Scream 4: Who Was Really Drew 2.0?

In March I speculated who might be the Drew Barrymore of Scream 4 and looked back at characters in the franchise that came close to matching the groundbreaking opening scene of the first Scream. But now post-release, the question still remains – who was the New Drew? Was there even a New Drew?

And has the Scream opening been surpassed? I think everyone would agree that the answer to that is, no, it hasn’t. But that’s okay. I don’t think anyone truly thought that Scream 4 would outdo the beginning of Scream. It would have been amazing if the Craven/Williamson dream team had conjured up something so amazing that we would all sit there in disbelief, but at the same time, I think we’re all slightly relieved seeing as that Scream scene has a place in our hearts – I’m not sure I want anything to overshadow it.

If we’re talking opening scenes, how does Scream 4 match up? I actually think its opening was inspired. It was different to any other Scream opening because its purpose was to establish what has been going on in the 10 year gap between instalments, whilst at the same time implementing the film’s standpoint on where it stands now within the horror category. Trudie’s commentary on torture porn and Rachel’s theories on never-ending franchises give us a quick, to the point guide to Scream 4’s stance on the genre. So we know right away that we’re still going to get a Scream film with clever self-referential critiquing of slashers and franchises.  The opening, therefore, is multi-layered. And in more ways than one, seeing as you get three opening sequences for the price of one.

Scream’s epic beginning was unique because it had no past to dwell on – Williamson could write that scene as the start of a fresh franchise. He had the freedom to simply concentrate on a girl, alone in a house, being terrorized. He made it special by making the mastermind a horror-nut and by executing the suspense whilst Casey was on the phone. But that was the one and only chance we were going to see something so raw in the Scream franchise. Scream 2’s opening had to establish the whole aspect of Stab, Scream 3 had to ascertain that Sidney was in hiding and Scream 4 had to address the 10 year break, the six Stab sequels, and tell the audience right off the mark that it is aware that it’s a bit of a cliché (re-booting a franchise with a new sequel, ten years later).

Once all this is out of the way, Scream 4’s opening can be simply enjoyed. We’re pumped during the Stab 6 scene given that we don’t know quite what’s going on, treated to another quick shock in the Stab 7 scene, and then finally allowed to enjoy a more Casey Becker-esque scene in “real life” Woodsboro, with Marnie & Jenny. But – it’s not quite there. Not at all really. It tries, bless it, but can’t really be compared to Casey’s scene. I don’t know if the re-shoots interfered with this, but Marnie & Jenny’s sequence is rather pedestrian. Especially in the case of Marnie’s off camera murder. Jenny is very quick to answer back to the phone (what on earth was that GPA line all about?), and she panics all too quickly. But what’s great about it is that we are, for the first time since Scream, treated to an opening scene in which the psycho plays with someone on the phone, uses movie terminology with her, throws something through a window at her, and then chases her around a house.

At the risk of sounding a bit sick, what was more entertaining about Casey Becker’s end is that it was drawn-out. They try this with Jenny, having her escape to the garage, injured by the electric door, dragged around and stabbed, but Casey had that additional tragedy of her parents hearing the murder on the phone and then finding her outside. My final thoughts on the opening scene are that it was good. I loved the Stab element to it, greatly enjoyed the banter between Sherrie & Trudie in the very first section, and then liked the last moments of Jenny’s demise before the opening credits appeared. I think Scream 4’s opening is pretty classic but it’s not Casey Becker.

Is Rebecca a contender for this title? A contender, yes; but she doesn’t get the crown. Rebecca was, in my opinion, the Jennifer Jolie of Scream 4. I thought her lines were witty and her character brilliant. It was a shame to see her go so early on. On the other hand, it was extremely important as it made things real to the town of Woodsboro. This scene was effective because it involved a phone call but in a different way. Setting it in a deserted parking garage was great. The stand out lines being “Can I take a message?” “You are the message”. Brilliant. Yes, Rebecca should have stayed put in that car and prayed for cold, hard daylight, but then that would have been dull. The point of this scene was that we got another great phone call and the murder was possibly the most dramatic given that her body was thrown to the lions – almost literally.

But the title of Drew 2.0 goes to Kirby. The run-up to her death is really the nearest to the Casey Becker scene that we’re going to get. The fact that she is alone in the basement, with Charlie tied up on the patio, is not only an obvious mirroring, but especially clever given who Charlie is. The general consensus seems to be that we all have a soft spot for Kirby – she’s a character we care about, and I think we all came to care about Casey Becker in those first 10 minutes of Scream. So the scene means more to us. But the best part to it is that we get horror trivia. Kirby is trapped on a phone call, where it is up to her to save a life by answering horror questions. And here, we get poignant trivia seeing as the question she has to answer comments on the idea of remakes and reboots. Kirby’s terror is portrayed genuinely, the suspense is all there. It’s truly like a flashback to old school Scream. And that’s why she wins this title.

The thing with Scream 4 is that it really does bring us back to the old days of the franchise. Not only are we back in Woodsboro with bumbling cops and rustling bushes, but we’re treated to the methods Ghostface used in the early days. Neither Scream 2 nor 3 really plays with horror trivia and the deadly phone call is rather played down. But the ringing phones in Scream 4 really remind us of what the series is about.

So we’ve got our Drew 2.0. Or at least our Drew in Scream 4. But we’ve still not seen what we saw in Scream. We might have, in the case of Jenny, if they’d of strengthened the tension with her phone call, elongated the scene, made the chase and the murder more dramatic and cast a super-famous actress to off before the opening titles. But this wasn’t the case. This is what needs to happen next: if the franchise is to continue, the decision needs to be made on how many more are coming. Then in the final installment, be it Scream 5, 6 or whatever, they need to open that movie with something genius, which matches but puts a twist on the Scream opening. It needs to involve an actress who has been billed as a starring role (Jill was billed as the new Sidney and look how that turned out). It needs to be shocking. It needs to be written with a view to surpassing Scream. It needs to outdo it and surprise us all. And this is one tricky feat.

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  1. Very good article and I completely agree with your choice for Drew 2.0.

  2. I wish people would stop overrating the opening to Scream. It was good, yes, but not OMG amazing like everyone says. Kind of annoying :/

  3. Definitely agree with all of this. I loved Rebecca and I loved Kirby. The opening was fun, entertaining, but not brilliant. Glad you mentioned the SAT line… I forget it every time, but it takes me out of the moment each time I see it. Another great article!

  4. I agree about Kirby being the Drew 2.0. I was kind of shocked when she died because she was so likeable that I thought she would survive. Plus, the horror trivia and guy tied to a chair was a throwback to the Casey scene.

  5. I think the Drew scene was amazing to a lot of people because back in the 90s, it would be considered the greatest moment in cinema history for its brilliance. You see A LOT of self aware in movies nowadays, Casey’s opening to the average joe is very tense, since it’s Drew, but less tense since it’s iconic and people have, at one point in their lives, seen a parody of it. But it’s average, nowadays. We see too much of the “innocent, well known” actor/actress getting offed in the opening. Like the writer said, the sequels (if made) need to have some twist.

  6. Excellent article. I’m in total agreement that Hayden P was the Drew 2 of ScreFourem. It was so shocking and horrible. Kirby was so bitchily likeable and Panettiere was charismatic. However, Rebecca and Olivia’s death’s were affecting too (like CiCi in 2 & Jennifer in 3). The opening Stab double fake-out was brilliant but the “real world” scene was muffed much more should have been done here with newer tech as throughout the film, and it needed to be INSPIRED because the audience expected what DID happen, it was too slack and quick but that was consequence of what preceded it. That said, the point of the (1st) Stab scene seeming close to the movie’s “reality” was to was to destabilize expectations, the unexpected is the new yada yada yada. Traitor that I am, I don’t want a Scream 5 because I do want Sidney to survive and not be the killer either and I fear that THOSE things would happen. Neve is the ultimate Final Girl, she’s Final Woman!

  7. I love this site! the updates really free me of my boredom! This was a really good article, and I definitely agree you! HAYDEN played that scene really well, she showed terror and like you’s said, it’s a nod to the ORIGINAL Opening which I GREATLY Appreciate it. My gripes about This New Entry are, It’s Been 11 years and that opening and that “lead” actress and that silly hospital ending are it folks also the comedey during the deaths, I was just left confused as to why the deaths had to involve lines that evoke laughter. Scream was serious and funny in the right way, not cheesy like ” fuck Bruce Willis” and even that whole gay line. I liked the story but I do hope next time and Pray that there will be a next time, they learn from their mistakes. I think they can pull it off.

  8. I disagree completely. Kirby was Tatum 2.0., not Casey. Drew has an it factor that Hayden will never have, so the stakes were much higher. Drew also played Casey in a way that Hayden would be able to pull off in any role. In less than 10 minutes Casey went from being fun, flirty, and fearless to begging for mercy. Her armor was stripped away and we saw true terror. I never felt anything with Kirby just as she never felt anything. Her friend dies and in less than 24 hours later she goes partying and attempts to hook up with a guy she’s been emotionally tormenting and torturing got years. She’s so NOT Casey 2.0 that she’s one of the only people in the Scream franchise who I truly feels deserved it. Karma’s a bitch, Kirby. Casey was an innocent people whose life was taken from her for no other reason than she was home alone.

    Also, Rebecca was this film’s Jennifer Jolie? Um, no. Rebecca was this film’s Sarah Darling. They were both hot, had some funny lines, were only in a few scenes, and died from being stabbed once. Mostly everyone agrees that Parker Posey was the highlight of Scream 3. Alison Brie, whom I love, was not the highlight of Scream 4. In fact, in my opinion, Rebecca is the most stupid character to exist in the world of Scream. It’s like she had a checklist of things to do to ensure she’d die and she did them all. I’ve seen Scream 4 multiple times and the theater always groans during the parking garage scene. From Ghostface’s cringe inducing “morgue” line to the ultra cliche car not starting catastrophe, it was bad. And what made it worse was that the three important parts were all shown in trailers. First we see her tossed off the roof and onto the news van. Then we see her get stabbed. Then we see Ghostface jump down onto the hood of her car. Thanks for spoiling that entire scene, Dimension! I don’t even know what they were thinking!

    So in closing, Kirby is Tatum and Rebecca is Sarah.

    The end.

  9. Sorry for my typos. I’m on my iPhone and it changes words. Plus, I’m really sleepy!

  10. Definitely Agree that Kirby was the Drew of Scre4m.
    But she really only has the credit in my eyes because the scene mirrored Casey&Steve’s.
    Though Sherrie plays with a knife & Jenny has the only semi-suspenseful chase a la Casey.

    The Openings seem to rely on really well known Actors biting the dust and in Scre4m that falls to Anna&Kristen.

    There really wasn’t a specific Drew 2.0 but I LOOOOVES me some Kirby. ;)

  11. This is a very cool article. I love Kirby…I wisk they would find a way to let her live.

    BTW – does anyone else think it’s weird that by the end of Scream 4 all major three all had possibly fatal wounds…not much of a closure there so I’m rooting for part five.

    I wonder if for Scream 5 there could be one of Cotton’s relatives or something obscure…the one thing I love about the original trilogy is that even though Cotton is mainly ignored he has a perfect part in each trilogy film

    scream 1 – red herring he did it he should fry (poor guy)
    scream 2 – he was wrongfully accussed, rebuilding his life but is the only true red herring we get in any scream film that isn’t painfully obvious (a.k.a. deputy Judy)
    Scream 3 – His death start it all and what a ride

  12. ps – overall dimension spoiled a lot of things with this movie…too many trailers …i kept waiting for the parts i hadn’t seen on tv and there were so few that I initially hated the film …so in some way I agree with ILNY83….If we had gotten to SEE rebecca being thrown off she may have been cici 2.0 but wasn’t cici cooper really casey becker 1.4

  13. Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfred would have been the perfect SCRE4M opening kill

  14. None of them qualifies to be Drew 2.0! Drew is just too classic. ;) And there is really no one that fulfills that title since the elements are dispersed everywhere. But I say Kirby is the best bet in this one.

  15. I think Scream 4 is full of surprises, but all lost due to the test screening and all the spoilers floating around after that. For Scream 5 and 6, if they ever come, NO SCREENING! Just trust your guts, Wes.

    What made it worse was: The two reshoots resulting from the screening did not exactly garner much approval from all the audience members/fans anyway. The new opening switched Aimee and Brittany’s acting proportions, and that didn’t turn out for the best. The new Alison (Rebecca) scene made her incredibly stupid (to get out of the car).

    So imo, NO SCREENING. And if you do screening, make sure it’s WORTH IT. But I doubt it after what happened to Scream 4.

  16. I totally agree with the thoughts on Scream 5. I would love a Scream 5 (except if its a straight to dvd movie or full of crappy actresses (Aimee Teegarden) who can’t act). Scream 5 will need an amazing opening scene. Scream 4 had an awesome opening scene, you have to admit that, but the opening was down in real scare and suspense and the classy long phone conversation that Drew had to face. If Aimee was the girl who had to suffer the phone conversation then let it be short. . . But Marnie’s character didn’t have to such little screen time. . . There were plenty of ways she could’ve been alive, weak, but alive and two more minutes in that opening scene of Marnie getting “it” definitely could’ve improved the scene and Britt Robertson could’ve been a girl up for the award of Drew 2.0 . . . . So, Scream 5 should know by now you don’t need 7 girls to make a 10 minute opening scene. You need one girl, one house, one creepy caller, one windy backyard, and one round of movie trivia. A popular actress is the icing on the cake but actresses that can pull it off and aren’t as well known as drew is fine. Bring on Scream 5 (the right way). !!!

  17. Could there be a n opening scene to rival Scream? Of course, but not in a Scream 5. Why? Because Scream was NEW, and no matter how good a Scream sequel is we know basically what to expect, even if it had the craftiest twist in the world. Drew’s death in the Scream opening was so shocking in its sped-up Janet Leigh – Psycho way, not only because it was brilliantly done and wrenching (with the actress’s best performance anywhere) but because it was basically unexpected. Just TRY catching lightning in a bottle twice. As for those “iconoclasts” who say that scene isn’t scary, well a defenceless girl is stabbed and slashed to death just feet from her parents after being psychologically tortured by nutcases and that doesn’t affect you? Hm, hearts of ice, oh Brewster, you’re SO cool… You may say it’s “not real” but er so what? Why watch any movie then? It IS real for the characters and in this case, unlike the scenes in 3 and some of those in 4, the scene is so well mounted that is totally wrenching.
    I have to say that although there are issues with the Alison Brie death scene I still find it quite upsetting and better than comparable scenes in 4, sure the character is meant to be hilariously irritating but that doesn’t mean you don’t care. It’s all about empathy, and it’s interesting that the Scream films critique the modern burial of it in cynicism and irony when some of the audience mirror those attitudes be it in 1996 or 2011. Hmm, sorry to go on so!

  18. You know Ive been thinking, and I thinkn tbhe opening scene can only be reviewed as one whole, because ive seen people say they saw signs hintying the killer in it, like the fact that in stab seven the murderer was female, so was Jill, also it waas the best friend, and that there were two killers, something it told us from the begining, like a hint we didnt notice, (or at least me) aand also Jenny asking “Is this Trevor” probably gives us the notice for Jill, she was probably who Trevor cheated on her with.

    I wish marnie was shown killed, because thiking about it, she was never called before being murdered, (or maybe jill just wanted to torment the one who cheated with trevor, and just killed marnie cuz she was in the way) and the GPA line was definately from jill, who thought she was just a slutty blonde, I kinda liked this line, it got us a sense of Jenny’s character slightly, we know she probably was treated like a slutty blonde, etc. or someone who everyone assumes that is stupid, and she is sensitive about it. But she does get scared much faster, although ghostface also cut to the chase quicker, he was not inocent from the begining, so she was scared quicker, that makes sense right?

    After she gets attacked I love the scene even more, she is chased into the garage sort area, and she slams the door behind her, and listens for the killer, I kniow that if it wetre friday the thirteenth, Jason would bang his shoulder against it to open it, or he would open it and she would push it as hard as she could to keep it closed, but the killer opens it the other way than expected! I love this, breaking the cliche :)

    thern she is stabbed and falls down the stairs, something very tragic looking and makes me feel bad for her, I kinda wish she made it through the garage and got onto her feet and tried to run, to make the scene longer, and then be hung on a tree like Casey to be discovered by her parents (I mean the rest of the film it was all about remakes right? and it would have been great,

    but instead she crawls and unrealistically the garage door closes on her, (was it an old garage door? why wasnt there a laser?) and ghostface drags her to kill her, it makes me feel bad for her, and really reminds me of the time I saw Casey stabbed for the first time, or maureen in S@, but then it cuts to scream 4, I kept expecting another omash to sceam 1 her pulling the mask off, or something, and seeing ghostface drag her away to be hanged like in S1, but niether happened. which is fine, but I do think the parents should have discovered them, the characters deserve being shown them being discovered,

    So Im satisfied with the opening, but there are many things they could have done, but its

  19. One more thing, I think the opening stab parts were needed, because like in the 7th stab they talked about, now that its a sequel, the first girl you see you know there dead, so they tricked us with that, and made methink the first girl was the real opening, but that was a shock, (Althrough I think that scene should have been longer so it was even more of a shock, and just skipped the stab seven scene and make that scene stab seven, and cut to the real opening,

  20. I don’t think they were looking for a Drew 2.0 with the opening sequence.
    It was original because it was something different and totally unexpected.
    Anyway, it’s obvious they were doing homages (not copycats) to it, like Kirby’s scene.

    And for Scream 5 or 6, I hope they’ll continue with different unexpected things.
    Yeah, I’d love a long phone-chase sequence, but not again as the opening. The same goes for the A-List star.

  21. I agree with all of your points about Drew’s inaugural kill. It does resonate with us still and she is endearing so fast only to die so tragically. But I think the main reason her death was sooo new and fresh is that you thought She was gonna be the final girl. But to your shock and horror the girl you’d thought would be the final girl isn’t. It really is great they way they faked us out! But now we know Sydney is the final girl and to outdo such a misdirection like Drew’s did is impossible.

    They need to find another horror film archetype, really build that up and shatter it! Lol, other than the final girl and the bumbling police officers, I really don’t know any other horror film archetypes…

    Maybe they could set the opening call during the day!

  22. thats a good idea andy :)

  23. I have to say,I REALLY NEED Kirby back for 5…I know,it may seem way too far fetched,but looking at her “death”,she can SO recover,I thought it would have been great to see HER fatally shoot Jill in the end. But,I agree,nothing can TOP Drew,but what CAN be done differently is that the opening has all the suspense,but NO death,what do you think??

  24. Plain and simple there was not Drew 2.0 in Scream 4.

  25. Brilliant commentary. (But I would expect nothing less.) And I have to agree that the two STAB sequences were outstanding while the “real” Woodsboro opening underwhelmed. It could have been great–but it didn’t quite get there. (Damn re-shoots!) It’s too bad the beans were spilled about SCREAM 3’s proposed opening–Sidney being viciously attacked but killing the killer. Now THAT would have been a genius twist! Not only do you have a beloved character’s fate in jeopardy, but the audience would be completely surprised by the outcome…

  26. NOPE! there was no Drew 2.0 in Scream 4.

  27. The three things I didn’t like about the opening the most were:
    1) we didnt see either of them die! i mean, come on, both those stab scenes for a scene where we dont even see them die?!

    2)Marnie should’ve had a death scene, and then we return to jenny on the phone being confused. it would’ve added the “dont go
    downstairs” thing, and would’ve made the scene more exciting.

    3) i hate how on the phone jenny goes on about how smart she is etc. and then she goes and hides against a door that opens outwards. I mean thats just downright stupid. and her turning on the light when she new the killer was outside was ridiculous. And I think she should’ve made it outside and been chased…

    loved the first two bits of the opening, didnt really like the bit that actually happened…

  28. I wish that the killers were Judy and Jill, and Kirby and Charlie survive and kill them after the stab Sidney.
    I think that Judy’s motive could’ve involved her wish to be remembered because sidney doesn’t remember her and she wants to be known, as well as her wish to kill gale because she wants to be with dewey. Her motive would’ve (for once) involved ALL of the original trio rather than just sidney, and gives the kilers reason to try to kill dewey and gale, rather than just “i dont like sidney”.
    Jill’s motive would’ve been the same, but the hospital scene would’ve been cut out. Kirby hould’ve popped up and killed Jill, talking about how STAB ended with the girl being “left for dead” returning and killing them, only to be wounded (but not fatally) by Judy. Judy is then killed by Charlie, and then we have multiple survivors!

  29. I love that people say they released too many clips/trailers/etc. Umm, you didn’t have to watch them! You deliberately followed the making of a movie that revolves around its twists and surprises and then you claim disappointment when you’ve seen too much? Lame.

    Also, go back to the trailers for the original movies. It’s quite easy to pin-point who lives and dies. The trailer for “Scream 2″ shows CiCi being attacked and thrown off the freakin’ balcony! Don’t act like we’re not living in 2011 and that things aren’t different now because they are.

    I agree that Kirby was the Tatum 2.0 – the best friend we kinda wished we had. She’s not Casey 2.0. Alas, with the opening scene… I think the Jenny/Marnie part was disappointing. If they had to keep the Jenny/Marnie switch then I would’ve written it as (and I know it’s bad to say that, but let’s run with it) as cutting to see Marnie on the phone acting annoyed, turning around and seeing Ghostface just standing there and have Marnie go “good one Jenny!” before getting slashed and then having Jenny walk downstairs. All they needed then was a longer chase. Get rid of that stupid GPA line and just… I dunno. Maybe she could get a second phone call but from her parents to up the stakes. Get the emotions going, ya know? Hmmm.

    That shot of Jenny being dragged back into the garage though is terrifying. Why was it shown on the ads as being dragged by someone not wearing gloves though?

    In fact, the most unrealistic part of the opening scene was that they turned “Stab 7″ off after the opening scene. Who does that? haha

  30. I agree… if there was a “Drew 2.0″ it was Kirby simply for the scene of her answering movie questions on the phone while her potential boyfriend sit outside tied to a chair. However I think that’s as far as it goes in comparison. The characters were totally different & the opening Casey Becker scene will always be classic. The originals are usually pretty hard to surpass.

    Being a big Drew Barrymore fan I enjoyed the references to her such as the scene with Marney being thrown through the window for me was like the chair coming through the window in the Casey Becker scene, also the Kirby scene mentioned above and the Casey dummy & girl dressed as Casey at the Stab party just to mention some of them. I’ll be interested to see what they bring to the table with future sequels should they decide to proceed.

  31. I honestly don’t agree, yes, Kirby’s ‘finale’ was a mirroring of the original opening but that doesn’t really
    make her the new Drew, I personally don’t believe there was one in this movie. OT-ish, was I the only person who was anticipating Olivia to be the new Drew?

  32. I agree that Kirby was the Tatum 2.0 but not Drew. I also think that Trevor is the Billy Loomis 2.0 even though he isn’t the killer. I agree with Tony Judy and Jill would have been a great team and wouldn’t it be shocking to find out that both killers where girls. But I don’t think Charlie should have survived, it should have been Trevor, that would turn him from the Billy Loomis 2.0 to the Cotton Weary 2.0 mainly because he was the main red herring yet completely innocent, he was a fun
    character who I wished had survived not Charlie he was
    a bit dull at times and not really interesting, and is it just
    me or did anybody else wanna get a pair of scissors
    and hack all that hair off?! I was dissapointed that there
    was no drew 2.0 the opening shouldve had a guy and a
    girl like in tge originals, I’m hoping they make a scream
    5&6 and If they were to do so they should have NO rewrites by that fucking Ehren Krueger it just shows the stupidity of the Weisteins like are you kidding they already had him ruins scream 3 and they still brought him back for scream 4 to do rewrites like WTF? No honestly WTF? Only a complete idiot would do that! Anyway all that aside scream 4 was still awesome and although the box office numbers are depressing if they make a Scream 5, which I hope they do they need to make it original without “recycling the same shit” as Rachel says they need to make it more of a 21 century horror film to make it appeal to a younger audience cos when I saw it opening night the theatre wasn’t packed at all and none of them were really young, I’m guessing they were fans. Sorry I can talk a lot! :)

  33. Well I think Drew was unique and none of this girls were like she was.We can’t compare Drew to this teen…Drew had something really special and i did not see this spark on Kurby’s face or mental…

  34. I think the closest was Olivia’s. It was the first death where I felt real bad for the character.How suprising and shocking as it was, was what makes it more like the Drew scene. I don’t think the time in the movie should be what the comparison is based on. To me Oliva’s death gave me the feeling that was closest to the feeling I got from casey’s scene.

  35. i think that the one thing i dont get in scream 4 is why none of the teens are really shocked by olivia’s death, even if they saw it happening. they act as if its something normal, and then go to stab a thon, then go drinking by themselves knowing theres a killer on the loose, and that the killer is focusing on their group of friends, and that hes probably one of them, etc.

  36. I think SCREAM 4 IS Drew Barrymore. The opening sequence of Scream left us completely not knowing WHAT TO THINK. I think SCREAM 4 did this. It took your expectations and completely twisted them around and spit them back at you. When Trudie lists off all the names of who could be at the door, I was thinking “okay, those are the characters we will be meeting…the new blood” but here it was all just STAB….just like Casey got a STAB which changed everything.

    You might even call the moments where Stab 6 and Stab 7 flash across the screen the DREW BARRYMORE moments because, like Drew getting a STAB in the heart, they also completely go against your expectations.

  37. by the way, I refused to watch any commercials or read anything online about Scream 4 before I went and saw it. YOU ALL SHOULD DO THE SAME. Many of you who are disappointed with Scream 4 KNEW WAY TOO MUCH beforehand.

    If you knew as much about Scream 1 before going in to it as you did with Scream 4, you would have disliked number 1 as well.

    So take my advice for Scream 5 !

  38. I was thinking, dont you think that Jill could actually be the Drew 2.0?

    It is very similar, Drew was billed and talked as if she was the star of scream 1, no one thought she would die, since she was advertised as the heroine.

    This is the same as jill, she was advritised as the new sidney, it was so realistic that some people even complained, (I was fine with her being the new heroine) but they fooled us again with false marketing, she was billed as the new sidney, and we already trusted her, as well as IN the movie with played with the idea of advertising in a way, because tyhe police trusted her imidiately because they already saw her as the new sidney of this generation, they even gave her a gun, it was perfect, she could kill trevor, and say she used it in self defence, and even say he was tied up with tape like charlie to trick her to explain the tape residue, it was perfect,

    It really shows how we use the internet now, we research movies coming out and find out everything, so they played with our minds like drew, and made us trust characters, even when we didn’t know anything about them, only what we wread about who they were supposed to be in this generations scream.

  39. I think the GPA line was made because she’s called Dumb Blonde, she just want to say she’s not dumb.

  40. I said it before & I’ll say it again: there is no new Drew, nor is there any need to attempt for there to be.

  41. Yeah, I loved Kirby and hope she live! I feel kirby didn’t die though! I hope she didn’t. I also fell Rachel (The blue shirted girl in the stab scene) was the Jada Pickett 2.0 because they were both watching stab, you didn’t see it coming, and she was stabbed sitting down, that same way jada was :)

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