Scre4m Game Updated to Version 1.1

Weinstein Co sent us word that the Scre4m iPhone/iPad game has been upgraded to include an extra two levels and 3GS compatibility. I haven’t played it yet, being a PC guy by default – but if there were some way of offering internet-playable previews I’d certainly consider picking up an Apple product.

The official game of SCRE4M. For the first time ever, play as the killer in a game and slash your way to victory. Just like the movie, killing by the Rules of Horror is the way to succeed.

Version 1.1 Updates

-3GS is now supported – Thanks for your patience while we worked to bring the game to the 3GS
-As promised, 2 new Levels!

-Movie Theatre – 3D movies aren’t the only thing giving peoples scares here
-Police Station – no better way to take people down than right under the noses of the cops
-Game Center integration!
-Hook up with all your friends through Game Center, be sure to get those achievements

General Improvements

-Killing event swiping mechanic now more effective
-General Performance improvements
-New Icon
-Bug Fixes

Wes Craven has played it – have you? The app is 99cents for the iPhone version and $2.99 for the iPad version, via iTunes, and carries an age17 restriction – not sure how or if they actually enforce that. We previously posted iPhone gameplay screenshots, this time here are some iPad screenies.


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16 Responses to “ Scre4m Game Updated to Version 1.1 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. A lot of people don’t like the game, but I find it, personally, to be one of the most fun games on my iPod. It’s fun, the graphics are great for an iPhone/iPod Touch game, and it’s really cool to run around large places and kill people Ghostface style. It’s even more fun when you try to follow the cliches which are very true to the horror genre.

    I’ve been awaiting this update since the game was released. Although, the game is very fun and addicting, an update was necessary as it did have a few bugs but nothing too major.

  2. I have it on my iPhone, and find it quite interesting. It can get a little intense sometimes if you find yourself cornered. I haven’t downloaded it for iPad yet, but think it would work better with the larger screen.

  3. I finally downloaded the game yesterday and tried playing it but I find the moving controls to be really annoying. The makers of this game need to have a look at the Predator’s game to find some decent controls. Sliding your finger all over the screen and have Ghostface run in the OPPOSITE direction is frustrating. I think they need to have a little virtual joystick to make movement easier. But maybe I’m doing it wrong.


  4. So I can now vouch that the 1.1 is better and that the Theater level is HARD! But I did just discover one MAJOR flaw with the Theater level. The fact that when you go to the back left corner of the map, you completely fall off into oblivion, otherwise know as “a glitch.” To solve this problem you simply have to start over. So it’s no biggie, but it could annoy some people who have a very high score then randomly fall off the side of a…theater.

  5. Nevermind. It must be in other areas too. I just fell through another black hole into oblivion. It’s adding to the challenge factor of this level.


  7. Uhhhhhh what about Android….they should work on that!

  8. I want this so bad but my iPod is too outdated being a 1G :c
    I played it on my cousin’s iPhone very breifly and it was fun, though it lags a bit..

    @Ryan the voice mask app got removed from te app store if that says anything

  9. what happen to the voice changing one? i want it !!!

  10. Get this onto PC or at least Android! Or hell go full on with it and make a damn PS3/360/Wii game… I’d buy it!

  11. I want this game BADLY but I have no I phone, why oh why can’t they bring out a scream game on a console or pc. It is weird they went to all the trouble of making a scream game yet never made a ghostface voice app.

  12. @ william they had a ghostface voice app for a while before the films release.

  13. Have this for both my iPhone and iPad, is absolutely brilliant game for the iPad but the screen is a bit too small on the iPhone and makes controlling ghost face awkward

  14. i want this game so bad..where is the love for my moto D2?? omg…this is the best scary movies trill by far..come on my phone needs some lovin ppl…i want this game

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    thanks admin

  16. Can I plz download scream

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