Five Final Thoughts on Scream 4 (Spoilers)

After posting my first thoughts prior to Scream 4‘s official release, I intended on writing a more spoilery piece a little later but I had more fun reading your thoughts instead (all 250 of them!). My initial feelings on the film haven’t really changed, but additional viewings did solidify certain strengths – and weaknesses.

1. The opening scene is painfully near-perfect
The three-part opener has some serious quality differences. The first segment with Sherrie & Trudie is masterful, with dialogue that pops, honest performances and genuine suspense (who knew a vibrating txt alert could generate tension?). Not to mention the total geekgasm of two costumed-up Ghostfaces at once. The Rachel & Chloe scene has a specific function to bridge the Stab and Scream worlds and explain the “rules” of opening scenes. Mission accomplished. However the final setpiece taking place in Woodsboro should have been, progressively, the best – but came off as cliche and rushed, with noticeable lighting issues, a goofy oversized mask, and a cheap-looking garage set – basically, what you’d expect to find in a scene from Stab. Unless that was the point – but it all just feels upside down. Also, the focus was on Jenny, who despite her GPA still fulfilled the dumb blonde functions while Marnie, the more innocent and interesting of the two was relegated to an off-screen kill, unless you count her deathcam footage in the climax.

2. Sidney, Gale & Dewey really shine
It almost doesn’t matter who writes the dialogue anymore – Kevin Williamson, Ehren Kruger, Wes Craven himself or any other anonymous Dimension “script doctor”. The characters live and breathe on their own in Scream 4, independent of a writer’s voice. They’re almost solely avatars of Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette now. That they’re all in a town they’ve all lived in for long periods is what grounds them. Keep the characters in their element and they write themselves, drop them out of their element and you had better have a strong voice guiding them or you get Scream 3. This chapter got me invested in the trio’s safety and survival in ways the previous sequels never did. One of my favorite moments in the film is a small character moment that in retrospect is a miracle to have survived the editing: Sidney and Dewey having a relaxed catch-up talk. The emotions really choked me up, and it’s the most real a conversation the two have had since – well, ever. Sidney has outgrown her victim personality and so can engage Dewey as an equal instead of the usual case of him coddling her like a surrogate Tatum.

3. The dumbest Movie Cops ever?
Perkins & Hoss are clearly modeled on the bumbling pair of police in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (Kevin Williamson loves that sequel, and they die the same way). But isn’t Scream supposed to present smarter, more reality-based characters than the usual faint outlines found in old-school slashers? Woodsboro may be a small town, but it’s not out in Hicksville, and considering its past, you’d think Dewey’s posse would be a bit more on the ball. The actors are definitely capable – Adam Brody has come a long way from the OC days, but it was sad to see that Anthony Anderson has proven his acting chops outside of the comedy sphere only to be hired to provide some cheap laughs.

4. Some of the best deaths are the surprising ones
Generally with slashers, you can see a death sequence a mile away – a supporting character becomes isolated from the principles. The moment Rebecca stepped into the elevator you knew what was coming. When Robbie went outside of the house it was only a matter of time. And that’s okay, because once you know who and when the fun moves onto how. That’s the game viewers mentally engage in, maybe subconsciously. But instant death that comes without build-up? You gotta have some of those. Charlie’s death was hilariously cruel but the one that stands out is Aunt Kate. There was definitely a sense of sadness to her death – that she would suffer the same fate as her sister Maureen – but also a degree of absurdity via the mail-slot method of her dispatching.

5. Spoilers alter the viewing experience
Maybe running a Scream website and hoping to make it through to Scream 4 spoiler-free was a little naive, but I was doing fine anyway. It was those damn test screenings starting in January that made it impossible to not have parts of the movie ruined. As expected, all the major plot points of the movie quickly spread like wildfire, thrust in front of our eyes whether we wanted to know or not. Spoilers don’t just ruin the reality, they destroy imagination: it’s telling that once the cat was out of the bag about Jill, most of the wonderful theories about whoever in the large cast could be a killer and why were replaced with proponents and openents theorizing “is she or isn’t she”. Luckily reasonable doubt and lack of confirmation on culprit #2 allowed me to enjoy the mystery playing out. It was the spoilage of smaller moments that truly hurt the experience for me, like the punchline to the Anna/Kristen scene, or key lines of dialogue that revealed who was left standing at the end. I think come Scream 5 I’ll actively seek all spoilers out just so these inconsiderate idiots never get the chance to impact my enjoyment. Also, spoilerhounds get so hung up on details they miss the bigger picture: the surprise of the extended climax in the hospital is something no one was able to spoil for me because only someone that truly saw the film could adequately capture its framework-breaking importance in text. Amen.

All in all Scream 4 is a solid entry that has the feel of a standalone sequel due to its distance in time away from the trilogy, but Scream 2 and Scream 3 were both done-in-one stories too, each with different tones. This will need more viewings on DVD/BD along with rewatch sessions of the first three before it can be fully integrated into the series within the minds and hearts of many fans. We’ll definitely be talking about it for some time to come!

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Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I agree with all of this. And, you’re right about spoilers. Everyone was saying they were releasing too much and that we’d seen the whole movie, but we really hadn’t.

  2. I love that you think there will be a Scream 5. At first I thought there was no way, but the movie has jumped back into the top 10 domestically and has doubled its budget globally and it hasn’t even been released everywhere yet. I have faith that there will be a Scream 5.

    Also, I agree with all the points you made, especially about the opener. I wish Jenny and Marnie had been the Stab 6 opening with Sherrie and Trudy as the real characters in Woodsboro. Score one for the brunettes because their scene was better in every way.

    I’ve seen Scream 4 four times now and I love it more with every viewing. I can’t wait to see it again.

  3. I loved this post Wicked-Scribe, it is truly fair and mirrors my thoughts. I especially agree with your thoughts on the Sidney/Dewey/Gale triad and their links to Neve/David/Courteney. It’s was so great to see them and although their are some issues with their treatment (not enough of them for me!), I was totally invested in them. Though it sounds weird it’s almost impossible not to love Neve/Sidney now as she’s so appealing, erm in my eyes, and you become desperate for her to survive and triumph even more so than in the previous movies. While Dewey and Gale are totally engaging too. Without wanting suck up I hope these aren’t your FINAL thoughts as they are really accurate, I was looking forward to the review but this was excellent.

  4. I’d been looking forward to the review but this was excellent, it really mirrors my thoughts. Lots to comment on, but I really like what you said about the Sidney, Dewey and Gale triad and their links to Neve, David & Courteney. I didn’t think there was enough of them but they totally engaged me. It sounds weird but it’s impossible for me not to lovd Neve as Sidney now, and I was even more invested in her than in the previous movies. Good job, hope these aren’t your FINAL thoughts.

  5. Excellent post, it really mirrors my thoughts. I especially enjoyed and agreed with your comments on the Sidney/Dewey/Gale triad and their unbreakable links to Neve, David, and Courteney. I really care for the character and their fate. Weird as it is it’s impossible for me not to love Neve as Sid now. I was so invested in her because of her appeal. Great job W-S.

  6. Whoops! Erm 3 versions of the same post?! Erm, that wasn’t supposed to happen, Sorry. I win the idiot of the day prize. Yay, me…

  7. My biggest hang-up with Scream 4, as mentioned in this article, was the opening deaths. Like stated we didn’t even get to see Marnie’s death and Jenny’s was blasé. In the Unseen Scream 4 series I was most shocked about the article focusing on the alternate opening sequence for Marnie and Jenny. It was reflective of Steve and Casey’s deaths in Scream, it was more gory, and it was taunting Sidney and the police with the famous moniker “What’s your favorite scary movie?” sprawled on the wall written in the victim’s blood. Not having that as the opening sequence was the biggest SNAFU in the movie, in my opinion.

  8. question to all of u

    i’m gonna see the movie tonight xD, i wanted to know if there’s a scene after the credits?

    don’t wanna miss something ;)

  9. I have not changed my mind and I think at this point I can safely say, “Scream 4″ is and always will remain for me (a huge fan of the original trilogy) a pretty substantial disappointment.

  10. I thought the same thing about the opening, Stab 6 seemed more Scream-y then the ‘real’ opening did.. I personally liked Marnie more than Jenny too. I’d rather have her die second to Jenny. The whole “There’s a reason I don’t watch these movies.” line makes Marnie oblivious to being killed by some maniac and seem impossible to her, then seeing her friend killed and being chased/killed by a killer would just make her death seem a lot more pityful than Jenny’s was in the final cut.. I think the audience would feel .. guilty..? I didn’t feel bad for Jenny at all but I did freely bad for Marnie..

  11. I have to say I was so pumped seeing the movie that some disappointments didn’t set in until later, after I started reading the spooilery stuff on here. The opening sxcene was definitely one of the most disappointing aspects to me. I think it was a comment on a story at this site that said the Scream opening scenes are supposed to be EPIC. And they are. I remember at twelve years old thinking that Casey Becker’s untimely demise was so very brutal! Maureen’s death in Scream 2 was so sad–no one did anything, they just watched. Even Scream 3 kicked it up a notch with a killer that could disguise his voice as anyone’s.

    With Scream 4, I was surprised at the second Stab scene. But after that I fully expected Scream 4’s true opening to be amped up and crazy–and it wasn’t. I agree with you–it felt way too rushed. It’s as if the Stab scenes set the tone more than the actual opening. If they had left it alone and let it mimic the first Scream opening I think it would have been perfect.

    I liked Hoss and Perkins. I did not like Perkins’ death. That was stupid. Not the death itself–I’m a Biology major in college and that made sense to me that it could actually happen. It was his line. I understand the need for humor, but not as a character dies. That’s so silly and takes away from the experience completely. Instead of building tension at those moments, which would make sense, I felt like they sort of broke it. Perkins and Robbie’s lines were both so out of place to me.

    You really hit the nail on the head with this review.

  12. So I was in agony over seeing Scream 4 given that I was on vacation when it was released and only saw it last Thursday! What a painful wait! Had to keep well off this site. But it’s good to catch up with all the articles and read W-S’s final thoughts. And I agree with them all. I personally reckon this movie is on a par with S2, if not better, and an amazing entry to the series. But yeah, it came with disappointments – namely the deletion of Marnie being hung up etc, and the “Go Ahead If You Have The Guts” line. That would have fit into that scene perfectly and caused no disruption to it. Other issue – Judy Hicks. She was somtimes okay, sometimes too silly, and I’m not talking Jennifer-Jolie-acceptable-silly. When she revealed the bullet-proof jacket and sort of fainted – ridiculous!
    But I have to say, the opening was amazing (despite the rushed deaths of Marnie & Jenny – these should have played out more epically). And the final reveal, the identity of the killer(s), the motive and everything that followed that was genius and I’d say even outdid Scream 1. I’m off to see it for a second time tonight…

  13. The opening sequence would have been better with the original one. I really don’t know what was Wes thinking. The “you’re not real” line captures everything this sequel-boot-make

  14. Kirby’s kill was more ”unexpected” then Aunt Kate’s

  15. The opening sequence would have been better with the original one. I really don’t know what was Wes thinking. The “you’re not real” line captures everything this sequel-boot-make wanted to tell us.

    And the end is perfect. Even if that means it was supposed from the beginning that it won’t be a new Trilogy. After a whole year reading that Jill will be the new Sidney, having her actually wanting that (in a twisted way) is pure genious. It doesn’t feel post-added to me. That was what the movie is all about, remakes and the message was clear: don’t fuck with the original.

    PS: sorry for the double post (damn “submit” button in mobile version).

  16. I agree with everything written on this. Bottom line, SCREAM 4 is the best entry into the series and I can’t wait for SCREAM 5 and 6. Bring it on Wes!!

  17. I think The opening sequence is bigger than the other movie.But i still prefer the first trilogy.

    my reproaches on SCRE4m are:

    -Toooo many death.Ok i know “it’s not a comedy,it’s a horror movie…”
    -The “F**k Bruce Willis” wasn’t really necessary.
    -I thought it might be fun to have a “new decade” but all new characters are dead
    -“New Rules”??? I did not see so much well ONE:Filming the murders…

    I thing it’s have been pretty hard to Wes to come back 10 years after the last SCR3AM.He tryed to be more modern to attract viewer

  18. play uk have revealed on their site that SCREAM 4 is being released on august the 8th!! its available to pre-order now!!!!

  19. I have a question..
    What’s the source for “Halloween 5″ being KW’s one of faves? Just curious..



  22. 1. I agree 100%. My God, what was Wes thinking about when he changed it ?! That’s a big mystery !
    2. I agree 200%. Neve Campbell is just amazing, the way she plays Sidney in this one is outstanding, she’s the brightest spot in the movie. About Dewey, one question : apart from this little moment with Sid, did he do only ONE good thing in the movie ? The answer is no, for me, he seemed really unuseful. About Gale, one thing (done on purpose) SHOCKED me like no others : in the movie, people ALWAYS refer to her ast “the sheriff’s wife” instead or “the famous reporter” for example. Courteney Cox is not as brilliant as her costar Campbell, but she’s still damn good !
    3. I have to agree again. When you’re watching the movie with other people, you can’t help laughing with them, but in hindsight, Wes should have cut/altered some of their scenes instead of the opening scene for instance.
    4. I don’t agree with this one : some deaths, even predictable, can be more intense than unexpected ones. I think Jenny’s death is quite moving (I can’t explain it but I found Teegarden excellent in her final moments). Olivia’s death, witnessed by her friends (or so-called friends) and Sid, who sees Ghostface for the first time since Scream 3 really stands out in the whole franchise.
    5. I completely agree with your thoughts about the extended climax. It almost makes up for the spoiled opening scene. It’s not always believable (Where did Sid find all this strenghth after being stabbed in the stomach ? How did she know how to use the defibrillator ? How did Dewey recover so fast after having his head almost crushed ?), but what I like the most about it is that it allows Dewey and Gale to play a role in the final act (they were always away or unconscious in the previous movies).

    Seeing the box office results of another sequel, “Fast 5″, just makes me sick. Now I’m looking forward to the DVD, can’t wait.

  23. I agree 100% with everything you wrote.


  25. I’m still trying to figure out how Sidney found Kirby’s house, and why she showed up what felt like an hour after Jill and Charlie, and why she didn’t just stop by the police station along the way.

  26. I actually liked the mail-slot kill. It’s original. :)

  27. I agree with a lot of what everyone has said on here.
    I LOVED the movie and I think it would be difficult for someone who was a huge fan of the original trilogy NOT to like it. With that being said there was a lot in the movie that I disliked:
    – I thought Teegarden was AWFUL, aside from the scene feeling WAY not as epic as the 2 Stab scenes before it, her acting was just terrible.
    – I think everyone is in agreement that Anthony Anderson’s “Bruce Willis” line was so out of place, unrealistic and dumb.
    – I loved that Jill was the killer as a story point, what it means for Sydney and what it says about society BUT I thought the casting was way off. Emma Roberts probably weights one hundred pounds and she didn’t seem to nail playing someone who was totally out of their mind. She didn’t compare to either Mickey OR Mrs. Loomis in Scream 2. I mean seriously although at times Mrs. Loomis bordered on the silly, her crazy eyes looked legit.
    – Judy’s character was way too silly (not in a good way). The idea that she survived and will make it into a sequel (if there is one) bugs me. If anyone should have lived it should have been Kirby. She was likable and funny… Although her death scene was great.
    – Robbie’s “Gay” comment didn’t bug me as much as it bugged other people – it reminded me a lot of Parker/Jennifer yelling “I’m the killer in Stab 3″ before getting killed.
    – Also, how did Sidney know that the kids were at Kirby’s house? And most importantly – After establishing Sydney as a bad ass in this movie (the Olivia death/Sydney fight was awesome), why did she just stand there and not fight back against Jill. She got stabbed 3 times and did NOTHING. That seemed so out of character to me, both because of the finales of every other Scream movie and especially with her established bad ass-ery in this movie. The gun was tucked in the back of her pants…come on, Syd! Do something!

    Anyway – Thats all I got for now. In recap, as a huge fan of the original trilogy – I loved it! BUT it definitely had some major problems.

  28. Honestly, there are so many problems with Scream 4 regardless of my opinion.

  29. Disappointing movie, and just as bad as Scream 3.

    Some brilliant scenes here and there (Olivia’s death, Stabathon, Sid’s kitchen conversation with Jill), but the bad far outweighed the good. Poor editing and continuity, some bad acting from a silly killer Jill, cringeworthy oneliners before dying, cheesy music and some overbearing scoring at times, Worst lighting in the series, big ghostface/tiny killers, Dumb over the top hospital ending, contradictions in the script and plot holes, as well as the disappointment in the killer being yet another relative to Sid. Why would Sidney now have a cousin in Woodsboro??

    Still looking forward to an extended cut, but they should let this series end. If this had been as good as the original or maybe even the sequel, then yes, perhaps a fifth Scream would have been fine, but not after this.

  30. I agree with You. In my point of view, the spoilers give me a bigger envy to watch the movie. They push me to go to the theater. I loved the openning scene , every steps of it. I also loved all of the death. Kate was an interesting character . When she died she said “,i’m sorry” I hope that this point will be develop in Scream 5, maybe she is hidding an terrible secret. Kirby’s Dead shocked me very much. I don’t wanted her death she was my favorite new character. We don’t see her Dead body, I hope that in Scream 5 she will be back =) I agréé with You for each of your points.

    I wrote reviews for every movie, but there are in french because I am a french guy. Go to my website if You want there are all positives

  31. Maybe it was high expectations but Scream4 was a complete let down. I will wait for a directors cut to see how it should have been. Is this better than Scream 3? Barely.

  32. I hated, HATEEEEED, Aunt Kate’s death. Lame, rushed, and needless. I don’t think anyone can kill through a mail slot, really. And her death just came off too fast.

    However, it’s nice to read an article that shares the opposite point of view, so I agree to disagree.

  33. I love this article, it really captures what I think the majority of people had been feeling about the movie. However, there are some things that have been bugging me.

    In regards to why Sidney didn’t just kick Jill’s skinny ass during the reveal. I think that in addition to having just been STABBED, the utter shock of the knowledge the one person you were fighting to protect was actually the whole reason behind these senseless killings was a little too much for Sidney to handle…..I mean, I doubt ANYONE here could go from protection to kicking the same persons ass in a matter of minutes….and besides…..Charlie was there too so I think that Sidney was a little outnumbered and it wasn’t till Charlie was dead that she could fight back and that was when Jill stabbed her AGAIN.

    For the “Fuck Bruce Willis” Line…I personally liked it, maybe I need to watch it a fifth time but I found it was very funny and helped relieve some of the tension that was suffocating me in the movie theatre. I just wish that the cops had a REASONABLE excuse as to why they were absent during the Olivia kill….I mean, where did they go? The doughnut shop?!

    No in regards to the deleted scenes…..THEY HAD BETTER BE ON THE DVD RELEASE AS AN EXTENDED CUT!!! I don’t want to have to go to a seperate menu to see the scenes by themselves, I wanna see how the movie would play out if they were actually included and they should give us the option of watching the “released” version of the opening, or the deleted version :D

  34. Agree with most of the comments on here, especially the comment before about Sid fighting to protect someone, who ends up being the reason for the chaos, brings a whole new level of craziness.

    The Stab 6 opening should’ve been the real opening to Scre4m. Just had to make it a little longer and it would’ve been perfect. Agreed that I felt more sympathy for Sherrie & Trudie, then Jenny’s death.
    Also since they did additional shooting for the opening, this past February in Michigan(cold/snowy here) that would explain the lame garage set instead of it ending outside like Casey in the original.

  35. Well i loved it, sure it has a few problems but i think anyone who’s seen it a few times would know on repeat, the problems just kinda pass by and dont affect what is an awesome ending, i think. Plus on repeat it offers lots more insight, everything becomes clearer, the more i see it, the more i love it. If this is the final scream then ive got a perfect scream trilogy, scream 3 was to poor an ending and anyone who thinks 4 is anywhere near it are mad! Scream 4 the more i see it the more ive felt its pretty damn close if not up there with 2 purely based on some inventive ideas and just plain fun, plus i think what many call a none plot is actually a very risky plot because the film obviously remakes (and at times gets very close in source to) the original, garage door, partys, charlie in the chair, charlie & jills mutilation turned into jills mutilation, i think its brilliant how it basically remakes in its own ideas of the original with original cast members but in the end shows us with jill, what could of happened had billy (maybe stu) succeeded, I LOVE IT!

  36. The cops were stupid because the whole time they had been deceived by a cop itself, in this case, Judy Hicks. In my opinion, Judy distracted the police and she is one of the killers that was not revelead (yet)!

  37. and I also believe that Judy is a lesbian character. Becayse she was the only survivor from the new cast, and the rules of the film were: “only the gay character would survive!”. Besides, the scene where Judy finds Sydney and talk about her past, had a slight sexual tension. The relationship between Judy and Dewey is mere distraction.

  38. After this scene, Ghost face says he was standing in the closet (the metaphors used to describe lesbian, gay person). Impossible to be Charlie Talking on the phone because Olivia Would Listen. In My opinion, on this occasion, Judy was the person talking like ghost face on the phone!

  39. I think what led to scream 4 doing only mediocre in the box office is the 11 year gap between scream 3 and 4 and i think they could of picked a better release date. I think we all agree that theirs a few things they could of done to make things be better but never the less scream 4 is now my second favorite in the series. I really enjoyed it. Also did anyone notice that IMDb now has a listing for scream 5 to come out in 2013. Plus it says Kevin Williamson is the writer and it even has a tag line ( Scream Again ). I know nothing is set in stone yet but i wonder does this mean there going to go head and make a scream 5. What are your thoughts guys? What is interesting is a few days ago i tried to look up scream 5 on there and nothing came up but now its showing up.

  40. I thought Jill was great as the killer @ the end of the movie. I loved her crazy rant and the “Sidney Sidney Sidney” line that she did when explaining her motive. Just my opinion but i think this was my favorite of the series. and to Matthew, i wouldnt trust anything on imdb at least not untill u hear it elsewhere first, i hear anyone can put stuff on there kinda like wikipedia. But i do hope another Scream movie does get made. but if not, i think they ended the 4th one well just incase it is the last.

  41. I adored this entry in the series…it far exceeded my expectations. Here are my only problems with the film:

    1. I loved the “fake out” vibe of the opening scene. However, like many of you, i wish the kills of marnie and jenny and the entrance of the “real ghostface” had been done with more intensity. I feel like the facebook stalker scene had more tension than the actual beginning of the film.

    2. I thought Courtney Cox was great as always but there were 2 lines that could have been written/blocked stronger. Firstly, ” I wrote the book on this” (door slams) – felt like that was an awkward moment. And secondly, “I’m going to revitalize your face with my tarnished brand” – thought they could have come up with something more bad ass Gale Weathers like for that moment.

    3. THIS IS MY BIGGEST problem. Don’t get me wrong, i loved the killers, esp. JILL, my god was that a chill inducing explanation about her motives…BUT…these 2 kids were so short! Charlie barely was taller than sidney ( as seen clearly when he’s holding the knife to her throat from behind her). Throughout the film Ghostface seems to tower over people…most evident in Perkins death, he looks about 6 foot 3 there. They should have had Charlie wear lifts or something, at least in the scene where he is holding onto Sid. Maybe Jill’s entrance as ghostface should have been coming down the stairs and stopping a few steps before the bottom. There was no way ghostface was that short when we fake took out charlie when he was pressed against the downstairs door.

  42. @Tiago Charão
    actually i was also wondering wouldn’t olivia have heard ghostface in the closet but the second time i saw the movie i paid attention and if u noticed ghosface was whispering even Kirby could barely here him, she even says that she can’t hear him.
    i agree completely with this article mostly about the jenny marnie thing.
    you read my mind, i thought they did a HORRIBLE job at casting emma roberts as jill. honestly i thought BOTH killers were lame! they were two skinny, short, teenagers that could have easily be taken out yet somehow managed to kill fully grown men!! i even think Olivia could have taken out charlie if she actually tried, but Jill was the worst casted person on scream EVER! not convincing at all of being the psycho killer! the actor who played Charlie might have been skinny and short but at least he looked disturbed at the end!

  43. @ Branden Exactly lol that’s why i found it interesting, because as much as i would like to see scream 5 get made you cant really trust any information you find about it unless its actually 100 percent confirmed by like Wes Craven or by the Weinsteins. Plus there really hasn’t been any articles about if scream 5 is going to be made or not, but time will tell. I also liked Jill and Charlie as the killers the only little problem with them was there not as tall as the stuntman who actually plays ghostface lol but that didn’t really matter to me. Overall scream 4 was awesome in my opinion.

  44. Olivia death scene would’ve been epic as an opening.. u know they would’ve had to switch things up but i think it would’ve been waaay better than marnie and jenny. Instead of Jill and Kirby watchin shaun of the dead they could’ve been watching stab 6 and da movie still could’ve used the stab openings!!

  45. @Tiago Charão I LOVED your theories :O

  46. I loved the movie.Jill was the best Ghostface peiod and it’s not even close.

    1.The reason Sidney couldn’t fight was that Jill outsmarted her she stabbed Sidney to weaken her so she couldn’t fight back when she revealed herself and told her that she was the mastermind behind the murders.
    2.Despite her size I could see Jill doing those things because of the rush she felt when she killed she enjoyed it.
    3.I liked the fact that Jill made sure she was always making sure her plan didn’tfailed untill the end when she found out Sid was stil alive. She just didn’t care anymore she just wanted Sid dead and she didn’t care how she killed her.
    4.Kirby isn’t dead because if Sid can surive a couple of vicious stabbing in this movie so can she.
    5.I like seeing Sid going after and beating Ghostface really Charlie those times butt trying to protect her teenage cousin of course she didn’t know at the time Jill was Ghostface.

  47. I’m wondering…if there was a previous film for Scream, i mean, if the original was number 2, you guys would probably focus on all the bad too…

    Why not focus in the bad from the original? Are you scared of touching your sacred movie? I’m a fan, but the original has it’s flaws too and aaall over the place.

    Fans expect too much about everything. That’s when humans cross the lines from liking something and becoming freaks.

    Not even wicked-scribed who makes this site happens has ever gone wacko as most of the people from the comments i read here.

    For me, Scream 4 was for the fans, and as a fan i loved it. First time i saw it got me worrying about Sid, Gale and Dewey the whole time, brought back memories, screamed when i tought Sid was dead, and a lot of fun stuff that took me back. Just for that, i thank the whole team.

  48. Which makes me think…Scream 5 should have the killer be a fan, like one of the people here.

    A douchebag fan who in the 3rd act complains about the flaws in all the Stab movies (all but the first, of course) and then taking it to complain on how Sid should live her life so it can be the perfect movie.

    I’d like this just to see his ass killed brutally by Sid, and a character based on Wes, why not?. haha.

  49. @tr Um, as regards “crossing the line…and becoming freaks” isn’t that a little harsh?! As for expecting “too much”, I quite liked it and think some attacks on it are OTT but there’s no harm in noting flaws or wanting something to be better. Sure, Scream has a few flaws but is still a great well-made movie. 2 is looser & has greater flaws but still suspenseful, scary and witty, while 3 is inferior yet pretty funny with a good performance by Neve C, and Parker Posey is hilarious.
    No need to check yr critical faculties at the door because yr a fan. I like Scream 4 while recognizing it has weaknesses. Is that whacko?!

  50. @Hal no, not at all. i agree with your comment, i was refering to those fans writing stuff as if they can make a better movie or the ones that wont ever be satisfied.

  51. @tr, thanks for your reply, I see where you’re coming from, and tend to agree. My bugbear is those critics who seem to dislike Scream 4 simply because er it’s a Scream movie regardless of its qualities. A dumb thing to be annoyed by I know but still… Argh.

  52. @Hal. yeah, my problem is that with critics and people disliking or putting down scream movies, why the hell do i have to read the same here from people that are supposed to like it?

    the thing is i dont consider any scream movie the best thing ever, oscar nomination material, award winning masterpiece or anything. for me is simply something i enjoy and i dont care if people hate it.

    somewhat how i felt in high school. when i had no friends and watched scream daily. now i do have a lot of friends, im succesful in what i do, etc. buuut, watching Scream 4 really reminded me of that. and of course i didnt have the same feeling as in high school like i wanted to defend my movie, now its like “think whatever you want, i dont care, im enjoying my ass off watching this”.

    wait…im getting freaky myself now. haha

  53. i dont think any of what i wrote made sense…

    i was trying to say that back in high school and stuff i felt put down, less that the others, etc, and i cared…

    now that i dont, and went to see Scream 4 reminded me of those days, but this time i give a fuck. just like the characters i grew with, just like the movie even being made. for me it was like reading a diary from 13 years ago. or visiting and old friend. i cant compare it with the others, because i dont have to. i just enjoyed. and being older now, finding myself clapping at the end of the movie (normally i would never do such a thing) well… ut was powerful emotional stuff.

    ok, im the freak.

  54. Ha! You see it happens to us all! Don’t think of it as “freakiness” it’s enthusiasm!

  55. Your 2nd post hadn’t appeared when I wrote last comment but what you wrote pretty much made sense to me and as I said it’s not freaky it’s enthusiastic! I have to admit that I feel an attachment to the Scream trio, weird I know. I hadn’t expected a Scream 4 or considered that there’d ever be one so it was it was great to see them back and survive, because it’d be so wrong if they were killed off after all the characters have gone through. But more than that I was really fearful for Sidney, I’ve always liked Neve Campbell as Sid but now there’s something about her that is really incredibly appealing. I really want to see her in other things as well because of how good she is. So it appears I’m the Lord of Weird!

  56. @ Tr Yeah a lot of so called “die hard fans” on here have been haters toward scream 4 ever since it was released to theaters which is sad really. I personally thought scream 4 was pretty epic and to answer your question yes all of the scream movies have a few little flaws.

  57. the stab 6 opening was very suspenseful and to be honest i was creeped out as to where it was going next. But HAHA they got me, it was “stab 6″ okay good one.. if only the scream 4 scene out did it. they should have aired the original kill with innocent marnie and follow it with the crime scene “whats your favorite scary movie?” looked freaking brutal in the pics. they better do a directer’s CUT.
    Also agree that although i liked Emma Roberts, Jill would have been better cast with Ashley Green who was offered the role. Kirby should have lived, Judy should have died. The Bruce willis comment cut the tension i felt watching someone get stabbed in the freaking head!!! so lame, but overall i still gotta say i LOVED scream 4. Lets hope the weinsteins dont butcher scream 5 which they better make!!

  58. judy hicks knows sidney from judy hicks that girl who talks in scream 1 about sidneys mother as a slut in the toilet before sidney gets attacked? ^^

  59. Does this mean you’ll never do a proper Scream 4 review? I’ve been looking forward to reading yours more than any of the mainstream reviewers… Please reconsider!

  60. You hit the nail on the head when talking about the opening of this film. If the opening were turned upside down, IT WOULD’VE BEEN PERFECT. I would have LOVED IT

  61. Just saw it today in Australia where sadly it has opened and gone quick but that can be the internet age where not many movies last in cinemas.

    My verdict: brilliant. Why? Sick is the new sane. It is very telling of our time, but also the way the game is played; death is seen as something that’s fun until it happens to the cops and the cast. Did not think Trevor’s death was fair *crosses legs* but in the end it is yet another clever, funny, witty but also a film that makes one think about back then and now and the way the killer/s think of the new way of filming, but in the end as Sidney says ‘don’t f*** with the original”.

    Well done Wes & Kevin. Scream 5 please ;)

  62. final 5 thoughts

    1. opening was beyond annoying.

    2. none of the deaths were surprising @ all. u could see them coming a mile away.

    3. WASN’T SCARY AT ALL, it was so annoying 2 see the original story turn into this.

    4. humor and death don’t work. trying 2 be funny when perkins and the movie dork die is 4 the scary movie franchise, not a legit horror movie.

    5. WHAT THE F WAS WITH THOSE KILLERS. whoever decided that those 2 should b killers should refund everyones money that sat through this. after all sid has been through they throw little dork emma roberts @ her. disrespectful. and why did sid allow that 5 year old girl 2 stab her after fighting the other killers 2 the death? made scream look sooooo weak. you’d think that they would throw a REAL killer at sid that makes her work harder than ever 2 survive. that roberts chick does not even belong in horror movies, ESPECIALLY NOT AS THE KILLER. r u serious??????

    I don’t understand how people say they enjoyed this. such a huge letdown from the others. just gonna have 2 pretend that this flick doesn’t exist and that its still the original 3.

  63. @TBJ9…anyone who uses “@” to refer to “at” and “2” to refer to “to” in a sentence as you do IS the real letdown…for human race.

  64. @tr letdown 4 the human race huh? hahahaha wow. haven’t laughed that hard in a while. thanks. U should B a stand up comic.

  65. I felt really sorry for Aunt Kate’s death. I mean, she’s not part of those high-school characters that was heavily advertised, but her death made me feel sad more than anyone in the film, well except for my Kirby. Olivia would have been a candidate, well, she wasn’t just developed much. Kate wasn’t really developed much, but her being a mother, made it really sad that she died…

  66. I wish people wouls stop focusing on Jill’s size. Also she didn’t committ any of the difficult killings.These are Jill’s kills

    1.Jenny-the only thing she has to do is hit the switch to crush Jenny and drag her body.
    2.Rebecca-Charlie stabbed her the only thing she had to do was just push her off the roof after Charlie left her lying near the edge of the roof before going downstairs ot the press conference
    3.Hoss and Perkins-She snuck up behind hoss and stabbed him the Adrenaline she felt made it possible for stab Perkins in the skull
    4.Kate she just has to reach through the mail box hole to stab her mother.
    5.Trevor just point and shoot Trevor in the crotch and head.
    6.Charlie- she justs stabs him in the heart.

  67. I don’t know how anyone can not like this movie. First of All Sid didn’t let Jill Stab her. Jill stabbed her when she got a away from Charlie and was running she never saw Jill coming. She was too weak from that stabbing to fight her.I don’t whow why people can’t accept that.

  68. soooo, i liked it. Thats it. Liked.
    Personally, I really miss the sexual tension between Gale and Dewey. In the first and second screams they were flirting,kissing, being cute and in this one, they kept fighting and Dewey kept pushing Gale away. What i dont like is, why isnt gale a news reporter anymore? That was like Gales whole part.. GALE WEATHERS. I mean what has she been doing for the past ten years knitting?? I liked how Dewey and Gale used to be engaged in every thing together and helped each other and saved syd, thats basically how they started liking each other.. that was prob the most disappointing thing to me… Also Dewey had like NO faith in Gale at all. When has that ever been the case? NEVER. I didnt like it. It was like watching 2 diff people. I think there should have been more sexual tension between them, i mean their married and have always had that cute flirty relation ship. I mean Gale getting stabbed, should have had a way bigger impact on Dewey like it would have in the previous screams. If scream 5 continues with them like this, i will be disappointed.

  69. I think eventually just sid should die, Gale and Dewey should not be the murderer. Maybe in Scream 6 Sids mom should just come back (Intending she never really died just left) and be the killer. Sid and ghost face should have their last fight with each other, really intense, scary, and unpredictable. Right at the end ghost face gets the last stab and as Sids about to die ghost face takes the mask of and reveals that its actually her mom. Motive? Her name got dragged threw the mud and shes sick off all this shit happening all because of her. Maybe we could find out that all the attempts to kill Sid were her mom arrangements, that would be a real twist. They say if you want some thing done right do it yourself so finally on the last scream, she does. Then Dewey busts in and shoots the bitch. Then no more Sid, or her mom. Then Gale has a lot of shit to write about. hahahaa.

  70. Stop bashing the movie. Waiting 10 years then continuing is hard but thats the route they wanted to take probably so it would be a little different with a new generation. (New Decade New Rules) Dont get me wrong im absolutely in love with the original trio but i liked how they waited so it wasnt all the same time period. Smart decision i have to say because its keeping Scream alive and bringing back the old ones. If they didnt wait and just did them all in a row people would be like oh yeah scream, havn’t seen those since forever ago. But now they have brought it back with its original trio which i love because i love them all together as a group. I thought Scream 4 was awesome. Just dont want anyone in the orig trio to be a next killer. That would be stupid. But stop bashing scream, if you didnt like it dont watch the next ones. Simple.

  71. I still think Scream 4 was the best of the Saga and that Jill is the best Horror Movie Villain I have seen in a long time.

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