Harvey Weinstein ‘Sure’ Scream 5 Will Happen

MTV stopped Harvey Weinstein for a quick chat at Cannes Film Festival in France and quizzed him on two topics close to all our interests: Scream 4 box office, and the prospect of Scream 5. We have the video and raw transcript here…

MTV: Any disappointment at all over the Scream returns? Do you wish that had turned out a little differently?

Weinstein: I wish it would have been better domestically but Foreign is so strong that we’ll do over $100 million worldwide. It’s at $90 now, with about five or six major countries to go and a lot of small ones. So we’ll probably do $110 million. It’s not the worst thing in the world that’s ever happened.

MTV: So not counting out a sequel then – another one?

Weinstein: I’m sure he’s going to do a sequel. [in reference to Wes Craven]

What have we learned? That the dollar take of Scream 4 isn’t so dire on the other side of the fence, and that presumably, they’re thinking sequel instead of reboot. While the movie hasn’t been revealed as officially greenlit, screamers certainly have something to hope for.

Thanks to everyone that wrote in about this.

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87 Responses to “ Harvey Weinstein ‘Sure’ Scream 5 Will Happen ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. THATS SUCH GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    and that is all I have to say on the matter

    The best news I’ve heard all week, no MONTH!
    I knew when you added Scream 4’s domestic + international profits it wouldn’t have done that bad! YAY!

    Bring on Scream 5, or 5CREAM or whatever they call it I dont care! :P

  4. Great news. Can’t wait for 5CREAM

  5. Wicked-scribe, I don’t know if you’ll see this and it really isn’t about this news (which I have mixed feelings about, I don’t trust or like Harv or ol’ Bobbo but that’s me!) but I’d like to say how much I enjoy this site and the sometimes thoughtful and fun contributions from yourself, Liveralone, drewjobullo, and various commentators. There’s a lot of fascinating views and entertaining “stuff”, as well as the fantastic opportunity to discuss Screamish enthusiasms or argue (nicely!) about those things that don’t work so well. Thanks everyone.

  6. I think defo halloween relese

  7. Yes bring on 5cream hope it comes out next year in 2012 but in like september or october


  9. Fuck me wow

  10. Thanks Hal, any site that just sits around waiting for news would be dead, that’s why we come up with our own material. Cheers.

  11. HELL YEAH! Bring back Kevin and Wes along with the main trio, keep it that way and it will be a solid movie

  12. OMFG!!! YES!!!! I REALLY HOPE THE GREENLIGHT THIS MOVIE SOON!! I was saying Scream 4 wasn’t doing bad. It hasn’t done as good domestically, but I hate when people said this movie was a complete failure! It’s made a lot in the foreign countries. It has almost made 100 million already, (which is around the other films). And I know the DVD sales will be really big too. BUT PLEASE DON”T CALL IT “5CREAM”!!!!! Doing Scre4m was ok. It looked cool in the opening, but making the S a 5 is kind of stupid. It dosen’t look right. Just be “Scream 5″!! :)

  13. Wow, I’m really excited. This post makes my day. Thanks for posting this.

  14. Yay! Now everyone can stop moping!

  15. SCREAM 5 should come out on OCTOBER 5, 2012. Perfect release date. It’s in October, and they can take advantage of the “5” in the release date and have it morph into the title in the trailer.

  16. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    Today is a great day! That’s all that needs to be said :).

  17. San, that’s my Birthday!

  18. Oops, Sean, lol

  19. YES!!! lol SCREAM 4 was great tho smh i watch it everyday! bootleg lol till the dvd comes out!

  20. helll yessssssss!!!!! bring on scream 5

  21. An October release would be perfect. But, not to close to Halloween because I’m sure other horror movies will be coming out then. Plus @Sean, October 5th would be perfect! My birthday is only a few days after. Amazing birthday present! haha

  22. @wicked-scribe, appreciate your response. The articles are often great and ‘re the reason for the site’s excellence (oh and everything to do with Neve Campbell too! Ahem) keep up the outstanding work.

  23. Hopefully this will come true soon, hopefully they dont leave it to long but dont rush it either, so k.williamson has plenty of time to write and or make space in his busy schedule, the idea of everyone wondering why they killed this hero and learning about the possible leaked videos could be a great set up, bringing a slight more real world context to the story, making sid etcs journey more fulfilling this time, giving the actors some real story to get their teeth into!!! Id say about 2 years would be good, not a year, thats like the crappy saw and paranormal activity fils are doing yearly releases, 2 years, 2013. And dont release it in april or any summer slot, the next few years are far packed with hits for it to have legs, and october would be good for halloween but if theres another paranormal activity that year (highly likely, repeated yearly crap like saw) then dont do it, go for Screams classic november-january area time slot, its proven in the past to be a big hit round that time with no competition from other Horrors and plenty of time to stretch its money making legs. A close to summer release is obviously the main thing to avoid now, scream4 showed us, screams still got it in the story department but its no longer a domestic Horror blockbuster(80m+)but it is still a successful Horror franchise in the US and especially overseas, so lets give it the correct slot for it and hopefully with new added awareness, dvd rewatch and better promotion with less budget, Scream 5 could be a much bigger success. Also no bloody cg Birds!!!

  24. If they make another sequel….it’ll be strictly for fans. I’ve been thinking about it and I can see Scream 5 happening from where number 4 left off.

  25. I’m seriously thinking of a December 2012 release. I hope they learned their lesson with 4 releasing it in April guess they thought they’d have the success of the ANOES remake.

  26. I am very, very glad to hear this. I hope they start working on it soon while cast members from Scream 4 are still interested in the idea. I also agree 100% on bringing Kirby back. If her character is done for good it will be like another Randy situation. I felt like besides the main trio Hayden brought alot of heart to the film. She made me feel like I wasn’t just watching another splatter fest. Deputy Hicks as well. She was just great. I can remember when I first saw her character I couldn’t help but smile. Emma, Rory and the rest of the cast did a great job also. Great job Kevin, Wes and the rest of the crew. I’m glad they are thinking of a Scream 5 because I feel that the Scream series is the last of it’s kind. Keeping it alive seems like a good idea too me. There will always be tons of fans lining up to see it.

  27. P.S. It’s funny because the Scream movies are the only movies that scare me. “There’s just something about a guy with a knife that just snaps”. Sorry if I didn’t get the quote exactly right.

  28. SO what I’ve been waiting to hear. For everyone to keep saying 100 mill was a disappointment given most people’s financial situations right now has baffled me…

  29. Great if it happens, but I won’t hold my breath.

  30. I’m with you “Please don’t be titled: 5CREAM”, just don’t like the title Five Cream, doesn’t make sense :)

    Bring on the goods baby… and Kirby too…


  32. Kirby would be so awkward to have again since all her friends would be dead. She does not really fit in with Sid, Gale and Dewey. But I think most have pleaded for her return so you never know. But two stabs in the stomach is much worse than Sidney got. And Rebecca died of one stab wound too.

  33. Hayden Pantierre I would never have thought could make such a great addition to a horror franchise like Scream. She was good in Bring it On sequel but I never saw her on Heroes or anywhere. And I hated her short hair. No way was she a Tatum Riley. Rose McGowan is no Hayden and vice versa.

  34. please tell me what u think

    i love this, but they should stop at 5…lots less stab focus on the main trio tell a really tight story, have few dispensable characters and just wrap it all up

    one think that i read on this site that i find to be true is “it will take a long time for scream 4 to be as well accepted as the others

    also, no offense to this site because i love you all, but i am going spoiler free for the next one…I was too spoiled for this one and i kept waiting for stuff that i didn’t expect and there was too little…not fault of the site just my damn curiosity.

    also, does anyone know when still screaming is being released

  35. great news if it does happen. they havnt confirmed it yet but il keep my fingers and toes crossed lol. make this the last one tho i think. and an OCTOBER release please not april. it would probably be a 2013 release.

  36. Wonder if we’ll see less doom sayers in the box office thread now? ;)

  37. This is from Harvey correct? Harvey isn’t involved with Dimension. Bob is the one who would know for sure. The Weinsteins are the masters of Spin, So taking this with a grain of salt until I hear official word from Bob.

  38. Well i don’t know if it’s a good idea t do another sequal…
    It’s just about money now.The franchise became very popular and earned a lot of money so they are going to do 5CREAM but is it a good idea when all matter is money???

  39. I love seeing all the Kirby fans…
    I think she fit in well with Sidney during the climax. And Sidney seemed sincerely concerned about her. And i still believe when Charlie said “Sorry its not as quick as in the movies” indicated she wasn’t going to be dead right away. Which means by the time everything played out, she could have been saved.

    And I agree that I was SHOCKED how great Hayden was in SCRE4M…being I was a huge HEROES fan (yes, even when the show was so far down hill it was a joke.) and was not afraid to change the channel when the invincible cheerleader came on the screen.

  40. There is a God.

  41. @spookygough, Finally someone who likes Judy Hicks! I thought Marley Shelton was very amusing & entertaining. In other threads it’s been said Hicks was a lesbian (?!) and should be revealed to be the killer mastermind (!) in FiveCream which I find totally weird. Dewey was slighty odd in Scream and wholly likeable but Hicks can’t be?! And she should be revealed to be a lesbian because um that’s “motivation” to be a killer… What?! Oh, that’s not at all offensive is it… Um not if you like the worst idea ever, what is this, 1950?!

  42. “Fingers crosses on some nudity for a change” XD But in all seriousness, this is great news….now, tell us if Kirby is actually dead!!!

  43. @ Flothefrench, I couldn’t agree more. Why can’t it be about the love of horror, especially the love of the fans, and not just about the money. I know money is the most important thing. But for them to wait and see if Scream 4 makes over 100 million, just to make a sequel, is just sad. Many sequels were made from horror movies that made a lot less than Scream 4.

  44. Okay, now they need to bring Kirby back.

  45. It’s nice to hear from a Weinstein…..but I need something from Kev,Wes or the oh so needed greenlight.
    I have some other needs like:
    It NEEDS to be released befor January 2013.
    It NEEDS to start to a degree right where 4 left off.
    (I think to make the story flow into a 5th…it can’t be more than 2months after the events of Scre4m)
    It NEEDS KIRBY(I have no delusions that she is ALIVE,but she NEEDS to be in Scream 5).
    It NEEDS the reason we fans come back after so much not so good stuff…..THE ORIGINALS,Neve,Courteney and David HAVE TO BE IN SCREAM 5.

    and if it’s not to much to ask maybe NOT another related(semi-related) to Sid Ghostface Killer…Jill was great and really does rival Billy but it’s done.
    I know noone involved in the decision making process will read my lowly post…but abit of casting advice Kay Panabaker is awesome and any role you could offer her in Scream 5 would be much appreciated.

    That was long(er) then expected and kinda silly but Scre4m NEEDS not a conclusion so much as a companion piece…3 doesn’t do it justice and Scream has Scream 2….essentially it NEEDS a Budddy(or to be more scream it needs the mysterious second ghostface Lol)

  46. We’re talking about an even lower budget and a possible September or a January/February release here, folks. I mean, do you really want another one where the budget is meager like The Last House On The Left remake? When one thinks about a budget adjusted for inflation, the next film can’t share a similar budget like the original. A 90’s budget will not work with today’s budget of movie making, and despite what Harvey mentions, Hollywood don’t make movies for a foreign audience! Scream 5 is dead, unless the home video sales skyrockets off the charts.

  47. Yes!!!!

    PS:that’s for the haters…LOL

  48. And another thing. I’ve read the KIRBY, KIRBY, BRING BACK KIRBY rally, but sorry to say this but she’s dead. Even if Wes and Ehren could bring her back, why would Hayden Panetierre return to a dying franchise? I mean she has to think about her career and I’m sure there are other projects she can do then waste her time on another Scream movie where scripts change every week. There’s another possibility, Hayden don’t want to come back after her blatant complaints last year about the script changes (saying stuff like “this is NOT the script I agree to.”) which eventually got Gilmore Girls Lauren Graham running back to NBC’s Parenthood.

    I’m sure Ehren could create another character similar to Kirby in the next one and pay an unknown to capture similar character traits, but Hayden has signed out of the Scream franchise.

  49. Please, can you post a link to that FACT you say about Hayden complaining about the script? That never happened. Same for Lauren Graham. She never said that. She left because of her schedule and Parenthood, just that. If you can fin actual quotes, not just bullshit rumors, I’ll believe.

    But I agree abaout Kirby. As much as I loved her, she’s dead.
    To do a bargaing with that will be cheap.

  50. I would Love it, I really enjoyed Scre4m.

    I’m a huge fan of them all, watched the 1st back in 96 when I was 14, got hooked.

    I LOVED Kirby she would have been great to go on into another one, but oh well we lost her :(.
    As far as the main 3 characters, I love them, and if they came back I hate to sound mean, but please lets get at least one of them killed off.

  51. @MrFloppy:

    Uhhh Hollywood doesn’t make movies for a foreign audience? Its all about making money, and if the foreign market is strong for a film of course they will make a sequel. Why do you think we now have a 23rd Resident Evil movie coming out? its not because hollywood is impressed with it’s $20 million domestic opening weekend, its because the foreign box office is tripling the domestic take. Another example: Pirhanna 3dd, you think that would be happening if hollywood didn’t care about the foreign market? Scream 5 will happen

  52. I’ve always thought Scream 5 would happen regardless of the domestic box office I mean example, different studio but the Final Destination films even though different cast throughout each film but most of them in the series didn’t fair to well in the box office but the studio decided to make another one.

    With Scream 5 as long as the Weinsteins realize how wrong it was to betray Kevin Williamson with Scream 4 and allow his script to be the stronghold for Scream 5 with no EHREN KRUGER! I swear if I hear that man back on board as a person to polish the script I am soooo done with this franchise! As well add some more twists and turns. Scream 4 was good but it was somewhat predictable in many ways as well as no more test audience screenings just do one for the press! Because people don’t want to be spoiled for Scream 5 before the movie comes out or at least allow Wes to film two different endings if they are going to do that. It keeps the suspense for one and for two people want to be surprised thats why they go to these movies and it will do well domestically.

    Please kill off one of the main trio in the least. Having them survive another one takes away the suspense as well IMO.

  53. I hope it’s not going to be called ‘5cream’

  54. IMO — and i can’t stop stating this. I will truely be pissed off if the only returning NEW character is Hicks. Yeah, I enjoyed her and I love Marley…And Yeah they can do a “Hall Pass with Robbie Mercer” deal like Randy’s video in 3 — but that won’t give me any satisfaction, although Robbie was my second favorite of the new cast. When I watched 4 the first time, I left and i didn’t comment on whether I liked the movie or not, i was like “why did they kill all the new kids off? Lame…”.

  55. @Stephon Irvin:You’re disappointing me,Brotha! No Kirby love?!? You do keep it real,but I think Hayden knew what she was getting into when she did 4,why miss out on becoming part of the dynasty? I guess time will tell…

  56. @StephonIrvin:Read your comment about Kirby/San Francisco just now. Glad to see that you got some Kirby love. Completely forgot about Zodiac,good looking out! And yeah,college in 5cream would be risky,but I see it as more of a backdrop,letting NO Ghostface shinanegans happening on campus. I could see Kirby there for a fashion or English major. Thoughts?

  57. YES! Best news EVER!

  58. As usual, the rest of the world is miles ahead of the U.S.

    Thank Scream!

  59. I just hope scream 5 will be titled 5cream because it would look so cool like they did with scre4m but I just hope 5cream comes out on the day of halloween a lot of people would see 5cream on the day of halloween and please bring back kirby and jill because they were both such good actresses in that movie bring on 5cream(:

  60. While I do not wish for a sequel, I am excited once again for the series to continue and looking forward to seeing our favorite characters be hunted by GhostFace yet again.

  61. I am so so so so very happy to hear this. There is a great bundle of hope. It almost brings tears of joy. Scre4m was an awesome film, great adventure and great ride.

    I really do hope that Scream 5 is a quality film AND a sequel, not a prequel or reboot as suggested.

    The casting needs to be totally on point. It’s dire that the right people have parts in the film! Trio, Judy needs to be important and possibly bring back Kirby (I’m sure she’s alive, door closing in the basement before Sid was grabbed by Charlie and stabbed by Jill).

    Such a shame that the US did not pull in as much as it SHOULD HAVE.

  62. Okk people lets be real kirby is definetly coming back. Just because she fell on the ground doesnt mean she is dead and i think its time they kill gale or dewey i mean they are great but kirby should take one of their places. Scre4m was so good i was at the edge of my seat i mean no matter what everybody else say scre4m was really good. The killer this time should come out of the old movies somebody we would least expect it to be love you kirby!!!!!!

  63. Unless Wes went really crazy with its “magic scissors” while editing the movie, I think that they would’ve made Kirby’s end more definitive if they had really wanted her dead. I think they left us in doubt with her on purpose and that it’s part of the plan of Kevin Williamson’s trilogy.

    Regarding Scream 4’s box office and producers’s motivations : do you guys really think Scream 2 and 3 have been made only for the love of art ? From Kevin and Wes, OK, but for the Weinsteins ? I don’t get all this Scream 4-has-only-been-made-for-money nonsense. Of course money is a factor, but certainly not the only one, I really felt Wes and Kevin’s respect for the franchise and its core characters when I saw the movie. Wes could have directed the whole Nightmare series for money if he had wanted to, he didn’t. But he directed EVERY scream movie until now : on ly for money ? I don’t think so.

    And finally, about Harvey Weinstein’s comment on Scream 5, let’s wait an official confirmation. Even if he says Scream 5 will be made, he never said WHEN.

  64. Bring it on!!!! October release Please……..And PLEAAASSSSSE bring Kirby back if you they can!!!!!!!!!

  65. Yeah! can’t wait form Scream 5 in 2021!

  66. @deedeedragons – Bwahahaha! I don’t even particularly WANT a Fivecream (particularly if they use that lameass pseudohip title) because I have a bad feeling that they’d kill off or demonize Sid & co which would satisfy many of those who want that to happen despite it then becoming non-Scream as Scream is unlike many slashers really about those who face the psychos rather than the psychos themselves. Sid is the protagonist of Scream while the “star” of the Halloween, Friday, and Nightmare films is the looney, that’s why Scream is different. But erm that’s me being depressive. I loved your joke tho!

  67. As a lot of people have posted, I think Kirby should return. I even propose that she take on the lead heroine role in the next two films. She was a smart character and a lot of the audience related to her (ala Sidney). How about Kirby awakes from a coma one-two years later? Neve Campbell has already said that she was willing to return. I do agree that in order to the series to have any emotional weight, one of the three has to die. I don’t want it to be Sidney. Maybe Gail is murdered and someone from her past as a reporter is the killer and has ties to Woodsboro. Sidney returns for the funeral and killings begin again. Just a thought.

  68. I loved that about Scream 4, cause i never tought about Sid being the “star” i always saw Ghostface as the one…but in this one with Jill’s dialogue “Who are you Michael fucking Myers???”, in that moment the first time i saw it i was like: “YEAH THE FUCK SHE IS BITCH” hahaha.

    There’s another twist/critic/satire in 4th. and a damn good one.

  69. and what’s most amazing is that we saw her evolving into that.

  70. @@hal – agreed! Sidney was always the “star” for me, and of course she doesn’t want to be but whenever the latest pathetic murdering asshole comes along she give them what they deserve, so in the end she isn’t the victim she’s the heroine while the Ghostfaces are losers like Freddy, Jason etc. To misquote Nancy in Nightmare on Elm Street they’re “nothing…they’re shit”!

  71. @Hal. sorry for the @@Hal. haha. and yeah, i’m totally with you on that!

  72. YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!! SCREAM5 baby!!! I enjoyed Scream 4. Saw it twice. Liked it better the second time around. Here’s hoping Scream 5 will out do Scream 4. Woot woot!!!!

  73. YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!! SCREAM5 baby!!! I enjoyed Scream 4. Saw it twice. Liked it better the second time around. Here’s hoping Scream 5 will out do Scream 4. Woot!!!!

  74. MATTHEW WROTE:I’ve always thought Scream 5 would happen regardless of the domestic box office I mean example, different studio but the Final Destination films even though different cast throughout each film but most of them in the series didn’t fair to well in the box office but the studio decided to make another one.

    @MATTHEW Please check your sources because you are so wrong. Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, Not 4 But all of the Final Destination movies made money.


    The fifth film is justifiable. Scream 5 could happen but with a smaller budget and a comfortable release date like September, January, or February.

  75. @ J: I think she could attend a small school in Marin County close to SF or SF state, and study film. Because of the event she may want to study criminology but going in this direction it would be more Silence Of The Lambs than a Scream movie. As Kevin Williamson mentioned on his Twitter account, Scream is a Sidney Prescott Chronicle and if the series needs to go to SF it has to have Sidney in it. Maybe Sidney decides to become a news reporter or a theater journalist or a journalist on uplifting women or troubled teenagers.

    Maybe you should write a treatment for a possible Scream script?

  76. @tr, Thanks – wondered who @hal was!

  77. @Stephon Irvin: Yeah,I’ve been toying with that:bring Kirby back,but where does Sidney come into play? How does she rebound after four tumultuous sagas in her life? Does she go back into hiding? Let’s hope not! But how does she pick up the pieces once again? With her gung-ho approach and jumping into action method in Scre4m, she’s sure ready for whatever else! As for Kirby, her being a film major would only seem right,but we won’t even go there! I like the criminal law major idea,it can potentially put her close to fellow student/psychopath…it can be done so she’s not too much of a Clarisse,right? And yes, each Scream needs to be a Sid chronicle,which is why 5cream,if done correctly,can be the last without it being overkill. I’ll be working on that treatment,and I’ll keep you posted

  78. Kirby is dead -.-“

  79. My sentiments exactly, Sherrie. I remember Scream 2 where David Arquette had this shocking scene where I thought his character was murdered by an attack from the killer, but at the tale’s end he was actually alive on a gurney. There was no such scene for Kirby in Scream 4, not even a mention of a survivor beyond Jill and SURPRISE Sidney at her house.



  81. hoping that, if scream 5 is going to happened, the management must put into their minds that scream 5 is going to be the most loved movie of all suspense filmz. and for scream 6 to rule…. the universe! hey, SCREAM, SCREAM 2, had a great impact to the box office, though SCREAM 3 received “only” 89 million, cant u see? its not late to make SCREAM movies as many as you{WeS, Kevin, HArvey, Bob}can… SCREAM{s}is different and powerful, clever and enduring… one of a kind and the cream of the crop…

  82. bring back Kirby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. KIRBY REED should be on Scream 5…if they don’t bring her back I’m not gonna be happy and I’m gonna be turnd of the nxt 2 screams… BTW if Kirby is the new Tatum, wouldn’t that mean she would die just like Tatum did?

  84. YEEEEYYYYYY! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  85. Kirby is dead its said but its true in the hospital after the house massacre Jill said to Dewey “i heard they killed my mom, and Robby and KIRBY to”

  86. YES this is great news i love all the scream films cannot wait until 5 and 6 are made :)

  87. bring back billys brother billy had a brother who is out for revenge because sidney killed billy or billys dad!

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