Craven Says Scream 4 DVD Should Be Interesting

After viewing Scream 4 three times, nothing would be more satisfying than to sit down with the Master of Horror himself and get his take on certain scenes.  Some lucky folks got their chance as a screening of Scream 4 was shown to Cal State Long Beach students Monday evening; a Q&A session with director Wes Craven immediately followed.

Craven spoke with the students about the filmmaking process and revealed there were certain times when even he was unsure which scenes would be shot next.  “It is amazing it turned out as well as it did,” he said.  Craven described the editing process for Scream 4 as his most difficult to date – stating the most common question asked during editing is, “Do we really need this?”

The director went on to say the DVD should be interesting as many scenes shot during principal photography were left on the cutting room floor.  Could Scream fans possibly be treated to an extended cut of the film?!

Following the screening, Craven received a standing ovation and praise for his work on the film.  “I liked it,” Film major Elliot Plichta said. “It’s my favorite one since the original.” Although the film may not be a hit at the box office, it’s nice to see Craven’s fans showing some love.  “I enjoyed watching you guys watch the movie,” the director said.

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33 Responses to “ Craven Says Scream 4 DVD Should Be Interesting ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. It was so important to him to make the film funny instead of making a modern horror movie and the rules of a modern horror and make it good. Scream 4 was a lot better than Scream 3 where they tried to make up their own rules of trilogies that made no sense. It was like watching a Scooby Doo movie. Making “META” and killing it in one movie. The movie was beating me into the head with the message of the evil of instant fame and social networks, and tabloid exposure. It was a fun movie and it was great seeing it with an audience who love these films. Something Scream 3 will never do for me. I look forward to the dvd.

  2. I really do think people let their expectations of box office get aheard of themselves. By and large the 4th entry of a horror film franchise do not do all that much at the box office. Even one as popular as the “Scream” franchise.

    The ancillaries, however, should be bonza. I imagine most people will see this on DVD and enjoy it. I mean, the word of mouth has been good – “let’s get Scream 4 – I’ve heard it’s actually quite good” – but just couldn’t convince enough people to hand over the cash to see the 4th film in a slasher movie franchise.

    Also: Random question – why does Kirby always put her finger over her ear when she’s on the phone? It’s not like she’s blocking out external noise… she does it in the bedroom and the basement scene. Random.

  3. It was better than 3, put it that way.

  4. Glen, probably just habit! I do the same thing.

    Looking forward to the DVD and I really think DVD, Blu-ray, and Direct Download will really let this movie shine. Hoping for big sales :).

    How awesome for those guys to get a Q+A with Wes Craven! That’d be amazing!

  5. As long as the DVD has all the deleted scenes and original scenes that were re-shot I’ll be happy. Would also be interesting to see the alternate cuts of some scenes we know about (e.g. Gale’s “if you have the guts”, Sid’s flashback to Tatum when she sees Olivia). I’m also intrigued by the shot of Jill taunting Sid from the end of the trailer where she’s either got a phone or voice-changer in her hand. It’s missing from the final film and I’d like to see what it was…

  6. I agree with you Ross completely! I so want to see that clip of Jill on the phone with Sidny, soooo many scenes I want to see, can’t wait!

  7. Cannot wait for the DVD!!!

  8. Wow so jealous if I had a q and a with wes I’d ask the following
    1. In order from best to worst what’s your favourite scream movie.
    2. How do you think scream 4 fits into the current horror genre now, is it a game changer or nostalgic present to the original fans.
    3.What parts of scream 4 did eren kruger rewrite and was you worried about bringing him back after the united disappointment that was scream 3.
    4. Who decided to make some of the death scenes more amuzing than brutal, you, the weinsteins, kevin or eren.
    5. What made you cut so much of the film, do you think the clever dialogue and extensive red herrings are lost on this generation unlike old scream fans who lap up this stuff, and are you going to release a unrated\uncut\extreme edition previously not seen in theatres\ultimate directors cut.
    6. Will there be 2 more parts to this trilogy, was this ever going to be part of a trilogy or was it all a clever lie devised by you and kevin to think it was a reboot trilogy when really its was a homage to the original and a social comment on how reboots and remakes are redundant.
    7. If there is a scream 5 would you like to take it in another direction or keep with the scream rules and is there a studio\fans pressure on keeping it familiar. I know that the scarecrow and zombie masks was kept out of the film in case it confused fans and some people have said how the anna paquin and kristen bell scene felt out of place.
    8 where next will your career take you are you planning a next film, will it be a hat trick and make another slasher or will you be taking a different path to horror, will your next film be a horror or maybe something else like music of the heart 2, the sing off? And how hard is it to reinvent yourself as a horror director after 5 decades
    8 last quick one, you once commented on the death of randy in scream 2 and brang him back for a cameo in scream 3, what is your say on the HUGE fan reaction to KIRBY, who’s idea was it to kill her, is she even dead, if there is a scream 5 will she come back.

    Please feel free to answer any questions even if your not wes lol

    And to answer one of yours GLEN I totally do it when I’m on the phone even if the tv os on low so imagine what you would do in that kind of panic lol the scene with olivias death kirby had trouble with reception and when she had to SAVE charlie she must have been breathing so hard she couldn’t hear, I noticed little things too did you notice kirby did this thing with her finger in her mouth twice on the phone and then did that funny scary weird eye thing when making a move on charlie looool

  9. Good news!. I hope he does his own cut!!!

  10. I’m looking forward to the dvd immensely. Such a pity that Scream 4 under-performed, but box office is not the ultimate reflection of quality. Fast and Furious 5 made over $80 million at the weekend and thats a pile of s**t(sorry). Some of those who whine about Scream 4 a good if flawed film with something to say, will eat up cars going vroom for the fifth fricking time – morons! I care about Neve Campbell and the characters she plays, I couldn’t care less about Vin Diesel and his blockheads. Interesting that some wouldn’t care about Sid because she’s 37(ooh!) but would about auld baldy, can you say sexist and dull?!

  11. The movie is great the way it is, but I hope someone in the audience told him te original opening would fit better.
    I don’t want to see it as a “deleted scene” extra. I want to see an alternate cut of the movie (with this opening) via seamless branching.

    Oh, and without the “F@&! Bruce Willis” line.

  12. Come on you guys release the Directors cut with the unseen scenes

    You are not real
    Go Ahead If you have the guts
    and the others scenes

  13. I am a huge Scream fan. I understand about FastFive. It is a bunch of shit but its a completely different film. Horror films always have a hard time when they come out. I really hope KW rights the true 3rd installment to I know what you did last summer thats rumored.

  14. Please make it an extended cut. Don’t just throw them in a ‘deleted scenes’ section. PLEASE WES!

  15. @GlennAlso: Random question – why does Kirby always put her finger over her ear when she’s on the phone? It’s not like she’s blocking out external noise… she does it in the bedroom and the basement scene. Random.

    I do that all the time, I guess I got that from my friends to so they can get a clue “I’m on the phone and please shut up!” My gal friends talk a lot. Maybe that’s why Kirby did it, it’s a character trait.

  16. Kirby does that because she’s on an iPhone!! Hehe,just joshin’,but in the basement scene,it kind of shows her tension and fear,and I’ve loved that part since the trailer. CAN KIRBY LIVE FOR 5CREAM? PLEASE?

  17. I really really think scream 5 will come, I believe and hope dvd sales will be huge, I know scream 4 has been the most popular movie on imdb for weeks, and AI know there has to be loads of kids that have to wait for dvd and bluray, plus the people waiting for it on dvd unsure if it is worth theatrical viewing,

    And once the rest of box office and dvd sales are added, I think we will get scream 5, and it will do better because people expect more from it. :)

  18. the only way the dvd will be interesting is if they completely redo the movie, and put in an actual killer, not an anorexic chick.

  19. I can’t wait for the blu-ray and dvd to come out later this year. The dvd/blu-ray sales might actually help make Scream 5 happen.If the second trilogy happens I hope it ties in with the original trilogy.

  20. ^ Well I agree. I’ll be quite pleased if Wes decides to do his own cut of the movie, with the original footage and better editing, but he can’t do anything about the ending unfortunately. The killer reveal of Jill was lame, and her acting was bad at times, especially when she was talking to Sidney and Charlie, and it all just felt so forced. It would have worked better if the killer was not related to Sid again, and if the male killer had matched ghostface’s size more accurately.

  21. @Tom, Your hilarious. JUST KIDDING lol!

    We deffinatly NEED an extended cut (No calling it “UNRATED”, thats fuckig DUMB! seeing as nothing was cut for it to gain the “R” rating, nothing could be put back in to make it “unrated”…)I LOVE KIRBY & THE ISEA OF HER BEING IN SCREAM 5!!!!

  22. @tom

    Why an anorexic chick can’t be the killer?

  23. @steve&casey4life ?

    @Ed compared 2 the other killers this one is a joke. we deserved a strong killer. all sid had 2 do was lay one punch on this twit and shes out. I just can’t take this seriously.
    u can compare the killers in the original (only) 3 2 killers like michael myers, jason, and freddy, because they were strong and BELIEVABLE killers. but when u compare jill 2 myers, jason, and freddy it just makes the scream franchise look weak.

  24. They say that a madman has the strength of ten men. Perhapss that goes for women also. Women can also withstand higher levels of pain than males. Ohh yeah and it’s a movie. lol

  25. Jill was simply the best villain in the Scream franchise she was pure evil and totally deranged end of discussion. Now to the DVD I hope they put in the fountain scene and the scene when Jill is on the phone and it looks like she is mocking Sidney while she is calling 911.

  26. There is SO MUCH extra material and edited the film that MUST be on DVD. I hope at least that they don’t deprive domestic release fans from seeing all the footage.

    I want everything from the dialogue cut like ‘go ahead if you Have the guts’, the scene Jill mocks Sidney, the different angle on the scene that Gale says to Dewey ‘it’s all over the internet’ and the first versions of the opening scene and Rebecca on parking garage.

  27. I wantt both, they have to it’s unfair I want theatrical and extended cut.

  28. I had really high expectations for the film, and the film just did not meet them. And it’s consistent with the box office results. They had really high numbers in mind, and it just didn’t get there.

    With that said, I can say confidently to both situations above, Scream 4 was NOT BAD. I think for both me and the box office watchers, had they not expect too much, this film would be splendid in their minds.

    But I stand on my ground that Wes didn’t do his best job in editing the film. Some stuff shouldn’t be cut out, and he put in scenes/lines that didn’t feel quite right.

  29. How hilarious would it be if the DVD ends with a different character being the killer? Ha, ha. There’s a first time for everything!

  30. I agree with much of what you say, Mr Ghostface. Wes’s editing decisions seem somewhat suspect here, and the shifts in tone uncontrolled but it ISN’T a bad movie. I like what it has to say, and the rebukes to the “reboot”/remake system are great.
    Neve Campbell overcomes all flaws, David & Courteney are very good, while Hayden Panettiere is irresistible. Kirby’s fate is so awful, I’d like an alternative cut where she survives a la Dewey in 1 and 2. Make it happen…please?

  31. J.D., it would be a great surprise to fans that I would love, but for sure some idiot would reveal before ¬¬

  32. @Tom

    No one is comparing Jill to Michael Myers. I bought Jill has a killer because she had a lot of rage and the adrenaline running through her body helped her do the things she did. I don’t know why people can’t understand size of a person doesn’t matter when you have those 2 things.

  33. I think a re-editing of the movie would be interesting. It’s been done before but only when the director has died. No. Come to think of it the director of Mel Gibson’s “PAYBACK” completely re-edited the masterpiece released in theaters titled “PAYBACK: Straight UP” which was terrible.

    The Weinsteins could make a lot of money producing a new cut of Scream 4. These scenes I’ve discovered on this forum are very interesting and scary. Thoughts?

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