Scream 5 3D Now a Real Possibility?

Bob Weinstein said never 3D – Scream doesn’t need a gimmick like that. Wes Craven said never 3D – My Soul to Take‘s post-conversion was rough enough. Scream‘s greatest asset is its characters, they mutually believe. But then something happened. The film came out and audiences chose a gimmicky talking bird over Scream‘s characters. So sayeth the audience, the dollar has spoken. Now? A Scream 5 would still be about the characters, but it needs an additional factor, some eye-candy to reel in the unbelievers.

Today Dimension Films tweeted the following: “Lots of thoughts flying around for 3D! Love it or hate it?” Innocent enough. The company have several properties in varying stages like Piranha 3D-D and Spy Kids 4, both in the extra-dimensional format. But they have been known to use the account to float general ideas out there – just yesterday, posting “Lots of rumors flying around about #SCREAM5 ! Love the idea or hate it? Let us know”.

Scream 5 wouldn’t have to be a 3D novelty knives-flying-at-you extravaganza – it could encourage audience participation and be implemented for Stab scenes, perhaps. Constant 3D is a headache – literally. It’s clear the next movie needs a lot more than a Ghostface mask on the poster to pull better domestic numbers in.

Prior to Scream 4‘s release, Wes Craven hinted that perhaps Scream 5 could comment on the 3D craze. Scream 4 successfully commented on reboot mania without falling prey to it, so surely there’s a middle ground to implement 3D smartly as an ironic story tool?

Never say never…

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70 Responses to “ Scream 5 3D Now a Real Possibility? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I really don’t think Scream should go into the 3D territory. It’s just something that I see it being against. I don’t see how it could possibly be made fun of either. 3D is just a lose-lose situation for Scream. It’s just literally the opposite of what it’s all about.

  2. I wouldn’t hate an opening scene in 3D as long as it was a tribute to Stab and not throughout the film, but honestly I’d prefer no more Stab stuff. Maybe one scene where it’s mentioned and that’s it. Scream 3 and 4 has gone crazy with the Stab films. Enough’s enough!

  3. You can always opt for the 2D version, which some theaters offer. I have faith for a 5th movie, but frankly, part 4 was a nice ending…Part 5 needs to be amazing. Fingers crossed.

  4. All I can say is Nooooooooooooooooooo!

  5. Hell no! I don’t want Scream 5 to be 3D if greenlight. 3D is so over-rated.

  6. No!

  7. NO SCREAM 5 3D!!!!!!!!
    hopefully scream 5 has a good opening scene with a good famous blonde chick dying. and have at least 2 new charatcers survive with the same 3 survivors.

  8. If they make Scream 5 in 3D I will seriously consider not seeing it at all… It’s my favourite movie series, easily, but 3D is a horrible piece of s*** gimmick.

  9. Not just stay away from the format or the process but stay away from a storyline about horror films in 3D. Scream was interesting because it embraces it’s roots not continue to shit on them like Scream 4. I know these current remakes and SAW films are not my taste in films but what Scream needs not to do is becoming the old tooth in the cinema where it thinks it’s quality cinema and can’t figure out they’ve become what’s bad about horror films. This kind of elitism is not needed in the Scream franchise.

  10. I have to disagree with you there about Scream 4 successfully commenting on reboot mania without falling prey to it..
    I believe most of the criticism from the fans was about the fact that Scream 4’s become the very thing it was critisizing. It was up to a point where it almost stopped to take itself (consequently the audience)seriously.

    But of course, that is the fan side of the story and not the direct reason why it didn’t live up to expectations at the box office.

    I hope Wes Craven has learnt his lesson with “My Soul To Take” and will have to insist on good ol’ 2D. So whoever has a twitter account will have to say HELL NO to those questions. I believe the true horror fans are strongly against 3-D, especially in slashers they are nothing but headache. An alienating factor that ironically prevent the very thing it’s trying to achieve. So considering how low Scream 4 was on the “character development” department anyway, I say it needs nothing of the 3-D sort. But I can’t tell what exactly it does need.

  11. Not into 3-D at all, so I would see the 2-D version.

  12. PLEASE NO 3-D ……fuck no……….
    that shit gives headaches…and honestly Its going to fail….they need to make 5 with out having a giant gap so people still remeber about it…the fact that domestic box office numbers was because of the gap it had…Scream4 was awesome and the best sequel in the series…if they can end it in 5 I would be pleased… just don’t make it 3-D….

  13. Could be fun. I don’t care as long as this movie happens.

  14. Ill be fine if they dont try to make things pop out, just let it add depth, thats the good kind of 3d, and Im happy if it doubles the box office, lol

  15. “Never say never”… But in this case lets make an exception! I don’t think a 3D Scream 5 would necessarily boost audience numbers anyway and really don’t see any Good reason for it other than the possible tagline “Someone has Taken their Love of Crappy Gimmicks Too Far”. It does my heart good to see some people opposed to 3D Scream here, I thought it was de rigueur to praise that process now. Nice to see the Pod People haven’t taken over completely!

  16. Stupid idea, but they will try anything to increase numbers. Sad world.

  17. If they want to increase numbers, they should get two A-list teen stars for the opening kills. Perhaps Taylor Lautner and Alex Pettyfer?

  18. Big and absolute NO! In order to shoot 3D you have to use entirely different lighting which is much brighter and that makes any 2D version of a film intended to use stereoscopy (3D) SUCK ASS (obviously this doesn’t apply to 3D animation movies). I hate when movies I love are in 3D because I can’t enjoy them at home, they plain and simple suck! Stereoscopy with anaglyph glasses is lame and in 2D the colouring and lighting sucks – it ends up looking desaturated and wrong, especially dark/night shots which is was Scream always has a lot of!

    Even though stereoscopy means there are more jobs for people like me (digital compositor) I still hate it! It’s a total gimmick and I hope it dies away…again!

    PLEASE GOD don’t let Scream go down this road. I refuse to buy a stupid ass 3D TV, it’s not worth it!

  19. 3D gives me a headache,but as pointed out 2D will be an option so if it’s 3D ….I’ll be seeing the regular 2D.
    Wont they need to make more money back on a 3D?3D ain’t cheap it’s like there trying to make it harder for themselves.

  20. Why not make it in 3D, if you don’t like it go see it in 2D, I think if its done well it could be quite scary. Ghostface is always jumping out of closets so why not make him jump out at the audience. Plus the could really do a lot with in depth camera work, I personally would have loved to have seen olivia’s death scene in 3D with smashed glass and furniture flying at me while feeling I was in the room with her. I think scream is a perfect series to go 3D, 3D is another form of voyeurism, and watching young teens being stalked is also a form of voyeurism so it kind of makes sense. I get why people are against it, crappy fake blood and guts flying at u (saw 3D and fd 3D)
    And dodgy 3d conversion (clash of the titans) but when 3d is done well (avatar, the hole) it can be creepy, tense and involving which can only be a bonus for scream 5. I don’t think they can really make a social comment on 3D but they can make a few jokes about it. I personally think they should make part 5 a social statement on online forums, stab fanatics and the reason people connect with the stab movies and other stab fans ( they could have a cult of stab fans who try killing sidney so another WOODSBORRO stab film, since she stopped the films being about her) because I think that’s where the meat of the story lies, how badly some fans want endless sequels, how they don’t connect in the real world and the only place they call home is the stab forums where they can be themselves and be appreciated. So weather or not it is done in 3D or not I will be going to see it

  21. lol on the facebook page, when they posted that i was first and i said ‘hate’ and then i posted ‘make scream 5′ and it has been liked a lot!

  22. Im all for this, purely for the bigger box office and more chance of ending the trilogy with Scream 6.

    If Scream 4’s current gross was in 3D prices, it would be at $137m worldwide right now and over $50m in the US.

    3D is what we need in order for the franchise to close.

    And you can always see the 2D version.

  23. I think it would lose more fans that it would gain, i mean 3D dosent gaurantee boxoffice look at piranha domestically, plus to many especially in horror its seen as purely a gimmick or money grab, it taints movies and no longer gives them a more serious tone, it can be fun but also ruin some credibility with the large group of anti 3D peeps who dont wanna pay the price. I dont think they were talking about scream tho.

  24. I think if they really want big numbers. . . They get two huge stars for the opening scene and let everyone know its them! There can still be so many surprises. . .

  25. Hey, If they do it right, I’m game. :)

  26. I’m sure like many, many others out there – I think Scream should just stay away from this stupid 3D craze everyone seems to be getting sucked into.
    There’s NO reason for SCREAM movie to become 3D.

  27. We want 5CREAM, but pleeaseee not 3D!

  28. please dont promote the idea of 5cream, its silly, just say scream 5

  29. I am against 3D it’s just a fad that is for ocassional use not everyday use. The last few years have already gone over-kill with 3D if it’s not the remakes it’s the 3D.

    But I am grateful for the option of seeing it in 2D my only hope is. That two different versions being made: one that is a theatrical release,and the other in 3D. Because if it’s one thing I hate it’s movies released in 2D. That obviously show the parts where the 3D shots would be at.

  30. A 3D Stab scene could be pretty epic. But that’s it. Seriously, I’d rather wait for the DVD than sit through a 3D movie.

  31. I think the idea of having some scenes in 3D is not altogether bad. I have enjoyed the “Stab” scenes in all of the movie since Scream 2. It would be a cool way to use 3D without hurting the rest of the movie… since Scream is supposed to be based in the “real world.”


  33. Boo! Bad idea.

  34. No 3D,Weinsteins!! Don’t even think about it

  35. I hope they won’t do it. It won’t add anything to a movie like Scream, just higher ticket prices.

    The idea of making fun of it with Stab is great, but people would complain if they pay a whole 3Dticket for just a few minutes.

  36. @efe
    That’s your opinion. I don’t think Scre4m was “low on character development” at all.

    I hope they won’t film it in 3D, even if I can choose the 2D version. Bob would force Wes to do some gimmick shots that would look stupid (even more) in 2D.

  37. Ill be fine if they dont try to make things pop out, just let it add depth, thats the good kind of 3D [2] Yeah, I agree with you @Kenneth. Resident Evil 4 is one example of 3D well spent, giving depth in key scenes and making us feel inside the action, not pop up anything in the face of audience.

  38. @marCUS Scream 5 needs MORE blood. Part 4 was kind of tame IMO. Lucy Hale’s throat slash and Rebecca’s aftermath were the best parts. If Scream wants to keep up, they NEED to shed more blood.

  39. …. wait. so, like is Kirby dead?

  40. At first i was completely against the whole 3D concept cuz its hella irratating and corny but now im starting to rethink the whole idea. Think about it guys, Scream 5 being in 3D and talking about horror movies in 3D is genious!!!!!! I know if it did come out manyvppl would be pissed but i would still go see it. Heres the way i think, if its not in 3D yayyyy!!! Because no headache and no stupid crap flying out at u. Of it is in 3D yayyy because thats a genious idea. Either way its a win win situation for me. But im just scared for the millions of ppl who dont think like me and wont see it cuz its in 3D.

  41. Btw i rhymed in that last sentence :D

  42. I like the idea of Scream 5 poking fun at the current craze of 3D and maybe having scenes in 3D. It makes perfect sense for Scream. We haven’t lost the spirit of the original Scream which poked fun at classic horror films. Scream 4 commented on modern horror so you can’t say it has become what the original made fun of. That is Scream 3’s job lol. And it’s not that big of deal. If you don’t like 3D, go see it in

  43. At 1st I was totally against the idea, as scream doesn’t seem to be the right movie for 3d. But, if it’s the idea that actually gets scream 5 made then so be it. I just agree with those who say don’t make it gimmicky and have stuff popping out at you. Also agree w/the comment of doing the 3d like resident evil, they nailed it. Bring back Kirby and for the love of god call it scream 5 and not 5cream and I’ll be happy…

  44. I agree with Ryan. 5cream is wack but Scream 5 is where it at. See what i did there, i rhymed … Again

  45. Oh and as much as i want Kirby to come back to life, 1st that would be so unrealistic and 2nd they made their point by killing kirby, lets not forget that

  46. When are we gunna get SOLID confirmation that Kirby is NOT dead?!?! I check this site everyday hoping to see a headline “Kirby WILL be back” — Seriously, after hating Hayden on HEROES, I thought she for sure was the greatest thing 4 gave us. and i could careless about 3d. If they go 3d, as long as they don’t go overboard with it, i can see it working. its only a matter of time before all movies are 3d anyways…

  47. Scream 5 should be in 3D, that would be awesome.

  48. @Koviak
    Dude, I want Kirby to be back too but we do have solid confirmation that she aint comin back. The girl died in part four dude. If she did come back then that would be just another reason how SCREAM 4 started stepping away from reality ( remakes and reboots article )

  49. DDD sucks ass through a coffee stirrer. If Scream did selected scenes in DDD i would be more inclined but I would not sit through an entire movie- I would go find a 2d version somewhere.

  50. Hell NO to 3D! NO NO NO NO! PLEASE NO!

    YES to having Kirby alive! :)

  51. Ehh.. The whole 3D concept is kinda if-y for me, and the whole ‘Stab 3D’ thing y’all are tossing around seems a bit lame, I’d get annoyed if I paid extra to see some aces in 3D.. the Scream series really isn’t forgot 3D either, Ghostface was never really directly in your face so it’d be a little awkward, if that makes sense. But, I’m no totally for the 3D but I’m not really against it, either.

  52. I’m not a fan of 3D movies. Those glasses usually suck & give me headaches. Not sure about anyone else, but I can’t enjoy a movie if it’s in 3D. Here’s hoping it’s not.

  53. i don’t want Scream 5 in 3d, but if that’s the only way we’ll get the movie made i’ll take it:)

  54. I agree with some of the folks here. Why not use the 3D as part of the Stab scenes or somn?? It doesn’t have to take up the entire movie. And it would be different from any other flicks if it was used sparingly throughout. Short enough time that the whiners won’t have their boohoo headaches and long enough that the rest of us could enjoy it.

  55. MJSLawrence, unless you understand how bad these headaches are, you shouldn’t minimize it as a joke. Their not!

  56. The best 3D movie I ever saw was a horror movie: My Bloody Valentine 3D. In my opinion, it was a masterpiece. They used the 3D in all areas that it counted: a long shot-gun being pointed directly at you is INTENSE. Being in a mine with a low ceiling over your head is INTENSE. Having a pick axe constantly being hurled at you is INTENSE.

    I never understood what was so special about “Avatar.”

    I think 3D is only good in horror movies.

  57. My Bloody Valentine 3D sucks, an example of a horror movie that uses this tool to cover the bad acting of the actors, the script badly written and weak story. Another terrible example is The Final Destination. As Lady GaGa would say, it’s a Schei├če!

  58. The last, and only great 3-d horror movie/remake was My Bloody Valentine.

  59. How was My Bloody Valentine 3-D horrible? It didn’t use 3-D to death like others. It used it for certain scenes. It stayed true to original, expect the killers. They didn’t need to use 3-D to sell the movie, but the movie sorta was a no brainer for 3-D. The acting wasn’t horrible. What was you expecting out of a remake, let alone a horror movie? Hell you’re probably not even old enough to remember the remake.

  60. Help Using Twitter:
    I just joined twitter as CaseyBecker’sBro (Scream Forever) so I could reply to a Dimension Films Tweet saying that Scream 5 in 3D is an awesome idea because Friday the 13th part 3 invented 3D, and My Bloody Valentine’s shot guns aimed right at you, low mine ceiling height surrounding you, and pick axes flying at you was a master piece. Horror OWNS 3D.

    BUT, I cannot see my reply at all on their profile. Do they have to “retweet” it for it to show up? Other people’s replies are showing up? Please help.

  61. i want scream 5&6 ….-> it should start a new trilogie with scream 4

    scream movies BEST FILMS EVER love them <33

  62. i swear to god if scream 5 is in 3d it will really become what scream is mocking, scream needs a reboot of writing of some sort not this bull shit. i love love scream but if scream 5 is in 3D i will not see it. after its release to DVD what will be the point in 3D unless you have a 3D tv you can enjoy it but other than that it becomes gimicky and dull, and very not original, scream is a franchise above the rest it does not need to sink down to such a level as 3D. 3D should stay out of major motion pictures, leave it for the universal rides and disney attractions, ive had enough 3D its bull shit and fucking stupid.

  63. @william
    and to everyone who wants it in 3D, im sorry but you arent a true fan, a true fan cares about the story and character development. not, oh man i hope it tops in the box office, sure i wont lie it helps, but thats not what i am about. and if you see it in 2D then you obviously know when something is suppose to “pop out” and then it just makes the movie look really dumb and i wont stand for scream looking like that, and to mee if you look at the movies that went to 3D dont seem to go over very well with fans, fuck what critics say, its all about what the true fans think. then when the movie comes to TV, say HBO, you try to watch it and it just looks cheesy and non realistic which i think scream bases it self on that, someone can really snap and kill you and your friends, not like final destination, nightmare on elm street, friday the 13th, and all of those kinds which you know cant really happen.

    what i think scream needs is a reboot of some sorts. a new writing style a darker scream more like the first, it seems with each movie it gets more and more unreal. and i just think scream needs a makeover (same director and cast[main 3]) because i feel like scream is kind of like wes cravens baby unlike nightmare on elm street. i just want a dark past a darker story something actually scary that when you think about it you get the chills. but todays horror fans are so hard to please, seen that i know what happens kinda generation.

    and 3d will ruin any momentum scream has, i mean to the general population sream 3 ruined the trilogy and 4 isnt backing it up as well as some would like (personally i love all 4) and having it in 3d is pretty much what the public audiance expects now and i wont have it.

    so NO 3D! ever! get rid of it(kid movies i can understand)

  64. I read an editorial in the paper once that said people are much MEANER to people that are LIKE THEM and are actually less mean to people that are different (for instance, most killings are between people of the same race, not different race, or with people you know, etc. etc.).

    I definitly can see that Scream fans are more mean to me about Scream and people that haven’t even seen it are much more supportive of my obsession with Scream.

    It is so ironic that the place where I get beat up the most about Scream is on a Scream board.

    Movies don’t create psychos, but Scream 4 sure created a lot of mean people. WAIT, actually Scream 3 did, or WAIT, when did all you haters start up?

  65. sir Wes and the management must put into their minds that,if 5CREAM is in 3D, they must think of the phrase “this will be the GrEATEST and the BeSt HOrrOr movie EVER.” and for 5CREAM to be put in GUiNESS!!! YEHEY!!!!

  66. i dont think it shouldnt b 3D. All new movies that are coming out are 3D. screan 5 needs a different twist. all the scream movies are starting to get tired it needs a big finish something with a great ending to start off the 6th scream. They should make a killer that knowbody would ever think is the killer someone new that knowbody has talked about or knew. The scream movies are the best movies that gave other directors ideas. so scream 5th cant go down it has to be brilliant. like,Gale and dewey should maybe hve a kid or sid could be engaged or maybe since the 4th didnt really have much effect on her mother maybe that should come back. I think randy should come back in the picture it was so sad he died like his sister or his brother paul should be in… ooh or maybe billy’s father. lol hmmmm theres so many ideas about how they should do it. But it;s gotta be EPIC! i cant wait

  67. i think it sould stay the way it is. like just leave it in 2D

  68. u r defenetly right they should do that! awsome idea

  69. 5cream in 3D awsome idea.I know the rules.

  70. I have this idea my dearest friends and pals of SCREAM franchise.. If the production stuffs, creators and organizers are going to finish the series of SCREAM, and make SCREAM 5 as the final chapter… why not, make SCREAM 5 with a new title.. ‘SCREAMS’… and make the number 5 in the title as the last ‘S’ in the title… like this… ‘SCREAM5’… isn’t that nice? or am I ryte? ..then make the TV series after the last chapter… entitled… ‘SCREAM’…

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