Did Scream 4 Impact The Future Of Horror?

Recent Q&A tweets from Brad Fuller (producer and co-owner of Platinum Dunes):

@marciadenicerox:  Are the poor opening numbers of scream 4 hurting the chances of a possible sequel to Friday the 13th?”  @bcfuller:  yes

@baumer72:  Isn’t the opening of Scream4 depressing?  Such a great film.  @bcfuller:  it’s bad for horror

@bcfuller:  Rated R Horror movies, right now, don’t seem to generate interest from the studios.

Scream-Trilogy fans…don’t you know history repeats itself?  It’s happening right before our very eyes.  Back in 1996, the horror genre was a box office flop away from becoming extinct.  Movie studios had sprung a leak creatively and were releasing more worthless horror sequels and less attention-grabbing films:  Hellraiser:  Bloodline (Domestic gross:  $9 million); Tales from the Crypt Presents:  Bordello of Blood (Domestic gross:  $5.7 million); Texas Chainsaw Massacre:  The Next Generation (Domestic gross:  $185,000); The Mangler (Domestic gross:  $1.7 million); and Halloween:  The Curse of Michael Myers (Domestic gross:  $15 million).  With each of these horror flicks being slaughtered at the box office, it was evident the only way to keep the genre afloat was for a movie studio to release a successful horror film.

The breakout hit came in December 1996 when Dimension Films unleashed Scream to the world.  The film reinvented the horror genre and garnered $103 million domestically at the box office.  Not only did the film spawn two sequels within the next four years — movie studios released a slew of horror films to ride the coattails of Scream’s success:  I Know What You Did Last Summer (Domestic gross:  $72 million); Urban Legend (Domestic gross:  $38 million); Halloween H20 (Domestic gross:  $55 million); The Rage:  Carrie 2 (Domestic gross:  $17 million); and Virus (Domestic gross:  $14 million).  When the lack of creativity ran dry a second time, movie studios resorted to PG-13 films and remakes to make a quick buck: Prom Night, When A Stranger Calls, The Fog, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, House of Wax, The Omen, Black Christmas, Sorority Row, The Wolfman and Halloween.

As the trend to make PG-13 horror films and remakes continued, the movie public grew tired of dishing out cash for lesser quality products – leaving no chance for new horror stories to be told in Hollywood. The last couple of years brought about some of the worst box office figures for horror films in quite some time:  The Collector (Domestic gross:  $7.7 million); Jennifer’s Body (Domestic gross:  $16.2 million); Chain Letter (Domestic gross:  $138,000); and My Soul To Take (Domestic gross:  $14.7 million).  Unless the film included some paranormal activity or insidious nature, the likelihood of success was pretty low.  The horror genre was in serious danger of taking an indefinite break.

In 2009, Dimension Films announced Scream 4 was in the works with an April 15, 2011 release date set.  Based on Brad Fuller’s tweets, it was safe to say movie studios were keeping a close eye on the opening weekend numbers to see if there was life left in horror.  Unfortunately, Scream 4 fell victim to the genre it once saved 11 years prior as it failed to meet box office expectations.

Was Scream 4 the final nail in the coffin for horror films?  Only time will tell.  If studio execs spent less time trying to swim in dollar bills and more on finding stories worth telling – maybe, just maybe…they will find an audience again. Scream 4 may not have been the breakout hit everyone was expecting; but the box office numbers show some fans still care about horror.

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Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. What is the gross, currently for Scream 4?

  2. this is a sad article lol

  3. So sad

  4. @Tony – Worldwide: $80,853,792

    That’s not counting Over Seas from last week.

  5. @Tony – Scream 4 domestically is at 36.92 million, i’d say heading for about 38 million final gross. Worldwide it’s at 80.85 million, it will get an international update in a couple of days. Does anyone know how many more foreign markets it has to open in?

  6. Scream 4 currently sits at $36.9 million domestically. Still hoping it makes it to $40 million before leaving theaters.

  7. The reason all those 1996 figures were so low is because they were terrible

    and how is Scream 4 the cause of the death of Friday the 13th 2, Friday the 13th was released 2 years ago. Never believe a word Brad Fuller says, remember when he was promising all the deleted and extra footage would be on the DVD of a Nightmare on Elm St? What did we get? nothing. He’s making excuses.

    Scream 4, while not the blockbuster it was predicted to be, will end up doing fine. It is not a flop as people are calling it. Sucker Punch (Budget:82 million Current Box Office: 36 million) is a flop, Scream 4 (Budget: 40 million Current Box Office:35 million) is not.

    Also, Insidious is doing quite well at the Box Office, that’s good for horror.

  8. @Tony.w 36.9m domestically, 80m worldwide. By the end of its run itll probably make about half what scream 3 made domestically and by the end of its run make just over (or under) 100m worldwide probably compared to the 170m worldwide 3 made, so yes its went down, for horror though thats strong just not compared to revious installments by alot, it’ll likely make more worldwide in the end then friday the 13th remake every did, scream hasnt dropped much internationally just in the U.S. sadly. Sequels are big internationally but The min U.S public seem to only be bothered about crappy paranormal activitys, saw or remakes, The death of horror right in front of our eyes.

  9. I’m gonna say the thing no Scream fan wants to hear right now: nobody wanted to see Scream 4. We can blame the recession, but look at the success of Rio and Insidious. We’re not in a recession. Also, while I do believe that studios care more about quantity over quality, this article leaves out a few facts. Fact #1. Look at how successful the Final Destination franchise is. It’s an original series and it makes more money with every new installment. Chances are, FD5 will make in it’s opening weekend what Scream 4 has made overall. Fact 2. Look at how successful the Saw films are. Saw was this generation’s Scream. The first two films were brilliant and changed the genre. Fact 3. Look at how successful the Reaident Evil franchise is. Like Final Destination, it gets more successful with every entry. This doesn’t include either of the wildly successful Paranormal Activity films or Insidious. What about movies like The Strangers or Vacancy? I would love a good reason to blame for the disappointment of Scream 4, but the sad truth is that the general public just didn’t care. There are plenty of R rated and PG-13 rated movies doing too well to justify Scream 4’s financial flop.

  10. Well that’s….uh depressing.

  11. I think this is a great article! If “Scream” was the resurrection of horror then maybe “Scream 4″ can be the death of horror and thus “Scream 4″ will succeed in doing what it was meant to do — END the cycle of shitty horror remakes. END horror (for now). Everything’s come full circle. It gives “Scream 4″ a proper meaning in the world. “Scream” began it, “Scream 4″ ended it. Perfect ending.

  12. the 80 million world wide is shy from the 136 world wide from scream 3 and people seem to like scream 4 more…i think scream 4 can lead to scream 5 but they need to be careful with 5 and instead of trying to reinvent or tell gimmicky jokes wrap it up once and for all

  13. I’m sorry, but you seem to just be focusing on the numbers to make your point. Are you arguing the concept of ‘slasher’ films dieing off, or the genre itself? Frankly, horror is a genre that has been around since before recorded history. I don’t think Scream 4’s bad box office is going to put the genre on a hold. In fact, why don’t they do that! I hope they do! It would be awesome! Give it two or three years and the whole genre would be evolve into something really special. Bad box office from Scream 4 wont destroy the box office. It is good for the horror genre! For god sakes, I want to hear about a movie getting made without all the studio drama. Why can’t we have a $10 million dollar Scream movie? It could look good while those involved would probably have complete creative control.

    You know what Scream 4’s box office really means? There will be a lot more low budget/high concept horror films coming out. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if its PG-13 or R. If its a good story then that is all that matters. If you argue for the sake of an R rating, you are arguing for the sake of gore and language. (Things that help, but don’t add much.)

  14. As much as I hate to say this, I agree with Robert. A majority of people just didn’t care about Scream 4. They will likely rent the DVD when it comes out, but they had no desire to see it in theaters. I think most of the people who did were hardcore fans. Most other people probably thought it was going to be an unnecessary, lame sequel for the makers to cash in on. Plus, it was meant to bring a decent horror film to theaters instead of all the recycled stuff we’ve been getting. The people who didn’t see Scream 4 are the same people who go see the films like Saw.

  15. Well, Scream 4 hasn’t done so well but that there wasn’t a huge audience doesn’t mean a thing, except to the bean counters. Since the 90s everyone’s become an “expert” obsessing over weekend grosses as if they are the fricking Book of Revelation. They matter to the execs and the multinationals behind the studios but, to be frank and impolite, who cares about those fuckwits? B.O. grosses are not an indicator of quality. Was Scream 4 great? Heck no. Was it pretty good. I’d say yes and it pisses all over the recent remakes. But the remakes appeal to berks and they often do well. Again, it isn’t about quality. Saw was O.K. then the sequels progressively degenerated into jerking off over atrocity which spawned more of the same. People liked it but perhaps things are changing. Paranormal Activity went the Blair Witch route and that was different enough and (ha) “real” enough to be a hit and result in a sequel cum remake, now Insidious marries elements (inc. Ending) from those to a haunted house/possesion tale and it’s a hit. Horror is still in business whether many of those films are really any good and whether large audiences now have any taste well that’s another question! Cynical, Moi?!

  16. I wouldn’t say Scream 4 is a flop I would say it’s been a disappoinment. To me flops are movies and Drive Angry which is diappointing because I thought DA was outstanding but people don’t want to see Nic Cage movies.

  17. Forgot to mention Sucker Punch

  18. @ Robert AKA ILNY8, the problem with today is that the younger movie going generation and the modern horror movie goers don’t know what real horror is. Everything is rated PG- 13 now so the studios can make more money. Yes, i agree that Saw has been successful, but come on! Saw isn’t horror! The last time i checked horror wasn’t about how much blood and guts you can fit into a horror film, or about how much you disgusted the crowd! Saw does all of this, but fails to actually SCARE people. There is no tension, suspense, or surprise! and the Final Destination Franchise does the same thing! Yes, I have seen every final destination and every saw film, but they aren’t horror! There just isn’t any other genre to put them in! It is unfortunate that horror has become this, but horror is no longer horror! Scream 4, and all of the scream franchise is the definition of horror. It’s just that people don’t see/ recognize real horror when it’s in front of them anymore. Paranormal Activity did well in the box office, but it did nothing to scare me! I laughed during part of it. Insidious did scare me! It is good horror! Scream 4 can still make its mark and Scream 5 can change horror. When Scream 5 is made it will be out of the love for and the quality of the film and not for the money. The Weinsteins have learned their lesson about making changes to Wes’s and Kevin’s films! Do people (the weinsteins and other studios) not realize that if the make a horror film for the quality that more money than they are making now will roll in?!

  19. How the hell is Scream 4 a flop? Someone please tell me. It’s 2m away in Domestic to making it’s money back. World Wide it doubled and it hasn’t even calculated Over Seas yet. Many of you I can’t stand. Go look at a dictionary and see what flop means because you’re wrong.

  20. First of all Brad Fuller is a shithead who doesn’t know anything about anything. He was talking about Platinum Dunes moving away from R rated horror a long time before Scream 4 hit theaters. Now he’s just looking for some kind of bullshit excuse to justify his ignorant way of thinking. Both Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on elm street deserve sequels, because looking at it with the same logic people are looking at possible Scream sequels, Both did extremely well in theaters. So there’s no reason not to have sequels. But Platinum Dunes sucks as a company. I have heard rumors that Warner is considering going ahead and doing a Friday sequel without the involvement of PD. I’ll be honest though folks…horror is probably my favorite thing in this world aside from the ladies, and I’m genuinely worried about the direction it’s going in.

  21. @Scream4fan. Are you touched in the head? Just because it’s made nearly 40m in the US and another 40m worldwide doesn’t mean it’s made it’s money back. Do you think marketing and people who own and work at cinemas work for free? It probably still hasn’t made it’s money back for those very reasons. Get a clue and stop being so delusional.

  22. The death of horror films can not be blamed by numbers but the fact that the films including Scream 4 was not THAT good. I think people want to see a good horror movie but not waste their time seeing inferior products when movie and gas prices are very high these days.

  23. worldwide: $80,853,792
    isn’t that enough to make another one? :)

  24. If Scream 4 was actually decent to the general audience, it would do well in the box office. The problem is, to me, the movie has a number of flaws to us hardcore fans. And some of my friends who are not fans thought it just plain sucked.

    I don’t mind a Scream 5 and 6, and I will continue to pay to see it both in theater and on DVD. However, the future installments must avoid all the mistakes that this one made. IN PARTICULAR, don’t cut out more stuff than you ought to! >_<

    Tell us a complete story, and give us some real character developments! We know the trio so well, but we barely got to learn about any of the new characters. Sigh.

  25. Them idiots over at Dimension Films should never, ever allowed a public screening back in January. I understand Bob [Weinstein] felt that the movie might be a box office hit without getting some critique feedback but its like dude just look at what is being presented now I suppose his worse fears came true afterall. So regardless of that I personally believe they should’ve just did a press screening instead of general audience screening epescially for this type of film. I mean once the spoilers leaked HARD online everyone that came across them, read them intentionally because they couldn’t wait or word of mouth in the break room at the water cooler it takes away the fun that makes the Scream films what they are because they are a whodunnit type of storytelling so those people probably would not spend their money at the movies (despite how expensive they are getting).

    Another aspect is bootleg like I’ve said before that also could hurt a bit but not too much because Friday the 13th remake was bootleg and still did well opening weekend. The most important thing of all besides the screenings is the marketing. The marketing for this movie wasn’t great at all. I remember having to go on youtube just to see the tv spots. My friend who works at a theater told me she doesn’t even remember seeing any trailer of Scream 4 copied to a movie that had came out before it did and she goes to the movies a lot.

    I could go on and on. But yeah Bob has no one to blame but himself.

  26. as far as the opening goes, I didn’t like the way Scream 4 was marketed/promoted, or lack thereof. Plus, I think that one of the biggest part of making these films is to keep most of it secret, but the spoilers out there… I could barely get on twitter without seeing a spoiler. 10 years ago, we didn’t have twitter, facebook, or as many blogs… And all of the clips, the trailers showed so much. Also, I don’t think Brad Fuller is a good source of knowing much about Horror… He’s ruined SO many horror films. The story of Friday The 13th (the remake) ruined the chances of a sequel. I mean, who wants to watch Jason killing in winter?…

  27. This pisses me off… who the hell does Brad Fuller think he is, making judgements on Scream 4? Has he seen the movies he’s produced?

  28. Ok 1.platinum dunes SUCKS, they are great money makers but they have no creativity, I don’t have a problem with remakes as long as they are recreating a film while adding original ideas and taking the franchise in a clever new route. But they don’t, they make them slick, quick and shit. 2. I loved scream 4 but it was always just a fans wet dream and a clever. Statement on where horror is right now, for scream 4 to truly work as a groundbreaking horror it had to be more original than it was, it needed to feel fresh, inventive and SCARY, just like the original, we’ve seen irls getting phone calls from ghostface, we’ve seen the three screamigos (sid, du, gail) fight for there life, we’ve know that it will all end in a scooby doo climax of un masking the villain, don’t get me wrong I love all of this formula, but that’s why it wasn’t groundbreaking, because we know how it all goes. If they had of gone down another route with scream 4, no original cast members, no girls getting phone calls, no big reveal, I think the public would have more interest in scream 4, they say it took 80 million at the box office, well I believe 60 of that was garnered by fans of the original. 3 saying that scream 4 must be noted as the best horror sequel ever. For a sequel that isn’t groundbreaking, it is clever, funny, twisted, ironic, tense and involving. There is not a part 4 in any horror franchise that come close to its greatness, e.g halloween 4, saw 4, friday 13th 4, final destination 4, alien 4, house 4, tremors 4, texas chainsaw 4, pycho 4, a nightmare on elm street 4(which originally held the title of best 4th) as every other horror franchise kept rolling out countless sequels, by the time the fourth comes out its all about the kills focusing less on story and more on inventive deaths. Scream 4 has broken these cliques, the scream series took an eleven year break and when it came back it had a lot to say about horror in the past decade, it didn’t go for more an more inventive deaths, In fact it played with are expectations that this was a reboot when ironically it was just another sequel, it defiantly refused to stick to horror sequel formula and was brave enough to stay true to the original while still being clever, tense, brutal and funny which is why scream 4 is the best sequel we ever have or will ever get!!!!!
    4. If you all want to see a groundbreaking horror in the vein of scream you have to go see CABIN IN THE WOODS it written by drew goddard and joss weadon and its as original, self aware, scary, clever and amusing as scream 1 was, trust me this is gonna change horror for the next decade.
    5. I wonder if we will get a slew of quad sequels in the wake of scream for? (I know what you did last summer be4ore) or (urban legends goes fourth) or (candy man 4 the daughter) or (poltergeist 4ever)

  29. Ok 1.platinum dunes SUCKS, they are great money makers but they have no creativity, I don’t have a problem with remakes as long as they are recreating a film while adding original ideas and taking the franchise in a clever new route. But they don’t, they make them slick, quick and shit.

  30. I have been reading most of your comments on this topic over several articles.

    Yes Scream 4 had disappointing numbers compared to the 3 previous movies.

    But…I am surprised I haven’t seen any or much talk mention on this: How much of the money that Rio brought in was from teenagers that bought a ticket for Rio and then sneaked into Scream 4? I know when I went to see Scream 4 ushers were being very strict about selling tickets to anyone that didn’t have an ID. I saw about 8-10 teenagers that couldn’t get in.

    I know when Scream came out in ’96 I was only 16 and they were carding everyone that looked young. I bought a ticket for another movie.

  31. Brad Fuller, your the man and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. PD ROCKS! To me, Scream 4 is a shitty horror remake, plain and simple. It will not “END the cycle of shitty horror remakes” as someone stated. Remakes/reboots are still being made and will continue to do so.

  32. Unfortunately Brad Fuller is right. I loved Scream 4 but its poor box office hurt me bad. I’m a filmmaker myself and I have a horror script called FUNNY DEVILS that I sent out to some people a few weeks ago. It’s about a group of improv comics that use their knowledge of horror films to survive in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. I was pitching the film as Scream meets Wrong Turn but more extreme. It got a ton of interest just before Scream 4 was released. Monday morning after opening weekend, it was rejected by everyone who had it. They all told me that it was a great script but now is not the right time for horror comedy or that it was too extreme and they are only looking for PG-13 horror at this time. One person told me I wrote one of the most suspenseful scenes they ever read in a horror script but there is just no audience for these types of movies anymore. I don’t think Scream 4 was the final nail in the coffin but it certainly didn’t do the horror genre any favors. On a positive note, we all know studios chase trends so as soon as a low budget slasher does well at the box office, studios will be back on board with hardcore horror.

  33. @ RealityCheck

    I’ll believe you when you show me the numbers.

    @ Ghostface

    If Scream 4’s flaws are responsible for its disappointing box office results, then the Saw franchise should have bombed from Saw II onwards, in my opinion, and Paranormal Activity shouldn’t even have got a sequel. Why should a rule (no quality = no money) apply to one particular movie and not the others ?

    I think Scream belongs to the 90’s. Period. It’s like when the CW (or WC I should say) tries to remake cult TV shows like 90210 and Melrose Place : these are 90’s monuments, just like Scream. They were relevant in this particular era, before all these i-things appear, back when human beings could live without being connected to Internet at any cost anytime. Friday, Halloween or Nightmare benefited from a curiosity effect, but Friday and Nightmare shouldn’t have sequels because people already don’t care anymore (see Halloween II), there’s no lasting effect anymore, people want what’s new, what’s hot, what’s in as fast as possible. Mark my word : if Scream 4 is a flop, then Friday 2 or Nightmare 2 will be uber-flops. And Scream 4 is not responsible, just the world we created : an awful lot of people don’t think by themselves, they just want what everybody’s talking about. Good ? Bad ? They just don’t care. Sadly, Scream (4) is past. The Weinsteins need to understand that they can’t reach the original trilogy’s numbers anymore because the world is changing faster and faster : horror fans badly needed the freshness brought by Scream in 1996, I think they still need it now, but the difference is they don’t know it, they’re OK with ho-hum pictures like Saw 3D or Paranormal Activity 2. An hypothetical Scream 5 could be Academy Awards worthy, it probably wouldn’t do better than Scream 4, if the producers’s expectations are not realistic, they sould stop right now, because, should it be made, Scream 5 would be labeled as a flop again.

  34. Overseas is doing better than recent horror remakes.
    It’s only disappointing in the states.

  35. I think it has to do moreso with the fact studios keep releasing shit horror films. What the genre needs is a great horror film to put it back on track.

  36. I believe that Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm St. were the cause of Scream 4 not doing so well also. Because they were such bad movies. And people are more interested in the supernatural. Hence Paranormal Activity and Insidious.

  37. Cool with me, no Scream 5 or 6. While I enjoyed 4, it did nothing for the horror genre at all. I’m also a firm believer that having a number at the end of this title is what caused the disappointing box office debut. Of course if they would have called it anything else, it would have been something dumb like, “Return to Woodsboro.” Least they had some balls to slap a “4” in there.

  38. ‘SCREAM 4? Why would I want to see that? It’s SCREAM *4*’

    If there were any people who really had that frame of mind, I’d bet you those were the same people who left SCREAM 3 with a bad taste in their mouth.

    SCREAM 4 could have made more money if it was A) a better film and B) marketed/promoted a HELL of a lot better.

    SCREAM 4 is the first installment since the birth of the SCARY MOVIE franchise. There’s a fine line between satire and spoof. SCREAM and SCREAM 2 brought the comedic pieces without trying. SCREAM 3 and SCREAM 4 sought out the comedic pieces on purpose. Had SCREAM 4 been a darker, more suspenseful film, it probably would have attracted more people.

    I think the biggest problem, though, was the marketing.

    Look at all those films which have seemingly done better than SCREAM 4, opening-weekend or otherwise. NIGHTMARE, FRIDAY, the SAWs, the PARANORMALs, INSIDUOUS. They may not all be great films, but they were marketed brilliantly. The trailers were scary and/or they left something to be desired. With S4’s trailers, I felt they were all fan-centric to a point, and showed a LOT more than they should have.

    Sadly, though, studios probably will look at S4’s performance and let that determine their future with R-rated slasher horror, and that’s BS.

    No one will ever really know what the movie-going audience wants to see or doesn’t want to see; at the end of the day it’s up to the studio to make and market something to MAKE people want to see it.

  39. Don’t be ridiculous, the Final Destination franchise is a R-rated series of successful flicks. The 4th one almost scored 200 millons at the box office, obviously the rating has nothing to do with the performance of a movie…

    I rolled so hard my eyes at the poster who said Scre4m was a horror movie, it wasn’t, it was more of a spoof (on the Scary movie level) than a horror movie, it shot on its own foot, sorry. The bad box office of Scre4m means nothing but the end of the franchise, the rest of the horror landscape will survive!

  40. for real people need to clam down. horror was doing just fine before and after scream 4. i know many of you on here are not big into gory movies but regardless there are still good movies out there that are not torture porn but have gore in it. there was even the recent i spit on your grave remake which was done real well in my opinion. all the way from korea came the recent great horror movie which i’m positive they will want to remake for american audiences called I Saw The Devil……still on the deck you have Rec3 from spain and next year rec4. still coming out this year is Chromeskull: Laid To Rest2. it was announced recently Leatherface 3D and Final Destination 5…..aslo at the end of the year Paranormal Activity 3…….NOW having just mentioned all these type of movies i enjoyed Scream 4. it had it’s flaws but i will definitely be watching a lot on DVD….i respect everyones views and opinions but right now wold suck to be close minded about horror. i love it ALL and yes scream 4 may not have done well but i expected it to not do well.horror lives….

  41. i dont think it means the end of the franchise necessarily. scream 5 is still announced on imdb with neve campbell and david arquette apparently signed on to it.

    BTW, I really liked scream 4. I think the fact that it was the fourth hurt it, especially because very few people remember the 3rd one well (because it was…ya know…bad). Also, it hasn’t been THAT much of a financial disappointment. It’s certainly not a flop…It’s made 80 million worldwide, so it’s more than doubled its budget (of course, the 40 million dollar budget doesn’t include marketing costs). It still has another week at the box office and dvd sales are probably going to be high.

    In fact, I think this movie is going to pull a Matrix or a Scott Pilgrim. The former didn’t achieve its widespread popularity until it was available for rent, and was the highest rented video for a very long time. The latter was a complete flop at the box office despite being – in my opinion – an amazing movie; however, Scott Pilgrim is quickly becoming a cult classic among twenty somethings who are renting it and realizing it’s a very entertaining movie.

    Scream 4 is going to fall somewhere in the middle, I think. Not a flop at the box office, but also not a wild success, people who weren’t going to spend the 13.50 to see it in theatres are going to rent it and see that it’s a really entertaining film. The audience for the fifth one will be larger from the get-go.

    Also, just on a practical level, the weinstein company has had an amazing year. Not only did they produce this year’s best picture winner (The King’s Speech), but they’ve made some very financially smart decisions. They’ve doubled their investment with Scream 4, and with DVD sales and rentals worldwide it’s likely to triple. Additionally, Bob Weinstein made a deal that got the weinstein company completely out of debt by selling distribution rights to more than 250 titles owned by the company. Lastly, and most importantly, Bob Weinstein LOVED Scream 4 (and rightly so, dammit). You’re talking about a producer who’s very passionate, plays by his own rules, and whose compnay will have the financial ability to fund Scream 5.

    My point? Enough people were happy with Scream 4 and it has made enough money to justify the 5th movie. It’s still up in the air, but it’s too early to tell.

  42. Scream 4 is a great movie, but just doesn’t fit over this new decade where everything changed. Ghostface was ridiculed in parody, the genre became obsolete with these remakes made ??by greedy studios. This new generation simply doesn’t understand Scream and are interested in other things. Only those who grew up with Scream knows the importance he has for the horror gente. This new generation thinks that Saw is the best scary movie of all time. They simply don’t care about the past, where it all began, what came before to inspire these new movies. Sad but true.

  43. @bad wolf

    Ya dunce you don’t need to see the numbers to know that marketing costs money and that cinemas take half in the US and in some cases even more overseas.

    I suppose you think they are doing it for free and for the love it.

    Ugh, some people have no common sense

  44. $87,048,189 is the total gross worldwide. It should hit the $100million mark considering it hasn’t been released in a few countries yet. That’s pretty good for a horror movie these days

  45. @RealityCheck

    Never said they were doing it for the love of it, where does that come from ?
    It’s just that nowadays, everybody seems to be an expert in movies : people know everything about what’s good, what’s bad, what will succeed and what will flop, what are the marketing costs for a movie.
    Sorry, never worked in the industry, don’t know how much Scream 4’s marketing campaign coud have cost and what share goes to the cinemas. Regarding worldwide results, you seem to be sure they don’t cover budget + marketing campaign. Fine. Prove it. I need to see the numbers, that’s how I learn things everyday, that’s my common sense. I just don’t like when people tell me how I should think and when someone states one thing as an universal truth because they know better ;)

  46. It’s not that we care about Horror, we care about SCREAM! I really wish Scream 4 was a box office hit because it was the best slasher movie to come out since about 2001. HANDS DOWN!!

  47. Anyone else find it funny that Brad “The King of Remakes” Fuller is talking about what’s bad for horror?

  48. Alfred Hitchcock would be pissed if he was aloud to make a statement about the current state of horror. Where’s the suspense? Certainly not in Saw. Saw movies blow.

  49. Oh by the way. The generation who grew up with Scream is not the only one that understands Scream and loved Scream 4. I blame the damn blue birds and their songs in South America.

  50. your damn right the horror fans still go the movies scream 4 was a good movie even though it didn’t do as well at the movies we still love you wes and Kevin!

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