Williamson Officially Signs Onto Scream 5 & 6 (April Fool’s Day)

It’s official!  Earlier this afternoon, Dimension Films announced Kevin Williamson will be penning the scripts for Scream 5 and 6.  After the script rewrites debacle surrounding the fourth film and Williamson remaining mum, it was clear a new writer would be hired if Dimension went forward with Scream 5Williamson was initially contracted to write a fifth film; however, it was never made clear if the Scream creator was released from his contract.  After reading this afternoon’s press release, one would think there was never bad blood between Bob Weinstein or Williamson:

“I’m thrilled Kevin decided to come on board and write Scream 5 and Scream 6,” Weinstein stated.  “The plan is to film both movies back-to-back in order to accommodate Kevin’s work schedule on The Vampire Diaries.  When he [Kevin] pitched the first trilogy to our studio, I thought it was a clever concept and something that could possibly redefine the horror genre.  Mark my words, his plans for the final two installments is unlike anything we’ve seen in this franchise!”

If fans have any doubts about Williamson exiting the franchise for a third time (Williamson bowed out of writing Scream 3 due to prior commitments), he explains how he plans to pull off the double duty:

“I’m looking forward to getting started on the scripts once I finish the second season of my show [The Vampire Diaries].  It will definitely take some time to flesh out both scripts, but plans are to film the fifth and a bulk of the sixth during the summer of 2012.  I’m excited to play a part in the finale of the franchise I created.”

Wes Craven has expressed interest in returning for a fifth Scream if the script is to his liking.  Will he return?  Williamson hopes so.   “This is Wes’ baby just as much as it is mine.  I can’t see these final two films being done without him.”

Are you happy Williamson has returned to script the final two Screams?

Special thanks to AprilFoolsDay for the tip!

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56 Responses to “ Williamson Officially Signs Onto Scream 5 & 6 (April Fool’s Day) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. !!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG! What wonderful news!
    I just hope he really strive to write the entire scripts and can fully participate in the upcoming films :D

  3. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is a joke.


  6. LMAO…..that’s just wrong!!!

  7. I literally shrieked out loud…My day is ruined… Thank You… :)

  8. Urgh! That had me excited.


  10. oh wait…YOU BASTARD!

  11. You got me, Ass!

  12. Excellent work, John! Been having some fun today with a few pranks of my own! Kudos, sir!

  13. Really don’t appreciate this. Sorry, just not funny at all.

  14. Please, don’t do an April’s Fool with this :(


  16. I dont find that funny at all. I’ll say it….that’s a real jackass April fools prank to play man! You probably should have picked a different topic….lotta people are gonna be pissed.

  17. The first time a April Fools Joke has ever worked on me. lol

  18. ruined my day :(

  19. Ok…my anger wore off….you guys rock! See everybody in 14 days! :)

  20. That was cruel haha.

  21. UGGHHHH!!!! i was seriously so stoked when i was reading this!! i HATE you guys!!!! haha

  22. C’mon guys. You gotta admit, as much as you were angry, they got us gooood. You guys are still the best.

  23. I really hate April Fools day.

  24. Wow. I can usually take a joke, but that was a low blow. my heart dropped with excitement, then disappointment took it’s place and now I’m just in a bad mood. I wish this was real :'(

  25. This was uncalled for — really. But you never know it might have some truth to it eventually. I think it would be terrific if they can film the next sequels back to back.

  26. But you know whats a red herring in this article is the talk about him finishing up the 2nd season of VD. LOL. That season is already finished. And if 2012 was a legitmate date. Wouldn’t the article say during the 3rd season of VD.

  27. Now that was LOW…I actually screamed out loud…Now I’m getting all stressed out like Jennifer Jolie *pops out a cigarrette and screams for dewey…*

  28. I will now go into depression. I was so stoked…now I’m just…not. *sighs*

  29. Thats pathetic. I am very aware when it comes to April fools day. I think everything is a joke until proven other wise on this day. I knew instantly this was not real (im not going to lie and say I wasn’t hopeful though.). Thats just fucked up though. People take stuff like this seriously. I know I do. I would be soooo pissed if I was actually fooled by this. I can take a joke, I really can but thats perverted and sick. Thats like saying “your mom just rose from her coffin” and you get all excited just to have those 2 words hurled at you, at a whopping speed of 116 MPH, “APRIL FOOLs! Its just not done, and its sooooo fucked!

  30. This is not funny… April’s Fools day my ass


  32. I really hate whoever wrote this. Way to kill the fans.

  33. TOO MEAN!!! That sounded sooo amazing, god i hope this ends up becoming reality.

  34. im really considering not coming back to this site for news anymore..

  35. YES!! this means i can see the final films legally without my parents

  36. okay maybe thats a little harsh lol. imma be a good sport about it haha. 14 days!! :D

  37. HAHAHAHA! Really cruel and awesome April Fool’s! you got us good.

  38. You got me ;(

  39. Not funny at all. I literally screamed and was so excited. Wow. I mean yeah you got me. Good. But stil. Diferent topic would have been better. This wll come back and bite ya if he doesn’t write any possible instalments.

  40. I had the biggest smile on my face for about a milisecond and then clenched my fist after realizing it’s fake.

    I just know some people are going to read the entire article, not notice the ‘from AprilFoolsDay’ bit and spread the information around as true.



  43. I’m pissed off!!! I was so excited that Scream 5 and Scream 6 were official and now I’m pissed off!

  44. dude wtf thats really messed up

  45. Good news for the series. Although, I’ll be honest, I thought Ehren did fine, lol. I wonder what all the fuss was about for Scream 4. I better not be hearing these same things about Kevin throwing a hissy fit over 5 and 6 too…lol.

  46. Ding ding ding, April 1st NY time ticks over midnight and we’ve updated the headline to reflect what was always present at the bottom of the article. Maybe we’ll try to be more obvious next year with lots of exclamation points and animated gifs!

  47. That really really really just pissed me off :( thanks for fucking up my whole night..

  48. You’d think from some of the reactions that April Fool’s Day is something this site invented, not the cross-cultural annual mainstay it is. Still love you guys and gonna continue giving you Scream stuff daily!

  49. that was just mean

  50. Awwwww… if only the article was shorter, so you can get to the bottom faster!

  51. This is not even remotely funny in the least. Whoever thought having this as an April Fool’s joke is an idiot.

  52. I want to cry.

  53. This was hilarious.

    The entire point of April Fool’s Day is to show those who take things too seriously and can’t put them in perspective how messed up and backwards their way of perceiving things is. You’re getting SCRE4M soon. Be thankful for what you have and for people who create things like this news article. Don’t let your expectations get in the way of having some perspective on life.

  54. a good trilogy (in this case ‘Hexalogy’! LOL!) is made best with the ORIGINAL writers and directors!! Long Live the Scream franchised!!! Can’t wait for SCRE4M!!! WhoohoOOO!!!

  55. Dear lord you got me good…..I seriously was shrieking in excitement over the “knowledge” Kevin would be doing the next two….very good April Fools though, but I won’t lie, I am a bit disappointed…..

  56. go scream my fav scream 3 than 4 than 1 than 2

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