Watch The Scream 4 Red Carpet Premiere (Updated With Highlights Video)

Update: now that the premiere is over enjoy the highlights video!

Monday, April 11 @ 6:30pm PT watch the live stream of the red carpet premiere of Scream 4 right here on Scream-Trilogy! Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere and many others will make their way down the blood-red carpet.

Provider: NowLive

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22 Responses to “ Watch The Scream 4 Red Carpet Premiere (Updated With Highlights Video) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. kool

  2. I;m so glad they are doing this online so I get to watch this part of it at least

  3. These interviewers, are so annoying.. i couldn’t watch it any further.

  4. Marielle is really tall, David seems a little out of it (but I heard he is always like that), and I love Allison. I can’t wait for Hayden, Emma Roberts, and Courtney Cox.

  5. I find it weird weve seen like nothing of marley shelton in the trailers etc, i could see her as a possible killer, especially as i know she could play crazy well and shes got the crazy eyes lol. Also isnt she a high school friend sidney dosent recall…hello motive. Then again rory culkins got that killer look about him.

  6. Jaime Kennedy (Randy) looked so weird. It was strange. But hey, it’s Hollywood.

  7. That was really fun
    and they all looked Great.

  8. I wish they would have asked about Scream 5 and 6.

  9. I also would have liked them to interview Matthew Lillard.

  10. I just read 4 scream 4 reviews, The 1st said its all very samey as the others (from what the rest say about it being very recreating and twisty, im not even sure this is a true review or not) the 2nd said it was Awesome, the 3rd also said Awesome and has truly recreated the slasher genre again and the last said its fantastic and is as good as the original…just waiting for magazines like empire, variety etc for what most the general public are gona think going in and what the rottentomato rating will be, scream is 82%, scream 2 is 81% 3 is something like 37%, so im hoping around 60-70% for this one, i know it wont be as high as 1 or 2 purely because some reviewers out their base their opinion purely on the amount of sequels it has and therefore mark it down for being “pointless” apparently! hopefully theres very few of those crappy old critics…New Decade,New Rules, New Critics Please!

  11. I have a feeling watching this live is risky if you’re trying to avoid spoilers… I’m overly cautious!

  12. i think that sidney is the killer. it’s obvious.

  13. I had it up the whole time and even had two windows open, one for the main camera and the aerial camera, lol! Got screen shots of all the actors too. Loved it, although the interviewers were kinda annoying!

  14. I missed some of it, did Kevin Williamson talk?

  15. Well, I got news for you:
    – Photos from Scream’s game:
    – Scream 4 Live Premiere Highlights Video:

  16. That Erik dude seems lovely.

  17. Mozart, thank you my good man.

  18. Wow. I am super excited about Scream 4. Everyone looks beautiful & handsome. I am counting down the days, 3 days left.

  19. Wow great cast! I love that guy Erik Knudsen!!! I remember him in Saw 2. He was just in Beastly!! Where has hollywood been hiding this guy? Love him sooo much!

  20. @ ScreamingNow

    Jamie Kennedy ? If you wrote the guy we see at 2:35, it’s actor Seth Green, Kennedy doesn’t appear in the vid.
    Sorry to say it, but Courteney Cox doesn’t look great (very weird cheeks, way too much make-up). Oh, and David Arquette, way to go : wearing sun glasses at night ! Classy !
    Apart from this nitpicking, it’s nice to see that Scream 4 premiere was such an event.

  21. Courteney: “Sidney comes into town, murders start to happen, and that makes her very happy.” LOL

  22. I watched the whole thing waiting for Kevin…the hosts said he was there…and we didn’t even see him. =( Really bummed about that. Anyone find any pics with him at the premier?

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