Zombies & Ghostface in New Scream 4 Clip

New week, new clips! We start off with Hayden, Emma, Ghostface and… Shaun of the Dead? Like most of the clips, this is edited differently than it plays out in the film so don’t hold yourself back from giving it a watch.

Pssst, let’s also sneak in this new TV spot. It appears to be playing every day counting down to release. Expect little variation in footage (if any at all) from here on out!

Direct link/credit: Video #1, Video #2

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17 Responses to “ Zombies & Ghostface in New Scream 4 Clip ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. cannot wait anymore! Lucky for me I have less than a 35 hour wait!!

  2. The Extended Version of the Kirby&Jill Bedroom scene was Interesting.
    Those Editors are tricky people Lol

  3. I’m seeing it on Saturday and I’ll probably be the last person to see it on this site/forum. LOL.

  4. Ah, I was thinking Zombie Ghostface. So I take it they don’t use any different Ghostface costumes in the movie?

  5. Not sure if you can see this, but this facebook page uploaded yet another clip of Gale in the barn!!!


  6. Awesome. Oh and @Jen don’t worry you won’t be the last. From the looks of things I won’t be going until next week or maybe never for the simple fact that friends can’t go for whatever reason. So lame. :(

    Anyway great clip. :D

  7. anyone else have chills while watching this?? I am soooo pumped!!

  8. Yeah, another clip now of Gale in the barn, thank you @Cory Gillis

  9. Oh Jen, you’re not gonna be the last… It’s not coming to my hometown this weekend so I’d probably end up watching it in 2 or 3 more weeks :S It sucks to live here…

  10. Before i thought Trevor was the killer. Now i don’t think he is the killer anymore. Know how in Scream 1 they thought it was Randy on the phone prank calling them and how Randy ended up not being the killer.

  11. Hey, this is the SECOND door ghostface kicks down. I think everyone thinks that this is when ghostface is going into the room will jill under the bed, but this shot is ghostface coming out of olivias closet as seen by the make-up stand next to the door and the clothes in the closet he is coming out of.

  12. well, my comment only applies for the facebook version that was linked by the above commenter, the version on this site is the same old door kickdown.

  13. @Stephen Howard
    I agree, this Ghostface killer this time around likes kickin’ down doors,

  14. @Glen – just go by yourself. Trust me, if you’re embarrassed about being on your own, then don’t be. People honestly don’t care. Everyone’s just focused on watching the film and having a good and/or relaxing time. I have two people going with me, but if it came down to going by myself you can bet I would.

  15. @Glen- yeah agree with Gabriel, I have been to the movie by myself a few times too and it is in some ways more relaxing. You don’t have to worry if the person you brought is as into the movie as you are. You don’t get those conversations about the movie afterward, like you would if you had someone but if you find Scream 4 really good maybe you can gather up some people with your personal recommendation to watch it with again. As for the clip, whomever is in the background in the other house, you can only see them in the second half of this clip which makes me conclude that all of these scenes they have been showing us are cut short for one reason or another. which is a sigh of relief because some of them were not working well to me because it felt like some were rushed and cut short.

  16. @Glen, yeah, Lovett Udubor and Gabriel are right. I only went with one person, but that’s cause I needed a ride, trust me, the epiicness of the movie is nothing a fellow SCRE4MER should miss :)

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