Help Track Down Marielle Jaffe’s Missing Photos (Found!)

Long story short, Marielle Jaffe gave some original, one of a kind childhood and personal family photos to the set dressers of Scream 4 so that they could use them to decorate her bedroom with. They mistakenly got sent to Premiere Props after the movie wrapped and were auctioned off to various bidders around the world.

Marielle is heartbroken over the loss of these family photos and is trying to track them all down. If anyone knows anybody who won ANY photos of Olivia from the Premiere Props auction or from Premiere’s Ebay auctions, PLEASE get me the information so that I can forward it to Marielle and attempt to help her recover them.

Those willing to return photos will not be lift empty handed. They will receive something in return, I promise.

Here are some of the ones that need found. The bloody one at the bottom is mine and I have already made arrangements to get the photo back to her.

-Mr. Ghostface
Scream-Trilogy forum moderator

Update June 1st: Mission accomplished! From Marielle: “I am speechless and so encouraged by the genuine love that truly does exist. @veronicarusso thank u for going on such a huge mission to get my photos back.The selfless search u did w/o even knowing me has restored not only the priceless photos of my childhood but also my hope in the world as a whole. Can’t thank u enough. Thank u to everyone who pulled together to help and support. Means more than u’ll ever know.”

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30 Responses to “ Help Track Down Marielle Jaffe’s Missing Photos (Found!) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. hope she gets them back.

  2. She will just need to contact Premiere Props who will have all the details of the people who won the auctions.

  3. That is messed up. Alan, above, is right of course. There shouldn’t be much of a holdup tracing them to present locales. Wish Marielle the best! This site is incredible to get proactive about this issue.

  4. If I was Marielle, I would’ve done a scan of the photos and printed them out on photo paper, or have someone else do that for me, JUST IN CASE. Because they will be used as props in the background, I doubt originals are needed.

    With that said, I hope she can get those back. She seems like a sweetheart and she’s done a fantastic job as Olivia in the movie, despite being killed off early on. I actually liked her 1000% better after seeing her performance in theater. Kudos to her.

  5. Yeah, why isn’t her management or she herself just contacting Premiere Props to find out who bought them? That would be a lot more efficient than this business.

  6. That’s just awkward. I never really attached much value to pictures myself so i can’t relate….but i guess everyone is different.

  7. :( I really hope she gets them!

  8. She should sue the company. Are you kidding me? This is a nightmare. Plain incompetance and she shold never trust a Wes Craven production again. I feel bad for her.

  9. “she should never trust a Wes Craven production again.”

    Why don’t she just quit Hollywood? Stop being silly. Unfortunately these things happen. Next time I’m sure she’ll be more cautious but saying she should never trust a Wes Craven production again? What is this? Broadway? A little too dramatic dude.

    Anyway, why did they need all those photos? I can see one or two, specifically the first, but we didn’t even see them. They could have just put pictures of random people and the audience wouldn’t of noticed. Oh well.

    I’m sure she’ll get them all back.

  10. @Khy, Broadway, lol.

  11. I also hope she is able to get her pictures back.

  12. Mel, do you actually think no one already thought about that before? Those options have been explored, “this business” is being done as a last resort.

  13. That really sucks. She must be gutted to have lost such sentimental possessions :-(

  14. I hope and think she will find them. And you/you people seem really kind to help on the issue, do you like, know her or sumthing?

  15. Hope she really gets them back all my prays out 2 u

  16. @wicked-scribe. hey wicked, there’s something about scream 4 i haven’t read too many people commenting….what’s with the 2 different masks used??? the one in the beginning was a new one and then it was the same one as always. any toughts on writing an article on this? haha

  17. Actually the teo mask thing seems traditional to me. When they found the mask during the production of SCREAM, they initially made their own authentic mold of the same mask. It’s quite noticable in SCREAM, when Ghostface first turns around in the opening scene it’s the usual, original mask. But a few moments later when Ghostface chases and stabs Casey he’s wearing the mask that the production artists created for the movie. It has bigger eyes and a shorter mouth. Ive always wondered if anyone else has noticed it, but on the SCREAM DVD special features there’s a photo of it… But youre not the only one who noticed the new mask in SCRE4M.. It’s odd looking.

  18. true, it happens in Scream too. I know i’m not the only one who noticed it in 4th, i read a comment once here about it but that was it…maybe there’s an explanation like in the 1st movie

  19. Marielle tracked down all her pictures.

  20. this would have pissed me off, i agree with whoever said to used scanned copies in the shots since they arent real close up. I really hope she retrieves them

  21. Sean, so she got ‘em back? Good.

  22. Hooray for Marielle. That is excellent news. You guys did your part and that is stellar!

  23. side note, apparently emma roberts is saying she wouldn’t mind being in scream 5. “you never know…” um…what?

  24. @ James, she could come back as a different character? That would be awesome!

  25. as Jill and Sidney’s cousin, with blonde hair and glasses, like Laura Palmer’s cousin in Twin Peaks. haha

  26. I’d have like to have seen the entire main cast of the first Scream (and maybe even some of the cast of the sequels, who knows?) reunited in a Scream movie (or any movie for that matter), with Drew, Jamie Kennedy, et al simply playing different characters.

  27. The one with the OLIVE GREEN FRAME is on “”.

  28. I left something out. Go to “” and look up “SCREAM 4″ under movies. And you’ll find it…

  29. Never mind, it turns out it was a copy of the original photo…

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