Wes Craven Explains Scream 4’s Added Scenes

In a new interview, Wes Craven discusses Scream 4‘s additional photography and is very specific in what was shot and why (no spoilers). Illuminating, especially once you see the movie.

“I’ll tell you exactly what those were, was Bob [Weinstein], at a certain point, I think in our last screening…got very excited about [the movie, but wanted a couple of scenes to change]. They were the Alison Brie scene, where [CENSORED FOR SPOILERS], and the scene with the two girls in Woodsboro at the very beginning of the movie. So he asked me to write kind of supplements to those scenes. He wanted more suspense in the Alison Brie [scene]. In the original version of it she [CENSORED FOR SPOILERS]. So it was relatively quick.

So I wrote this whole thing where she [CENSORED FOR SPOILERS]. And it was really just a way of enhancing a scene that was really good but felt like it should have just a little bit more. And the same for the other one. In fact, the point about the one of the girls in the ‘Lando’ house, as we referred to it, was that Bob wanted upfront to establish that the killer was…making a movie. And we did not have that element in those scenes. And so [we added] this thing where the phone rings and the second girl answers the phone and starts to talk to the killer who’s calling [him/herself] ‘the director’.

And then the chase that went through the house was actually a scene that was originally planned to be shot and then we dropped it at the last minute. Bob didn’t think it was necessary. So I kind of had a good laugh at his expense when we went back and shot the very scene that he had pulled the plug on during the main shoot.

But that’s all it was. It wasn’t like either of the scenes had failed. It was just in that one scene we wanted more suspense, and in the other Bob wanted the killer [to speak] in terms of being a killer that was making their own movie. And so the scene was the same until the girl goes upstairs and then when she comes down…her phone went dead and…she then got up, she was getting some popcorn out of the cupboard and stuff, and Ghostface is standing there. So it really wasn’t…it was just a different version, and it didn’t have that phone call expressing that theme.”

Read the full interview at Bloody-Disgusting

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31 Responses to “ Wes Craven Explains Scream 4’s Added Scenes ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Link pretty please?

  2. Even though he added scenes.
    He actually deleted more scenes then added.

  3. “er phone went dead and…she then got up, she was getting some popcorn out of the cupboard and stuff, and Ghostface is standing there. ”

    Sounds like a spoiler..

  4. Agree with Delta Lambda Zeta! At least 2 are missing from what I know… We just have to wait for the dvd now!

  5. He’s explaining the original footage.

  6. I remember an interview with craven where he said something along the lines of “Bob gave me the money to shoot the additional scenes and told me to really go to my dark side…” I’m hoping he added more brutality to the scenes.

  7. That’s how the scene originally played out, with Britt coming downstairs and seeing Ghostface standing there over Aimee. Takes her a second to figure out that Aimee is actually being attacked, she’s chased briefly, and the opening is over.

    Also interesting that Wes originally was going to shoot what they went back to add. So he knew from the get-go that the opening, as it was, was not as effective as he wanted.

  8. All i know is there is a scene in one of the tv spots where a blonde girl in a gray shirt see ghostface standing over a body and then ghostface sharply turns his head! I pray that scene has been left in…it looks eerie!

  9. I’ve already seen the movie, and noticed there are a couple of things that I saw on trailers and released pictures that are NOT in the movie. Definitely going to DVD…

  10. Whoops, commented on the wrong post lol. But this could be fun. I could play that mad libs game with this lol.

  11. Just saw scream 4.
    dissapointed. The kills were lame, opening scene was obvious and was more comedy than horror. Really let down :(

  12. I believe there is a sneak peak of the movie on adult swim tonight (April 13th wednesday).

  13. I apologize it’s tommorow night on April 14th Thursday. One day before the movie releases.

  14. Adult Swim Scream 4 sneak peak thursday evening april 14th. I’m done talking now lol.

  15. Surprised Craven wouldve said so many comments that couldve been spoilers in an interview as hes normally so hush hush.

    But as for comments on the film i think im staying away now on as earlier i had a killer(s) identity scare (i think it was wrong) and ive got myself down from reading negative stuff about the film, ive went from super excited to Excitedly anxious!

  16. Whatever he did, the reviewers seem to like the opening.

  17. ^lmfao

  18. @Erik was the movie really that bad? I think it looks good. But i haven’t seen it, i doubt it’s at good as the first, but it has to be better than the 3rd, i don’t think they would make that mistake again. idk, from everyone else that’s seen it (my friends) they said they loved it. But idk, everone has their own opinions. What do you think Wicked Scribe? I know you already gave a review, but what’s your honest opinion?

  19. Going to watch it again within the hour. No promises I’ll write an additional ‘first thoughts’ (you guys crucified me last time when I wasn’t fast enough! Haha) but I’ll confirm the running time at least.

  20. Really?? @Erik
    I do agree to a point about some of the Death scenes.

    I just saw it,and I think it’s waaay better then Scream 3….I was allite turned off by the middle part of the movie but the begining and end are brilliant.
    The middle part stalled and ratcheted into high gear too flipantly.
    I did guess the killer(/s) 15mins befor they were revealed …but it wasn’t who I was expecting the last few months.

    Lots of shocking moments.

  21. JRT, don’t believe anything you’ve seen in the ads/trailers. It appears so much has been chopped and changed around. Even clips they’ve been releasing have been altered (and I don’t just mean edited to excise spoiler stuff, but actually re-written and re-filmed – which I find very odd)

  22. Re watched today and enjoyed a lot more the second time round! I think my dissapointment stems from so many scenes I’d seen in trailers being absent in the film. Especially to do
    with the Aimee and britt scene. Personally I just found the killer very obvious, BUT in reality it wrapped up exactly how I predicted it would, so I can’t really complain eh. Btw
    to those who have seen it, how incredible
    was kirbys character? Never been a fan of Hayden, but definitely
    on board the panettiere express now. Also loved Rebecca! As long as deleted scenes are included on blu Ray/DVD I’ll be happy. Definitely on par with scream 2 if not slightly better. Anyone agree that the pacing of the film was a little ‘off’? Felt a little rushed. But yeah I did enjoy myself more the second time! Sorry if ifreaked anyone out. Defintely miles better than 3!!!

  23. Why do I get the feeling you didn’t see the movie yet, Erik? Hmm.

  24. He would have seen it, Erik’s in Australia like me and it’s out here.

  25. I was always on the Panetierre Express
    But Kirby is Awesome!!!
    For me the middle portion had pacing problems
    Like I already said the first 30mins and the last 30mins are perfect…but the middle couldn’t stick to one pace,it flipped between fast and slow almost minutely.

  26. Considering 3rd viewing!

  27. I love love the movie scream four and all movies like i cant wait to see it after school.

  28. Just got back from the midnight showing. Eh. The opening scene was pretty disastrous, in my opinion. It didn’t even build up; Craven practically just cut to the chase. The “Scream 3″ opening was better.

  29. “And then the chase that went through the house was actually a scene that was originally planned to be shot and then we dropped it at the last minute. Bob didn’t think it was necessary. So I kind of had a good laugh at his expense when we went back and shot the very scene that he had pulled the plug on during the main shoot.”

    This illustrates the problem right here. Bob needs to keep his nose out of it and let Wes and Kevin make the movie.

    They completely Fucked up that opening (The Woodsboro scenes)

  30. It’s funny that they reshot these two scenes to make them better, but they’re actually two of the worst sequences in the film. The Aimee Teagarden phone conversation/chase was just plain stupid. And Allison Brie making it into her car, seeing the killer outside, and GETTING OUT of the car to run for the door…? Stupid.

    I’ve seen the movie twice and both times people groaned (the second time a woman yelled, “Stupid bitch! I hope he KEELS YOU!”

  31. Anyone think rebeccas character had something to hide? Pay attention to her phone conv with her bf. Plus how did either of the killers put that evidence in sydneys rental car? I’m also hoping Kirby didn’t die and will return for 5. Did anyone else flip their shit over officer Perkins being named after Anthony Perkins, a famous name in horror history which was even mentioned by Billy in the original scream?

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