Will The Real Killer Please Stand Up!

“F**k you both!” Sidney shouted to Stu and Randy when they accused each other for being the killer in Scream.  The cast of Scream 4 recently spoke to MTV and gave their reasons as to why their character is not the killer!

Hayden Panettiere: “My character is not the killer, because she knows horror movies too well … she knows how they work, and she’s too terrified in that scene in the preview.”

Anthony Anderson: “I can’t do it because O.J. already did it.”

David Arquette: “I’m not the killer… because I am the killer!”

Adam Brody: “My guy is just kind of a dummy. … I could be putting everyone on, but I don’t think I have enough screen time to totally be the killer — but maybe?”

Courteney Cox: “My character’s not the killer—because maybe she is!”

Neve Campbell: “My character’s not the killer because she’s Sidney Prescott.”

Emma Roberts: “My character Jill is not the killer because she’s Sidney’s cousin — hel-lo!”

Aimee Teegarden: “Why am I not the killer? I’m not the killer because I have great hair in the movie. And if you have great hair, you don’t die — bottom line!”

Are any of these actors lying about donning the Ghostface mask?!  If you still don’t know –what are you waiting for?!  Head to theaters NOW and check out Scream 4!

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    13 Responses to “ Will The Real Killer Please Stand Up! ”

    Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
    1. I love this. Especially Neve’s response. AND ITS SO TRUE. . . OR IS IT?

    2. I finally have leverage over my brother. If he pisses me off, I simply tell him that the killer is…

    3. “I can’t do it because O.J. already did it.”- Anthony Anderson.

    4. Just got home from seeing it! Totally worth the wait! I’m seeing it two more times! There were soooo many little kids in the theatre though. It was kind of shocking.

    5. Also, everyone clapped when the credits started rolling which made me really happy because there was no reaction (besides me) when the trailer was shown before Paranormal Activity 2.

    6. Hayden’s answer is actually quite convincing that SHE IS the killer.

    7. 0_o
      That was my facial expression when I found out who the killer(s) were/was.

    8. Love this new cast.

      Am I wrong is Emma Roberts the hottest ever in this?!

    9. its jill shes the killer they all live fav line “dont fuck with the original”

    10. It’s Jill because she was Sidney’s cousin.She was the best and most deranged Ghostface of all the Scream movies

    11. Yes I agree on this ^ she’s the most psychotic Ghostface ever. I love her!!!

    12. Yep it was Jill she was scary and she was the serial killer that came the closet to killing Sidney.

    13. Aimee T said if you have great hair you don’t die. How wrong was she???

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