The Scream 5 Posters Dimension Will Need To Beat

The Scream 4 posters were cute. Simple, to the point – of course, certain elements made me wonder just how much of the minimalism was intentional and how much was budget dictated but still. For Scream 5 they might want to push a little harder to set minds afire. As per usual the fans are on the right track first, and I’ve yet to see a more dynamic concept of what Scream 5 could be than this attempt by our own forum member lukau13.

One of the shining lights of fan media throughout Scream 4‘s neverending wait was PL Boucher aka themadbutcher. And it was only a matter of time before he came out of the woodwork with a Scream 5 teaser which brings to mind the poster for Dimension’s Cursed:

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31 Responses to “ The Scream 5 Posters Dimension Will Need To Beat ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. OMG that first poster kinda looks like mine!

  2. wow, the first one is really cool!

  3. The first was is great but the second is better!! Love ‘em both!!

  4. I’ve seen the 5 as the “S” as in 5cream but I just don’t know about the word “cream” hahahaha

  5. I love the first poster!

  6. Who’s face is it in the 2nd one? It doesn’t really look like Cox or Campbell.

  7. It’s Campbell’s face in the second one. Love them both!

  8. As always, the fans doing the best work that the studios :P
    Maybe when the dvd/bluray is released, we will have a confirmation or not that Scream 5 may be done? I hope so, I’m anxious to know if this is the end of the saga or the beginning of a new.

  9. This time lukau13 wins!
    I didn’t like, at all, Boucher’s one.

  10. They’re good, but I like the forst one better!

    I’d rather see them drop Sidney’s picture to something brand new! Using it again and again is like recycling, and what we need is something new and fresh!

    Of course it doesnt apply here as they’re just fanmade, so good work!

  11. I would like to say THANK YOU for making this post! ;)

  12. i love the first one and i love how the 5 looks like :D please announce SCREAM 5 – i want it so much :D

  13. Better than the Lindsey Lohan one ;p

  14. the second one is like Jurassic park 3 ‘s poster ^^

  15. I liked the tagline of the first poster! Could be a great idea…

  16. the first poster is great. love the eye behind the mask

  17. the first poster is good ;DDD

  18. I love em! I especially am glad they titled it Scream 5 instead of the annoying 5cream. Ugh. The posters make Scream 5 seem so real.

  19. Second looks great! The first is pk, but like that the pic of the second tells it all

  20. omg !! both look amazzzing!

  21. These posters are brilliant! Love em. I wish they’d just green-light Scream 5 already. If they can do a Fast Five, they can DEFF do a 5th Scream.

  22. 5cream would have to follow suit, I think the first poster is interesting but the title has to be written this way- at this point Scream 5 would look weird on a poster.

  23. I thought Scream 4’s poster was the best of the promotional bunch. The ghostface mask forms into a knife. I like it. Scream 5’s promotion should follow suit, also input certain clues that may spark interest who the killer might be.

  24. While I think both posters are well done, the first poster looks much better….the second one felt too much like the poster for Cursed

  25. i like the second one better…. i mean i like the first one but it kinda looks like the one from scre4m

  26. The first one is super cool

  27. idea for scream 5 a crazed fan/s of sidneys kills her friends and he/she/they have no real motive but just to kill to get close to her and kill her huh?

  28. me cant wait scream 5

  29. l seen all scream movies. Part 4 wasn’t that scary

  30. l don’t know why Wes Craven still makes these movies it will be same thing over Scream 1, 2, & 3 where cheesy around the 2000’s, scream 4 wasn’t that scary :( too much in the horror section LOL. Believe l seen scream 4 it was so boring. l think 5cream (Scream 5) should end it. No more downloading scream stupid.

  31. all picz are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurray for that!!!!!!!!!!!

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