Wes Craven Comments On Scream 5

In Wes Craven’s first public comment on Scream 5 after the release of Scream 4, the director reiterates what he has long maintained throughout the last year: he’s taking a good chunk of 2011 off, so no immediate sequel – but then, it sure could use some development time, right? Read on to hear his ideal situation for the possible project.

Wes Craven has told EW he has no immediate plans to make Scream 5. Last week, Scream series executive producer Harvey Weinstein informed MTV news that he was “sure” the director would oversee a fifth entry in the meta-slasher franchise. But Craven says that he is in no rush to direct a follow-up to Scream 4, which was released last month. “I’m taking the summer off,” he insists. “I directed and produced, and my wife [Iya Labunka] produced, both Scream 4 and the previous film, My Soul to Take, and they were both very difficult films. So we just decided, ‘You know what? We’re going to spend the summer someplace nice and not think about film for a while.’”

The good news for Ghostface fans? Craven confirms the Weinstein Company is contractually obliged to give him “first dibs” on Scream 5 and that it is “entirely possible” he would make another movie in the series “if they get a script I’m interested in directing. The best situation would be if Kevin (Williamson, longtime Scream scribe) would come back.” Earlier this year, Williamson told EW that while he had gotten into a “massive fight” with Bob Weinstein during the production of Scream 4, he did indeed have ideas for “more twists and turns” that the franchise could take.

Source: EW.com via Alex

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Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. If/When “they” do decide to make Scream 5, I really hope they keep their mouths shut and not let any behind the scenes drama slip. I believe that people felt that the movie would be any good because even those in charge seemed to be having doubts.

    Or better yet, have EVERYTHING completely planned out before shooting begins. Last minute changes on the set caused problems imo too.

  2. I LOVE THIS! I take this as good news! whoooooo!

  3. Sounds good! Seems like he won’t commit unless he’s happy with everything and that can only be a good thing. I’m not worried about having to wait a little longer, we waiting 10 years for Scream 4! Lol.

  4. I’m so glad he’s first dib and the fact he wants Kevin back.

  5. Scream 4 was awsome but I agree with Wes they should take some time off and use their time wisely to produce a script that will take us screamers by surprise and hopefully a longer more suspenseful movie that will have a amazing opening weekend and not have people doubting and critizing about how this is just another sequel cause its not XD

  6. I don’t think him taking the summer off would impact another sequel too much. If they start pre-production in the fall, and then shooting in Winter or Spring, the movie could be done by Winter 2012, which is when the first two Scream movies cleaned up. I think releasing it in the middle of April before Spring break and the Easter holiday contributed to the low domestic box office for this one. I have co-workers who didn’t even realize it was out until it had already left theaters.

  7. I don’t need a Scream 5. All I wanted was to go back to Woodsboro and see what Sid, Gale, Dew, and Ghostface were up to and now that we have- I’m completely satisfied. But that doesn’t mean I would be opposed to an S5, lol.

    Kevin said he has a lot of ideas left in him and he IS the captain. I just hope they keep the drama behind closed doors this time because all it did was fuel worries. But it was the first entry in 10 years, so of course there would be some drama in there somewhere.

    S5 should(hopefully)run a bit smoother and let’s hope Dimension just let Kevin/Wes do their thing.

  8. Take a much deserved break, Wes. Relax, get refreshed, and then prepare for Scream 5!

  9. Uggghhh, he’s back?
    please its over. Hang up the towel.
    Can we please get a real director on board? not some has been who is nothing but a bitch for the studio “I have a 4.0 GPA blah, blah, blah”
    This dude is out of touch, time to pass the torch
    dear god dimension, IT’S TIME TO PASS THE TORCH!!
    drop this geriatric!

  10. @Look – He’s a legend, please don’t insult him. He’s known as the director for the Scream Franchise.

  11. @wicked-scribe, you’re probably the only opinion i trust. Do you think they will make a Scream 5? In your honest opinion (put our love of the franchise aside) see a Scream5 in Dimension’s future?

  12. I think the CW will screw it all up, now he’s got 2 series to deal with.

  13. Enjoy your time off Wes, you deserve it. Thanks for Scream 4, I appreciate your work. Look forward to seeing your name on the credits until the bitter-end. Thanks again and have a good time wherever the wind blows you this summer!

  14. Whatever they do, don’t do a screening. For fans, it was very difficult to ignore spoilers all over the net. Yeah, it’s our fault for reading too much info prior to viewing, but that’s just the nature of the fans.


  15. Cool news, I hope wes and kev reunite for part 5. A lot of people have been saying wes has lost his touch and some say drop him as a director. Bollocks to that. He isn’t a flashy director with tons of amazing angles and shots. He makes films straight, so that when your watching your not thinking wow that was a great angle or cool trick photography, I wonder how he did that. Instead your so involved with the films forgetting they where made by a studio, which is how films should be. Plus he knows hot to be brutal olivias death scene, you don’t see that kind of violence all you get is torture porn now which is about suffering not realistic violence. Wes has always pushed the boundary but never done to just to get a reaction. After all the deaths I’ve seen in horror in the past 10 years olivia’s was the most brutal realistic and shockingly staged death scene. Other directors will make scream into something else. It will feel like a film, but with wes for those 2 hours it feels like reality which really fits with the scream films. And remember its only a movie, its only a movie its only a movie.

  16. This is for the people who said scream 4 sucked and they don’t want scream 5. Answer me this what part 4 of a horror movie franchise has ever been as clever as scream 4s opening and as critically well received? If you can answer I will shut up.

  17. From this moment on I can start focusing on other stuff,Thanks Wes.

  18. @ScottM I believe they will. They were already seeking writers for part 5 before part 4 was released. Dimension aren’t in a position to waste one of their biggest franchises anymore, and waiting just for the sake of waiting doesn’t have quite the same sense of honor that holding off after Scream 3 did.

  19. @William I completly agree, Wes doesn’t try to get a reaction but he gets one, that’s why his films are so great, he’s not in your face with anything.

  20. The only thing I’m worried about is where they’re gonna go, like, the plot and stuff.. What’s gonna happen, Sid goes to Windsor again? Eh, I’m not too worried, as long as Kevin writes the script.

  21. Ummm….I didnt know how else to reach you but I just read that the Scream 4 dvd will be released in Denmark and the United States in August 16, 2011.

  22. @ LookKill, as much as I want to disagree with you, I agree. I loved Wes Craven, favorite childhood horror director. But I feel like that’s all he was for me. Last 2 films I really loved from him was Scream 3 & Red Eye. There’s also a few in the recent past he’s really disappointed me with. But what really put the cherry on top was the horrible My Soul to Take & Scream 4. I just lost faith in him and that’s very sad to say. I’m glad he’s taking a break, he really needs it. Would love for him to do something new and original. I’m tired of the same old same old.

  23. @LookKill. I agree, time to pass the torch, as much as i want to believe Wes’s words…i can’t help but remember his intro to Scream 3 saying “this is the best one yet” and promising a lot of things that didn’t happen in Scream 4…and then what was that picture of him with Justin Bieber he tweeted?. Love you Wes but time to pass the torch in Scream.

  24. @ Sean Wes said a couple of weeks that Scream 5 will continue witht e same story as Scream 4. I think that means Jill is still alive Sidney didn’t shoot her in the head like she did to the other serial killers. Kirby is still alive we never saw die and Dewey never confirmed it. Hicks is the surprise 3rd killer Jill didn’t shoot her in the head so she could carry on Jill’s plan if she failed to kill Sidney.

  25. In the past, I considered myself to be full of Scream storyline ideas … but after seeing Scream 4, I honestly don’t know what else they could do. I would love to see what Kevin has in mind.

  26. what if sidney gale and dewey win a trip to the caribbean through a radio station and when they get there they realize that the island resort is deserted due to the off-season. secluded on the island with just a few staff members, the three find themselves dealing with murders and ghostface.

  27. @ScottM- that sounds like ‘I still know what you did last summer’ …stupid idea to be honest.

  28. @Charles, you’re the stupid one, ScottM was being sarcastic.

    Good one ScottM, putting that storyline in a Scream context made me see how lame ISKWYDLS was haha

  29. I agree with the people saying Wes needs to pass the torch. Most of us love Wes because he has given us great films in the past, but he hasn’t done anything good in years, it’s just natural people lose their touch it’s time to move on.

    Problem is there aren’t too many great people that direct horror so I’m not sure who they would give it too. James Wan is the only person that comes to mind who makes recent good horror films.

  30. Hell yeah Wes get your vaca on. Hope you have fun. Uhhh if you read this. Come to think of it you probably won’t. Oh well. heh heh

  31. Scream started wiith Wes and should die with Wes. Without Wes Scream will just be another Friday the 13th part 5. No offense.

  32. Thank you, @tr

  33. Let’s just hope they start off scream 5 from the ending of scre4m and then go to the opening kill of 5cream

  34. I don’t see KW writing it. Yeah i know he’s contracted blah blah blah. The guy struggled and missed deadlines for 4 because of his tv show. Now, he’s already involved in yet another television project. It’s safe to say he doesn’t need or have the time for part 5

  35. @Scream Fan, I have to ask, “What Scream 4 movie you saw?” The newsreporters reporting about the incident, including Dewey chatting with Jill clearly establishes that Kirby is dead. If she was alive he would have included her in stable or critical condition along side Sidney.

    As for what Craven reported for EW, I think maybe he should take a long, very long vacation. I think he could return to a possible Scream franchise as producer or a creative consultant. I think his vision for Scream is cascaded by his fascination of hollywood politics and the instant fame motifs. When a director continues to dry up the well with boring ideas which resulted in Music Of The Heart, Scream 3, CURSED, Red Eye, My Soul To Take, and Scream 4, should call it quits.

    To be honest with you, Wes needs Scream more than anyone.

  36. I think what he’s saying is true…but I also think they all want to wait until the dvd sales numbers are in too what they’re looking at.

  37. @screamfan eh, I don’t understand how all thy would work out, if Jill was alive I’m sure shed got locked up somewhere and bringing Kirby bak would be stupid on whoever would write the script’s behalf because Dewey never mention Kirby being alive when Jill mentioned everything, and Judy being a new killer seems if-y but well see.. &&mMaybe Gale can revitalize Kirby’s life with her tarnished brand.

  38. I think the people who want Craven to pass the torch are people who didn’t enjoy the fourth film(Shocking, I know). But you have to look at it carefully and wonder why you’re feeling that way. Most of you guys went into this theater with this huge goddamn Oscar winning fantasy that the actual film would’ve never lived up to-no matter how it turned out.

    Did Scream 4 suck because it was bad or did it suck because it wasn’t what you personally fantasized about?

    I made damn sure to tell myself to NOT get my hopes up. I went in there just expecting a fun thrill ride and that’s EXACTLY what I got. If I would’ve went in expecting it to top the original and for it to be the best film ever and blahblahblah, then I would probably be sitting behind my computer desk petitioning for Wes’ “passing the torch” too.

    But in my opinion, he still “got it” and taking him away would prove to be a big mistake. All you guys would do is end up calling for the NEXT director’s balls. It’s a cycle of never ending complaints.

    My advice? Stop viewing these films as the goddamn “Monalisa” and maybe, just maybe, you’ll come back down to earth.

    I’ve said what I had to say. I’m not going to argue this. Just posting my thoughts. If you feel the need to argue back then I must of struck a chord. Good day.

  39. I personally NEED a scream 5. I would like it if they wrapped it up with the 5th one, not saying I don’t want a 6th. But if anything one more would be great. I would like to see an official ending, where we are satisyed at the ending. The 4th one still left me with some questions..like, how will the public deal with the “hero” actually being the villian,

  40. @spookygough, I tend to agree. Yes, Wes Craven is not the force he once was but at least he WAS a force which is more than can be said for most directors today. It was honorable of him to mention Kevin Williamson. In any event it’s stupid to count him out. I really don’t comprehend those people who say Scream 4 was appalling, any more than I understand those who talk about “the original three” as if Scream 3 approached the quality of the 1st two (this just in – It Didn’t!). Sure I don’t get Wes’s Beiber Love but jeez using that as a stick to beat him with because of his age is thick in the extreme just look at the shit people fifty years younger than him like, I dares ya! I don’t know who people think could suceed Wes and Kevin, and more than that I don’t know what would then differentiate Scream from any other generic “franchise” lurching on in a curious parody of life, living dead – Friday the 13th Part 136 Jason Goes to White Castle, I Will Sometimes Not Know What You Didn’t Do Last Thanksgiving Forever: First Class. I appreciate what you say @tr but whatever the flaws in 4 I rather doubt that anyone would do better than Wes and Kevin while I wouldn’t put faith in the Weinsteins, maybe just maybe we need a different film rather than risk tarnishing the Scream name, when is enough enough? Please don’t stone me everybody! And don’t call me a “hater” or worse “h8er” anyone… because that’s moronic.

  41. Hal, you are EXACTLY right.

    It’s laughable how people think anyone besides Wes/Kevin can make a great scream film. Knock-knock knuckleheads-THEY ARE SCREAM!

    Didn’t like S4? Great, exit stage left, don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split ya, but to demand Wes(or Kevin in some cases) to leave just because YOU didn’t like it? Sit…down.

    I’m NOT a Wes Craven fan, I could give two flying ducks about how shitty “Cursed” was and how horrible “My Soul To Take” was, I’m focusing solely on what he has done and can do when it comes to SCREAM. What he’s done outside of the franchise does not matter to me. He knocked it out of the park with S4 in *MY* eyes and it would be the dumbest thing ever to get rid of him all because a few fanboys went in with unrealistic expectations and are now crying because it wasn’t what THEY wanted it to be.

    I don’t mind or care if you hated S4. That’s your right. But let’s stop with all the blaming. God, all scream fans know how to do is play the “blame game”. Instead of just being a man(or woman) and saying “Meh, I didn’t like S4″ we have to go blaming everyone from Wes on down to the janitor at Dimension.

    I say end it here. Just end it. An S5 is unneeded anyway. And I bet a million bucks that if they did bring in a new director everyone would pull out their bright red pens in anticipation for him to screw up.

    My fellow fans never cease to amaze me.

  42. Thanks, @Khy

  43. As long as Kevin writes it, I’d like a Scream 5.

  44. I love Wes, but i also think he’s not the “horror” director we all want him to be.

    I mean, back in the “Music of the heart” days he always expressed how much he wanted to make something other than horror movies. And he bargained his way into doing that drama. And how did he do it? Saying them he would direct a horror movie (a Scream one btw) if they let him do it “Music”.

    So…Yeah, maybe he does need Scream, but i think Dimension needs more of the “Craven” name than anything…I don´t think Wes is into directing bloody stuff anymore at his age. There are lots of directors who started their career in horror but didn’t continue, like Sam Raimi or Peter Jackson, and as much as a whole audience (including me) would love to see more horror stuff from them they just went different ways.

    There are few real horror directors, such as Dario Argento. But they’re also other ones who once loved making horror films, but then they wanted something else.

    And Wes just doesn’t look that horror-film-directorish anymore, I’m sorry… I love him and all, but reading interviews, looking at past events, etc. , that’s what I get from him…

  45. This is Silly. Before Wes can do his thing, Kevin has a lot of writing to do. This summer would bring nothing anyway. By the time a 5th one is greenlit, Kevin has to once again manage Vampire Diaries and his other new show. Wes said earlier this year it would not be until at least 2012 when Scream 5 would go into production.

  46. I think this studio might be 50/50 on Kevin at least. He is now involved with TWO shows and one will launch this year. He will again be very busy. He took more time than expected on Scream 4. If his schedule remains so tight, expect new blood to be brought in. I doubt Ehren Kruger would get sole run of the movie.

  47. @Khy I completely i agree with both of your comments. I think Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson should be with the series until the end of the new trilogy if they happen to make it, which i personally would like to see them complete it. I really enjoyed scream 4 and if they were to have a different director for the last two or last one if they decide to end with a scream 5 i fear it would really hurt the series. Like how rob zombie directed two Halloween movies (which were remakes i know) but still i think he did a horrible job with those in my opinion. I mean the story for the first one was ok (rob zombies) it was somewhat like the original Halloween but robs version was way way over the top to gory especially the second one and he has to many random unneeded scenes in both of them. I’m a big of the Halloween its my second favorite horror series (scream series is number one)and its a shame that he messed up the start of those remakes if they happen to make anymore. This is what i don’t want to happen to the scream series. I think they should complete the new trilogy with Wes and Kevin before they ever decide to get different people to take over. I don’t think a new director is the answer.

  48. @ tr, I couldn’t agree more.

  49. Well it could be worse news right?
    I’m happy and confident there’ll definitely be a 5th one in the future.
    Sure it might not be green-lit in the next 6 months, but this basically proves they’re just gonna take this one slow and map it out.

  50. While I LOVE this site and all Scream 5 news, I strongly advice everyone on this board to jump ship. You all ruin the movies for yourselves by knowing WAY TO MUCH about them before you see them. Stop reading “sides” and knowing everything there is to know about everything. If you knew as much about Scream 1 as you do all these sequels, you would have hated Scream 1. Just think if he knew that Neve Campbell was the starr, not Drew, before you saw it? What if he knew there were *two* killers? Hmmm, Hmmm?

  51. MarkyMark, that’s somewhat true but I gotta disagree. There’s a difference between being up to date on news/info and actively searching spoilers and spoiling ones-self. I’m sorry, but no fan(well at least me) could go all throughout production without looking up news about the film I’m supposed to be excited about. Sorry, not gonna happen. The only people who might be able to do that and walk into the theater completely blind-not even knowing the basic premise of the film- are probably casual fans/viewers.

    Now, Sides are a completely different thing. Most of the sides for S4(I got them all) were NOT spoiler-worthy, they didn’t reveal any deaths or any killers. They were just character building scenes establishing the relationships between the cast and most of them didn’t even make it into the final film. I’m not saying that there aren’t ANY crucial spoilers in sides in general, but for S4 there was not. At least in my opinion. Because spoilers are indeed subjective. I only find info including who the killers were/deaths/plot twists to be “spoilers” but some people will go farther and say reading ANYTHING in the sides are a spoiler and they have no desire to know the character relationships and stuff like that. Fair enough.

    So no. I will not “jump ship”. Scream-Trilogy went through a lot to protect fans from spoilers. They did more than any other site. There are some of us who want to speculate and be excited together and this site was the place for us to do so without having the movie “ruined” unlike an unsafe board such as IMDB. As I said before, I don’t think anyone could go cold turkey like you can.

    And if that wasn’t what you were stressing than I apologize. Be clearer. I’m only responding to what you put out.

  52. You Know , Im so sick and tired of people bitching about stuff , honestly if you step back and LOOK at Scream 4 you would see a pretty awsome story like I love the opening every moment of it and the part that Kirsten Bell said pretty much sumed it up Shut the Fuck Up and Watch The Damn Movie , and people out there saying oh Wes needs to pass the torch needs to understand this is his and Kev’s baby would you give your kid over to some body else hell no you would keep it and try to do your best with it , I love the scream series and for one would not mind seeing Scream 5 what ever they dish out I love to take it in.

  53. ^you’re almost as annoying as Marielle Jaffe. I have mixed feelings about Wes returning. On one hand, Wes directs these movies very artfully and in the wrong hands S5 could easily turn into a Rob Zombie movie, but on the other hand, S4 was definitely lacking the horror element for me. I was never remotely scared when I watched it. Whether that’s the fault of Wes, KW, or TWC I have no idea. But to me S4 is more of a mystery comedy than a horror film, by far. Also lacking in S4 were great chase sequences. Not one. The Sidney on the roof thing was over-hyped and not scary at all. In S1 there was a dark brooding feeling set off by the opening kill that lasted the entire movie. In S4 the opening scene was a joke. It’s as if they didn’t get the memo that S3 sucked and wasn’t scary at all. Oh and for S5 how about not giving away the killer in the trailer.

  54. I have a question that has nothing to do with that topic – does anyone know where i can find the SCREAM 4 ringtones? Especially Rebecca’s? Thanks :)

  55. @Khy FYI Wes Craven has never been a force in cinema, he has more flops in his career than hits. He tends to be a filmmaker who recycles ideas too often with disastrous results. In the 80’s He did “A Nightmare On Elm Street” which dealt with dreams and resurrections, a great idea. His next film was “Deadly Friend” which was about the same subject matter and the results were atrocious. He continues this path AGAIN in “The Serpent And The Rainbow”, a complete dud, and ending that decade with the piece of shit called “Shocker”.

    In the 90’s Wes was intrigued by Hollywood politics and the case of narcissism that is reflecting today’s youth through the internet. An apathetic society who only cares about THEMSELVES, which spawned “New Nightmare” which was a great idea. When “Scream” came around he was the perfect vessel to fully realize this film–which became a phenom because it was in the 90’s, and is today sadly gotten worse since Facebook dealing with the instant fame mentality of our society. His follow up was “Scream 2″, “Music Of The Heart”, the horrible “Scream 3″, the retched “CURSED”, and “Red Eye”, “My Soul To Take”, and finally “Scream 4″. The connection is in his films and they’re tired and boring, and feels a little out of touch with what current movie goers want to see.

    I don’t believe they’ll be a Scream 5 unless home video sales and “on demand” rentals perform extremely high when “Scream 4″ meets that market.

    You may see Craven as this amazing filmmaker who was this force in cinema. Only in the Bizarro World! The Scream films has been his only success. And before you spring up Freddy Kruger, Wes Craven doesn’t own the character and Kruger became successful AFTER the first film!

  56. I also agree with what a few people stated here. The Weinsteins need to just sit back and let Kevin and Wes do thier thing with the script and overall film. Scream 4 was really good and i enjoyed it but hearing the behind the scenes drama kinda took away from the experience for me. Kevin just needs to comeback and be the sole writer of the over all script. I think for 5cream they really need to drop the whole Meta thing, the whole movie within a movie within a movie thing is getting out of hand.

  57. @stephen irvon, an interesting but extremely selective and therefore untrustworthy argument. Sure the Freddy Krueger character may have grown in popularity but that was only possible AFTER Craven created him. The only one of the straight sequels that was any good was 3 and surprise, surprise he was involved with the writing. A Nightmare on Elm Street was a hit why do you think that they even MADE sequels. Also note how in the original Fred Krueger was a creepy presence who is eventually defeated because he is a pathetic nothing (forget the studio-urged tacked on nonsensical twist). The sequels made Freddy the wisecracking buffoon hero – I don’t think you should judge films merely on how much money they make, by that/your reasoning Michael Bay is a genius and a real force in cinema rather than a vacuous hack.
    As you note New Nightmare was a good movie, it restored creepiness and intelligence to the concept but wasn’t a hit, that has no bearing on its worth. Deadly Friend was pretty bad but it wasn’t a Nightmare manque. Serpent was O.K. and yep it did have some Nightmare-ish imagery, however it was really about voodoo & zombies so er not that similar really,eh?! As for Shocker, ugh! Craven did try to emulate Nightmare there in the hopes of making money with a Krueger knock off that owed more to the vulgar sequels however you rather ignore his good work in order to serve your purposes and “win” the argument – naughty, naughty…
    I could mention Last House on the Left and Hills Have Eyes which regardless of my or your opinion of them did make did make him a horror force. As for say Cursed or My Soul to Take, yes not good or commercially successful but remember there are recent films of that low quality that have been big hits so I would’t read too much into it. Stephon I think you should be fairer.

  58. “You may see Craven as this amazing filmmaker who was this force in cinema”

    What the FUCK?

    You so didn’t read my posts. I clearly stated over again and again that I’m NOT a Wes Craven fan. What he has done outside of the scream series-good or bad- don’t meant shit to me. And lesser than that- your opinion on his career which wasn’t even on my table for discussion.

    I see you as someone who needs to learn how to fully read a post before you go spouting off at the mouth. LMAO.

    That or you mistakenly replied to me. It happens.

  59. @Stephon Irvin, Interesting argument but derailed by being extremely selective. If A Nightmare on Elm Street had not been successful there wouldn’t have even BEEN sequels. Fred Krueger was creepy in the original but he is defeated because he’s a pathetic nothing (forget the nonsensical studio-imposed twist), the sequels vulgarized the concept and turned Freddy into a wise-cracking “hero”. The only one of the straight sequels that is any good is 3 and oh surprise, surprise it has contributions from Craven. Deadly Friend is pretty bad but it isn’t a Nightmare manque. Serpent was O.K. and had some Nightmare-ish imagery but was otherwise about voodoo & zombies so not the same at all really, eh? Shocker, ugh. Sure he made that as an attempt to create a Nightmare knock-off and make some money but ended up with a film similar to the worst sequels. However, you shouldn’t be so selective with the truth in order to “win” the argument. If one follows your reasoning then Michael Bay is a genius and a “force” in cinema rather than a hack.
    I could mention Last House on the Left or Hills Have Eyes which were budget to gross hits and made him a force in horror no matter what you (or I) may feel about them. Yes the Scream movies were his biggest hits but that doesn’t invalidate his good films that didn’t hit such as New Nightmare. You could stand to be fairer. No Cursed & My Soul weren’t good yet look but there are films which are also crap that have been HUGE hits. The size of the audience is irrelevant to the quality of the film.

  60. LOL. Good point, Hal, but let’s face it Scream 4 was not quality, and the box office proves this. Scream was the best film he ever made, and his most successful. I would qualify Scream as quality. I think when Wes is on he’s very good, but there’s this thing about him where he just won’t let go of an idea. Even if he did his best work with the idea the first time around. Michael Bay is a wonderful example because there’s a lot people who thinks that way about him. I’m not one of them, he definitely has a connection to pop culture something Wes lacks. My reasons are based on the points I’ve made earlier. Would it be that bad if Wes became a producer if there’s another film? The hack title belongs to Uwe Boll!


    No. I read your post and I completely disagree with you, I think someone else could make a Scream movie and could be fresh, and better than the piece of shit called Scream 3, and the mediocre Scream 4. At this point it’s the Weinsteins who are SCREAM and it all depends where they want to go with it. Who knows Wes may go back to the editing room to install the original material and making a better movie. I hope so because the home video sales have to excel for them to consider another film.

  61. the opening of SCRE4M would have been EPIC had they written a scene in which all the girls featured in the meta-opening (Lucy, Sheneae, Anna, Kristen, Amy, Brit) were chearleaders for Woodsboro high at a sleep over only to be murdered by the killer! ;)

  62. Ah, monkeycrap, my 2nd post was written 1st but didn’t appear so I rewrote it from memory and reposted only for the 1st to show up anyway!

  63. To all the people that are saying Scream 4 was a good movie I only have one question, were you scared once during the entire film? I remember walking out thinking it wasn’t bad, but not great and the same time I realized, what the hell I was scared even a little bit during that entire movie. In fact I was more scared during a rewatch on The Wizard of Oz just the way the Witch looked and acted.

    Scream 1 and 2 really scared me the first time watching them during certain parts. I definitely can’t say the same thing about the 4th one. Sure the opening was “clever” or cool but Scream is supposed to be horror. Wes failed to create tension in this movie and that’s what us horror fans love.

  64. I agree, the movie wasn’t scary at all. That really needs to be improved on if they make a fifth.
    Then again, scream isnt only about getting scared. It’s also about being shocked, entertained and laughing. Scream 4 achieved 3 out of those 4, but they really need to balance the scares and the comedy in the next one…

  65. I agree with you Matt, and the reason I think the first two films were scary was because the script build a lot of suspense. Something Wes and Ehren decided to neglect for the last two. The first two films we actually care about these characters. In Scream 2, there were two entrenched build suspense sequences that ring true what Scream has lost. The scene with Sidney and her black friend inside that car TRAPPED while the killer is inside the car with them unconscious.

    Remember the scene where Gail saw dewey get stabbed and she just locked the door in the sound room and just stayed there. Great stuff.

  66. Khy wrote:You so didn’t read my posts.


    I read your post and I completely disagree with you, I think someone else could make a Scream movie and could be fresh, and better than the piece of shit called Scream 3, and the mediocre Scream 4. At this point it’s the Weinsteins who are SCREAM and it all depends where they want to go with it. Who knows Wes may go back to the editing room to install the original material and making a better movie. I hope so because the home video sales have to excel for them to consider another film.


  68. No Ehren, please, baby Jesus in Heaven, no Ehren…Make it a straight Wes/Kev deal.

  69. @maRCUS The bigger question you should ask is whether Hayden Panetierre WANTS to come back.

  70. @Stephon Irvin, Well lets hope she does want to come back, it would be nice to see a new survivor for a change. Dont you think? I think it would make Scream 5 alot more sucsessful. I mean you have Kevins great writing skills, Wes suspensful directing, and the trio with some new charecter with the help of kirby’s friends.

  71. @maRCUS, Kirby’s friend’s are dead. To make a sequel, for example Scream 2- the character, our heroine, needs survivors “friends” who can help her heal from this ordeal. We–the audience can connect with her and them b/c we know and saw that ordeal in the first film. How can Kirby have a similar experience when all of her friends’ are dead?

    Sidney will continue b/c her remaining friends continue to survive. I can’t say so much for Kirby.

  72. @Stephon Irvin, Well technically we don’t know that all of kirbys friends are dead. Yes all of her friends we see in scream 4 Olivia,Robbie,Trevor, and Jill and Charlie who she thought were her friends were all killed but she could know more then five people. They could even have Kirby make some new friends like they did with Sidney in scream 2.

    @maRCUS I agree with both of your comments and i also think it would be cool to see a new survivor and still have Sidney,Gale, and Dewey in it.

  73. @Matthew, Well technically Kirby is dead b/c we saw her get stabbed and bled to death and Dewey established that there were only two survivors at Kirby’s house: Jill and Sidney. If she was alive the film would have had a scene with her alive or barely alive. Like Scream 2 where Dewey was thought to have been killed by the killer but shown carried out on a gurney. No such scene for Kirby. She’s dead.

  74. @maRCUS, I wouldn’t have mind a transitional character to take the reigns from Neve Campbell, but unfortunately I read a comment Kevin Williamson wrote on twitter where he always envision the Scream films as a “Sidney Prescott Chronicles”. That should’ve been a clue to me that Sidney is THE heroine for the franchise.

    What urks me is Wes and Ehren continue to make Neve a guest star in her own vehicle. I’m not a Courtney Cox nor a David Arquette fan so I can’t understand why those old people continue to have mucho screen time. Neve had so much to do in the first two films, but Scream 3 and 4 she had nothing to do dramatically. She’s there b/c it’s convenient to the retched plot. I think it’s one of those WGA politics is the reason Ehren didn’t get any credit for his work on this sub-par film.

    Neve is such a superior talent to everyone in that film even scene stealer Hayden Panettierre I can’t understand why Wes can’t see that. She continues to waste her talent with an old director who’s run out on interesting ideas and is bored with romance and drama.

  75. @Stephon Irvin lol i didn’t say she was alive. What i was saying is that they could bring her back if they wanted to she only got stabbed two times compared to the four or five times Dewey did in scream 2. Like Marcus said even though we see Dewey being put into a ambulance we still didn’t know if he survived until scream 3 came out, yeah we Kirby moving around still until it cuts into another scene and that the last we see or hear about her but it doesn’t mean shes dead. As to weather Kirby is alive or dead is ambiguous until or if they make scream 5.

  76. * whether not weather lol I just noticed my phone changed that when I was typing it. To bad I didn’t see that before I pushed enter ha ha.

  77. @Matthew, I’m on the fence on this one. I missed a film geek person who can guide the audience what to look for to find the killer. Jaime Kennedy was brilliant as that person. I loved Scream 2 so much b/c I never thought he would get killed–and he did! It was bold to do that, which makes it harder for Sidney to solve what’s going on. Kevin Williamson put Wes Craven into a corner b/c if he did another one Wes would either have to create a RANDY WANNABE which would have been a disaster (SCREAM 4) or do something interesting.

    “Obvious Wes” did neither but asked Ehren Kruger to bring Kennedy back in the most retarded way possible. “Oh my sister will give Sidney a videotape of me telling her about the bullshit WES CRAVEN & EHREN KRUGER rules of a trilogy that NO FUCKING MOVIE SERIES HAS EVER DONE IN THE HISTORY OF CINEMA.”

    It just means that Scream can’t go down that road ever again b/c if they do the audience will get tired of it and they will know based on Scream 2 that a person who has such knowledge about movies has to be the prime suspect for the murders. Wes went the reset button route and we all know what happened there–a flopping sub-par of a movie titled Scream 4.

    The first half of Scream 4 didn’t establish Kirby as a film buff, she was a risk taking, self absorbed teenager who’s a wise cracker. In the second half of the film I learn she is a buff and was in love with the murderer Culkin (I don’t know which one–THERE ARE SO MANY OF THOSE CULKINS!). As much as it was interesting for her to blurt out all the films that were remakes that Ehren could write for her, I didn’t like that she became the female Randy at this point.

    Bringing Kirby back would give her that “Randy role” which is hurting the Scream films–it’s a lack of fresh ideas. I thought going the torture porn route ala SAW and actually doing something with it would have been a brilliant step to embrace new horror. I’m not a fan of those Rob Zombie, SAW things, so if Wes and Kevin Williamson could re-invent or remake those films into the Scream universe and made it better, it could have been an interesting cinema experience.

    So as much as I like the character and her scene stealing moments throughout the entire film and making Neve, once again, a guest star in her own movie (SCREAM 3 WAS THE GALE AND DEWEY MYSTERY SHOW) I’d rather have Kirby properly rest in peace, and never see her or anymore Randy clones again. That’s if there’s a Scream 5, which is uncertain at this point.

  78. @stephon irvin, I thought scream 4 was awesome its my favorite sequel as of now. I actually think thats the only thing randy and kirby have in common is the wise cracking stuff and thats kind of how randy acted threw out the whole movie in the first scream. Even how they both like horror movies is not the same because they like them for different reasons and I don’t think she is the new female randy. If they did bring kirby back I think it would lead to new ideas because then there woud be two sole survivors from two different generations. She would also be someone sidney could really relate to now. Plus kirby is a new fan favorite and I know many people would like to see her return. As to neve being a guest star it did sort of feel that way in scream 3 but it didn’t feel that way at all to me in scream 4.

  79. @Stephon Irvin,I agree with you 60%. I do agree that it does get triering seeing the same thing but like what Mathew said Their could be two soul survivers. I think if they do tie Kirby into scream 5 Sydney and Kirby can steel the show. I mean they could have a love intrest in sydney’s life, same with kirby, but she can stuggle with her sexuality(never had that in a scream.). I also think thats what scream 4 was missing, a longer love story. You had a good love storry between Gale and dewy/Sydney and billy in the first one(Success), In the sequal You had yet again Gale and Dewy, Sydney and derreck,(another succsess), And in the finiale like you said, it was a G&D show.

    If Hayden does decide to come back to scream 5 it would bring a whole new fan base. I forgot to mention that in scream 5 they can have a flash back scenebringing kirby from the house to the hospital or something creative like that to make sense. Also i belive that scream 5 should add longer chase scenes like the orginals,in s4 the kill scenes happend way too fast, and please no more “Stab”. So it can make total sense to have kirby back with a whole new set of Younger charcters, and a fair shair of adults.

  80. @Matthew, and maRCUS, I would like to thank you for expressing your deep thoughts on Kirby, it’s clear to me you guys had a real connection to this character. Like my awesome conversation with J on another thread, he, like you two, wonderfully express your opinion about her coming back. I asked this question to him and I have to ask this with you two: “What would Kirby be doing after the events that occurred in Scream 4?” Besides the obvious–trying to recoup and move on with her life.

    “Where would she go or would she remain in Woodsboro?”

    Kirby could become an introvert in the beginning b/c of the event from Scream 4 and she may find a guy she likes but maybe conflicted by a relationship. Her psychosis is she might be attracted to sociopaths! Another obsticle could be the new person in her life has a past–maybe even has murdered but records were sealed because he was a juvenile delinquent.

    She could take therapy for her nightmare experience and she is trying to cope. The shrink invites her to a small resort community for her to meet other victims who were in tramatic experiences. (Don’t INVOKE plot–this is just an exercise to see where Kirby could co-exist in Sidney’s Universe.) The college thing has been done, so going back to SCREAM 2 territory will be no buenO. Kirby needs something to do.

    Meeting her parents and learning what they do could be another avenue, and SIGH yes–they could have found her and have taken her to the hospital which could explain the lapse in time. Yes yes yes. But I still think she’s dead. ;-)

    Kirby could have enlist in the NAVY, to better her life and well being and she returns and learns there are new murders and they’re connected to Sidney Prescott.

    Kirby could get a job as a telemarketing service to provide movies to the home–this could establish that film-knowledge she still has and express she’s moved on. She may have overheard through water-cooler conversation of harrassing phone calls by a strange man. It may sound familiar to her and she may want to get involved to prevent something from happening.

    Anyway, I would like to learn some your thoughts on probable ways for her return.

  81. @ Stephon Irvin I think you thought of a creative way bringing her back. But I think that her and sydney can get real close because of sydney helping kirby to cope. Sydeny can end up taking kirby under her wing and they bond. They realize the sorce of their problems is Woodsboro so they decide to move out of the town with dewy and gale into somewhere more populated.

    Now since they think there in a new safe enviroment they can live the normal life they dreamed of having all their lives, but of course you know thats not going to happen. Turns out the community Absoloutley does not want the soul survivers in their town. Chain of events start happening. You can lead the killings on kirby cause the audience thinks she isn’t ready to expirence another tragity(plus her best friend was a murderer. But in the end of course it we’ll be someone totally unexpected.

    Forgot to mention eairler sydney can meet a man, and same with kirby in the movie.. And like i metioned eairler have kirby struggle with her sexuality. That we’ll also help devolep the dramma in the plot same with possible leed to the killer.

    Ps i hope kevin is reading this.

  82. @ Stephon Irvin, Well for starters i think the events of scream 4 would have been very traumatic for Kirby and who better to help her with that then Sidney who has been threw the same things 3 times before. I would think Kirby wouldn’t want to rush back into dating seeing as the last guy she liked stabbed her twice and its different then Sidney because billy never stabbed her he tried but failed. So she should more nervous towards meeting and trusting new people. It would be interesting to see two soul survivors working together when the new string of murders start happening that could even be what brings Sidney and Kirby back together. Say sometime after the events of scream 4 they both decide to leave and try to have normal lives but then back in woodsboro the murders start happening again and they are lured back to face yet another ghostface. Kirby could have friends who still live back in woodsboro that we didn’t see in scream 4 plus her parents who we also didn’t see and they all could be the new target for ghostface. I think Kirby and Sidney could make a good team. So lets hope they make scream 5 and bring kirby back to be apart of it and if they dont bring her back that’s ok but like i said before it would cool to see two soul survivors take on ghostface.


  84. @genevieve, No love for Gale? ;-)

  85. I really hope he makes a Scream 5 because the Scream movies are my favourites no matter what the ratings are they will always mean something to me they were the only movie i could watch with my friends and not get bored after the first 20 minutes. I could watch them for the rest of my life they are amazing. I know the killer in the movies but i always love trying to figure out who it is at the right time. The actors that were chosen at the start, the main characters, were one of the reasons i watched them over and over again, i love david arquette he is one of my favourite characters and i absolutely love him he is an amazing actor and so is the other main characters like courteney cox arquette and neve campbell they make me wanna watch the movies and i hope he makes more or them

  86. if scream 5 is made i want KW to have 100% full control. it seems like the wienstiens always get in the way and kind of bring the story down. i want kevin to write something fresh, something new. and i read someone wants to get rid of wes craven? to the person who said that get off of this site! wes craven made scream what it is. when is the last time you saw a director come back for all 4 movies of the franchise? same with the cast and the crew? it is pretty rare. especially in the horror genre. and i thin wes keeps coming back because kevin is a great writer. and i want the two of them to have pretty much complete control of the film. i mean really the three movies that followed Scream were never the power house scream was and still is. dont get me wrong scream 2 was right up there as sequels go and scream 4 was a great way to re-introduce ghostface and the rules of modern horror movies. and well scream 3…lets not mention that as much lol. but like i was saying scream was just so revolutionary it was something that no one had really seen before it was hip it was modern and it shoved the rules up horror’s ass! lol. and i kind of want the same thing from scream 5, i want scream 5 and 6 to deliver something that scream 4 couldn’t i want another shock and awe moment i want more creative kills i want an opening scene that just shocks you to the core to the point that every time you watch it after you go and look around the house just in case. horror needs something like that now. scream 4 tried to do it (in my opinion it fits the franchise so well) but scream 4 just lacked something and i honestly just don’t know what it is. i am just ready to see some blood and guts, carnage candy! i want red herrings left and right, i want you to think that maybe one of the three mains could possibly be the killer. maybe another bitch slap to gale courtesy of sidney :). maybe the killer doesnt actually have a motive this time, he/she/them is/are just a complete psycho. i don’t know. but i am more than willing to pay to see a scream 5 multiple times in theaters.

    oh and please no resurrecting a killer/s like jill i dont care if she was’t shot in the head she was still shot and not to mention electrocuted oh yea and stabbed. and with stu he was stabbed multiple times (he even said billy cut him too deep and he thought he was already starting to die) plus he also was electrocuted and had a giant TV fall on his head. and just in case you want to bring mickey back, here is why you can’t he was shot multiple times (maybe in the head who knows) and not to mention the car accident (i don’t know how he survived that with just that bump and cut) but something interesting to bring up maybe during scream 3 there was another killer. it had to be pretty difficult for roman to do all of that himself. but who knows.

    anyways. that is what i think
    oh and please no freaking 3D.

  87. come on wes we all want scream 5 to be made! bring billys daughter in it as a victim then have a killer twist!

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