F**k Bruce Willis: Inside Deputy Perkins’ Death Scene (Spoilers)

This initially flew over our radar but is worth a look, plus an excuse for us to show off some old leaked photos. MTV asked Scream 4 cast for their favorite kills in the movie. A welcome side effect was Wes Craven explaining the origin of perhaps the most humor-laced Scream death ever.

Interestingly enough, when we mentioned [Anthony] Anderson’s epic death scene to Craven, he revealed that the drawn-out aspect wasn’t originally in the script but inspired by a real-life medical emergency.

“That wasn’t in the script,” Craven said. “I did it without announcing it to the studio. I was hoping that they didn’t fire me the next day,” he recalled with a chuckle.

“It was written that the killer just comes in and pins him to the seat,” Craven explained. “I had seen this thing on television, this documentary about somebody being stabbed right through the head and they actually showed the X-ray … and the guy walked into the emergency room, so I thought it would be extraordinary if somebody was stabbed in the head and still be alive for a while.”

The full article has more from Anderson, Adam Brody and Emma Roberts. Did you find the scene darkly funny? Or veering uncomfortably close to Scary Movie territory?

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46 Responses to “ F**k Bruce Willis: Inside Deputy Perkins’ Death Scene (Spoilers) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Definitely ‘Scary Movie’ territory. It was dark until the ‘F**k Bruce Willis’ line. It’s honestly one of the only things about the movie that I didn’t like.

  2. I CRINGED when he crawled away and got angry when he delivered his line. Arguably the worst scene in the entire franchise. Death scenes are NOT to be humorous.

  3. I liked the Bruce Willis Line!

  4. That line was funny, but it’s just not a line for the scream franchise. I thought the concept of being stabbed in the head and being able to talk/walk was ridiculous but now knowing that it was something Wes did that was based on something really happened I feel better about, but it was definently too funny. This movie was good but made not attemp to scare the audience. Scream isnt a movie where they need numerous jump scenes to be scary, and unfortunately this sequel didn’t live up to tge original at all and I can honestly say this scene dis not make it any better, in fact it made it worse. I don’t hate the movie I really like it but am disappointed by the lack of surprise, suspense and the overall scariness.

  5. The death I bought completely, the bruce willis line was infuriating. Forget about if the line was out of place or not, if anyone thought the line was actually funny, they need to be stabbed in the forehead.

  6. Terrible idea…I’ve seen the film 3 times in theaters and each time the audience groaned…it didn’t work. I love the film…but it didn’t work.

  7. I tend to laugh when something is incredibly stupid, so it made me laugh the first time I saw the movie. The first audience laughed really hard, the second one no one laughed. In fact I heard someone say, “Really?” I just don’t think the line worked at all.

  8. That was a cool death, I also loved him in Transformers and Me, Myself & Irene.

  9. F**k Wes Craven…only joking! What was he thinking? That idea doesn’t work for a Scream movie and that line sucketh the big one. ScarecrowFace has it hilariously right above

  10. The line was unnecessary. Scream has never made the death scenes a gag.

    But one thing I do love about that scene is the pose Ghostface is striking in the background with the head tilted and just this bemused “i’ve done my job, just waiting for him to die” stance.

  11. Oh no, Wes. YOU were responsible for that??? Ugh. Yeah, it was the worst part of the movie. It just didn’t work. Maybe if a character had mentioned something early on (as a red-herring) about how people stabbed in the head have been known to live, it would have been okay. Or maybe if the Bruce Willis line hadn’t been in there…But in any event, it was a terrible idea.

  12. kinda the same with robbie’s joke when he was being stabbed…altough it was not as bad as this line…

    this line wasn’t even scary movie material, it was “disaster movie” or “epic movie” or “not another…” movie. sucked hughe time.

    wes…age has caught up with you. knew it since i saw that pic of you with justin bieber…come on…

  13. I don’t like the line, is it clear in saying that wes wrote the line or just the kill, either way it was just to silly, I still don’t get it why did he want to f..k bruce willis, errrr nasty and just before died (I do get the joke but if you miss the 2 second lead up about cop deaths you would state the above)

  14. Oh boy, this is by far the dumbest thing Wes Craven has ever said. Worst death scene by far.

  15. Worst death and line in the series.

  16. I remember seeing that story.
    (On an Unbelievable Medical story show)
    The RL Guy who survived having a knife rammed into his head.

    Still it doesn’t translate well.

  17. To Be honest, I could have done WITHOUT the humor. Deaths are not HUMOROUS at all. Death is supposed to be an eerie experience, Dark, sometimes Brutal but never Comical. One thing about this film I was disappointed in was the ABUNDANT amount of Humor. Mainly because it RUINED any sense of fear, despair, tension and suspense. Anthony Anderson should NEVER be in a horror film. Comedy is where he belongs.

  18. i agree that that was the dumbest part of the movie, not to mention the other cop just gets ONE stab in the back and dies instanty while this cop gets stabbed in the HEAD and walks/talks? bad move craven, bad move. at least he should have let the other cop live like dewey did in scream 1. Dewey also got stabbed in the back and lived! my real problem with this movie (besides this scene) is that none of the new cast lived except Deputy judy who I’m pretty sure no one cared about. Kirby, Robbie, and Deputy Hoss (back stabbed cop) should have lived as the new trio in my opinion. Oh and Rebecca if she wasn’t so stupid…

  19. sorry i rant…

  20. This and the “im gay” death were too much.

  21. i love craven’s films but man that didn’t need to be in the film. Anthony is very hard for me to tale seriously. He’s a funny guy but he’s a one trick pony in terms of his range and versatility in acting. I felt he was very out of place in the scream universe.

  22. I honestly loved the entire movie. I just think even if this did actually happen in real life, things like that cannot translate to films at all.

  23. Messing with Kevin’s script… again ¬_¬

    Having him walking after being stabbed was disturbing, so I won’t complain about it. But the rest of it was cheesy. I hope they will cut that stupid line for the Blu-ray. Sorry for Anderson.

  24. It was believable until the line, that part wasnt believable it was a little to spoofy. I was waiting for someone to get pinned to a seat that was the first death i heard rumoured back in august last year.
    But honestly the most BORING death was Hoss (poor adam brody, so underused!) it was stab and he was gone (also stupid trailers giving it away), i was hoping for a dewey thing with him as he had only been stabbed in the back.

    The WORST death (obviously re-written by kruger) is rebecca’s, i like the falling part but thats more for a big impact shot, but everything leading up to her death is just dumb, so un-scream, getting out of the car and not ringing the police even though their all round the hospital, just silly, though the shot of ghostface runing up to her is cool.

    Finally the Stupidest Death, its gotta be Robbie, with perkins as a 2nd just for that line. Robbie had an awesome fake scare scene, where he’s outside drinking, then hits the plant pot…great, felt like he was gonna get it then wait…But i was happy because i thought he was going back in the house, but then no! He’s a geek, whys he outside by himself with a killer about, who cant wait to slice’n’dice, but okay its still acceptable because there are good bits with his camera/iphone, also the shot of ghostface appearing on the iphone, But come on he’s been stabbed twice, including in the guts, he would be in unbelievable pain, yet he rather calmly says the whole, “IM GAY” line, sorry not buying it, although funnier than fuck bruce willis, i believed it less and thought it was a lame end for robbie..thank god he got a last hurrah warning them.

    But i still love all these scenes for many reasons except Rebecca’s just too cliche stoopid!and the blood pouring from her stomach looked stab opening fake but her falls fun. Anyone else in love with this film the more they think about it, because apart from minor flaws, I love the end and i love how the more you watch scream the more you realise, well 1,2 & 4, williamson adds so many little details, hes brilliant, ive never found that many little smart details in scream 3 sadly. Rant over!

  25. Oh also, sorry but Rebecca’s remains weak to me everytime but ive accepted it and the more i see hoss/perkins (if craevn changed it does that mean he or kruger came up with the line?) i kinda enjoy it more & more, same with all about Robbie then again i was pissed he was dieing, and felt bad for him up to that gay line. But the one that gets worse, not because of how i like the knife through the letterbox but because of the acting, im sorry but mary mcdonnell was so awful in that scene, she was the weak acting link, maybe she’s why she was barely shown in the film, because she made good lines sound stupid.

  26. With all the cuts the film had, I’m surprised that “Fuck Bruce Willis” and “But I’m gay” lines actually made it in the final cut. Those two lines I wouldn’t have mind being out. Heck, they pretty much cut almost every other scene out of the film.

  27. I love the film, although it had some flaws that quite bugged me, i loved it. But that scene in particular was the scene i hated the most! i actually said out loud “I hated that part”. But the stabbing in the head is EXTREMELY DARK, and everyone in the theater gasped but after him walking out and saying that ridiculous line, it bombed. And no one laughed in the theater when it happened, and this was during the midnight showing. Sorry Craven, but it was a bad idea. It was not funny at all. Did not work.

  28. “But I’m gay” line was great, and it has to do with a previous statement made by himself.

  29. Oh, just to let you know, gay people DO die in horror movies. I guess Craven & Williamson never heard of Cherry Falls (or whatever that Brittany Murphy movie is named), that one had a gay character getting killed and there’s also Hellbent, a gay slasher movie…

  30. @Seb. You are retarded. Mary Mcdonnell was brilliant here. Here few lines were the best.

  31. I liked the line. It fit his character.

  32. The stabbing in the head was great. The Bruce Willis line was idiotic.

  33. I just really hope when it’s released for dvd/bluray that they will put all the scenes they cut back in, or at least put the cut scenes in a special features option. I feel like the stuff that was cut out took away from the connection to the original. It made it less scary and less creepy, although still a good movie. I thought they should have kept all Casey Becker references in the film. The one thing i was hoping they would do they didn’t do. It could have been better but it could have been much much worse. I’m just glad that Scream 4 was done by the original creators. Even though it’s not as good as the first or second in my opinion, it’s alot better than most of the movies nowadays and defenitly my favorite series in it’s genre. Thanks alot guys.

  34. @tr She was not she was awfully goofy, and when she’s stabbed its hilarious not sad because the look on her face now thats retarded and her last words were just stupid…the only thing about this film i really wished could be changed, lauren graham would of done far better.

  35. @Mr.floppy charlie actually says the gay line, robbie just says it based on that, but i found it illogical.

  36. even though i agree the fuck bruce willis line was dumb ironically he did die even tho he was a cop the day before his retirement in a fil also released by dimension ‘sin city’

  37. I liked it — id blame bruce willis for all the crappy death scenes just because THEY KILLED KIRBY!!!! And when i get murdered (if i do) Im putting all blame on the smoke monster from LOST.

  38. this is for the scary movie franchise not one that is being (trying to be ) serious. just like that stupid kill when the dude said that he was gay. anytime people laugh in a horror movie over a death either the movie is a joke or their just f*cked up.

  39. One thing you guys are forgetting about is when people are wasted, they really don’t feel as much pain, and really don;t even know what is happening. Robbie couldn’t even walk straight. I was watching two and a half man, and charlie fell on a skateboard on the stairs, directly after, he said, go thing im drunk, or that would have hurt. so yeah, it’s not just this movie that makes drunk people look super human, its pretty much a fact.

  40. @Stephen Howard “…soo yeah, it’s not just this movie that makes drunk people look super human, its pretty much a fact.”

    As long as that translate well with the audience, it would be fine. The problem is, even if that was a fact, not many people are really buying it at first glance, and that’s enough to leave a bad impression on the audience’s mind.

    Personally, I think most of these victims should just play it straight and show agony when being killed, not humor. I remember Wes once said in a documentary, “[Kenny] is being murdered. Of course his expression would be disturbing.” Yeah, right on, Wes.

    So I dunno what you’re thinking this time around, Wes.

    Anthony Anderson actually played his death pretty realistically according to Wes’s intent, but that one-liner that got tagged on really changed the whole tone of the death. As to Robbie, I felt he was pretty much too spunky when being killed. If we had gotten more Olivia’s type of kill, awesome. Other deaths like Kirby’s and Jenny’s are pretty convincing as well. So more deaths in that direction, Wes.

  41. Three days without Scream-Trilogy posts, I already miss having something new to read every day :(

  42. I wish that the killers were Judy and Jill, and Kirby and Charlie survive and kill them after the stab Sidney.
    I think that Judy’s motive could’ve involved her wish to be remembered because sidney doesn’t remember her and she wants to be known, as well as her wish to kill gale because she wants to be with dewey. Her motive would’ve (for once) involved ALL of the original trio rather than just sidney, and gives the kilers reason to try to kill dewey and gale, rather than just “i dont like sidney”.
    Jill’s motive would’ve been the same, but the hospital scene would’ve been cut out. Kirby hould’ve popped up and killed Jill, talking about how STAB ended with the girl being “left for dead” returning and killing them, only to be wounded (but not fatally) by Judy. Judy is then killed by Charlie, and then we have multiple survivors!

  43. THANK you for this article! I was on the website defending this scene! I studied medicine and this kind of thing is NOT all that rare! People have been shot in the head and don’t even know it – there’s a bullet IN THEIR HEAD and they go to the docs with a persistent headache. I’ve seen pictures of someone with shrapnel in their head, embedded in their skull, and they’re alert and talking to medical staff! Brain/head injuries are so unpredictable that even though this was done as a joke, I still KNEW it to be entirely plausible!

  44. Hum, Tony, this would be a good ending too. But I LOVED the final twist in the hospital with Sidney killing Jill in the last moment. I saw some fans commenting that Judy might have been alive and passed as a victim, but to reveal the killer in the 5th movie, let’s wait and see.

  45. what does wes have against bruce willis anyway?? but it wasnt bad the death scene it lightened the mood of the film and then it immediately went back to the “shit where is he and whos next” mood

  46. noo i like jill being the killer its completely unexpected that the victim would be the killer and plus serial killers are supposed to be psychos and are supposed to kill EVERYONE deputy hicks (judy) wouldnt have killed sydney or jill cirby the film geeks the blondes in the beginning or the boyfrnd just gale besides the bf dying is like almost a tradition in the scream movies cept 3 but he becomes sids bfrnd laterr

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