Weinsteingate: The Final Chapter

The Hollywood Reporter has some news on the lawsuit from almost a year ago which we dubbed Weinsteingate. Thankfully it never impacted the release of Scream 4. At the time, we questioned Weinstein Co’s move to call the suit “baloney”. Now we have the answer.

Scream 4 will hit theaters April 15 without the specter of a lawsuit hovering over the horror sequel. Distributor the Weinstein Co. has paid to settle a $3 million claim filed by producer Cathy Konrad, who alleged she was booted from the fourth installment of the franchise after it was developed behind her back.

Terms of the settlement, which was reached a few months ago but has gone unreported until now, have not been disclosed. However, sources tell THR that Konrad is getting a cash payment from TWC and a very small portion of the back end on the film.

We broke the news last May that Konrad and her Cat Entertainment had sued in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming she was responsible for the development of the lucrative Scream franchise and was entitled to a first opportunity to produce any sequels on the same financial terms as Scream 3, for which she received $550,000 pay-or-play plus $100,000 bonuses for domestic boxoffice targets of $75 million, $100 million, $110 million and $125 million.

Konrad claimed she had planned to be involved in the fourth film, directed by Wes Craven, but she learned from media reports that TWC was planning to restart the horror series and release another installment in 2011 without including her.

The suit alleged that the Weinsteins booted her based on the “false pretext” that her producing services were to be exclusive to the project, which she says was not a requirement on Scream 3. She claimed that the Weinsteins actually excluded her to lower costs and to hire Craven’s wife instead of Konrad.TWC attorney Bert Fields denied the allegations at the time.

Fields and Konrad’s attorney declined to comment on the settlement.

By Matthew Belloni

Eagle-eyed fans will have worked out the conclusion to this mini-saga a few months ago when Konrad’s name was spotted on the Scream 4 posted, credited as Executive Producer alongside Ehren Kruger and others. Credits go quite a ways to making potential trouble go away… (wink wink)

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Cathy Konrad credited as executive producer without really being and Ehren Kruger credited the same way by its small rewrites. LOL

  2. personally im glad this happened because Konrad would have been an exec producer had they LET HER…she has been a major player the entire time…I give her a ‘WAY TO GO’ for standing up for her work ethic and professional integrity once they shut her out

  3. Money + credits = trouble free.

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