Top Ten WTF Moments of The Scream Trilogy

As the time for Scream 4 to enter our midst draws near, I feel that we must look to the past to see what to expect in the future. (Very philosophical, huh?) To be perfectly honest, the main aspect of the Scream trilogy that I most enjoyed was the surprises that the movies contained. You never really knew what to expect, but then came some moments that just made you go, well, What The F***. (At least they made me do that.)

So, whether or not they were good or bad, let’s look at my Top Ten WTF  moments of the Scream Trilogy.


10.  “And the Killer Gives Mercy to….”

Scream 3 has the reputation of being the worst written movie of the bunch and this moment did not help at all. Having the slight tension of being sent faxes by the killer only to culminate in the house blowing up with one of them in it may (and may is a strong word) sound good on paper and having a house blow up in trailers and TV spots may seem cool, but the execution was poor. Why run into a house by yourself? And did anyone find the explosion a bit excessive? Someone would have smelt the gas. Well, as we all know, poor Tom didn’t.


9. “Dewey, It’s got our voices.”

Ahh, the voice changer. In our hearts and in our minds since we first saw Scream. The ultimate disguise for any psycho who delights in chatting and slashing. However Scream 3 took it to a whole ‘nother level. Gale and Dewey stumble upon the voice changer in Milton’s mansion and discover that it has their voices along with many others, revealing to the audience just how Ghostface has been changing his voice through the whole story. (I would have said that he’s just very talented.) While this certainly is a cool piece of technology, it certainly seems improbable that anything like this could exist. But at least the idea of it is cool, right?


8. “I’m the Killer in Stab 3!”

Who didn’t love Parker Posey’s Jennifer Jolie? She was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale movie. Her one-liners and delivery added some great humor to Scream 3, which is something that I enjoyed a lot about these movies. So, when we were nearing the final act and the body count was growing, we all were questioning if she would be sleeping with the fishes by the end. We got our answer as alas, she was stabbed in the secret passageway with Dewey shooting out the two-way mirror revealing her body mere seconds later. It was sad to see her go as I feel her humor was needed during the whole Sidney/Roman fight don’t you think?


7.  “Do as Mother tells you.”

Maureen Prescott. Without her, there would be no Scream. Life as we know it would be totally different. So, as the mystery of Scream 3 began to unfold and Mrs. Prescott’s past was revealed, we expected Sidney to become affected in some way. However, a dream sequence and possible “ghost” sighting later, we were left scratching our heads. Was Sidney supposed to be going crazy? Was it just to add tension to a somewhat tension-less movie? Whatever it was, I’m afraid to say it did not work really well. Having it omitted from the actual movie would not have had much of an effect, in my own opinion. Let’s hope we don’t see anymore “ghosts” anytime soon.


6. “It’s called a makeover, Gale…”

I cannot speak for the whole Scream fan community when I say that I did not really have an idea of who the killer was in Scream 2. Thus, I was very surprised when Debbie Salt turned out to be not only the killer, but Billy Loomis’s mother. The character of Debbie Salt was certainly a peculiar one, however, I felt that she had a place in this horror-comedy. You always need some sort of obsessed fan type in these movies and she fit the bill well. The transition from light-hearted, almost annoying reporter to psycho killer was very smooth, which only reflects the greatness of Williamson’s writing, Metcalfe’s acting, and Craven’s direction. Who would have thought that chick from Roseanne could get so knife happy?


5. “Stupid people go back…”

The police car scene during Scream 2 was one of the most tension-filled scenes throughout the whole trilogy. Having to crawl over a killer’s body, unable to see if he was really unconscious or waiting to strike had us all on pins and needles. When Hallie and Sid escaped, we could finally relax or so we thought. Sidney decided to end it once and for all and reveal the identity of the killer, so the horror would finally end. Alas, we weren’t getting off that easy. The killer disappeared from the car, reappeared and stabbed Hallie, and the rest is history. That shocking turn of events is enough to make us go, “WTF.”


4. “We all go a little mad sometimes…”

Scream had us constantly guessing as to who the killer was, while also keeping some characters at the forefront of our suspicions. Billy Loomis was no exception as it seemed that all signs pointed toward him as the movie went on, even though he was deemed innocent after the whole Sidney debacle. Imagine our surprise when he was stabbed right before our eyes after a hot, steamy “rule-breaking” session between him and our heroine, immediately eliminating him as a suspect. Later on, it was revealed that he was actually really hurt, but still very much alive, causing us to heave a sigh of relief knowing that the killer didn’t get everyone Sid loved. Then, he shot Randy and we found out that he was the mastermind all along. The simple fact that Williamson and Craven were able to keep us guessing for so long and that they showed we should expect the unexpected with Scream made this moment a true WTF moment.


3. “Hang up the phone and star-69 his ass!”

There is always that danger of creating a sequel to a box-office smash hit because you are never able to really replicate that success ever again. It is especially hard to create a horror movie sequel since you have the added task of keeping the story fresh and falling into that danger zone of a supernatural killer who lives on for ten or so sequels. With Scream 2, the risk was taken and the rewards were oh-so-good. Clearly evident by the opening scene, Scream 2 was willing to change things up and therefore make for one hell of a movie. Having Stab playing while the murders occurred was extremely creative as it dealt with the self-referential nature of Scream we all know and love, while playing with the idea of life imitating art which came into place much later. The main part that made me go WTF was the fact that the murders happened in a full movie theater! It’s almost too perfect and yet that’s why its so great.  After that whole sequence, we knew that all bets were off and anything could happen.


2. “Showgirls. Absolutely frightening.”

I think it’s self-explanatory as to why this is a WTF moment. I mean, we all loved Randy (If you didn’t, then you have some sort of problem.) and having him go through Woodsboro only to die at Windsor was truly heartbreaking for all. I feel like I’m constantly repeating myself, but I sincerely do feel like this is another moment where we knew that no one was safe and anything could happen. Having a character who was extremely knowledgeable about the horror movie genre die in broad daylight really struck us hard. Knowing that we could lose a beloved character at any single moment kept us on edge and while we are still reeling from the shock of this, it isn’t the top moment that made me go WTF.


1. “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

December 1996. People flock to movie theaters to see the new horror movie that is defying all bad horror stereotypes. Drew Barrymore, an extremely well-known actress, is advertised as a lead in the movie, and this along with the fact that Wes Craven had directed it was enough for audiences to go see it. Those hoping to have a Drew-filled movie were highly disappointed as she was famously offed in the first 10 minutes, but not before being toyed with and tormented by a mysterious cloaked figure. It was so unexpected, so striking, so clever, that we immediately fell in love with Scream. Just the idea of killing off such a highly bankable actress in the first few minutes leaving the rest of the movie to lesser known celebrities (at the time) really made us go WTF. But it worked and that’s all that counts. This is definitely the top WTF moment of the Scream trilogy.

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43 Responses to “ Top Ten WTF Moments of The Scream Trilogy ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Great list! Thanks for fantastic articles, as usual. :)

  2. The biggest name in the cast dying quickly is of course, a reference to Psycho.

  3. They Definitely fall into the WTF category.
    Fun Read :)

  4. Scream 3 is stale? Laugh!

  5. I was actually disappointed when Mrs. Loomis was revealed. I thought it was super cheesy. I don’t care how much of a makeover I’d gotten; there’s no way I’d show up and just hope that no one recognized me. Sidney recognized her after only a second, and from FAR AWAY. Too much of a stretch for me.

  6. I only have 4 real WTF moments, most of them in “Scream 3″: When Sidney puts on the costume and stabs Billy with the umbrella in “Scream”; Sidney’s mom showing up in that nightmare in “Scream 3″; the killer getting shot at the bottom of the hill in “Scream 3″; Cotton getting the call from the “woman” in the opening of “Scream 3″ and then having it revealed that it’s the killer. I honestly thought the killer was a woman at first. lol

  7. Oh, and Sidney getting shot in “Scream 3.” I can’t believe I forgot that. That’s the biggest WTF moment for me in the entire series!

  8. @Jerry

    Well, if you think about it she was only in scenes with Gale. We never saw her with anyone from Woodsboro. I mean, we don’t know what Mrs. Loomis therefore if anyone did see her from far away would they really think it’s her? Also, Sid wasn’t THAT far away from her!

  9. Scream 3 was sooo goood to me why do people hate it?
    i got board with number 2 cuz sidney bf was so anoyyin

  10. Great list. Although, Ghostface shopping in the supermarket in SCREAM would definitely be on my list of WTF moments.

  11. All Scream 3 related WTF moments were just really bad moments.
    Scream and Scream 2 were amazing WTF ones.

  12. to me Scream 3 had alot of good WTF moments! although i’m not against you guys number 1 top WTF for the trilogy, Drew was not the reason why i went to see Scream back in 1996, as a matter of fact i didn’t really know who Drew was to be honest,and why people in the movie theater was shocked that they killed her in the beginning of the movie, but i did know and recognized Neve! a WTF moment for me about the first Scream was that they didnt show any nudity or sex which the commercials and promos led me to believe that they would with that infamous shot of Tatum when she turns on the garage lights and Sidney and Billy upstairs in Stu’s parents bedroom, that was the whole draw for a horny 8th grader like me at the time to want to see this movie but was not disappointed that the movie had neither in it because i was sucked in from the opening phone call and it never dawned on me til years later that they didnt show either!

  13. I think your list is a little uneven having four events from 3 and only 2 events from the original scream. yes no, i dont think sid dreaming of her mother was a wtf moment in scream 3…yes her nightmares were haunting her and seemed real…the chain reaction of events really was starting to get to sid in her isolation and i always thought that sequence was cool as well as the exploding house.

    my wtf moment of scream 3 is how they didn’t really check to see if roman was dead, he lust looked dead and the quick cameo by carrie fisher…wtf

  14. You forgot that scene in which Sid and Tatum are chatting in the porch and ghostface, in plain daylight, is watching them from some bushes.

    Oh, the same thing happens in the freakin’ SUPERMARKET as well. LOL

    Totally WTF, though not a in a good way. :/

  15. in Scream 3, how did randy’s sister get there? so random. and what was Mrs. Loomis actual name?

  16. I HATED that they killed parker posey. Douche bags.

  17. Guys please I need help! Distributers in our country didn’t buy rights for Scre4m but we want to convince them that they made a mistake. Just like this site on facebook:

    Thank you so much! :)

  18. what abaout the scene of Billy and Stu in the kitchen??? ¡¡the two guys stabbed each other!!!… it was a really WTF moment. It was funny, disgusting, creepy, awesome..

  19. Debbie Salt made for one hell of a Scream villain in my opinion. Having watched every single episode of “Roseanne,” I knew that Laurie Metcalf was too talented for a mere cameo. Local Reporter Debbie just appeared and reappeared every so often, which I found to be odd. I just didn’t see the whole “Billy Loomis’ Mother” twist ala Pamela Voorhees. Laurie’s performance actually reminded me of Daria Nicolodi in the finale of Dario Argento’s Phenomena.

    My only complaint was Mickey. I felt his motive was so lame and merely thrown into the mix after various rewrites. I would have loved to see Murphy (Portia De Rossi) or Lois (Rebecca Gayheart) Lois as the second killer. One of them could have been Billy’s sister helping momma get revenge. Though Sidney would need to have Prosopagnosia not to see that one coming.

  20. This site’s examination of number 10 isn’t that bright, in my opinion.

    First off, I myself, have stayed inside a house all day long, not knowing the entire house was filled with gas, from a furnace that was left on. Luckily that day, I didn’t turn on any lights or stove while at home, or I would have blown up.

    When my daughter has a poopy diaper, I smell it, but after changed and taken out the house smells normal, until you go outside and go back in, only to smell the lingering smell you had gotten used to.

    I think this site, and many Scream fans in general, just like to bash Scream 3, as if they could have made a better movie.

    Let me tell everone why Scream 3 was, in certain ways, better than part 1 and 2. It wasn’t afraid to be different.

    Horror movies have the cliches of horror movies. Killer always hides and stabs, mames, through weapons or hands-on. Scream 3 chose a different route, by having the killer kill in a way no other horror movie has, which is to blow their victim up through smart means.

    People need to quit hating on Scream 3, because the killer was much more brutal and killed in various means, and he came out of nowhere many times, instead of always hiding.

    I can agree with anyone who says the voice changing replicating other voices than Roger’s voice, because I did think that was pretty odd. However, in many ways Scream 3 did what the others kept imitating, and for that, I commend Ehren.

  21. One thing that has always annoyed me and has made me really not like Scream 3 was the scene where ghostface throws a knife at dewey and the knife’s handle hits dewey exactly in the middle of his forehead and knocks him down – SO CHEESY and convenient. I really was like WTF???

  22. Good list. I think Sidney bveing shot should’ve been in it, too, and then her coming back. Wow!

  23. Scream 3 is a shame, almost a complete WTF moment (pulling out the scenes of Neve Campbell, of course, the ones who bring seriousness to this pathetic movie).
    Jennifer Jolie was funny, but it was very exaggerated, very Scooby-Doo (thanks, Wes) and as the Ghostface recently warned us, ‘this isn’t a comedy, it’s a horror movie!’

  24. Jay and Silent Bob in Scream 3 is my WTF moment.

    why are they there, they have no place in a Scream movie!

  25. I always thought in the original Scream the parts where we saw ghostface in the supermarket and in the bushes watching tatum and sindey were a mere metaphor of some sort to show that they are constantly being watched and to warn of impending danger, not that he was actually there in the supermarket cause that’s total bollox.

  26. Am I the only person who thinks “David” is really Ehren Kruger? But seriously, nobody is “hating” on Scream 3. It has its place in the trilogy and that makes it special in its own way. Special… like special needs. *drum spin*

  27. @Camilla LMAO I agree. How was ghostface in the supermarket in broad daylight and no one notices.

  28. “This isn’t a comedy, It’s a horror movie” I wonder if that’s Kevin Williamsons little dig at Ehren from Scream 3?

  29. *For not from

  30. This list doesn’t make much sense. It’s unclear whether these WTF moments are supposed to be “WTF how stupid” or “WTF how crazy/awesome”. There’s a real difference between the two, and lumping them together makes this list ineffectual unfortunately. Also, irritating that “Scream 3″ gets all the hate WTFs. That ship has sailed and the complaints are TIRED.

  31. The Ghostface following Sidney and Tatum around in disguise was very unnecessary but I understand they just wanted to add an air of tension around it.

  32. Say what you want about part 3 (It is alson my least favorite in the trilogy) but it is leaps and bounds beyond feeling old and stretched thin when compared to saw. I mean….at least slasher films like F13 and children of the corn don’t try and hide there “Throw-away-plots” behind so-called intelligence. The saw films always came across as being in the same line as films like Seven and Silence of the lambs. These guys were stretching something that shouldn’t have been stretched past the 1st film. Saw 2 and 3 were a stretched plot….then 4-7 was just people sitting around tables pulling plots outta there butts. So, i say that to say this….whenever people are really hard on S3 i just remind them it may have run thin by part 3….but it’s nowhere near the staleness of Jigsaw and the crew.

  33. Am I the only one that liked Scream 3? I mean it wasnt the best by far, but come on it wasnt that bad was it?

  34. - The whoever smells the gas was stupid. The explosion that bad would have to be by high level of gas

    – Maureen’s ghost. Stupid !

    – Anjelina should have been another killer. She was useless in the movie.

  35. Why is nobody bringing up the part in Scream 1 when Sidney and Tatum were at the grocery store and a reflection of ghost face was seen through the refrigerator glass door… really? ghost face stalking Sidney INSIDE the grocery store with the costume on and nobody said anything or saw him? Mhn.. that was a WTF moment for me.

  36. i cant wait for the list uploaded with stuff from scream 4 too! :)

  37. I don’t see why everyone’s complaining about Scream 3. Sure, it’s not the third, or second one, (the first one always seems to be the best one ’cause it’s the first one, duh) but it’s still a fun film. I especially enjoyed it because it was different, kept me glued to the TV. Besides, it’s better than the crappy, “scary” (*cough* Paranormal Activity *cough*)films people make today! Please reply if you agree.

    My biggest “wtf” moment was the part when the shrouded “Maureen” came back to life. Really creeped me out.

  38. nice that truely was a top 10 WTF moments but yh i liked it and true i do miss randy he was truely one of the best characters and scream 3 voice changer was the best idc wat other ppl say they r full of shit! LOL

  39. scream 4 is the worst its like the charlie the guy with the long hair dosent even have a reason for killing ppl and jill has a stupid reason even for killing her own mum but ahh i like the quotes of that movie cause i got a knew scream voice changer i can sound exactly like ghostface

  40. i reckon scream 3 and 1 were the best exept for quotes from scream 4 they were good to but scream 3 was a very good movie im not sure all of u agree with me though

  41. “This isn’t a comedy, It’s a horror movie” I wonder if that’s Kevin Williamsons little dig at Ehren from Scream 3?”

    I would certainly doubt it, since Scream 4 is the most comedic of the series.

    All the Scream movies were horror/comedy…and Scream 2,3 and 4 didn’t stand a chance at really scaring people.

  42. how to buy the real scream voice changer

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