‘This Isn’t A Movie’ – New Scream 4 Clip (now with HQ)

Hang tight as some computer issues have withheld us from sharing some great stuff today, but hopefully this will tide you over: the latest Scream 4 clip, just aired on Leno.

Direct Link/Credit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uog7j1x0brU

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52 Responses to “ ‘This Isn’t A Movie’ – New Scream 4 Clip (now with HQ) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I seriously just dropped to my knees in front of the TV and died. This movie is going to be DARK!! and that quote “She said you were the angel of death” …wow…wow….wow

  2. yes! just bought my tix for midnight. can’t wait. so excited.


  4. feel free to use my video for viewing pleasure :)

  5. Thanks, better copy. Video replaced.

  6. omgoodness! epic!! ahhh!

  7. i actually dont like this clip///i dont care who they kill but not sid…i also have noticed that jill gets her arm sliced here and in the scene with kirby by the closet, so who knows what we will see

  8. OMG.. this is gonna be awesome… in few days we’ll scream again

  9. I recorded it on tape at home, so I’ve permanently got it. P.S. anyone who wants to see the Chelsea Lately clip on TV, comes on Wednesday, 2:30 in the morning, I know I’m gonna watch it.

  10. OMFG!!! I just died! (no pun intended) I’ve been waiting for this movie since last year. Thanks wicked-scribe for keeping us updated on production of the latest installment. Does anyone know what Jill says before ghostface pops out???

  11. Sid is BADDDDASSSS! She goes after Ghostface in a heart beat! No more running…

    First scene where Emma looks focused and believable.

  12. —-damn.

  13. OMG!!!

  14. @ Scream Lover – Jill says “She said you were the Angel Of Death”

  15. I need to see this movie….NOW.

  16. Oh…my..god… I was terrifed to watch it!

  17. this is that scene from the first trailer where sidney tackles the killer down the few stairs or whatever, i feel like i can practically piece this movie together, haha (:

  18. UGH!!!! why are they showing all of these clips?

  19. Ghostface = Genuinly Scary(Might tie for Billy)
    Sid clearly has had enough and is bringing the fight to Ghostface instead of just waiting for people to bite it.

    9 Days to Go…..Plz Hurry Up Lol

  20. ow my I see some bloody legs on the bed, my love for Sidney just grew! She just goes over there try to rescue the girl, what a hero!:)

  21. Okay, so Ghostface is definately sounding more sinister and back to his original evil tone when talking to Sid here, and yes the scene does allow a glimpse of how Scream 4 is definately mirroring the darker days of the first movie. Its been slated as the bloodiest, will have the largest body count, the best one liners and an exciting new edgy take on the genre, but the question to Ghostface is (What will be your motive????) Personally the slashing of Jill’s arm in this scene is a direct throwback to the scene in Scream where Stu (Ghostface) pretends to slash Billy beside the bed while Sid watches in horror (Cornsyrup)The fact that directly as Ghostface hangs up, Jill’s voice followed by an almost immediate appearance harrows me deeply!!! Could my brain be on overdrive with all this excitement pre-release or does this stink of making Jill a really good red-herring pretty early on. It is Olivia that is butchered on the bed, thats obvious from the trailers. I believe that Jill is the mastermind behind it all and her motive well quite simple “She wants to be a sole survivor!!!!!” New Decade New Rules and she wants to be the last one standing after completing her bloodbath on the anniversary of the original killings, and no better way to do this than to finish it with killing the original heroine/cousin Sidney framing the entire thing on her!!!! I also believe that she has Charlie filling the other ghostface suit helping her bump the newbies off along the way who is simply a new generation Mickey, obsessed with horror movies and a little ill in the head (Someone who has taken their love of scary movies one step too far) I also think that she will kill him in the finale with a gun and that the way in which he dies will be quite simply brutal and spineless. Again a throwback to Debbie Salt with Mickey however much darker and shocking. I also think that in the last stages Jill will kill her mother in front of Sidney again quickly and with no conscience! This i believe will have great impact and add great shock value for the audience in the final showdown, deeming her a bad seed just like her sister who is of course Sidney’s dead mother Maureen. I would just like to say that this is only my theories and i would appreciate greatly feedback on what you guys think????

  22. Oh my god, oh my god! Wow!
    That room was covered in blood, someone was on the floor! Angel Of Death is sooooo right! Wow!!!

  23. OMG! I CAN’T WAIT! And I noticed there is a Lady Gaga Poster behind Sydney when she gets the call!

  24. AWESOME!

  25. I literally was speechless when I saw it on Leno last night. But poor Sidney, Jill is trying to make her feel guilty then she probably already does by saying that “She was the angel of death”.

  26. @ Scream Origins I think you have a nice theory lol. However I personally don’t think the movie is going to play out like that but never the less come April 15th we will find out all the details.

  27. @ Matthew lol jill only quoted what someone else said.

  28. i wonder who is dead on the bed behind sydney????????

  29. i know its a girl but who?????

  30. @scream origins: Nice theory, what I think is that in woodsboro, wich is a small communauty, they lost members of their family, Thanx to ghostface, then the
    storie has been used in books and in movies… Their family and relative see how the town is thrilled with the stab movies. If they watch those film they must feel like and I quote ”you can’t save them, all you can do is watch”. I would be pissed to see a replica of the killing of a member of my family. Sidney is comming back to town after a very long time away from home, it brings back publicity to the town, the killer’s must be so pissed…. Well that is my theory. By the way I have my ticket for the SCREAM-A-THON at a Theater in MontrĂ©al, they are showing the 4 films during the night! Grrrrr :-)

  31. The way Sidney handles this is very mature. I really feel like the original trio is all grown up… EVEN MORE! :D

  32. I think all the theories for this installment have been great, but I personally don’t care about who the killer is besides everyone is a suspect just from the looks of the trailers & tv spots. Who knows who the killer could be. My main focus is motive!!! Why wait 10yrs to start killing again & terrorize Sidney??? Now, that’s the deal breaker. And Wes and all of the actors have said that the ending is exactly how Kevin Williamson envisioned it. So I’m 100% sure this will be a great addition to the franchise!!!

  33. I JUST noticed all the blood on the wall in the room. Holy sh*t.

  34. I was watching this clip all day, Sid (neve) was amazing there, im so glad about being able to see all the clips! Can’t wait to see the full film though!

  35. has anyone ever noticed that it’s kind of in poor taste that jill does her ghostface impression saying, “what’s your favorite scary movie?” I don’t know if I would joke about a bunch of murders involving a family member of mine. Maybe they aren’t that close, but still…

  36. Is that Kirby on the bed?

  37. omg.. I think i know who it is. My guess is its olivia because in the trailers and stuff u see she has posters all over her room. Thats just my guess though.

  38. @dontdiesid Not really because it seems like all the teens in woodsboro tend to like the Anniversary of the woodsboro murders. For example the stab-a-thon party.

  39. I’m kinda leaning towards thinking its Kate – Jill’s mum. Only because of what Jill says to Sidney.

  40. She was saying what somebody else said!!!

  41. @ Scream Origins, Jill could be the killer, but as Kevin wrote it, “EVERYONE’S A SUSPECT” how about Trevor Sheldon, he seems kinda acting like he has a Secret, Just like Billy Loomis’s way of talking, the nearly creep-like voice.
    And a great writing by Kevin indeed, you are clueless of who’s the killer, and it could be the ones you least expect it to. he could be Deputy Perkins,Charlie Walker or Jill’s Mother

  42. Can’t stop watching this clip.

  43. OMG!!!!!!! One week to go. I am literally dying here. Need Scream4 so bad.

  44. Has anyone ever thought that there might be more than two killers in Scream 4, that’s what I’m hoping. I think if there are three killers, it would turn out to be Deputy Hoss, Charlie, and Marnie. They could actually show someone die, but be tricking you and twist it into turning someone into the killer. I, for one, don’t think Jill would be a killer, but I wouldn’t mind if she dies. I want Kirby to live because she seems badass.

  45. I think it’s olivia on the bed or else why would Jill’s mom have all those posters in her room. Besides Olivia lives next door from Jill or Kirby (she’s wearing the same sweater in the trailer when she’s with Kirby watching Olivia through the window and talking on the phone). That’s just me, it could be ANYONE! Can’t waiiit!!

  46. @fanofrandy, it’s actually the same scene with REALLLY GOOD editing. i looked on the trailer and it’s the same scene, plus it wouls make sense for her to get cut twice on the same arm in the same area in the same outfit LOL. So yeah, i was confused at first to, but it’s just the same scene with some good trailer modifications LOL

  47. just becasue she returned to woodsboro that doesnt mean shes the angel of death

  48. i think thats the same night when u see trevor in the bedroom with jill. there wearing the same clothes, but is it before or after

  49. did anyone else notice that sid says this isn’t a movie just like she does in the original

  50. I do believe I just saw someone’s bloody body in that scene….on the bed?

  51. All the clips they have shown are full of action, well the this and the “Under Control” one along with the trailer, if they’re releasing this much there is obviously A LOT more where it came from. I can’t wait to see it. <3

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