‘You’re Not Real': Another New Scream 4 TV Spot (HQ)

We don’t consider anything officially released to be a spoiler because that’s a slippery slope of subjectivity to go down, but we can imagine a small exchange in this new TV Spot might lead spoilerphobes to swear off television until April 15!

We’re just hoping the quoted dialogue in the headline isn’t greeted with a cheesy retort like “Now, you lose” (Scream 3). Remember the good ol’ days when Ghostface remained cold and quiet as he pinned down Casey Becker, knife ready to plunge? Hoping those happy days are here again.

Updated with HQ copy

Link/Credit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVUh86vQlLU


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27 Responses to “ ‘You’re Not Real': Another New Scream 4 TV Spot (HQ) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I think ive come to realise, im more interested in seeing them die then, if they die, i assumed they were going anywayz and theirs still plenty of characters that are ? in terms of who else could die and who else could be the killer(s), so im not to fussed but yeah i think im done with the clips & teasers now, its enough! in the uk there just playing the same 2 tv spots and its getting good buzz and their both simple non spoilery ones, theres no need to give away as much as they have reALLY. K~

  2. Oh and was that the zombie mask he’s wearing??? If so awesome!

  3. best tv spot. i love that shot of ghostface

  4. I now believe that the tv spots will go out of their way to spoil what they can but nothing else. Whenever we get spoilers in the trailer it is usually one that has been comfired through 2min trailer or photos. However, notice how we don’t ever get too much information on Anne Paquin’s scenes or we never get much info on any of the male leads and what about that female officer who is always with Dewey, Officer Judy something. So the tv spots are spoiling things we already expect to happen but still leaving a fair bit of the movie in the dark. P.S. I really hope the fountain scene is still in the movie, it looked like a lot of fun.

  5. That shot of Brittany is great! Deffinatly gives me hope that the movie was worth the 10+ year wait!

  6. Was that Dewey running in a HOSPITAL?

  7. At first I thought that was Zombie Ghostface, but then I realized it was just blood on the mask. :)

  8. This is my favorite TV spot. It shows the terror in everyone’s position.

  9. That shot of ____________ running through the hospital hallway looks great! I don’t think i could get any more excited!!! =)

  10. This is a great tv clip! Every time I see a new one, it leaves me more and more curious and excited for the movie to come out. I was wondering, is that Dewey running down the dark hallway? And it looks to me like his right (our left) arm is wrapped close to his body as if he’s been injured. Anyone else see that?

  11. Love the shot of Brittany. Very much like drew in the original.

  12. @wicked-scribeI consider official stuff released a spoiler. There’s no slippery slope whatsoever. It’s called people behind the scenes not caring about spoiling fans. Simple as that. The only difference is they can get away with it and everyone else gets busted. I did not want to see that girl hanging from the ceiling in S4 but they released it. It was even in fangoria i believe.I mean seriously…look at the Spider-Man 3 trailer. They showed Harry dying!!! Even Wes says a couple spots in the trailer he was like…whoaaaa. But, whatever man….1 week to go and it’s gonna be a rumble in the jungle!

  13. I’m not disputing everyone has their own definition of “spoiler”, just stating OUR position on the website. Ironically, in your comment you describe being spoiled by something that you then go onto describing for the rest of us to read! LOL we did actually classify that as a spoiler and never showed the photo without giving readers a choice in whether to view it or not. However I won’t censor your comment because since classifying it as a spoiler, Dimension have “officially” endorsed it thus by our criteria is no longer a spoiler. Additionally to anyone reading this, you should know the scene JRT described might not even be in the film anymore due to reshoots, we’ve heard. So you see JRT, you’ve just illustrated the slippery slope I refer to. But there’s no sarcasm on this end, I agree with everything else you said – I’m not personally comfortable with how “far” the company has chosen to go in terms of what they show, but as a website that has more readers than Fangoria magazine (truth) we operate behind a middle-ground policy for the benefit of visitors.

  14. @wicked-scribe Thanks for the reply. Not offended by your post or remarks. I understand what you mean by studious releasing stuff officialy….i believe the problem lies in the fact that people behind marketing and advertising don’t fully realize how important what they reveal is to the fanbase. On a lighter note…i didn’t know that scene might not be in the final cut. That’s like a potential spoiler of a spoiler. 1 week to gooooooo…..

  15. Potential spoiler, or potential anti-spoiler. How meta can we get? Oh yes, we’re staring down the barrel of D-Day now…

  16. Wicked…how many times are you gonna be there opening weekend?

  17. Dunno, haven’t thought that far ahead. But I’m attending a press screening in 3 days. :)

  18. That just left me with chills… These are the better tv spots. :)

  19. I am hoping to see it Fri, Sat, and Sunday. Can’t wait!

  20. Wow, one of the best spots *-*
    The way that Britt says ‘you’re not real’ reminded me of the tone of Casey Becker, loved it!
    And c’mon, even without reading the spoilers and see some incriminating photos, the true fans of the franchise can already deduce who dies and who survives in this film.

  21. Wow, that brittany clip was heart breaking. this girl has chops. This is gonna be a doozie. Even if Aimee doesn’t deliver brittany should be able to pick up the slack just fine. Got my tix yesterday CAN NOT WAIT!!

  22. Here is the TV spot in reasonable enough quality…


  23. I think I like this TV spot the best. What’s funny is that it uses an almost identical line from a Scream 3 TV spot…

    Scream 3: “There is one secret that can never be revealed until the end”

    Scream 4: “Behind the mask is a terrifying secret that can’t be revealed until the very end”

  24. This tvspot reminds my of a rob zombie movie for some reason

  25. yess ZOMBI

  26. Poor Britt :\

  27. The part when she says “you’re not real” and that shot of ghostface gives me the creeps. Something about her scream when ghostface grabs her and that shot make me feel really bad for her. She’s supposed to be “the brainy friend” and prob a vrigin so I’m sure her death will brutal and cruel

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