New Scream Deluxe Edition Soundtrack

Always good to see new merchandise outside of Scream 4 – it seems like the powers that be sometimes forget there were three previous movies, all of which still have high collectible potential. This new Marco Beltrami extended Scream instrumental score coming from Varese Sarabande on the week of June 6th. The original release was a mere sampling, having to share CD bitspace with Scream 2, but this is the full suite.

SCREAM: The Deluxe Edition
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed by Marco Beltrami

The smash hit that transformed the horror genre was also responsible for introducing one of the most exciting composers to debut in the 1990s!

Back in 1998 Marco Beltrami’s expansive Scream score was forced to share a 30-minute CD with the composer’s sequel score from Scream 2.  It was certainly better than having it never be released at all but the album was missing a lot of music.  Finally, 15 years after the film was first released and coinciding with the release of the fourth film in the franchise, a proper Scream release featuring over 60 minutes of music is at last available.

After a series of mysterious deaths, an offbeat group of friends get caught up in a lively mix of thrills and chills! Wes Craven directed a cast that included Drew Barrymore, Courtney Cox, Neve Campbell, Skeet Ulrich and David Arquette.

Price:  $19.98

Click here to pre-order and hear selected excerpts, though they will be familiar to most, if not all. Bootlegs of Beltrami’s full score have been floating around for years, so support this release and nab it if you can. Regardless, Varese Sarabande’s releases extend beyond the fan community and into film/music appreciation, so something tells me they will have no trouble pushing all 2000 limited edition copies out the door in no time.

Thanks to ‘Marco’ for the tip-off.

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21 Responses to “ New Scream Deluxe Edition Soundtrack ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. So awsome totally buying 2 copy’s

  2. Amazing! I was wondering when this would finally come out. The Scream/Scream 2 score CD definitely didn’t have enough Scream 1 so this is so nice to see! Totally, of course, buying this :)

  3. I’ll get this when Scream 4 dvd comes along.

  4. Awesome! But what about the fans that don’t live in the USA!!????
    I want to buy it.

  5. O.O I NEED THIS!!!

  6. Why do they keep spelling “Gale” wrong? Jeez. Either way, I’ll buy this too.

  7. Definatly getting this, I have the Scream 4 score so I might as well get ‘em all:3

  8. I have the Scream soundtrack.
    Mine doesn’t “share” with Scream 2.

    Was this only a problem in america?

  9. @Jerry, in Mexico they call Sidney “Cindy” and “Sindy”. ha! people

  10. Amazon link?

  11. I think I’ve already committed the entire instrumental score to memory!

  12. I found a website that – illegally, sure – featured every single music cue from the entire trilogy. It was brilliant. I downloaded them all and it was so great to hear not just the more well known cues, but even the tiny ones that would normally go unnoticed. This is great though. Nice to have something official rather than fan made.

  13. WTF?! Did Christophe Beck compose a piece for Scream??!!
    Never new this! I love his work!! He was the composer for Buffy, season 2, 3, 4 + episodes “The Gift” and “Once More With Feeling”. Need to listen to this one again! lol!

  14. This just isn’t fair only to people in the USA and only 2000 copies and no digital downloads,I would pay allot more the $20 for one if i could believe me Does anyone know where a person in England could get one??

  15. “Sidney wants it” oh my!

  16. Bought. @Chris Mcgowan: they ship to the UK. Expensive (£17).

  17. @In_Da_Morgue Really!! You can buy off that website? Or you mean you bought it and you can ship it out for me? £17 is good for me, is that ontop of the price for the CD? Thanks for the info aswell mate

  18. No. What I meant was:

    I bought it. The website linked to in the article ships to the uk (actually worldwide I think). All told it came to approx. £17.30…that means the cd plus shipping. It might take a while to arrive though (1-6 week transit time).

    Alternatively you can supposedly buy it here (UK-based site) for £21 plus shipping:

  19. @In_Da_Morgue Thankyou so much!! Just ordered my copy from Elite Sound Tracks :D £23 is a very good price to pay in my opinion, can’t wait to get it!!

  20. I still want a full version of red right hand.

  21. Anybody in the UK recieved their copy yet? I ordered mine weeks ago and it hasn’t come yet :( when are they sending them out in the UK?

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