Wes Craven On Jimmy Kimmel Live & Extended Movie Clip #4 (HD Video)

Jimmy Kimmel Live has made their amusing segment with guest Wes Craven available in full. Late in the second half you simply must to watch the deleted Scream 4 scene starring Charlie Sheen as the phone voice. Craven’s hints at what the Bronx Zoo Cobra has to do with Scream 5‘s plot had us laughing.

And here’s the featured Aimee Teegarden extended movie clip #4 as a standalone video:

Direct Links: Video #1, Video #2, Video #3

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15 Responses to “ Wes Craven On Jimmy Kimmel Live & Extended Movie Clip #4 (HD Video) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Anthony freaked Lol
    I would love to see the footage of everyone getting the shit scared out of them by JP.

    I’m getting more and more confused everytime I watch Aimee’s scene….something about it seems strange.

  2. I think Aimee did A LOT better now that we saw the extended clip. She looks scared. Can’t wait to see it!! 14 days!


  4. Thank You for the links sir. And looks amazing

  5. the charlie sheen one cracked me up!

  6. This was brilliant and I can keep watching it over and over again. I love Aimee’s new footage.

    I feel a little hate between someone on this website as they never get credited for giving out information.

  7. The Teegarden scene is much better. Thank God. We should have known it was edited down. The pacing just seemed so wrong before.


  9. Her scene is still highly edited. This conversation plays out longer

  10. Gah, it looks like they switched the roles between Britt and Aimee? Possibly? If so, I preferred Britt.

  11. If Charlie Sheen was doing the phone calls, Ghostface wouldn’t get the kill anyone. Because all the ‘victims’ would be killing themselves, just so they wouldn’t have to listen to Sheen’s voice.

  12. I just noticed that the TV is on, ala Scream.

  13. “You better start running” is said to both Brittany and Aimee in different footage. Which one will we see in theater?

    I wonder if they will distribute TWO DIFFERENT VERSIONS of the opening? Probably not, but the idea is somewhat cool to me :)

  14. It’s Not Aimee’s acting now thats bothering me….it’s something about the way it’s presented…I can only assume we are seeing it waaaay out of context.

  15. i think this is a clip from stab that they are watching in the opening scene

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