How Much of a Scream Fan Are You?

In a recently published piece by LA Weekly‘s online arm, Scream fan Anthony Torres was profiled for his extensive collection of memorabilia and merchandise. The article is nice but the real gravy is this video, in which he modestly shows off his Ghostface wares, and is chronicled in his attempt – and failure – to attend the Scream 4 premiere. To watch him get literally so close is heartbreaking in a way only fanboys like us would truly understand.



Catch the Scream-Trilogy cameo? If that wasn’t a meta moment, I don’t know what is.

Torres is known as sidneyloverboy in online circles and last year attended the Los Angeles Scream 4 Art & Prop Show, bringing back slickly-edited video of the event.

Now, the headline wasn’t just a rhetorical question! How big a Scream fan are you? How can you even measure such a thing? Does it take a large collection? Or sheer dedication?

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34 Responses to “ How Much of a Scream Fan Are You? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. That is so sad. I would have cried if that happened to me

  2. I don’t think owning a lot of Scream stuff makes you more of a fan than someone who doesn’t. Some of us have the collecting bug while others just don’t. Loved the LA Weekly feature even if it didn’t have a happy ending. It was pretty neat to see this site in the video :)

  3. I am à nog scream fan:)

  4. I ment i am à realy big scream fan

  5. damn can you imagine if his room caught fire what would he do

  6. Well besides my good sized collection of Scream merch, I was stupid enough to drive in a big snow storm from my house in New York to Pittsburgh for the screening of Scream 4 (approx 7-8 hour drive) my friend and I almost died a few times hahaha… we were speeding with horrible tires on slippery roads and almost gave ourselves UTI because we refused to stop to use the bathrooms along the way… we get there only 10 mins after they told us we should get there and we were soo far back in the end of the line that we weren’t allowed in.. we kinda told the people who were running it what we did for this and they kinda basically laughed in our faces and said “that’s nice”… so we turned around and went back home.. FAIL.. if that’s not dedication, I dunno what is lol.

  7. I’m a HUGE scream fan, I saw it when it came out, I was 14 and it left a mark on me, I couldn’t stop drawing ghostface, I even painted a life size ghostface on my wall (parental units was not happy). I would make all my friends watch it, and any time I made new friends would introduce them to it, I have so many found memorys of sitting round random peoples houses and watching scream, I then took it too the next extreme I stalked my friends on there phone, I bought a scream costume and got my mates to go to the park late at night, one of them was in on it, I kept phoning them, they had no idea it was me, I then jumped out fake stabbed my best mate (who was in on it and had fake blood with him, I then chased the rest of them in threw the woods till I grabbed the yougest and ran off with him, he screamed and cried, best prank ever. When scream 2 came out me and my mate would phone random people telling them I’m gonna gut them like a fish, soon enough the police was called and we had to write a letter of apology to the person, when scream 3 came out I went to see it in a scream costume and had fun spooking the audience and when scream 4 came out I got 100 odd of my facebook friends to come with me and paid half of there tickets that night 10 of us booked are selfs in to stay at a murder mystery hotel in cambridge it was amazing, so yes scream has not only given me fond memory’s on screen but also off screen, and that’s what makes me an avid fan. I feel so sorry for that guy who never made it into the premiere, ever since I heard scream 4 was to be released I collected things for my scream 4 scrap book (posters, billboard sign, magazine interviews) my plan was to have the cast and wes sign it at the uk premiere, but guess what it never had a uk premiere which was a right kick in the bollocks, then I hear the premiere was in la at the graumans theatre, I was staying at the roosevelt last halloween why oh why couldn’t they have shown it then. Also I love this site, it feels like home to us ever growing scream fans x

  8. I agree with Ashley. I’m a huge Scream fan, but I don’t collect stuff. Mainly because I don’t have the room in my small house, and I don’t have the money. I wish I could have a whole room dedicated to Scream though.

  9. HUGE
    But people like Anthony make me realize maybe I just like the trilogy Lol.
    Honestly I’m not the merch type but I have the content of the movies down…Trivia is what I’d be best at.

  10. He even has a mother named DEBBIE… like Billy’s mother, Debbie Salt/Mrs. Loomis.

    Awesome collection.

  11. Watched the Vid
    You know what he took not getting in better then I would have.
    Also I have an Obsession I can compare to Anthony’s on all level
    I’ve put aleast 80% of my money over the yrs toward
    :Buffy The Vampire Slayer:
    anything I can get my hands on
    and I’ve met afew of the cast members.
    Oh and I had a bigger meltdown when I encountered the same kind of hitch.Lol

  12. @missy, right there with you, HUGE buffy fan (spent so much money on buffy merchandise) I think a lot of buffy fans are also scream fans and the two have a lot in common.
    1. Both 90s nostalgic
    2. Both have superior writing
    3. Both are highly original and witty
    4. Both have a habbit of pulling the rug from underneath you.
    5. Both have a strong female lead (girl power?)
    6. Both have supporting characters that have a place in are heart.
    7.Both starred smg
    I hear buffy is being remade into a film (not happy) so hell, why not turn scream into a series. I think it would be the best series on t.v kevin and joss could team up and write it\direct it. What say you

  13. @William

    Agreed (On all 7 points)

    Damn Kevin and Joss would be unstoppable.
    And I’m against the remake just for the record,though part of me wants to see what a fan like Whitney could do with the concept.

  14. wow i wish i had the money for that stuff!!!!!

  15. itd be cool if u could get stills of his room

  16. @missy I guess your right, at least we get to see buffy again, if its awful, it will be obvious but if its good I will eat my hat. Lol. At least we got season 9 buffy comic to look forward too which I heard joss is still doing (despite that little film he is doing, the avengers) I’m waiting for the last comic of season eight. Hey they could totally do a scream graphic novel. Even one to bridge the 10 year gap from scream 3 to 4.

  17. Im pretty sure that this is horading…and there is a show to help ppl w/ this problem…

  18. The only thing I have left from what I bought or got during 1996-2000 is a Neve Campbell autograph, a couple of clippings and magazines. Now I have a signed Scream 4 poster and a cool “Where Is Sidney?” Tee

  19. Lol well, if I were Neve Campbell, this guy would actually freak me out… In a weird/bad way. He looks scary. But I’ve got like every single VHS edition of the movie, like people actually call me crazy for having a thousand copies of the very same movie, so I kinda understand him. I felt really sad for him not making it to the premiere. Neve SHOULD send him an autographed copy of the book.

  20. Scream 4 came now gone,
    I guessed the killer, I was wrong,
    I saw it 9 times is that nerdy,
    I joined a website named bring back kirby.
    And now there saying do we want 5
    I say yes, keep this franchise alive.
    So bring back sidney, dewey and gale.
    And have them chased by ghost who is pale.
    And with this thought I’m now gleaming.
    All I can say is carry on screaming

  21. @William

    SMG IS Buffy…So I’m dreading the prospect of some hot young thing playing Ms.Summers in this version.
    (Whitney is looking at putting Buffy back in College for the remake :/)

    I’d buy a Scream Graphic Novel.

    I LOOOOOOVE ‘Last Gleaming’ P5 It’s such a Great finish to a wacky season.

    and the BtVS talk is finished Lol
    I’m HotFlashCory in the forum if you wanna talk more.

  22. I would have shit cows if I didn’t get in. I actually had something similar happen to me but not with the Scream 4 premiere. I made reservations to see Still Screaming and planned to go with friends. I had an awesome experience meeting Dan Farrands and some of the crew that worked on Inside Story: Scream (as well as Jeffrey Reddick and Felissa Rose) at the premiere in Hollywood and I figured it’d be the same with this. No response on my rsvps (SOOOOO DEVASTATING) but I cut my losses and caught a midnight screening of Scream 4 on an IMAX Screen near home. Not a total loss, but would’ve liked to see this doco! :( Anthony did take this the best possible way when I would’ve made a commotion and slapped someone. ;p

  23. enough of a fan 2 understand how bad s4 made scream look

  24. Waste a money!

  25. Waste of money…(pressed enter too quickly the last time.) Dude, it’s only a movie. A movie shouldn’t be the center of a person’s life in such a way. All the money that could have been put to better use, wasted on multiple copies of the same movie, and duplicates of the exact same mask. A little collecting is okay, but don’t go crazy.

  26. Well, I would consider myself a scream fan! Why? Well I can recite all of the words from the movie, I can tell you the order of everyone who dies in ALL FOUR movies. I can tell you who the killers are in ALL FOUR movies, I can tell you who is/who isn’t going to die BEFORE a new movie comes out (I was correct on the SCRE4M killer and who would die, with the exception of Kirby). I have all three movies and a copy of SCRE4M. I waited in line to see Scream 2, Scream 3, and Scream 4 for the midnight screening, I have written my own Scream sequels. I watch one of the movies from the franchise at least once a week. See, I am big scream fan! I don’t own merchandise, I just have a special place for anything scream in my heart. I love the Scream franchise!!!

  27. I’m a bid Scream fan, not a huge one at all, but big, I’ve got the first three recorded at least twice and I’ve bought them, watch them all the time, watch all of the trailers all the time, looked about Scream 4 on the web for a bunch of years and was excited about it’s arrival, bought the Horror Hound magazine, made several fan Scream 4-6 before 4 came out, and have already seen Scream 4 7 times, on my eighth at this moment.

  28. I am a huge fan but I’ve had to make huge sacrifices to get to my dream. I haven’t been able to afford much merchandise :(. I was 13 when I saw Scream but I’m a foster kid & ditched home when I was 17 and from them it’s just been a struggle to survive and save money to afford school in Canada.

    However, I did represent when I was stabbed at work by Ghostface when I was a postal worker. I ended up with some nerve damage and my ‘Dewey’ nickname still sticks today, even though the limp is almost gone. One radio station wanted to have me on the show talking AGAINST movies like Scream. Joke was on them when they decided not to have me on the show (they quickly realised I love these movies, especially Scream) and directly quoted me on the show. “She couldn’t talk on the show” [LIARS] “but she did say that she believes ‘Movies don’t create psychos; they make psychos more creative'” and then proceeded to talk about what I’d said and if that was true. I just felt it was funny that they didn’t even realise that was a Scream quote – BOOYAH!

    I literally have $2000 CND in my bank to sustain me until I complete school and can start working again (Canada won’t let foreign students work!!) but once I’m working and earning, it’s time to get my Scream on! I had to leave all my stuff in UK but once I have the money I’m shipping over my mask collection and some props from some Scream stage stuff I did when I was in drama school (I’m very persuasive :P).

    Super jealous of Anthony and I loved when my mates saw it they were all “Okay, that’s just sad” but I couldn’t help but think “No, I want to BE him, I’m jealous!” so much so that I couldn’t even hide that in front of my mates who now jokingly call me sad. But in humour because they all have their vices too – one of them is a Batman NUT and probably is the Anthony of Batman fandom :P.

    As far as not getting into the premiere – I wanted to cry for Anthony – that’s just sucktacular! I cried when I got tickets for the Scream preview in Vancouver on Tuesday (day after premiere). Those were tears of joy but I never cry for anything so I know in my heart that Scream is special to me.

  29. I agree with those who say it’s not having a collection that makes you a fan. To me it’s actually knowing stuff about the franchise ie: owning the films,knowing the quotes by memory,the origin of the film (knowing how it saw the light of day.)

    Nothing annoys me more than people who claim they are big fans.Only to spout off info that is completely incorrect.I don’t mean by a slim margin I mean be really off on the info.

  30. @Maddy “(Canada won’t let foreign students work!!)”

    Canada DOES allow foreign students to work on your College Campus! I know this as I”m a foreign student in Canada too and I can work, so before you make outlandish statements like that, you may wanna get your facts straight first.

    P.S. Awesome site!

  31. That was a cool little snipet. He’s Latino,just like me! His abuela is like mine:”Mijo, so much money on those sad faces!” Hehe…bummer he didn’t get in. Anyone know if that Sid & Maureen photo he had is legit??

  32. My Bro Anthony is a great person for contributing to the great success this franchise is. I can’t believe he is Sidneyloverboy I have seen all his videos. I’d have to say though I believe the merchandise doesn’t make the fan, the fan makes the merchandise. I own all Scream’s on both VHS & DVD and soon Blu-Ray. I also have the Scream costume stored somewhere. I use to dress up as Ghostface every Halloween. However, I am not going to show my fanship on how much Scream stuff I buy because there maybe something in the future I may become more obsessed with. I thought about buying scream 4 original stuff in the auction but the auction had already been closed. I tried my hardest to win tickets as well and failed. But I still know I’m in the top 10 most biggest Scream fans out there with my brother Anthony. I can’t get enough of Scream and I can garentee you back in 2007 when Courteney and David first whispered at the idea of Scream 4 I was 1 of the very few 1% who heard it first. When I heard the news I went ecstatic getting all getty even when the movie wasn’t even writen yet. Scream is a great peice of work that I will pass down to my children in the future as I’ve done already with my family and it is a part of my life forever. I garentee if there’s a Scream 5 me, Maddy and Anthony will be the first ones in line for tickets next time around and I’ll make sure I talk to the cast. So for all you Screamers your as much a fan as you know you are but Anthony is very much loyal and generous with his money to spend it on Scream. Peace to all. Gostface’s Legacy Forever!

  33. Bummer dude.I suppose i’d call myself a Scream fan but i’m more into Friday The 13th.I have a reasonable amount of Jason merch and growing ali the time…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  34. sorry to hear his efforts were not rewarded with getting in to the premiere–keep the faith—I’m sure hard work in the end will pay off.

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