)

Allow us this brief breaking of the fourth wall, but Scream-Trilogy has passed the one year mark! Why is this relevant? Because a week after our April 29th 2010 birthdate, we broke a story about new Zombie & Scarecrow variations of the Ghostface mask which had some sort of connection to Scream 4, based on a photo of Wes Craven’s cat and other clues. That article is what made readers sit up and take notice, and realize we weren’t just the usual news recycling fansite. Even though we were cautious from the start that nothing might come of them, we made it a point to follow the mystery of the new masks in those early months when no real information about the film was available. This would lead us down a path that included receiving the #1 movie-run production Zombie Mask itself!

And now we come full-circle one year later to put a cap on the mysterious saga…

Leading up to, including, and even after filming, Fun World’s Director of Licensing/Product Development R.J. Torbert was a key middleman figure between Scream 4 and the fanbase, tweeting filming details and holding contests. Fun World is, of course, the owner and controlling company of the Ghost Face mask design, so have a pretty strong connection with The Weinstein Co because that now-iconographic mask is, in a way, more valuable to the Scream franchise then any flesh & blood cast member!

So the intel on the new masks was that they were first created by Fun World as 2010 Halloween releases, but there was also a discussion and level of interest with the movie’s powers-that-be. However Torbert quite pointedly never confirmed if either – or neither – would appear in the film, only that we would have to wait and see.

We waited and have now seen Scream 4, and the masks were sadly absent. Scream Trilogy reached out to Fun World’s Torbert who provided this comment in response:

The Zombie Mask and Scarecrow Mask were filmed for the barn scene and they were edited out —-I was informed that Harvey and Bob Weinstein were concerned it would cause a bit of “confusion”.

The visually appealing alternate masks weren’t the only removals from the Stab-a-thon sequence, and we’ll tell you all about that in the next edition of Unseen Screams.
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25 Responses to “ The Unseen Scream 4 Part 5: Scarecrow & Zombie Ghostface (Exclusive Fun World Quote) ”

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  1. Bob & Harvey Weinstein should die. For real. Drop dead fat.

  2. Confusion?! Seeing as we only really saw little bits of all the Stab movies I would have merely assumed the mask changed throughout Stab but always stayed based on original!

    Wonder if they had people like me (compositor) actually digitally paint them out! I bet it more confused THEM, wondering why they were bothering! Haha!

  3. Shut your face! The Weinsteins are always right! About everything! All the time! ….Obviously!

  4. well i did and i would like to see Scarecrow & Zombie Ghostface in the stab film that in the scream film and i would like to see it in scream 5 aswell

  5. I prefer to zombie more-so than the scarecrow, but to see either in the film would’ve been kind of out of place. I mean, sure to see them in “Stab” would’ve made more sense, but we have enough complainers – why give them something further to bitch about? Something as small as a mask change. *rolls eyes* Critics are assholes and people are too stupid to see films for themselves anymore, I hate when people allow critics to think for them.

  6. the Weinsteins are the pits. i honestly believe this movie would have been EPIC if they hadn’t interfered. instead we just got something decent. they were so concerned about making this movie as generic and appealing to the masses as possible, and it turned out that only die-hards went to see it. LAME opening scene because of them. HALF-ASSED REWRITES because of them. MONTHS OF NEGATIVE PRESS because of them. ZERO PROFIT because of them.

  7. @aloha.. you hit it righ on the head. god forbid they do anything radical or different. Don’t wanna confuse the imbecilic public. way to have respect for your audience Weinsteins

  8. THIS IS NOT TRUE! I was an extra on set during the “stab-a-thon and I seen the entire set and these masks that this article talks about were NEVER present!

  9. At least the sacrecrow mask could and SHOULD have been in the stabathon scene! I mean its shot in a barn with fields around it, it HAD TO BE IN, even if it’s just one shot of a scarecrow near the barn with the scarecrow mask on it!

    That’s what I feel Scream 4 is lacking : establishing shots (if i might say)! In the Stabathon scene, Kirby arrives and then got directly into the barn! There’s only a poor shot of the front of the barn, and that’s it! No close up of the set, no anxious choir music to show the madness of the scene : NOTHING! 

    And that’s what Scream 4 is lacking, as @aloha said : EPIC! And it’s sad!

  10. Don’t mess with the original… Don’t you people know this by now? ;)

  11. im glad they didnt use the scare crow i agree with priddo “DONT F%#* WITH THE ORIGINAL”!!!

  12. Cooooool they should have put the mask in scream 4, the one thing I noticed when the scream 1,2,3 came out is the variations of the ghostface masks available to buy, I think they should have picked up on this and used it as a gag in the film, someone could have turned up to stabathon in a fake ghostface mask and his mates take the piss out of him, and when the killer attacks gail in the barn he should have worn the scarecrow mask remember the killer is making screamake un needs to out do the first, so why not be making his own clever variation on the ghostface mask it also could have led to more referential dialogue about horror films e.g the halloween remake and h20 had numerous problams when they tried to changed the mask, the fact jason voorhees didn’t acquire his mask till the middle of the 3rd film there are tons of mask facts or jokes the could have made. I was happy with all the “stab films” and the trend of remakes references they made but I did think that the iconic ghostface mask did deserve a little more attention.

  13. What a pity, when Scream 3 came out I had had my own idea for what I thought was a better version (One Last Scream!) with 2 independent killers one of whom had …erm…a red mask. Wonky as that idea was, I still like the idea of Ghostface mask variants, psychos wanting to be individual Ghostfaces, Creepy. Damn you Weinsteins, you patronizing twonks, damn you all to hell!

  14. I was also present for the stabathon but filmed a scene that only two of us were picked for. The scene that I was in did get cut. The two of us were party kids dressed as ghost face and we met a third person (who was a A.D.) wearing the zombie costume.

  15. the weinstiens aren’t always right or always wrong, butb sometimes I think they got in the way of the ultimate vision of scream 4. Wes craven went through the same thing with the movie Cursed. Another reason for a Director’s Cut…I wish Wes and Kevin could get away from the Weinstiens

    I did notice that the blood splattered mask , the zombie mask, and the scarecrow mask were featured on the stab dvd covers

  16. Talk about a double-edged sword…or shall I say knife..rewrites and deleted scenes (horrible idea btw)did the exact opposite of what they thought it would do…..Made this film no way near what it could have been and the money did not flow in like expected. I believe the real villain here was the almighty dollar…not the infamous robed one!!!

  17. Ahhh! This is crazyy.. my birthday is april 29th too!! Im soo excited i share a birthday with this website!

  18. I would love to see them on Stab clips.

  19. My b-day is April 29th too :P

  20. confusion… how would it cause confusion?

  21. First, happy anniversary!

    Second, I have to say that I was disappointed not to see the Zombie and Scarecrow Ghost Face masks in SCREAM 4. The Scarecrow mask would have fit so naturally in the barn scene and the Zombie mask would have been a fun and clever nod to the recent zombie phenomenon. (And we all know that kind of pop culture reference has been a hallmark of the SCREAM films.)

  22. Just wanted to know if you knew anything about that tool that Wes Craven tweeted about a while ago that he said was being used for the film… I don’t recall ever seeing it and I’m wondering where it was supposed to be used.

  23. I remember seeing it in the barn. But it was just hanging on the wall I believe.

  24. Dude the Weinsteins suck. How many times have they screwed over Williamson, who is pretty iconic? I mean Scream is a classic, as is Dawson’s Creek, and also Vampire Diaries is a phenomenom. W2 are sooo dumb. I was really looking forward to these in the movie. And more Adam Brody.

  25. I wish I could see the movie with him as a scarecrow OR Zombie!!!!

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