Why is Scream 4 Underperforming?

After its second week in release, Scream 4 struggled to garner $7.03 million in the U.S. box office — raking in a total of $31 million domestically, according to Box Office Mojo.  As Scream 4 crawls toward its production budget – which sits at $40 million – the question of “When will Scream 5 start production?” quickly shifted to “Will there even be a Scream 5?”

Why is Scream 4 underperforming?  If you are looking for a definitive answer to this question, I wish I had one.  Last week, Courteney Cox sat down with the ladies of CBS’ The Talk and said old fans appeared to love the film, but the younger audience doesn’t know about them.  When most thought an 11 year gap would make the heart grow fonder – did it make most forget?  Could this explain Scream 4’s mediocre box office numbers?

Wicked-scribe’s latest article touched base on how reboots have become the new format for horror movie making.  The reboots mentioned made a killing in their opening weekend and grossed a respective amount of dough domestically – but all were inferior films, lacking the intelligence and humor that made Scream a worldwide phenomenon.  If teens believe the PG-13 slashers, the American remakes of foreign films and reboots are what horror is all about — a Netflix trip to 70’s and 80’s horror will be a rude, yet satisfying awakening.  It is a shame to see the current state horror is in.

If the Weinsteins no longer have interest in creating a new Scream trilogy, I would be game for them combining Kevin Williamson’s ideas for a fifth/sixth film and making one hell of a finale with a fifth and final film!  The fans deserve their ending to the new trilogy.

Where did Scream 4 go wrong?  Did teens not understand it?  Was its release date a death sentence?  Scream fans, this post is all about YOU! Sound off below and tell Scream-Trilogy why you think Scream 4 has been underperforming in the box office.

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121 Responses to “ Why is Scream 4 Underperforming? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. “If the Weinsteins no longer have interest in creating a new Scream trilogy, I would be game for them combining Kevin Williamson’s ideas for a fifth/sixth film and making one hell of a finale with a fifth and final film! The fans deserve their ending to the new trilogy.”

    If that’s the case, we had a perfect start/end with Scre4m. At least it didn’t end with a cliffhanger.

    And I think one of the reasons of the box office is release date.

  2. I agree. You don’t release a slasher movie around Easter when families are flocking to the movies. You release it in October when people are in the Halloween mood flocking to the movie theatres for scary movies.

  3. The biggest problem was not the movie. It was the economy. Scream 4 hit no. 2 in the US and no. 1 here in the UK. Less people were going to the movies…but those who did went to see Scream 4. The interest was there!

  4. i especially think that it’s because of frickin Rio.
    obviously there will be more of an audience in Rio…

  5. I think this generations just into torture porn and don’t repect a clever movie like Scream. I’m 32 and work at a bar with many 18-21 year olds and none of them really have any intrest in Scream. They all watched and loved the Nightmare remake (horrible), Saw 3D and Piranha tho. Also as much as I despise 3D movies it could have helped get some of the younger crowed in had they just went ahead and made it 3D, but then many of the older generation would have been pissed. Just bad timing I guess?

  6. I think people just need to spread the word that it was a great film and it is worth seeing!!! Scream was released days before Christmas and it started out slow at the box office. But, eventually it picked up $103,046,663 domestically, according to Box office mojo.

    I just hope this movie makes a lot! I really enjoyed it!

  7. NO WAY! I love the scream films and I was 15 when the fourth came out (I’m 16 now) and it isn’t just me. I told someone to go see it and they haven’t seen ANY scream films and know nothing about it! HE FUCKING LOVED IT. HELLO PEOPLE?! SUPERBOWL WAS A MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY!!! IT WAS ADVERTISING AND WRONG TIMING! APRIL? A SCARY MOVIE IN APRIL???

  8. It’s rated R, everyone needs to remember this one, so the audience is already limited. It opened against a CG, 3D, children’s movie! Death sentence right there! College kids, gigantic demo right there, are/were having finals. Bad time to be getting them away from their books. I truly feel that it had opened one week later, or even one week prior, it would have done substantially better.

  9. i saw it twice the opening weekend!! loved it….wish the opening girls..or should i just say ms teegarden, did a better job! she sucked..anyway it didnt fail its still making money…any way it also opened against a 3d kid movie..as big as the scream fans are we cant beat kids…havent you seen teen mom?..they are everywhere!!!! anyway youth now is obsessed with the intenet and getting IT now!..scream 4 was on the internet in FULL on sunday…im sorry i watched it….but i payed twice first! i hope they make more!!!! i love the scream movies but INTERNET KILLED THE SILVER SCREEN STAR!

  10. Rio definetly is a major cause of it. Several people I’ve talked with were too young to see it, 16 to be exact, and they bought a ticket to Rio and snuck into Scream 4…and this also happened when I was at my theatre. I think this situation happened in many theatres and caused Scream 4 to lose a large portion of box office.

  11. i agree that its rated R and limited, also the release date was a terrible date because rio and hop were there and family movies seem to do better, if they waited a couple of weeks when no movies came out, im sure the money would be rollin’ in. and also its not over yet, it can still make a come back, this is how the first scream started.

  12. Scream 4’s box office failure is, ironically, the ultimate conveyance of the film’s message about this generation, technology, and reboots.

  13. I think the fact that it was Scream *4* didn’t help. That’s why remakes do so well. Kids nowadays have HEARD of Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween…but they’ve probably never seen any of them. So a remake is a way to introduce them to it without having the unpleasent task of continueing with a story from a pre-existing franchise (god forbid they try to come up with something original). Had this been a remake, or they broke with tradition and replaced the “4” with a subtitle (i.e. The Final Destination…tricky bastards) it might’ve done slightly better. No one wants to see a “Part 4″ unless they’ve seen the first three, and sadly, the bulk of the current generation of movie-going teens probably haven’t seen any of the Screams.

    I also think the economy has something to do with it. But that didn’t stop me from racing to the theatre at midnight.

    I also think it’s bad word of mouth. The midnight screening I saw it in was PACKED and I thought, ‘This will surley be a hit’. However, I was incredibly underwhelmed by it (I’ve seen it again since and my opinion has changed slightly) and as I left the theatre I heard the dissapointment from the people I saw it with. “It was too funny”, “It wasn’t even scary”, and “It was bascially Scary Movie 5″ were a few complaints I overheard.

    And sadly, when friends asked about it, I told people to wait for the DVD. Despite hating it initially, I enjoyed it much more on my second viewing and I hate to see a Scream struggle at the box office…but it just wasn’t my favorite of the franchise (Hate to say it, but I enjoyed Scream 3 more than the 4th…but I think my opinion will change upon multiple viewings).

  14. Personally, after seeing Scream 4, I could careless if there is another installment anyway. It was a decent film and a fun return to where it all began. That is just my opinion though.

    The reason for its failure? I honestly am not too sure. Could have something to do with the fact that people didn’t even like Scream 3 very much? I mean, if you didn’t like that one, what is getting people to sit down for the fourth?

    I believe the release date was all wrong. April is the month of my birthday and I’m glad I didn’t have to wait until October or something, but at the same time, I think that would have been a better idea for a release month.

    The good thing here, is that the fourth ended just fine and no longer needs to be a trilogy. That was the whole reason they ended it how they did…so if it failed, as it now has, we can leave it be now.

  15. worldwide scre4m has now made…
    67million according to boxofficemojo.com !!!
    i think it will hit the 100 million mark, and at least 25 million for dvd sales. scream 5 could happen.. (:

  16. i was not even born when the first two movies came out. I was born in 1998 but the first horror movies i ave ever seen was Scream. I remember watching it over and over again because it was so interesting and it wasn’t about gore and blood. It was the suspense that made these movies what they were. The original Scream had character development for each of the characters and they had a story which made me not want them to die. I waited on line for an hour to see this movie and i believe it was the second best in the series so far. I am 13 and I convinced all my friends to see it over Spring break which they did and they loved it even though they never had seen he other movies. My friends and I practically live on Netflix now and unfortunately the scream movies aren’t on the instantly watch category. I saw this movie 5 times for support. 5 TIMES. I believe if you had premiered the movie in the fall, there would be a lot more people lining up to see it. The superbowl also had no advertisements for the movie. I support Scream no matter what and i’m hoping for a Sceram5. One thing Scream5 would need is Hayden Panettiere back DEFINITELY and you also have to kill a major character! Please make a Scream5, my whole teenage life is depending on it and please premiere it around Halloween time!!

  17. I’m 19 and I am a HUGE fan of the Scream franchise since ever! I dont know why it is but most people of my age do not give a damn about it!!! I remember a few weeks ago I was like super excited for Scream4 and went everywhere saying “yo, next week scream 4 is in the cinema! Isnt that amazing?? Its been 7 years since I watched the last one!” and ALL the frickin people I talked to said: “I havent watched any” what the hell is wrong with these people??? LOL most of them dont even like horror movies and I dont blame them…. All we get are stupid remakes and stupid movies that use the same stuff over n over… The interest for the genere has lowered and now young audiences only demand blood, tits and a huge body count (dont get me wrong, I also like that but Scream just plays in another league)
    Besides, I also think october would have been a better date but as someone pointed out, its not only scream 4 that is underperforming.
    And just for the record, I m gonna say that the Nightmare remake made me sick! Jeez…and Saw stopped being good at the 4th one! So not all the post-scream generations are consumers of torture porn LOL

    I just hope they do Scream 5 :'( itd be a shame if they didnt… Plus, lots of movies that gained around 40/50 million got a sequel so, why not scream?? Why the hell not?? #PrayersForScream

  18. As the article above states, there is no definitive answer – but some of these suggestions for why it’s under-performing aren’t particularly valid.

    As far as the April release date/Easter holiday excuse goes… Scream and Scream 2 were released IN DECEMBER. Smack dab in the middle of family films and Oscar bait. The fact that they were an alternative to what else was out at that time probably actually helped their numbers.

    As for younger kids buying tickets to Rio and seeing Scream 4, yeah that doesn’t help but I remember some of my friends doing the same thing when Scream 2 came out. That’s not setback that’s exclusive to this installment.

    Teens today aren’t “too dumb” and it’s not an issue of them not getting it. The franchise has just lost its luster. I think most of them don’t care about the Scream series and what we saw as edgy and groundbreaking is just mild, dated, and pretty much passe.

    I was interested in seeing the film since I grew up with the first three. But I had lot of friends my age who just weren’t into it anymore. They actually laughed when they saw the trailer. I think that for whatever reason, outside of the core fan base there was just a general dismissive attitude towards Scream 4 from the get go.

    Honestly, it just is what it is. You can’t predict what audiences want or when they’ll want it.

  19. It does not help that the film was released smack in the middle of family film/easter film time. The movie is rated R. So if you have a family of 4 *parents and 2 kids* they are obviously going to see the family film. Plus it doesn’t help that it was promoted like crazy up until it was released. After that, nothing.

  20. How can people blame a fucking release date on Scream 4’s underperformance?

    Friday the 13th (40 million opening weekend)- February 2009
    A Nightmare on Elm Street (32 million opening weekend)- April 2010

    It’s obvious what detoured people away from it, RIO! Kids would rather see animated birds talking. That and the fact the NIGHTMARE and FRIDAY didn’t have much competition on their opening weekends.

  21. I mean would any horror movie do well if it was put up against a family film? Jason would have had his ass handed to him had h gone up against Shrek. The key, I think, for a horror/slasher film to open big is to secure a non-competitive release date.

  22. i personally have no idea because im 15 and every one i know has wanted and has saw it the.. box office numbers was a big surprise for me.

  23. To quote Robbie, “My Life Is Over”. I need to see Ghostface on the big screen one more time.

  24. the RIO movie just killed Scream 4…
    it was a bad weekend to be released…

    hope that scream 5 and 6 get better… XD

  25. Some of you are missing the point: Scream 4 was extremely weak. It’s made in a dated format that hasn’t appealed to anyone in ten years.

    The movie IS the problem. It wasn’t scary, it was predictable, it lacked true suspense. The goal of “meta” commentary was too “cute” and went overboard to the point of distancing people who aren’t already fans from repeat viewings.

    Granted, the release date was stupid, but I think it was done with the belief that this movie couldn’t compete with the Halloween season fare.

    If you want a new Scream movie to succeed, here’s the way to go:

    -move on from the original cast

    -set it in our world, using the Scream movies as an influence on the characters in the story

    -get inside the killer(s)’ POV, like Halloween and Jaws.

    -use the idea of found footage or the killer filming (and do it a hell of a lot better than Scream 4 did)

    -get rid of the soap opera elements. They worked in the first two films, but Scream 3 and 4 went way too far and became poorly-executed melodrama

    If the franchise isn’t ready to move past what has now made it dated and irrelevant, it’s not going to continue.

  26. “I would be game for them combining Kevin Williamson’s ideas for a fifth/sixth film and making one hell of a finale with a fifth and final film!”–THAT IS WHAT I SAID IN THE LAST POST… I’m glad people agree.

  27. I’m 15. Parents bought me and my friends tickets to see Scream 4. We all loved it and I am still hearing my classmates say they want to see it. The word just needs to get out. My sister is convinced Prom is going to be better then Scream 4 and she hasn’t even seen it. Same with her friends. My peers like remakes and horrible pg 13 slashers. . . It may be too late but I know for sure its not over. The more we talk the more it will stay in theaters.

  28. btw i make sure i have an actual scream 4 ticket purchased….but im planning on seing it this weekend twice!

  29. Two reasons why it’s not doing well and why many don’t like it.

    1.) It’s Rated R. Horror movies usually target a younger audience, regardless of the rating. Since you have to 17+ it’s obvious that they bought a ticket to another movie(example; RIO) and sneaked into Scream 4, hurting it’s box office but helping the other film’s.

    2.) SCRE4M is kind of complex for the general audience, those who are not big Scream fans, or horror in general. Like the opening, many people I know who aren’t fans of horror or Scream did not understand it at all. I even ‘dumbed’ it down and they still didn’t get it. Some even though that the “two” killers in the Stab 6 opening are Charlie and Jill, and they believe Chloe(Kristen Bell) is a third killer… I tried to explain to them that those two openings are a movie-within a movie-within a movie and they still didn’t get it. And after explaining it more, they said they didn’t like it ’cause it didn’t make sense. The general audience/new generation are only used to; kill, blood, tits, bear and repeat. This is basically the new formula on how to make a successful horror movie. Forget the story, forget character development, just have someone die every 4 minutes and you have a hit on your hands.

    Scream 4 was more than this and since audiences are used to the new ‘formula’ they didn’t like it ’cause it was unfamiliar.

  30. I don’t think the release date matters when you have a movie people want to see. Sorry, the first two Screams came out and Christmas, which on paper is worse than Easter for a slasher film! There’s no reason people dying to see Scream 4 wouldn’t have gone because it opened against Rio, either.

    Sadly, for whatever reasons, Scream 4 just wasn’t on the cultural radar for a lot of people. We have to remember those who were in their teens and 20s when the first Screams came out are now in their 30s and 40s with families of their own, and have other interests. Perhaps Scream 4 just fell between two stools — not hip enough for the we-want-something-new crowed, and not much more than nostalgia for the older set.

  31. I think that a lot of it had to do with the Easter opening, but as some people pointed out maybe it wasn’t so much the date but also the competition. I mean you have Rio and Hop taking away from box office. I also think that too much of the film was given away in ads and TV interviews like Jay Leno. That had never been done with any of the previous installments. I mean it kinda cures people’s insistent right to know everything, but it also takes away the thrill. A lot of people probably thought that they saw at least half the movie just in the previews I know I felt that way. It was kinda sad, I went Sunday two days after it came out and hardly anyone was in the theater, and no one screamed.

    I also think some better footage was in the preview but not in the movie so maybe the Scream team went a little too heavy-handed with the editing. I think if the movie had a re-edited or unrated version on DVD, the sales from that could help out considerably.

    I also think that They should do a 5th movie to totally wrap everything up because I feel like Kirby might have lived and Deputy hicks is kind of alive for no reason without more to the story. It seems like with a lot of movies now there is a part 5 (fast and furious, final destination). I also think that there should not be a movie type theme (slasher flicks, sequels trilogies, reboots) Just tell a really good story, and whoever is going to live is going to live and whoever dies do it in a way respectful to the character and let the story end justly.

    PS – NO MORE STAB MOVIES OR USE OF THE WORD META. The movie within the movie was clever but now tired. Scream 5 if there is one needs every minute to round out the ends of the characters. Besides, there are 7 stab flicks, enough is enough

  32. Reasons why it failed:

    1.) “Scream” WAS forgotten about. Ever since the 1990’s, “Scream” has only been available on DVD in American in a shitty non-anamorphic presentation. Perhaps if they had kept “Scream” more remembered – newer editions of the movies on DVD, etc., this franchise could have lasted and been preserved better.

    2.) “Scream 2″ and “Scream 3″. Yeah, in the 1990’s, “Scream” became white hot and people were eager to see the sequels. But a lot of time has passed and the genre has changed. People forgot about the sequels, called them inferior and always claimed the first was the best. The truth was the general audience didn’t care much about Sidney’s story and how her life evolved. They also tend to believe sequels suck and will believe it even if they don’t suck. Kevin Williamson did an admirable job at wanting to continue Sidney’s story and I’m glad they did it instead of doing a remake — unfortunately, Sidney Prescott isn’t Harry Potter and her stories aren’t most people’s cup of tea. Creating a sequel with the original characters probably did hinder its chances.

    3.) Promotion. Some people have said they didn’t see a TV spot until almost before the movie came out. The posters sucked. “New Decade, New Rules” was not an exciting tagline. It catered to the old school “Scream” crowd who knew what “rules” were.

    4.) Kevin Williamson and the Weinsteins changing his script. Kevin Williamson put a curse on this movie whether he admits to it or not just by never talking about it on his Twitter anymore. The rumors spread about his unhappiness and the news about Ehren Kruger came in – which turned out to be true. Kevin could have used his Twitter to promote “Scream 4″ heavily to his “Vampire Diaries” crowd and I’m sure the movie would have done better. All of this terrible stuff added to “Scream 4″ underperforming, I’m sure. The film had a bad air to it and maybe even the rewrites caused the movie to look like crap to people. I was underwhelmed by the trailers.

    5.) The Reviews. Several movie reviewers who saw the film in advance and had their reviews out before its release did not speak favorably about “Scream 4″.

    “Scream 4″ tried to be different but ultimately it wasn’t blessed with enough things to keep it vital and important. The movie itself was lackluster. The vibe from “Scream 3″ was still there. This movie underperformed because it had no other option. I sort of wonder if maybe this movie was set up to fail. Why, I don’t know, but it never really looked like it was gonna be a fierce comeback movie. The movie didn’t perform like one either, as a movie, not as in how much it made. It felt very much like it could have been released in 2002. Relying on our newest technology to reach a big, interested audience was not the key. Being very “meta” was not the key. It needed to have strong characters, terrifying scenes – too much of “Scream 4″ is a joke and making fun of horror movies without actually BEING a horror movie. I think they could have continued with Sidney, Dewey and Gale in the background of the movie, but they should have intensified everything else, made the new characters STRONGER than them, even. Emma Roberts did nothing with Jill – she never came to life until the end. She was boring and dull and never seemed like she was actually meant to be “the new Sidney”. The movie – and the trailers – show that. There wasn’t any special zest to “Scream 4″ like the other films had. It was a very weak attempt at a movie – yes, probably thanks to the script rewrites and the Weinsteins thinking they know how these movies need to be – well, they’re paying for it now.

  33. scream 4 is now 2 weeks in theaters and grossed nearly 68 million…is’nt that good? i think it is…and the film is not even released e.g. in germany :)

  34. Cut, Casper, that’s a wrap. Compare Scream 4’s opening numbers against Rio’s. Competition was indeed a factor. Basic horror films don’t pull in audiences like family films do. Unless it’s more than a basic horror film (as proven by the original ‘Scream’ and how its numbers increased as time went on.) I say wait until next weekend to see how things turn out then.

  35. KiDS movies are alwas wins? like sex and the city 2 shrek wone! for the 2nd week and wa the lowest opening for them.. sooo yea it would of been better to be out during MAY

  36. The new generation is more about SAW than SCREAM. They don’t understand what SCREAM was in 1996 and its sequels. Maybe 11 years between the third and the fourth doesn’t help, but there’s a lot of old fans like me who were waiting for this new SCREAM. The release date is not helping, why release an horror movie in April ? WTF is that ? Scream 2 was released in December and had a huge success… Scream 3 was released in February and ok, it did well, but not as much as Scream 2. And right now, these years, it’s more about remakes. Original sequels does not appear anymore… And remakes sucks so bad…. SCREAM 4 was an original sequel and it deserve more than this…. Go see SCREAM 4 another time, and let’s make it a success !!!

  37. I love the scream franchise and was really excited about seeing the 4th one even took my little brother and girlfriend and I must say I was a bit disappointed, I felt the movie was rushed, they cut out a lot of the good parts we all saw in the tv spots and I really didn’t like any of the new characters, I know each Scream film has new characters but these new actors were a JOKE! Anthony Anderson playing the cop!?? OK so you just got stabbed in the face and your last line before you die is “fuck bruce willis”?? I know the film needs humor but this sort of stuff just killed it! The other guy that got stabbed in the back was also lame, I guess what I’m trying to same these performances or death scenes are not what we all are used to, for this being the fourth film I was expecting more gruesome death scenes, so I was really disappointed by this film. If there is a 5th film I hope it’s better than this.

  38. I have seen Scream 4 five times now, and each time I loved it! I think that Scream 4 did okay considering the time of release and economy. Remember the original didn’t have a great opening weekend either, but I think that Scream 4 still has the power and momentum to gain good numbers in the box office. I think that with the obvious exception of Harry Potter and maybe Transformer no movies will do great in the box office. People don’t want to pay the amount the cinemas are charing for tickets, they would much rather wait for the DVD release or for it to come on Netflix. Direct TV has a new offer where you can watch movies 60 days after they are released in theaters.

  39. I think the problem with “Scream 4″ is that it totally lacks realism, which was the strength of “Scream” and “Scream 2″ (and, in some extent, “Scream 3″). That’s why the opening scene from “Scream” has become legend. The recent remakes of 80’s horror flicks have done well at box office because they were very 1st degree and raw (like “Texas Chainsaw” or “Halloween”). But “Scream 4″ totally screws this up by killing its realism by too many jokes, like “Fuck Bruce WIllis” or “If that can help, I’m gay!”. Seriously, who can believe that someone dying would say such things? While characters from the first trilogy were all impacted after their friends’ death, here, in “Scream 4″, people don’t care about the fact that their best friend was killed yesterday in front of them, and keep walking around by themselves in dark streets at night. I mean, seriously? How can you identify? Even some cool characters like Kirby are not even charismatic. They should know everything about the rules since they’re “Stab” geeks, but instead of that they all get killed easily (they go out alone with a beer, then get stabbed) without even protesting. You can’t possibly feel close or identify with these characters. There is absolutely no directing ideas. I am a first-hour fan and the original trilogy is really my favorite movies ever, but this movie is almost insulting for the original cast and the original fans. I really do think Wes Craven should have retired. His old directing methods might have worked 15 years ago, but they don’t anymore. A younger director (but with the same crew, Kevin Williamson, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette) might have been necessary in order to really “reboot” the franchise and give it a fresh start.

  40. There was plenty of ideas from the 1st movies to re-use and amplify in order to make “Scream 4″ an homage to “Scream” and even lead a new generation to re-discover it (a scary and gory opening scene, more references to the 1st one). It should also have taken into account the technology gap that happened in 11 years. The killer should have been editing his murders on the internet and using social networks to gain fans and terrorize its victims. It’s really too sad they didn’t use this incredible potential and probably killed the franchise as we know it.

  41. I saw the movie twice, each time with a friend. I’m going to watch it another time this weekend with another friend so hopefully I help Scream 4 a bit at the boxoffice ;)

    Any who, like most everyone here has said “Rio” really killed it. Especially with ticket prices being so high and a movie like “Rio” probably having 5 tix per family whole Scream 4 having about 2 tix per party. Plus “Rio” was in 3D so those ticket prices are higher.

    If I remember correctly, didn’t Scream 2 and Scream 3 have a sort of re-release a few months after the premiere? I remember TV spots saying “Scream 2 back in theaters.” Well, I think they should do that again with Scream 4 only this time they should do a special type of re-release with added footage that was cut. They can promote it the same way Avatar’s re-release was promoted. I think that’ll be a cool idea since every Scream fan will see it again since we wanted the added footage, and it’s also a second chance to get people who missed it the first time to reconsider and decide to give it a chance.

  42. opening at 42 screens and only one weekend, Scream 4 in Portugal is performing really good at the box office.
    It made 93273,74€ opening weekend (21-24 April)!

  43. I think April is not the best time to release a movie like this. And up against Rio?! Plus the other horror movie out really seems to be liked by everyone. So Scream 4 had competetion and little chance to stand out. Reviews were great for horror films and it will more than double its budget. The only downside? How awful Scream 3 ended that trilogy and yet it earned almost 90 million U.S. Scream 4 is worthy of being called the best follow up to Scream (1996) and yet people seemed too unsure to see it out. DVD sales will be killer. THAT is a guarentee.

    One more film should be made. Smaller budget. 20-25 million. Finish it all off. And it should come out in October or December 2012. To have it do well that is.

  44. I think that the audience, unfortunately, are giving more value to the reboot’s and remakes than original and inteligent ideas.
    It’s a shame that a movie that fans are receiving so well, get so mediocre in box office.
    But I think that the movie Scream 4 was made for fans to the fans. Wes and Kevin delivered to us a great movie saying….’if this would be the end, it’s dedicated to you guys, who loved this fucking original as much as we did’

  45. Many people are forgetting that “Scream 4″ is rated R. I would suggest to go back to the month of December as before or perhaps October. “Scream 4″ was an excellent and superior horror film that outshines the countless remakes that offer nothing new. If anything I think “Scream 5″ should be the finale and combine what Williamson was thinking for PART 6 and perhaps do a PART I and PART II with an outrageous cliffhanger that leaves audiences going crazy.

  46. Well one of the TRUE BIGGER PROBLEMS with this whole issue is the #1 killer in all of movies which is: Piracy!

    The vast majority of the reason why its not doing so well because people already have seen it by downloading it or watching it online because they are either cheap, don’t have the money or simply they just feel they would hate the film so they go ahead and watch it bootleg which is very disheartening.

    Another reason is the DAMN SCREENING they had back in January! They should’ve left the movie to an open surprise to the audience. That screening among other screenings they had was just sooo stupid on the Weinstein’s part because they claim their company isn’t doing so well financially so wouldn’t you think from a business prospective that they would do anything they can to make the film entertaining, fun and reeling in new and old fans alike to the theaters and having those screenings that they had led people online reading spoilers before the film came out. People on twitter talking about it. That right there adds to the equation of box office madness.

    Last but not least is the over advertisements they did and revealing way too much during press on late night shows and the trailers gave away most of the scares but the least of problems is taking away what Scream had which was witty, fun and charsmatic characters and development. I had went to see it with a friend last weekend and she was like Dewey wasn’t as charming or hilarious as he was in the previous Screams and they hardly showed Dewey unless something came up.

    I don’t know if Scream 5 and 6 doesn’t happen I won’t be sad because I am just happy to see that the trio came back and did the best they could under the supervision of the studio changing crap and gave us a ride to enjoy in the least. And them damn rewrites killed it too.

  47. i loved scream 4….
    i think maybe the release date had something to do with it

    but i know that dvd sales are gonna be pretty high for scream 4.

    so hopefully that gives the studios more incentive to continue with 5 and 6

  48. SCRE4M’s numbers so far according to Box office mojo are:

    U.S. = $31,776,917
    Foreign = $35,540,925

    Worldwide Total = $67,317,842

    Scream 3 only made $89,143,175 in the U.S. and $72,691,101 overseas so I think if SCRE4M meets those numbers or exceeds them we will see a SCREAM 5. They left Scream in theatres for 22 weeks so if SCRE4M is in theatres for roughly the same amount of time it still has 20 weeks to earn money…I think it’s possible but then again I could be saying that because I really want to see a Scream 5 and Scream 6.

  49. I think the problem was the release date and the crappy economy. The film itself was good, so that wasn’t the problem.

  50. I lucked out and bought a screener copy in NYC last week and I’ve watched the film about 10 times. I do like it better than when I saw it in the theater. But to me, Jill being the killer ruined the entire film. Her motive echoes what is going on in today’s society at how people will do anything to be famous, etc. That I liked. But Sidney’s cousin? It would have been so much better if Jill wasn’t the killer and survived and her and Sidney now have a bond that they didn’t have before. Sidney’s parents are dead and her brother and cousin tried to kill her. How much more is going to happen to her? I also thought that this movie wasn’t about Sidney anymore. She, Dewey and Gale were just thrown into the story by being there. But the motive was all about Sidney and the family connection was very disappointing.

    I also think the film wasn’t scary/suspenseful at all. The opening scene was horrible. The movie-within-a-movie worked with Lucy and Shenae but doing it again with Kristen and Anna was too much. And the actual victims only got a few minutes of screen time. I never thought I’d say this but I actually liked Scream 3’s opening better and up until this one, I thought that was the worst opening. The very first scene should have been Kristen and Anna in Stab 7 which is being watched by Lucy and Shenae. The scenes with them were pretty creepy and I wish that was the main opening. The actual Woodsboro opening, in my opinion, was horrendous.

    A lot of people have criticized the film for referencing sequels and remakes every chance they got. I didn’t mind it too much because the Stab series was a blueprint for the new Woodsboro Murders. But after a while, the constant mentioning and referencing got to be repetitive.

    I wasn’t a big fan of the comedy aspects either, specifically during a killings. Obviously, when someone is being murdered, they’re horrified and aren’t going to spit out a one-liner during their final moments. That was definitely Ehren’s writing.

    On a more positive note, I liked most of Kevin’s dialogue and his character development with the original trio. Dewey is goofy but you can’t help but like him. Gale was great, although not as edgy as in 1 and 2, but wayyy better than 3. Sidney was my absolute favorite part of the film. So classy and so real. I liked her more in this film than in the previous 3. Neve really did an amazing job at her portrayal. I remember when she got stabbed the first time I was shocked. No way are they gonna kill her. Then she got stabbed again and left for dead. Wow. I was really scared for her. Even having Gale stabbed was a shocker, although I wish it wasn’t spoiled in the trailer/TV spots. One thing that bothered me though was Dewey’s reaction to finding Gale stabbed and Sidney laying in a pool of blood. It didn’t seem like it affected him. I was expecting a heart-wrenching scene when he finds Gale stabbed.

    All in all, it wasn’t a terrible movie but, in my opinion, it wasn’t scary in the least and didn’t have any impact on the audience. The reason 1 worked so well was because there were some truly scary scenes. These are promoted as horror films so they need to be scary. Drew’s scene is a classic. It’s shocking, brutal and really, really scary. One line that always gets to me is when Casey threatens to call the police and he says, “They’d never make it in time.” Even the scene of Sidney trapped in Dewey’s police truck and the killer has the keys was great. 2 had some great moments as well. The opening with Jada Pinkett, in my opinion, is almost as good as the original. The fact that she was brutally murdered in front of hundreds of people, and everyone thought it was a publicity stunt, was really disturbing. The scene when Sidney and Hallie are trapped in the cop car was a nail-biter too. I didn’t feel like there were any of those scenes in 3 and in 4. Too much comedy, not enough suspense.

    I also think that people were disappointed with 3 and gave up on the series after that. 3 had the highest opening because people got exceptionally good movies in 1 and 2 and they expected that in 3. When they didn’t get that, they gave up. Now, try to get those fans back 11 years later. It’s virtually impossible. This film needed to be as intense as the first and it fell flat.

    Sorry this was long!

  51. What do you mean the fans need THEIR ending to a second trilogy? We got that ending in Scream 4… because the Weinsteins decided to wrap it all up in one movie instead.

    And Paul — you said it perfectly. It needed to be scary, and sadly it just didn’t even attempt to.

  52. I’m my opinion, word of mouth hasn’t spread due to the opening scene being lame. A scream film is notorious for it’s jaw dropping opening (except 3). Mark my words, if the original aimee and Britt opening was used and the stab 7 scene was removed giving more time for development, this movie would have been miles better. I was expecting clever scares and got NONE. I enjoyed the rest of the film but the opening fucked it for me.

  53. I do not like this kind of thread. It is depressing. It hurts my feelings.

    No one around me cared too much for Scream when it came out. I come here to find commonality with people who are rare. People who actually like Scream and can talk to me about it.

    If I want to hear negative things about Scream 4, I can just go and talk to people around me, who don’t care for Scream 1 either.

    Those comments are a dime a dozen. We are better than this.

    I am so happy that Scream was made. It had a profound influence on me, and I can tell you, NOT MANY THINGS HAVE HAD A PROFOUND INFLUENCE ON ME AT ALL.

    I am so happy 2 was made.

    I am so happy 3 was made.

    I am so happy that a world exists that a 5 and 6 would even be CONSIDERED.

    Let us leave it at that.

    I will only offer my full support. I do not like this kind of thread.

  54. And of course, I am so very happy that Scream 4 was made.

  55. I would actually enjoy that idea. I think they should pull out all the stops and make and epic final with the fifth film. I’m not a huge Scream fan. I think the original is a classic, but I also believe the continuation of the franchise has heart what was great about it. That being said, I dislike films ending on the fourth installment, and I dislike not getting a promised ending! So a 5cream would be a perfect final.

    Here is my idea…

    The film is set a few weeks after Scre4m. In the opening scene we see three teenagers watching a SAW Marathon. The one moral’ish kid retreats from his third wheel perspective to let his friends have some “alone time”. However, the kid is brutially killed by ghostface. The villain leaves the two sinners alone.

    We then go on to establish That Kirby really did survive the last film. (She has become the new generations Sidney.) On the other hand, Jill is also alive and is being held in custody at the hospital. It is made clear that her videos have become viral and she is a superstar in the media. (In fact…she is more popular then Kirby.)

    We meet up with Sidney who is trying to tie up every loose end before she can leave the town forever. Gale is busy writing the events from the last film, and Dewey is feeling lonely and fighting temptation from Judy. (Although it still appears she cares more for him then Gale.)

    Dewey and company investigate the murder. They find a familiar looking tape recorder from the SAW moves. On which, Ghostface expresses his “new” rules. He explains how horror films don’t just stop and start back up anymore because they jump off of one another towards an epic conclusion down the line. Firthermore, Being a survivor is overrated because the face on the poster will always be his. He laughs about how he has to twist the idea around to avoid the rule of five (the worst is always the fifth film…right?)

    This type of plot would allow for high tension scenes between Sidney and Jill. Everyone would be
    consideres a suspect because the only people left from the entire series are survivors.

    The twist is that Sidney’s father is the killer. It is revealed that he did in fact know about Sidney’s half-brother. He watch Billy killer his wife, but he didn’t do anything to stop it. He even was the one to put the idea of fame in Jill’s head. However, he doesn’t wish to kill Sidney. In fact, he wants her to except the Ghosts that haunt Cher and join him. He expresses his feelings that Sidney is the only thing he has ever truly loved, and he wants her to be the star. The star is and always will be Ghostface.

  56. People people. Now I get it!

    Many who saw Scream 3 did not like what they saw right? It quickly fell off the charts and did not reach 90 million even. Reviews were much lower as well. So, Scream 3 left the audience disappointed and thinking the franchise was in deep shit.

    11 years. New Scream. Little buzz outside of the die hard fans. No “mega” star attached to further promote the film. Bunch of TV unknowns. I do agree the opening was weak as hell compared to even Scream 3 (Which I HATE with everything I have) but to say people did not recomment Scream 4 because of it is stupid.

    Could this have been released as just “Scream” and reboot with the original cast and continued story that does not immeiately follow the last one? Could people have seen it thinking it was a fresh start instead of another sequel? I think so. Scream 4 will reach around 45 million in the U.S. Worldwide might reach 120’s but it should still be enough to warrant a final entry.

  57. It sucks that this one really set the bar high again but 11 years for a HORROR sequel is way too long. None of the horror sequels years ago did Scream 4 numbers anyway. Friday the 13th sequels, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm, etc. all did way less and they had sequels non stop. Just lower the damn budget!

  58. This one should have been made for under 30 million. None of the cast has done something MAJOR recently to warrant big paychecks.

  59. Boxofficemojo is wrong in so many ways:

    What’s the main reason that ‘Scream 4′ disappointed?
    11 years was too long of a wait.
    Bad release date.
    Didn’t look scary enough. Too comedic.
    Dipped into the well one too many times.
    Interchangeable Ghostface not as iconic as Freddy, Jason, etc.
    Looked like a rehash, lacking a strong new hook to justify its existence.
    ‘Scary Movie’ and other spoofs already put the nail in the coffin.
    ‘Scream’s a relic of the ’90s that doesn’t fly in 2011. Nostalgia not enough.
    ‘Scream 2′ and ‘Scream 3′ weren’t well-liked and wore out series’ welcome. *LOL!*
    Seemed superfluous or pointless after the intended finale of ‘Scream 3′.
    Slasher genre has been dead lately (outside of remakes).
    Too many new characters that weren’t explained in the ads.

  60. Idk, everyone around me saw it and liked it soo…*shrugs*.

    For god sakes, NO MORE! We already got enough closure with S4! Even if S4 would have went on to be the biggest money maker in the franchise I would STILL not want an S5/S6. Let’s leave it on a high. It was nice to go back to Woodsboro and revisit Sid & the gang after 11 years, but for god sakes- let it rest.

    I think too many fans are focusing on money and not the film itself. I’d rather have a film that does OK and get pretty good reviews than one that makes a shitload of money but has like 95% negative feedback(Last year’s Anoes remake).

  61. It’s under performing because it was simply one more sequel that was not needed. It was a great trilogy (and still is) and a 4th film purely based on money making was finally recognized by the public.

  62. I think that it is the studio that actually killed the movie. If the Weinstein didn’t push to have so many cameos and so many re-writtings, the movie would’ve been better. The success of the original trilogy came from the fact that they were almost written and produced as indies. What Craven and Williamson had first written and shot for the opening scene was brilliant, so why changing it for this totally flat and unscary thirty-second chase scene? If they know think that a reboot would be the key for producing a direct-to-dvd sequel, it means they didn’t even understand “Scream 4″‘s message. The remake is never as clever as the original and this is only an sub-product. For God’s sake, no horror franchise has never had the chance to have a recurring cast. Don’t waste it!

  63. I guess people thought it looked too hokey. :(

  64. The reason scream 5 underperformed was a huge concoction of different factors, easter opening, 3d kids film, 11 year absence, r rated, not a reboot or remake, its number 4, people didn’t like part 3, younger people not ghostface fans, SCARY MOVIE made the whole thing a joke, talk of scream 3 mr kruger writing some bits, sequel snobs who only watch originals, no little asian ghost girls\torture porn\final destination style deaths, wasn’t filmed on a camcorder. Not enough african american cast members. Not in 3D.not enough advertising, My biggest reason I think is down to pirate downloading, everyones doing it especially the clever people, and its the clever people that want to see scream 4.

  65. it is possible that due to the movie being rated “R”, a lot of underage kids could have snuck into the movie without purchasing a ticket directly for Scream 4 but for some movie rated lower just so they could get it. Just a thought. It wasn’t a good movie anyway, I was left severly dissappointed. I went i’n thinking I was going to see a Horror film and left feeling as though I’d watched a comedy. the opening was a let down, the score ruined the tone of every serious moment ie. Opening sequence cue the SCREAM 4 card. It just lacked and after 11 years I can’t believe this is the best they could come up with. the only serious tones I got ere from neve campbell.

  66. Several reasons I think.

    Horror was a box office non-entity back in 1996. That was proven again by “Scream”s dismal opening weekend. But the fact that the original was so good meant people eventually went and saw it. There’s a reason people say “Scream” revitalised the horror genre. it’s because horror was just not a money-maker anymore. In 2011, however, it is a big genre with several big franchises still on the run and – I suppose – the fourth entry in a 15-year-old franchise just wasn’t that exciting to new audiences. Audiences seem more interesting in haunted houses these days.

    Is “Scream 4″ really under-performing though? In relation to the first three, yes it is, but by the time the fourth instalment of a horror franchise comes around the audience naturally tapers off. And with the 11 year break to factor in…

    The trailer. Think of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake. The reason that one had such a killer box office after a looong absence was, I think, because of its genius trailer. “Scream 4″ needed something that would make audiences sit up and take notice and it probably didn’t.

    The cast. Paquin and Bell should’ve been cast as actual proper characters. They’re much more recognisable than the girls from “Pretty Little Liars”, “90210” and “Friday Night Lights”. And, for that matter, Neve no longer has “Party of Five”, Courteney no longer has “Friends” and there was no Sarah Michelle Gellar or Drew Barrymore to reel more people in. Teen TV just doesn’t have the same cultural impact these days as the shows of the ’90s.

    Downloading. Much more prevalent these days than even in 2000. Sadly, a horror film like “Scream 4″ is just not big screen worthy enough for some people, I guess.

    The R rating. Actually, no. This has *NOTHING* to do with it. If it did then the first three screams wouldn’t have made as much money as they did. This is a fool’s reasoning.

    The studio meddling. Actually, no. Only people like us followed those stories. General joe blow on the street wouldn’t have heard and even if they did they wouldn’t care. They don’t care when movies have 8 screenwriters and have been handed around Hollywood for years and years.

  67. the only mistake i have found in Scream 4 is kirby’s dead. At least she could be the soul survivor.

    the 3d element, sadly, people love it

  68. As I said before the re-writes completely ruined the movie.

    The movie was more comedy than horror plus the “extra-finale” at hospital was incredibly ridiculous.

    Also the word of mouth of the movie has generally been negative. No one is to blame but the weinsteins for dishing out such a ludicrous movie after 10 long years.

  69. There r many many things n play as 2 why the box office numbers r what they r. Everyone on here has seen/ stated them. I have seen it 6 times now, and going again today. I have seen it with all my closest friends.
    That being said; a few of mine r waiting 4 redbox, netflic, and some site where u can watch it 4 free. Why u may ask? Cause they r broke; AND there r 2 many ways 2 get shit dirt cheep, and FREE. I only saw it n theaters because it was SCREAM4 lol. “YOU WANNA BLAME SOMEONE!??!” WHY DON’T U BLAME THE U.S. GOVERNMENT!? (LMFAO!) They r the ones who’s lack of tact put us in this shape today (sorry I thought it was funny lol).

  70. I’m a teenager i’m 14 and i’ve seen scream 4 10 time!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  71. Well, from the WOM I’ve hear, everyone liked it and was surprised A LOT. People that were not into Scream.

  72. SCRE4M movies are the best just because any shit like Tio is in 3D Apparently fascinates people if scream 4 was in 3D people be dying to watch it

  73. I meant Rio lol

  74. Last night i showed my friend who said he cant stand scream, but had never seen scream 2, i showed it to him and he loved it, he was so surprised by all the twist and turns, then today we went to see scream 4 for my second time and he was amazed he thought the end was amazing, and on 2nd viewing i couldnt believe how little the problems bothered me anymore and how much i loved Scream 4 and id turned a hater into believer in scream.

    But it made me realise i liked scream 4 enough and i thught the idea that the only reason ghostface was after sideny again was because of family, showed me that maybe 5&6 is pushing, even though id love to hear what williamsons ideas are, i just think that scream 4 was a Good enough ending and anymore ghostface attacks would affect the quality of the series just by pushing believablity…I say leave sidneys adventures there.

    Unless williamsons idea is truly brilliant that it’d be critically accepted like scream4, I believe in Williamson though, but he needs away so it dosent feel like its pushing why there doing it to sidney (unless theres no sidney but then whats the point), But i really believe ending with her own cousin turning on her is a good ending and just leave it in the family.

  75. Also i always thought i liked scream3 lots aswell but after re-watch last night, it really felt pretty poor compared to 1,2,4.

  76. Cheshire, people don’t care about rewrites. Only people like us who fawn over every detail cared. Besides, opening weekend has no word-of-mouth, it’s based solely on marketing.

    I actually think if they make another one they should severely limit the original three’s involvement. Think about it. Jamie Lee Curtis’ return to the “Halloween” franchise was why so many went and saw “Halloween H20″ when it came out after years of dud sequels that nobody cared about.

  77. SPOILER ALERT. . . Parts of the plot are central to my argument…so don’t read if you haven’t seen it.

    It doesn’t help that Scream 3 was SUCH a creative dud. Most people heard Scream 4 and though to themselves, “Jesus…again?” For Scream 4 to really match the first, it would have reached greater heights of brilliance than it did. Scream 1 (I include the “1” just for clarity…don’t attack me rabid-fans!) totally broke conventions for what a slasher movie was allowed to do. The effect of that was mass appeal to audiences that weren’t typically into slasher movies. So Scream 4 – after a fifteen year absence – SHOULD have broken conventions for what a Scream movie was allowed to do.

    Don’t get me wrong: I loved Scream 4. I thought it was absolutely fantastic. It was funny and, after watching it alone at home, very scary I realized. Not as scary as the first Scream, but certainly tense throughout.

    But, let’s face it, for Scream 4 to have really jarred audiences in the way that the first one did, (spoiler alert here:) Jill should have gotten away with it. If Jill had remained the hero in the eyes of the public, it would have made for a truly new and interesting plot basis for potential future movies. And possible rebirth of a franchise aside, it would have made for a disturbing end to the movie.

    Again, I don’t need that ending as a fan of the genre and especially the franchise; but if the movie was going to grab new fans, it needed to do something truly new. As much as I love it, it just didn’t.

    And that’s my 2 cents.

  78. pardon the spelling and grammatical errors in my post above…it’s late.

  79. Actually to people who arent on this site constantly and only knew the basics of the plot (im not one of them i knew loads) this new one did break new ground, i think, i think some of us were just to deep in, to any people who’d just seen trailers or read entertainment weekly/ seen interviews they would of really believed Jill was safe ground, because media did make it sound like she was the next generation (just like they made barrymore to be the star of the original)so less knowing audiences were surprised when jill was the murderer and by the way she mutilated herself and then retrys to kill sidney was all very original, from a risky idea of trying to remake alot of elements of the original with cast members of the original, that hasnt been done. Aswell as it offered an insight into the original by kind of showing, what would have happened if billy had succeeded? So i think theres plenty of new ideas and original concepts going on here that cant be realised in a single viewing.

  80. scream 4 doesn’t have good killers @ all. nobody is afraid of a little 5 year old girl as the killer because her bf cheated on her……seriously wes thats the best u got????

  81. I’ve got no idea why its done so crap at the box office….

    I movie is honestly pretty damn good! Sure it doesn’t beat the original, but then again how many franchises do? It sure as hell kicks the 3rd Screams ass! Big Time!

    Even all the critic reviews have put Scream 4 above average. Its a genuinely good slasher flick!

    Maybe people think it’ll just be like another one of those crappy recycled remakes – just like Anna Paquin’s character said.

    I’m begging for a Scream 5. Even if it WAS the final. Bring it!!!

  82. I’m surprised the opening weekend wasn’t stronger, but I’m not surprised by the second weekend numbers, because by then, the negative comments were all over the internet.

    There were some great moments here and there, but overall the movie was a big mess. Lame blood relative as the killer again, choppy editing, lame opening scene that got old quickly, probably the worst lighting in the series despite still being natural looking, 5’5” killer/6’1” ghostface, cheesy one liners, cheesy music at times, continuity issues, plot holes etc.

    Even Scream 3, for all it’s faults, was much better paced and edited than this movie. It actually had a flow to it, whereas Scream 4 did not.

  83. I thought the promotions was underwhelming, just like CURSED and what I saw didn’t jibe with or ring true with the horror remakes going on in this era. It felt more like a darker tone of the Scary-Movie franchise than a new age SCREAM movie. This new era of movies have been shadowed by Torture porn and the excessive PG-13 watered down films.

    I don’t think Scream needed to spring on once again the spoof called STAB again. It shows a lack of creative juices and once again recycling what failed in all of the Scream sequels. STAB doesn’t work, it never did and opening scene proves how stupid it was and after should have RIP, but didn’t. I would love the chance to read the Kevin Williamson script.

  84. I think people don’t expect it to be good, which it is, so most people decided on waiting to see it till later.

    Ticket prices are also a reason. A lot of people I know decided to watch it online, illegally, because they simply cannot shell out 10 bucks for a movie.

    Another thing that I think is the big issue is that 11 years have passed and those people who were fans back then have children now who wanted to see that stupid bird movie.

    I’m 21 and didn’t see the films until I was like 14 so I wasn’t there at the theaters opening weekend, but I also am lucky to have the money at my age to “waste”, as some people might say, on movie tickets.

    I really wish it would do better. It is such a great film and I would really like to see a 5th be made. I hope it picks up much like the first one did. Remember it only made 6mil opening weekend.

  85. I think one of the biggest reason Scream 4 is underperforming is simply the economy. I’ve talked to many people who really want to see the movie but simply can’t afford to see it in theaters. With gas prices at an all time high (over 4.15 per gallon here in Ohio) and movie ticket prices still rising year after year the core audience for the film simply can’t afford to go to the movies right now. Yes Rio did make a ton of money but it was a family film that that opened on Easter when many kids are not in school. Also the core audience of Rio would have no interest in Scream 4. You would think that Dimension would have picked a different release date for the film considering the lackluster box office performance of Grindhouse back in April 2007.

    The fans of the original trilogy have also grown up in the last 11 years since Scream 3 was released. I was 14 when Scream 3 came out and now at 25 many of the people I know personally are married and have children of their own and do not have the time or money to see it in theaters.

    The most important fact of why the film is not making money and people are not taking in to account simply this: people are jaded with horror remakes. Yes Scream 4 is NOT a remake but people are tired of paying money for horror movies that are just terrible. Also many people did not like Scream 3 and even though some people would give Scream 4 a chance.. many people obviously are waiting for it to come out on video.
    The A Nightmare on Elm Street remake made over 30 million it’s opening weekend in April last year, but the film was awful and it’s huge second week drop off and critical reception was why the film made more than 50% of it’s entire gross opening weekend. In the last 11 years since Scream 3 was released people have been spending money on horror remake after horror remake. After over a dozen remakes the quality went from fair to down right poor especially with the last two (F13 2009 and NOES 2010). I personally think because of the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street remakes were god awful (someone PLEASE tell Platinum Dunes and Michael Bay to stay away from horror movies) and the last few Saw sequels being bad as well people are just tired of the same old same old. Insidious is doing so well because it was something fresh and judging from the recent trend of ghost/demons movies being successful (Paranormal Activity 1 and 2) people are obviously tired of slasher films in general and are are really into supernatural horror at the moment.

    It’s sad really because Scream 4 was easily the best slasher movie to come out in the last few years and in my opinion was a huge step up from Scream 3. But with the core audience for it short on cash and with many people not enjoying the last installment and the recent trend of terrible horror remakes it’s actually very easy to see why a horror film with a 4 on the end of it was destined to have a “I’ll wait for video” vibe.

    Hopefully it will make a killing in rentals and DVD sales. But even if it doesn’t please just let one movie series rest in peace. I can’t bare the thought of this franchise that I’ve grown up with be either remade or become a terrible direct to video series ala Children of the Corn and Hellraiser. Dimension if you dare to make a Scream 5 do it right. Bring Wes and Kevin back and the main cast. If that is too much to ask for then please just let this series end on a high note and let Scream 4 be the last.

  86. I’m seeing it tonight for the first time. I’m a college student, and finals was the reason…

  87. i think scream 4 gets better with repeated viewings but they really need to take it down from online sites, a lot of revenue is being lost there

  88. the only thing i dislike about scream 4 is it left everyone with stab wounds and we dont know if kirby is dead….so its not a total cliffhanger but enough for scream 5 because i think there should be total closure like scream 3…there should b a scream 5 but not 6

  89. Wow, I rather enjoyed Sre4m…certainly my favorite since the first. Great intro/ending. Absolute shocker to find out the killer, whom brought a new level of insanity that I thought was impossible.

  90. I think people are overlooking the fact that Scre4m just wasn’t that great of a movie. If you look at the history of Horror movies in terms of Box-office sales, horror movies on opening weekend almost always do poorly. Even the first Scream only took in 8 million, it only became popular through word of mouth.

    Look at the most popular franchise in the last decade Saw. It only grossed 18 million on it’s opening weekend but due to word of mouth it went on to gross millions of dollars.

    Let’s admit to the fact all of us here are huge Scream fans which of course makes us like the movie more than the average person. Because I am a huge Scream fan I personally enjoyed Scre4m quite a bit, but I can also see if you weren’t a fan of the series how you might not enjoy it all that much.

    All I’m saying is with the original Scream the movie was so good you could recommend the movie basically to anyone. But with the new one I wouldn’t recommend the movie unless they were already a fan of the series. To your average movie goer the movie is extremely average. It also doesn’t help that the movie didn’t get great reviews. I think its sitting on an average of 57& on Rotten Tomatoes right now.

  91. u know why it’s underperforming,,, because it is terrible. its a joke of a movie. the beginning is annoying, the story is overrated, and the killers are an absolute joke. when little 6 year old kids are watching this and LAUGHING i consider that a joke of a horror movie. REAL scream fans would agree. i tried 2 watch it again online and its stupid. Knowing that those 2 particular people are the killers in this one is ANNOYING. In the original 3 the killers are strong. In this one they are just plain stupid and annoying. when that chick was throwing herself against the wall and on to a glass table I couldn’t take it. NO WAY would some twit like that be able 2 kill anyone. There was NOTHING scary about this movie, the only good thing was seeing gale dewey and sid together. everyone else was so damn annoying. A franchise like this deserved a better sequel than this trash. I think that I could have written something better and I would have had MUCH BETTER killers.

  92. We need less humor, more horror in the series. This was a good film but it wasn’t scary and that drove people away. We don’t want comedy, we want suspense. Bring it back, do the rest and KILL US with suspense. Please!

  93. @ Tom, I couldn’t agree more. I completely felt the same way you did. I wanted to at least like it a little, but I just couldn’t. It was just too ridiculous. The only thing I liked was seeing the original cast and Olivia’s death.

  94. i agreed with tom at first but upon repeated viewing if u just look for little clues that tie it into the other ones like the fountain or sid being in drama club or gale thretening to punch the debbie salt like publicist it can be a fun thing to watch

    also, even tho the fuck bruce willis like is annoying, there is a movie where he played a cop and was going to die a day before retirement and then died anyway, it ironically was also put out by dimension, called Sin City….if you look for all the nods and irony to the other films its quite fun

  95. Guys honestly, it was just bad timing. If they had waited probably the Summer or even after the Summer, like around September or October, then it would’ve had a better release weekend. You don’t release a movie the same week as an animated film. Also, I don’t think it was advertised properly. I know so many people that didn’t even know it was coming out until a month before the release date, as that’s when posters and trailers started appearing. I knew about this 2 years ago and announced it on Facebook. Perhaps maybe for Scream 5, rethink the release date + get better advertising.

  96. @brooklynpsycho. thank u. good 2 know that there are still smart scream fans around.

    @fanOfRandy there is nothing fun about this flick. its 2 annoying 2 watch. the entire time i was watching it i was thinking “please get better”, but i just annoyed me even more. i don’t understand how real scream fans liked it.

  97. @Tom. Ehren Kruger changed the whole script due to all the rewrites he did. I’ll admit it was very funny and there could’ve been more gore, but that’s what Ehren Kruger does. I liked it because it didn’t try and do anything new, it stayed true to the tone of Scream.

  98. Valen wrote:
    If you want a new Scream movie to succeed, here’s the way to go:

    -move on from the original cast

    -set it in our world, using the Scream movies as an influence on the characters in the story

    -get inside the killer(s)’ POV, like Halloween and Jaws.

    -use the idea of found footage or the killer filming (and do it a hell of a lot better than Scream 4 did)

    -get rid of the soap opera elements. They worked in the first two films, but Scream 3 and 4 went way too far and became poorly-executed melodrama

    If the franchise isn’t ready to move past what has now made it dated and irrelevant, it’s not going to continue.


    And you think Wes Craven can make that kind of movie, Valen?

  99. @Tom I originally daid the same thing, but I am softening a little when I just look for connections too the other movies. Plus I think th at all of the ads ruined it because there was too little new content inbetween everything we saw. I do consider myself a real scream fan and I blogged for 2 days on facebook about how I hated scream 4 but on a second viewing I began to like it because I wasn’t waiting to see what was gonna surprise me because I had seen it all on ce already

    but they’ve never left a story with all of them stabbed at the end.. .I think that leaves a cliffhanger of orts so they needed to leave it how it ended at 3 or there needs to be a part five to wrao it up right

  100. i just don’t buy what this movie is about. it sucks 2 see that the original movie turned into this joke. these killers just piss me off so much. after all the previous good killers of the original (ONLY) 3 screams we deserved a REAL badass….not punk teenagers especially little twit emma roberts who doesn’t belong in horror movies. We deserved a real killer with a powerful motive,,,,not “omg my bf cheated on me and my cousin gets all the attention”. seriously that sh*t belongs on those stupid teen drama shows not in a horror franchise like scream. u guys c what i’m saying. real fans (those who grew up with the only 3) would agree. sid’s character deserves a strong killer, not little punks. this movie looks like it was written by a group of teen girls that want 2 kill themselves if a boy won’t date them

  101. Tom, just curious, have you seen Scream 4?

  102. @Tom. I agree the killers could’ve been a lot stronger, but put it this way, who else other than the teens would be the killer(s)? I mean, unless they brought in Billy’s Dad, but that would be too obvious and everyone would see that coming. Look, I agree it could’ve been better and it was too funny more than suspenseful, but I loved it because of the story it told and the self-referential cliche of horror remakes and amount of sequels it was making fun of. End of the day, everyone has a different opinion. I know people who have said Scream 3 was the best one.

  103. @ wicked-scribe believe me I wish I didn’t.

    @ justin off the top of my head what about stu’s parents. we never met them, and they could’ve been connected 2 the original. i can understand how people like scream 3 the best. It had a different story from the first 2. this one is just a flat out sad attempt 2 be the first one.

  104. @ Tom, I agree with you again. Scream 4 felt like a cheap attempt at remaking the 1st Scream. WOW Scream 4 dropped to 13th place, where it really belongs. “While the sequel only cost some $40 million to make, it ought to be mentioned that Dimension Films/The Weinstein Company will only get half of that revenue. Sorry folks, but Scream 5 is looking dead right now.” Source: Screenrant.

  105. @brooklynpsycho I wish every other scream fan was as smart as you.

  106. @ Tom, maybe Ehren Kruger deserves some of the backlashing but could u or anyone admit that Wes Craven has a lot to do with the film’s failure and lack of ideas?

  107. @Tom. But see, if they made the killers Stu’s parents, their motive wouldn’t have made the same outweigh as Billy’s mother. Remember, she did it because of Sidney’s mum having an affair with her husband and then Sidney killing Billy. It would’ve been interesting to see them as the killers, but remember, the motive from Jill and Charlie was to recreate the original and be more popular and that was the whole basis of Scream 4: it was trying to outdo the original, which I know it didn’t, but that was the story it was telling. Look at all of the remakes and reboots from Hollywood’s in the past decade. They’ve all tried to outshine the original but it fails, and that was the story SCRE4M was telling. It is true: people become popular by having fucked up shit happen to them as Jill stated in her motive. I liked Scream 3, but I thought it was disappointing compared to 1 and 2. And I liked Scream 4 because it was going back to Woodsboro and they had a strong character development of Sidney, Gale and Dewey.

  108. And @brooklynpyscho. Maybe it’s underperformed because they didn’t advertise it enough and they also released it at the wrong time. Obviously releasing it against a family-orientated film like Rio during Easter and a blockbuster like Fast Five it won’t perform what they wanted. It has made it’s budget as it’s made $70 million + worldwide, so that’s enough in my eyes to make part 5.

  109. @stephon irvin everyone that was a part of s4 is 2 blame, except sid gale and dewey

    @ justin i’m not saying that this is what they should have done, but the more I think about it, stus parents would have been more believable than these 2 punks. they could have been involved from the beginning, meaning they knew what billy and stu were doing. Like when stu says that his mom and dad would be so mad at him, they wouldn’t b mad because hes the killer, they would be mad because he got caught. If u watch s4 again knowing that little twit emma roberts and nerd charlie are the killers, it just kills the feeling of this franchise. I thought that this franchise moved past teen drama looks like I was way off. btw did s4 ever mention what happened 2 sid’s dad? and if jills mom was sid’s aunt(her ma’s sister) don’t u think that she should have had a bigger role. as I said before s4 is underperforming because it SUCKS. not because of other movies , tv ads, or release date. btw s4 had a million tv ads, it just SUCKS, so stop making excuses 4 it.

  110. scream 4 is a great scary movie i wish they put it out in feb or march .

  111. @Justin I get what you’re saying and I have to conclude Wes outsmarted himself into a bomb of a movie. You can’t shit on the nu-horror audience and expect them to like his movie. Wes needed to have a common ground to the nu-audience. Blend his tastes of horror and embrace nu-horror and make it work. Wes didn’t do that at all, and the film suffers for it.

  112. One thing that makes the ending ridiculous is how short emma roberts and rory culkin are. Ghostface is considerably taller than both actors in the film. I saw it for the fourth time last night, and although I love the scream series, and I still like this movie, it was definitely a let down.

  113. Common Sense Would Tell Them To Let People Know Who Sidney Is Whats Her Sory. I Think The movie Went Wrong By, Not Focusing On Sidney TO MUCH!! Without Her There Is NO Story Sidney Is Here Because Her Mother! They Kind Of ENded The Story With Scream 3! Sense Roman, The Real Person That Ruined Sidneys Life, HE Should HAve Been Stalking Her Agian Maybe If They Put Their Brain Back Into Where It All Began In The Events Leading Up To Scram 3 They Would Have HAD A A Better

  114. I don’t think this has to do with the movie itself or the behind the scenes publicity (most people just don’t care about the writting situations). I personally think the opening weekend was decent, being that it was actually a bit higher than for SAW. Sure it’s performing poorly compared to 1-3, but I’m not going to call it a flop because it’s probably going to end up making 100m worldwide and 50m domestically. That’s basically the same for the (crappy) recent reimagining of HALLOWEEN, and that got a sequel. Popular movie genres go through phases, and right now, slasher movies aren’t as popular as they were before (this was the case in the early ’90s as well). Plus, the SCREAM franchise as a whole isn’t “in” right now like SAW or FAST AND FURIOUS is. I would think SCREAM 4 would’ve done better had the franchise been popular. I also think opening with with a very popular family flick, RIO, didn’t help much either.

    This should be a scream on DVD and Blu-ray sales/rentals (no pun intended). There are lots of people that just aren’t going to the movies like before, and are waiting for home video to kick in before they watch movies like this.

  115. @Tom. You make some very valid points. Look bottom line, I’m not making excuses, I’m just defending why I think it was good. Everyone has a different opinion. You hated it and that’s respectable. My brother and a few of my friends hated it too

  116. As a fan, I loved the new movie, in spite of its flaws (and let’s not forget – none of the original films was perfect).

    However, a couple of days later, I was able to pinpoint why I left the theatre feeling just a little deflated – Scream 4 just isn’t different enough.

    Perhaps that explains the relative box office failure. For months, if not years, we’ve been promised something as sharp and radical as the original movie, that the film would be dissecting the current state of the genre and commenting on developments in horror in the last decade.

    Scream 4 feels torn between horror remakes and torture porn when it comes to selecting a subject. Add to that too many characters and a running time under 2 hours and there just isn’t room to treat either subject fairly.

    In an ideal world, Scream 4 would have drawn a line in the sand early on by killing Sidney, Gale and Dewey as quickly and gruesomely as possible in a scene designed to reference torture horror while freshening the franchise for new characters.

    The remake element could then creep in by the killer selecting victims who parallel characters from the original movie, with each kill ‘upping the stakes’, as remakes require. The challenge the new characters face is figuring out whether this ‘remake’ will be ‘shot-for-shot’ or a ‘re-imagining’. Who lives and who dies once again becomes a mystery, something for the film-makers to play with.

    Craven’s recent comment that he imagined the 3 principles would continue should the franchise progress, was quite depressing. If no-one we care about is at any risk of dying – where’s the tension gonna come from?

  117. I think the under performance may be due to today’s audience not getting it, or being aware of the first three films.

    As a fan of the series, I was perfectly satisfied. But my question is, if it under performed and they question a sequel, then why would they go the remake route? Audiences would definitely get confused and fans of the original series will get pissed off(this fan for one).

    SCREAM 4 may not have been the box office draw the studio was hoping for, but for fans, it was well worth the wait. And I hope the producers and the studio as a whole, will give us SCREAM 5 and 6 and give the fans of the series a wonderful parting gift.

    but please, NO F*CKING REMAKE!!!!!!

  118. I think the problem is teens now a days are so jaded with remakes and reboots and sequels. Today’s generation doesn’t understand what scream really is, and another problem is that Wes and Kevin tried to hard to relate to this generation. But they didn’t respect it. Also I think original scream fans just lost all touch with the characters so it was hard to get reconnected to the characters because they have changed so much gotten older and so have we. Regardless I loved scream 4 and I really hope there is either a and 6 or just a 5th they keep making them I’ll keep watching them.

  119. I hadn’t thought about how the release date didn’t make sense… Halloween time wouldve been much better timing indeed. Hey! The fans did come out for it! I’ve seen it 4 times and think it was second only to SCREAM, and definitely scarier than SCREAM 2!!! I love the idea of doing 5&6 together so-to-speak. One more SCREAM for the fans. I guess I’d live if this were the absolute final one, I thought of it as a nice anniversary gift to SCREAM fans. Yet after such a fucked up thing could happen to Sidney it does leave me wondering how the hell she’d get over this murder rampage… I mean after 10 years she had emerged from the shadows, and regained her strength and independence, and wrote a successful book. She had recovered, only to have her baby cousin rip that apart out of jealously and lust for fame. I loved SCRE4M’s plot/outcome. It was original against the odds and horrifying. But I just cant help but wonder what happened after Sid left the hospital and the world found out about what Jill did. Ok… Maybe SCREAM doesn’t need a new trilogy… So, two more movies is unnecessary. However, something tells me SCRE4M was part 1 of a two part story. We need one more mystery for Sid, Gale and Dewey to solve. The fans LOVED SCRE4M, and it didn’t fail. Not at all. But yeah, it was Easter time and the masses were drawn to Rio (yuck). DIMENSION, end the SCREAM series on high Halloween note with SCR5AM in October 2012!!

  120. I think its to do with all the blabber-mouths spilling their guts on who the killer was all over the internet! Why bother paying if you know the ending? Rent it later and catch up

  121. No one will really know the answer to your question – my personal answer is because of the generation.

    Horror to begin with wasn’t much of a hit in the 90’s- it was dead, in fact. but when scream was released in 1996, the horror genre was relived and picked up, therefore releasing other huge horror films.
    Before scream 4 was released there was a a movie i cant believe was released called paranormal activity, this turned a lot of the horror fans towards this type of scary stuff, which i personally cant understand how its scary, but anyways, back to the point. Possibly if scream had been released a little earlier or at a different time (NOT APRIL) then there could have been a little more hope.
    Scream 1 started off with 6 million on its opening weekend, but it picked up! Anything is possible for scream 4, and a scream 5 or 6.

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