Get Your Robbie Mercer Replica Stab T-Shirt!

Just received mine yesterday, this fine replication of the tshirt worn by Robbie in Scream 4. It was put together by fan Nick Meece and is available through Cafepress for USD $15.99. Unofficial, but pending official Scream tees, demand will always attract supply.

Possible purchasers can scope out fan-shot photos and feedback on the USMB thread, and can compare it to the real deal by checking out our latest StabFlix update:

- Stab Screen-Used Clothing & Set Dressing Items

You can also get the actual same type jacket Robbie wears, from Amazon:

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14 Responses to “ Get Your Robbie Mercer Replica Stab T-Shirt! ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. sweet

  2. Is there anyway this shirt can also be available in a babydoll fit and/or tank top? Since I’m a girl, I would prefer that. I’ve bought clothing from cafepress a few times, so I know there are usually other options besides just the regular tee fit.

  3. Thats cool and all, but isn’t that illegal? Making money off another companies idea and logo design?

  4. does it have to be in fluorescent green? ICK!
    You’d think they’d have a version in black & white or red……

  5. Yaaaaaay I’ve been looking for a robbie stab t shirt everywhere whoop whoop, I also saw some other scream designed t shirts but I don’t think they are available to buy. If anyone knows where I can buy the following please let me know.
    1. I dated maureen prescott
    2. I heart gail weathers
    3. Sequels suck
    4. I survived the woodsbourough massacre.
    5. Life is a scary movie.

  6. Very cool to put this on the home, Wicked. Glad to hear you are happy with the shirt. I will DEFINITELY be getting one ASAP.

  7. @william “2. I heart gail weathers”

    Make sure you get one that spells Gale correctly.

  8. @william “4. I survived the woodsbourough massacre.”

    Woodsboro, too. Make sure the spelling on the shirt is right as these shirts will probably cost you at least $20 each to buy. Kinda pricey for a otherwise ordinary t-shirt.

  9. @ghostface, thanks mate, my spelling is atrocious. lol

  10. The “I Love Gale Weathers” XBOX style shirts are available…

  11. @britney is this better?


  12. Isnt the Stabmovie website doing the same thing? How the hell are they not getting sued! LOL

  13. i got a BADASS idea for a shirt. in the middle is casey’s dead body hanging from a tree and on the bottom it says either, “whats your favorite scary movie?” or “someone has taken their love of scary movies one step too far!” and on top in typical scream font it says Scream, for me the shirt would be black lol or for scream 2 same design only its randy in the middle and it says either “whats your favorite scary movie?” or “someone has taken their love of sequels one step too far!” and for scream 3 in the middle tyson and say “someone has taken their love for trilogys one step too far!” and part 4 have i guess olivias body, and on the bottom say “new decade new rules” id love to have all 4! mainly the scream 1 idea!

  14. Just got mine today its really nice!!! :) SCRE4M RULES ALL!

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