Jill in Scream 5? Emma Roberts Says Maybe (Video)

I can’t say I really follow all the Scream 4 conspiracy theories out there. You know, “We didn’t see Kirby die!” “Robbie isn’t dead, he was just resting from his wounds!” “Charlie is alive, he was only stabbed in the heart once!” If you considered them all, basically no one died in Scream 4, right? That’s no slam on fandom – even the media still asks Liev Schreiber and Jamie Kennedy if their characters are coming back. I don’t know about you, but it appears the ongoing “they always come back” climactic riff is taken far too literally by many. Sorry, dead is dead… even in Scream.

But perhaps some of those theorists could be vindicated in one case. Jill looked pretty gone in the final shot, and the ending only works to full ironic potential when you consider Jill got all the media attention and name instantly known she wanted – only she wouldn’t be alive to enjoy it. On the other hand, she would be the resurrection least likely to jump the shark out of all the candidates our readers have floated on our forums and comments.

So let’s hear from the Roberts girl herself – Emma… Jill… will she be back?

“I don’t know,” she said. “I haven’t heard anything solid, but you never know.”

“That was a really fun role to get to play, a psychopath,” she added with a laugh. “But it was one of those things where we were like, ‘Let’s get through this one alive and then think about the next one.'”

Interestingly enough, when MTV’s Josh Horowitz assured her that at least she “got through it,” Roberts replied, “Barely!”

Barely? Looked to us that there wasn’t any “barely” about it, but maybe there’s some hope for Jill Roberts after all.




Source: MTV News via Scream4fan

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151 Responses to “ Jill in Scream 5? Emma Roberts Says Maybe (Video) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I just thought she meant she “barely” made it through the whole process of making the movie lol it seems that there are various comments from cast members floating around out there that insinuate this was a particularly stressful shoot. I never thought about it in this context though. It would be unexpected, that’s for sure, if she were to return in the fifth one (if there is one).

  2. Dead is dead in Scream (unless your Dewey).

  3. I think it would be huge twist in the next film if she where to come back, but I just don’t see them going down that road. In a previous post here on Scream-Trilogy they where talking about Ghostface being semi-immortal and almost having “ghost-like” abilities, and if she where to come back that theory would be true. I really don’t think its the right way to go for Scream 5.

  4. I think she should, it’d be the first time that a “ghostface” has returned. Also what ‘Smash Potatoes’ said, ghostface is suppose to be “immortal” and though they showed that in the movie, this could mean it too if she came back. If she comes back, she should have another motive, or shouldn’t be ghostface at all but people will think she is since she was last time.

  5. No for me. I prefer new killer/s.

  6. @ Jen, I completely agree. If most of the characters come back, I will definitely not see Scream 5. Emma looks horrible in that video, just like she did in the movie, Urgh!.

  7. This is just stupid obiviously shes not coming back. I hate Emma Roberts and dont want her bad acting to ruine another scream movie after she clearly died.

  8. Whats with all the emma hate. She did great as Jill, how about you guys try it. Bet you suck (robert) but I think its not the right move for a scream film though, Kirby is justified because she was actually STILL ALIVE AND MOVING, robbie. Lol Robbie was just dead, and Jill finally she’s dead She got the hell shocked out f her, got her last scare then got shot in the chest SHE’S DEAD!!!! The End Lol

  9. WHAT ABOUT THIS: It’s announced that she’s coming back for Scream 5 and we even see her in the previews in her hospital garb, and we learn that 5 picks up moments after the end of Part 4. We all go to the theater thinking that Jill is going to me a main character, but just like Casey Becker, she’s killed off in the opening scene.

    That could screw with us in a messy Scream-like fashion.

  10. If Jill comes back, it should be a court case scenario with Jill trying to accuse Sidney of being the killer. People would believe her since she’s an innocent teen. They would really have to think that through though. I would prefer a brand new killer/s since Scream has always been a mystery trying to figure out who the killer is. If Jill returns, then we wouldn’t have any fun guessing who the killer is.

  11. s5 let me guess….sid, dewey, and gail all survive, a bunch of movie geeks talk about horror movies, young people that can’t act and die anyway, a killer who instead of killing sid at the end keeps talking to her then conveniently stabs her in a place that won’t kill her, and trying to incorporate comedy into horror. I mean that stuff was ok with the 1st one, got old and somewhat annoying in the 2nd and 3rd, and was beyond annoying and dumb in the 4th. I thought they would pull off something clever in the 4th, but it was flat, dull, and UNBELIEVABLY annoying. s4 was like seeing your parents (at their current age) in high school. it just looked wrong didn’t feel right. How about these people start a new horror franchise instead of feeding us the same old shit. I thought people in hollywood were so creative. they walk around like such big shots, but today their just copying other work with sequels and remakes.

  12. Remember Jill wasn’t shot in the head and that is the only way to kill the villains in the Scream movies.If they want to bring back Jill they can because they can easily say Sidney missed her heart.She would be in jail or in a mental hospital.When the murders begin again Sidney goes to visit her at the hospital for information about the new killings.Her evil teenage cousin implies that there was a 3rd killer It won’t be Judy Hicks she really is one of the good guys. My guess is the killer would be Kirby Reed.She really was working with Jill and Charlie.They came up with a plan to make it look like Charlie tried to kill her to take suspicion off her.She would then get close to Sidney so she could get her trust and then when the time was right she would kill her.

  13. @wicked-scribe, I thought your sly comments on the various “conspiracy theories” were very funny but maybe I’m just twisted! It’s like the possible Scream 3 plot that would have had Stu Macher return as the mastermind – even if one forgets that Stu was a looney moron, he did suffer deep multiple stab wounds, massive blood loss, and then enjoy a tv fall on and into his head, AND get refered to as dead in 2, yet they still supposedly considered bringing him back. Jeez he’d have to be Wile E. Coyote or Jason Voorhees! I’m still waiting for someone to suggest Casey Becker was the mastermind, yes she faked her terror, horrible death, and gutting…
    As an aside I think the attacks on Emma Roberts are OTT, she wasn’t that bad, no need for such nastiness.

  14. I never thought Jill was dead. Sidney didn’t shoot her in the head like she did the other killers, plus she shot Jill right in the center of the chest, likely missing her heart and lungs. No reason for her to really die from that if she got medical attention right away, which was likely since she was in the hospital.

  15. Jill needs to dead,I couldn’t watch a Scream with the killer from the previous film be resurrected…”Who are you? Michael fucking Myers??”

  16. She’s still alive. You see her breathing at the end.

  17. Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill! Hahahah Emma and Jill were soooo awesome, she need to come back and break another glass table hahaha

  18. Jills is dead. her eyes were wide open.

    Kirby is still alive

  19. @Saea, sometimes peoples eyes are open becuz their alive too.. :P
    Also, everybody loves Kirby so it would be stupid for the writers to not write kirby into the movie because most people would be disappointed and not go see it. (I could careless if she was in it or not ..)

  20. If Ashley Greene had been cast as Jill it would have been a bad decision first of all Ashley looks too menacing Jill is supposed to look innocent and sweet.I also don’t think Ashley is talented enough to play a complex character like Jill.She was supposed to bratty,spoiled,evil and psychotic you were supposed to cringe when she screamed because this was a 17 year old girl trying to act like a badass but in reality she was just a insecure little girl who killed all those people because she was a brat and she enjoyed it. Emma was brillant as Jlll.

  21. That could work…

    she gets locked up. The new killer comes aroundd and in the reveal she really saves the day the day

  22. Sidney goes bananas and lives in a house full of cats in Woodsboro, then the only people she hangs out with is Billy, Stu, Mrs. Loomis, Mickey, Roman, Jill and Maureen as her imaginary tormenters.

    Sidney’s mental illness would be justified with when she imagined the killer at the play rehearsal in 2 and her mom in 3.

    Gale has her own talk show named “Weathersboro” and Dewey fights for his poisition as sheriff with a new member of the force who is really ass kicking.

    The killer is Sid’s trusty psychologist fascinated with her story.

    Sidney comes back to her senses when the real thing is happening again, but this time with the help of her imaginary friends, the ex-killers.


  23. oh wait!

    then at the reveal Gale is hiding in a closet with her cameraman, like the scene in Gremlins 2 with the Munster guy, taping everything live.

    and we see every house in Woodsboro wtaching American Idol finale, but one house where the mom is preparing dinner and her little daughter accidentally changes channel watching this.

    Then finally Gale’s finds her chance to help Sid, comes out, Dewey arrives and proves his better than the new guy and we see and ass kicking Dewey.

    At the end when Sid seems to come back to her normal senses, we see Randy entering the room in panic saying “SID! BEHIND YOU!”
    Sidney turns and sees her reflection in a mirror, she shoots at her reflection and turns to Randy who says “Well done”.

    Gale: “Sid…what the hell?”

    Sidney: Now it’s really over.


  24. Well, she can always come back for a cameo in some nightmare-esque thing like Julianna Guill did for My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2 :P

  25. Ugh, I hope she doesn’t come back. I found Jill very annoying and not believable as the killer.

  26. Apparently most of you guys don’t understand how the movie world works. They kinda have to say, “we’ll see” because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Sure, they might not literally be alive in the next installment but they could be featured in a flashback, on a video tape, etc.. And I think it’d be uber bad ass if a killer left a video this time around instead of Randy. (I did it in a fanfic for Billy and Stu). So I assure you, yes, she may be dead but there’s still a dozen ways to bring a character back.

  27. This is absolutely great…I’ve been barking up this tree for weeks on the forums and there have been so many naysayers. I hope like crazy that Jill does come back in this next movie just so I can laugh at all the folks who said there’s no way it could happen. And for the Emma haters, let’s see you get up there and do what she did…good luck with that. She’s a wonderful actress, and she’s drop dead gorgeous. She’s also my favorite Ghostface. Sick, depraved, obsessed with fame, and beautiful. It’s a deadly combination. But back on topic, I really hope she’s eluding to something here. Having Jill back(even in a small role) would be fantastic.

  28. I think people are taking her saying she barely got through it the wrong way. It was a notoriously stressful and hectic shoot. I think she literally means SHE got through it, not Jill. Clue in the previous sentence in which she says everyone just wanted to get through it and think about anything else later.

  29. I think the only reason people are saying that Jill isn’t coming back is become they don’t like Emma. Jill clearly took a breath before the movie fades out. Jill was a great villain because she was just so evil and heartless she didn’t care who she killed. Also I wish people would forget her size because it’s obvious she had the easy kills she didn’t have to pick up or throw anybody.Jill’s victims were Jenny,Hoss,Perkins,Kate,Trevor and Charlie she only had to stab or shoot them. Charlie obviously moved Hoss and Perkins bodies.

  30. @ Billy Bob It would be great if Jill left a tape for the next killer instructing them to continue her plan and to wish them good luck in their efforts to kill Sidney Prescott.

  31. @ TBJ9, very well said, agreed.

  32. @ brooklynpsycho thanks bro

    @jill roberts fan emma was the most unconvincing killer i have ever seen. shes like a child compared to the other killers. she only belongs on abc family, not as a killer in horror movies. neve campbell looked more like a killer in s4. when emma was supposed to look like a psycho it looked so fake.

  33. No Roman was the most uncinvincing Killer hen was twit and a cry gaby the only Sidney had to do was insult him and he started crying.I laugh when I think of Roman Scott Foley doesn’t scare anyone.

    My rankings

    1.Jill-Whiny,bratty spoiled,evil and deranged she was very scary 17 year old.
    2.Stu- Crazy but likeable and who could forget these 2 classic lines My parents are going to be so mad at me.You hit me with the phone you dick!
    3.Mickey-He was a scary psychopath he was the best thing about Scream 2
    4.Billy-He was alittle overrated Stu was scarier.
    5.Charlie-He should be last but he get some points because he was brutal and he did all the heavy lifting.
    6.Mrs Loomis-She was very annoying and not scary.
    7.Roman-He was a cry baby and nothing about him was scary he may have been the wimpiest male killer.

  34. maybe if they had a better actress as jill she would be better. no way emma roberts is better than skeet ulrich, matthew lillard, etc.. she couldn’t even fill out the ghostface costume. that girl is so tiny and fragile. she reminded me of a teen girl fighting with her mom because she won’t buy her clothes. Not scary, very annoying. Jill was whiny, bratty and spoiled. Not even close to resembling evil. Sid’s character deserved better than a fragile 17 year old trying to kill her. jill was a high school benchwarmer challenging Michael Jordan(sid). she didn’t look like a real killer or act like one which is why sid should have just started laughing at her like I did.

    My killer rankings are the same order as the movies

  35. Sorry I misspelled unconvincing and crybaby.

  36. I disagree I think Emma did well for the first time she ever played a psycho that JMHO. She did better then Ashley Greene woul;d have trying to see Ashley play a innocent victim would have been painful.

  37. I would have had Lllard at #1 if he wasn’t a 1 note character there wasn’t much substance to Stu.I still say Skee’s Billy was overrated. Just because he was the first doesn’t make him the best. Even if I was to take Jill and put her behind him Stu and Mickey would be ahead of him.also to me sisze doesn’t matter when you are insane and don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting why do people think she moved Hoss and Perkins when it was clearly said that Charlie moved the?.

  38. Jill was supposed to be annoying she was a teenager and most of them are annoying at that age.I find anyone who has I don’t care what size they are to be scary espically if they have just stabbed someone deeply like she stabbed Sid who could barely stand from her wound that’s why she couldn’t do anything to Jill. Of course if it had been a fair fight Sid would have won easily but Jill was smart she hurt her badly so she couldn’t fight.

  39. I’d rather have Kirby back :(

  40. To all the people complaining about Jill whats done is done you cant change it so get over it and move on and i still don’t know why you would be on a website for a movie you don’t like.

    @Jill Roberts fan Theirs no point in arguing with haters because they think what they think and are completely oblivious to anything else. I agree with you i liked Emma as Jill i think she did a really good job and i guarantee you that if they cast Ashley Greene people would be saying oh they should of got Emma Roberts instead.

  41. @ Matthew Yep you right haters are always going to hate.Oh yeah if Ashley Greene was playing Jill most people would have been cringing and saying Emma Roberts would have been so much better.. I honesty can’t believe that they think she would have been good as Jill she would have been awful. I think the only reason people wanted her to play Jill was because she looks menacing.Jill would have so wrong for the role because Jill is supposed to look and act sweet and Greene can’t play innocent well and frankly I don’t see the fascination with her.

  42. @ matthew aren’t people who like it completely oblivious to anything else as well? there is nothing wrong with talking about stuff whether you like it or not.

    @jill roberts fan i just didn’t buy her as a killer 4 a second. 4 me when she took off the mask and revealed herself as the killer it was like a halloween sequel and finding out at the end that michael myers wasn’t the one behind the mask. s4 just looked fake with her.
    plus I never heard of her or this ashley greene chick b4 s4. neither look like killers.

  43. I just re-watched the movie and Emma Roberts did awesome as the killer, idk what the complaints are about. Its the perfect twist, she fits the character, no one would beleive that Emma Roberts/Jill would be the killer, everybody would be saying “aww, sux to be her cuz shes gonna die!” But she didn’t die.

    Also, since I re-watched the movie, @Trey Kirby will be back. The last scene was when she got stabbed in the stomach by Charlie, but she was still living when the scene cut off. She never officially died. So most likely, Kirby is gonna come back. And she’s prob gonna be one of the ‘survivors’ of the future Scream movies.

  44. I can think of scenarios of how Jill can come back in Scream 5

    1.If she’s alive she can call Sidney after the killer or killers are dead to tell her it’s not over and she will kill her to set up Scream 6

    2.She’s dead and she has left a tape for the new killer telling him/her to continue the plan and wish them good luck in killing Sidney.

    3.She shows up in Sidney’s dreams or she imagines Jill taunting her when the murders first start.

    Jill was the only killer since Billy to really hurt her emotionally she didn’t know Roman so his reveal had no effect on her.

  45. @TBJ9 No because that would be like me going on lets say a saw movie website and saying absolutely nothing good about that movie which in my mind would be pointless. I liked scream 4 but that doesn’t mean what everyone else says i just ignore and only think one mined about it. I’m all for talking about different opinions that’s one of the reasons i like this website but for some people to continually just say bad things about a movie you really like you would find it a little annoying wouldn’t you agree?

  46. @ Matthew, this website does not only cover Scream 4. scream-trilogy.net, hence the name, and all the Scream tabs above, lol. And also, why are you getting upset at people complaining? Just like you stated, “get over it and move on”, plain and simple. @ TBJ9, I continue to agree with you. I never heard of Ashley Greene myself, nor seen any of the Twilight films. As for Emma, just not a big fan of hers.

  47. I wasn’t sure about Emma at first but I really was impressed with her sure she’s not her father who plays psychos a lot but she’s only 20 years old and she will get better if she continues to take this types of roles when the Scream movies end.

  48. @Brookyn Psycho be glad you haven’t seen or heard of Ashley Green she would have been the wrong choice for Jill. You may not like Emma but she was the perfect choice for Jill IMO.

  49. @ matthew not @ all. I like talking about stuff. I loved the Hangover part 2 and some people hated it and keep commenting to me about why they did. Doesn’t annoy me @ all. Some people have cool ideas about how it could’ve been even better. Same thing with basketball. I like Kobe and others like Lebron and we keep debating over that. When people say bad stuff about Kobe I don’t care we just keep going. It’s all good 2 see what other people have 2 say. what better place 2 talk about a scream movie than a scream website. back to my original point, I think somebody like Amber Heard would’ve been better as jill.

  50. @ TBJ(9 I think Amber Heard would be a great choice for Jill if they age her to be about 20 years old.She looks a little too old to be a high school student.

  51. @brooklynpsycho I’m not upset at all and I’m aware this website talks about all the scream movies but right now most of the articles on here now are about scream 4 lol. Even this one is talking about a character from scream 4.

  52. I understand that some people didn’t like Emma as Jill and that is okay but what bothered me was the focus on her size. Her size didn’t bother me because she had all the easy kills.I don’t have a proablem with the way she killed Perkins because the aderaline she felt gave her the ablity to stab him in the skull like that.It was obviously Charlie who threw Marnie through the window and who moved Hoss and Perkins bodies.They both killed Rebecca since they were at the hospital at the same time.

  53. @jill roberts fan, I agree.

  54. @ jill roberts fan Amber doesn’t look old. Maybe jill could be in college then. Amber is more mature and developed than emma, those are 2 qualities that a killer coming after sid should have after 3 films along with acting/looking psychotic. Amber also can look pretty innocent then tough. Another thing is that emma sounds like a 7 year old when she swears. I felt like telling her 2 go 2 her room. lol she doesn’t sound convincing at all. complete opposite with amber. she sounds pretty convincing when she swears. she would have been much better, in my opinion she would have been the sexiest killer in history.

  55. I love Amber Heard she was great in All The Boys love Mandy Lane. i may disagree with you about Emma but I agree with you on Amber she would have been the hottest serial killer ever!

  56. Ashlee Greene is the character who plays “Alice” in Twilight, I bet you know who she is now lol?

    Also @TBJ9 I hated Hangover Part II =P

  57. yes i will like her to come back

  58. yes i will like her to come back

  59. I just don’t buy it for the Scream series though. Dewey was supposed to die twice, but they showed him alive at the end of both films. I’d hope they kept up that way of thinking. People can’t be alive unless declared alive at the end or it feels like they’re trying to rectify a mistake and I don’t like that idea. Yes, maybe they didn’t anticipate how well liked Kirby would be but to me she’s dead and bringing her back for Scream 5 would be jumping the shark imo. But to bring back Jill would be like turning Scream into a Halloween or a Jason movie…it would be stupid!

  60. YAY! at least she didnt say, ‘oh nah theres not gonna be a 5th one’.
    Theres hope!

  61. Idk i was torn with this last movie, i actually thought the movie over all was pretty good one of the best since the first. On the Emma Roberts as jill stuff she did alright… ses really young i dont think she had enough experience as an actor to do this role. But i will give her credit for the end.. she did play a pretty good physcopath lol. One thing that stood out for me was those boots she wore twards the end of the movie, how in the hell did she run around killing people with those heels lol. Im completely interested in scream 5 and 6 if they have a good script and a good cast and sidney of course. Cause theres no scream movies without sidney.

  62. @ hockey632 never seen twilight and don’t plan on it ever , and in regards to the hangover2, thats cool bro

  63. I’m just going to say one thing about y’all arguing over Emma Roberts’ acting: She was chosen for the part meaning everyone thought she was good enough. So y’all can shut up now

  64. I can see how maybe Robbie and Kirby could possibly still be alive … but Jill? If she was in Scream 5, I’d walk out of the theatre laughing.

  65. @Sean they just didn’t offer the part to better actresses. I mean emma roberts and ashley greene. not great choices there. thats like choosing to watch jaws the revenge or friday the 13th jason goes to hell. If u don’t like seeing us comment about it then don’t read it.

  66. Like I said before this was the first time Emma had played a psycho. She will get better if she continues to play roles like this. I’m sure her father Eric wasn’t great the first time he played a psycho.

  67. well they should’ve gotten somebody more experienced. i agree she may get better in time. but theirs others that could’ve done it now. its like when u need surgery done. U want a doctor who has done it before not somebody new at it.

  68. I liked Emma as I have said but I wouldn’t had been upset with someone like Amber Heard had been chosen to play Jill. Either way Jill would still be my favorite villain of the Scream movies because she was just so evil and deranged.

  69. @ Rich Sidney didn’t shoot Jill in the head so that keeps it open for her to return. KW and Wes can always say Sidney missed her heart and the doctors were able to save her.Robbie coming back is laughable he was butchered by Charlie.I beileve Kirby is still alive because I think she is the one who opened the basebment door before Charlie grabbed Sid.

  70. so, i was on IMDB.com and looked up scream 5 and right now all i see is just rumors and the only person i see who i guess you can say “survived” scream series is joel, the cameraman from scream 2, now the question here is….um what? how are you going to have him just come back he was never apart of the core cast he was thrown in there as a red herring, idk, but i guess it would be a familiar face amongst a fresh new class, and if there is a scream 5 i dont see dewey and gale coming back, do to the real life divorce of courtney and david, and i think neve would want an amazing script in order for her to come back. but i hate to say it…if kevin doesnt write a good script that wes will want to do and that harvey will see eye to eye with….this might be the end of the scream franchise, and if it is i will be ok with it yes there is more to tell now that you opened a whole new chapter but i guess we shall see…PS i love kirby.. :)

  71. @ Gannon They also have Judy Hicks rumored to come back right now she is the only survivor member of the new cast. The only ones that should be able to come back are Kirby and Jill because those are the only deaths that are debatable.I also personally want to see a Kirby vs Jill confrontation.

  72. There is no way Jill will be back. She is DEAD. Now, do the dumbasses need me to spell that out for them, D-E-A-D.

  73. ok so. i am re watching scream 4 right now…and jill is the smartest killer of them all i think. if she would have stabbed sid a couple more times she would be good, also if she would have not slipped up saying that she was stabbed in the same place as gail then she gets away clean. see billy and stu slipped up by giving away too much and not just killing sid. same with mickey, mrs. loomis, and roman. see jill keeps it short and stabs sid. also framing both charlie and robbie=perfect and beating herself up worked well. so out of all the killers she is the one that could have gotten away with it, if she hadnt of slipped up.

  74. Q James Jamesb Wes Craven said the only way to kill Ghostface is to shoot them in the head. Jill was shot in the chest and they can easily say that Sidney missed her heart and the doctors saved her if they to bring her back they can. It’s as easy as that.For example if they want to bring Stu back they can for the same reason as Jill. The killers that can’t come back are Billy,Mrs Loomis,Mickey,Roman and Charlie.

  75. So i was thinking if they do a Scream 5 who would be cool to see die in a horror movie or just be in a horror movie. And i thought id share it with other Scream fans lol.. anyways umm id like to see Lauren Graham (since she was supposed to be in the 4th) lol and Mila Kunis she would be good in a horror movie. Also maybe Rachel Bilson shes a good actress, Sophia Bush is still young enough to play a college student at least lol. Plus the original 3 sid, gale and dewey. And if for some reason Kirbys still kicken id like to see her again, and jill maybe but theyd have to come up with a damn good excuse on how shes back. Also maybe Shailene Woodley (it would be awesome to see her in a scream movie. And as for some guys idk maybe Keegan Allen from Pretty Little Liars, umm Ken baumen from secret life. Taylor Lautner. Idk i dont like a lot of guy actors.. lol so what does everyone think any of those good lol.

  76. @ jamesb, that was just awesome lol! and @ Rich, not only will I laugh, but I will definitely not go see it. I was just hoping that Scream 4 would have been an adult horror and not another teen movie.

  77. Once again if KW and Wes Craven want to bring Jill back they will how hard is that to she wasn’t shot in the head and they can always say Sidney missed her heart how hard is that understand?

  78. @ brooklynpsycho damn man we do agree on everything lol. I thought s4 was gonna be more adult, more mature, more HORROR, not comedy; as a treat 4 the fans who grew up with the first 3. s4 was like a young punk trying 2 show up a legend….in other words an annoying fail. when i saw the opening scene with that movie within movie bullshit, my friends and I were like WTF this is gonna suck.

  79. @TBJ9 what the fuck dude! in all of the posts you complain and complain, why do you keep coming here anyways????????

  80. you didnt like scream 4. WE GET IT. go somewhere else, REALLY.

  81. @ Gannon you are right Jlll despite being the youngest serial killer since she was only 17 years old was the smartest.She was always thinking of ways to make sure her plan didn’t fail.Her mistake was that she didn’t make sure Sidney was dead when she stabbed her the second time by checking for a pulse. Maybe she missed school the day they talked about checking for pulses in health class because she was out stabbing someone between the eyelids untill they couldn’t blink.If she had made sure Sidney was dead or not mentioned Gale’s wound she proably would had a good chance of getting away with it.

  82. Duane Martin (Joel in Scream 2) is amongst the “rumored” cast of Scream 5 on IMDb. Ummm… lol?

  83. @ TBJ9, yes we do :) My friends and I said the same thing after the opening. Even my 12 year-old nephew agreed lol. To me, Scream 4 was just another remake, but a really horrible one at that. And if they make Scream 5 in a college setting, like many people are saying, I’m lost for words. Why must we go back to high school & college for Scream 5?. So Scream 6 will be in Hollywood?, Seriously?. Just end it already and come up with something new and original, or at least try to. And @ tr, he’s not the only one complaining and no need to get upset. Also, do you see us complaining about people praising it over and over again?

  84. @ tr u wanna fight me or something dude? Jesus, last time I checked there is no law against talking about movies.
    U don’t seem like someone that can take criticism well. Funny, when people keep trashing movies I like, I don’t flip out and tell them off.

    @brooklynpsycho well said. surprised this tr kid hasn’t flipped out on u yet cause u think like me.

  85. @TBJ9, mostly after the movie was released we come here to read articles with smart or interesting arguments about the movie, not you’re lame ass 12 year old comments dude.

    you didn’t like it, go tell your friends and complain, you haven’t ever made one single smart, intelligent or whatever comment, you just type stuff like “@” instead of “at” in sentences and idiotic stuff like that.

    WE ALL HERE IN SCREAM-TRILOGY GET YOU DIDN’T LIKE IT, NOW FUUUUCK OFFFFF. it’s not that i take critiscm badly or that i don’t trash movies.


  86. It’d be fun to have Hayden Panettiere back for sure, her character was just brilliant. But Scream 5 could actually go out of its little routine and bring back Emma Roberts. She was shot in the heart, didn’t technically die. She wasn’t pronounced dead, and nor was she shot in the head alike most of the other killers in the previous movies. She could very well be locked up in an asylum and after lots of therapy become a somewhat normal human being and help out with another Ghostface spree killing which she is not related to. Kevin Williamson will find a way to make this work…

  87. First of all I loved the movie but I don’t have a problem with people who didn’t like it everyone is allowed their opnions.@ Bob I agree with you about her going to a mental hospital and maybe helping out to stop another Ghostface because a psycho knows how another psycho thinks.The thing is she would do it for selfish reasons she would only do it so people an call her a hero not because she cares about people or Sidney which she obviously doesn’t.She proably would still be plotting Sid’s death while she was helping out.

  88. @JIll Roberts fan
    so you think stu could come back? i highly doubt it he had a tv thrown on his head and was electrocuted plus billy cut him too deep, so if the tv didnt kill him the stab wounds would have. and with jill i can see how having her come back can work with being shot in the chest and maybe missing her heart or any other vital veins or areas, having said that even if they did “cure” her right after she got better she would go directly go to jail and while she was bed riddin they would have a constant eye on her…well in real life that is lol. and i agree with a lot of post through out this website, why not make the new killer/s different, psychotic, no motive killers would be scary. maybe black? lol either way i want scream 5 and 6 i think we as fans deserve it, we deserve a more closure kind of ending.

  89. @tr, don’t let him get to you – I sympathize believe me especially as he refers to the movie as an annoying “fail” (without wishing to be rude to him jeez if you’re going to criticize something get it right, it’s failURE, an annoying failURE – annoying “fail” dear God!) but he’s dead set on repetition, so he’ll make you burst an artery. I agree about the need for interesting argument, sure some liked and some disliked it while others like me found it flawed but interesting, quite entertaining & worthwhile. Yet there do seem to be some whose arguments amount to “that sucked” over and over again, and as for those who disliked/hated it not complaining about those who liked it, odd but I seem to remember someone who basically said that those who liked it couldn’t say why they did as if they were pretentious or idiots or both! You can’t really respond to that because they won’t even RESPECT yr argument. So, tr don’t let them get you angry it isn’t worth yr time.

  90. @ Gannon No I don’t think Stu could really come back but if they wanted to they could try to find away to do it as crazy as it sounds.Jill is the more logical one to comeback.In Scream 5 it’s a year later and we find out Jill survived but is in a coma. The killer or Killers would have nothing to do with Jill or anything to do with Sid’s past they are killing because they enjoy it and they think it would be cool to kill the ultimate survivor Sidney Prescott.After they are dead Sid would get a call and the voice said my movie isn’t finshed yet but it will be soon because I will kill you and you can’t stop it.The caller hangs up and the camera shows a dead doctor or nurse on the ground and the caller has their back to the camera then it goes up slowly we see the caller has long brunette hair and they turn around to face the camera it’s Jill she has woken up from her coma!That will set up Scream 6.

  91. @brooklynpsycho, we’ll have to disagree about 4 but if 5 does appear (something I’m not really in favour of) with a campus setting that’d be… not good. However, surely no work has started on a script unless this is supposed to be part of KW’s 2nd “trilogy” pitch. Take it with a grain of salt. It may be set on a cruise liner or a cabin next to a lake or a deli! And to whoever mentioned Taylor Lautner, what a good idea, there’s someone I WOULD like to see gutted on-screen! Sorry about double post.

  92. @JIll Roberts fan
    see the problem with that scenario is that we know who the killer is for scream 6 and as we all know we prefer to think during the movie, who looks really suspicious who is just a red herring. and that ending isnt very “scream” i guess you could say. now i wont lie i do like that idea, i just dont think its a road that kevin would take. all of the movies are known for having an ending that makes you think oh this must be the last one. and with that ending i think the fans would expect too much for scream 6. i mean already we expect too much with a scream 5 and we arent even sure if its going to get done and the only person i see coming up from a coma is Kirby, i feel like if they have kirby survive the audience will respond very well. hell every other post on here is about how people want kirby back. as much as i like Jill as the killer and how crazy she was and how close she got from getting away with it. i think thats the end of her character. now right now im actually in the process of typing up a scream 5 “fan fiction” script. and in it i have dewey, gale, and kirby also Judy hicks and returns and a patch of kids a year below kirbys class. pluss two new cops. and well. its a work in progress. my idea is a killer that is just crazy, no motive. just a crazy horror movie fan :) but again i say its fan fiction lol

  93. I will say this at least the people that didn’t like the movie on this site explain why they didn’t like the movie. I’ve been to other sites where they have someone just focusing on Jill’s height trying to explain why she can’t be the killer because she’s too small.They make it sound like someone who is 5″4 isn’t capable of killing someone it just sounds so dumb size doesn’t matter if you are full of rage like Jill was.Someone tried to explain to them that she obviously didn’t move or throw the bodies that it was Charlie who did that but they chose to not to hear that. They kept on talking about how it wasn’t possible for her to put he bodies in the police car.

  94. @ Gannon that is true maybe she could be in jail masterminding the murders we won’t know who is doing the actual killing though untill the end of the movie we would still would have our red herrings.That wouldn’t happen untill Scream 6. I still think Scream 5 should be about killers who just kill because they enjoy it and really have nothing to go with Sidney’s past they only want to kill her because they think it would be cool to kill someone who is famous.

  95. @tr ok pal. so my comments are lame because they disagree with yours. grow up. Another thing thats funny is that I think u agreed on some of my comments about the previous scream movies and acted all friendly. I never told anyone on here who liked s4 2 fuck off. must make u feel good to insult someone online. ps. what’s wrong with typing @? I just think it makes a sentence look different….oh wait I just got it. Because u don’t like it, that makes it idiotic.

    @hal how do u sympathize with this dude? I get my opinion out there and he calls it childish and idiotic and tells me 2 fuck off just because his opinion is different.

    @ jill roberts fan I know we disagreed about a lot, but I can tell that your somebody who respects other people and their opinions. ur the kind of person people want to be around.

  96. @Hal, thanks Hal. i love you! that was all, a smart comment without the need to agree :)

    and you DID get what i was saying, unlike TBJ9 commenting AGAIN on stuff i wasn’t refering to. but oh well. i’ll take your advice on that one haha

  97. @ TBJ9 Thanks I also can tell you do respect other people opnions It’s fun to hear differing opnions on movies it would get awfully boring if we all agreed on Scream 4.I also like you gave good reasons to why you didn’t like it. Like I said other people have said they hated it but didn’t say why or they would just focus on Emma’s size and not listen to reason why they are wrong that she wasn’t the one moving the bodies.

  98. @JIll Roberts fan i just feel like a whole prison, being a mastermind behind bars kind of thing just isnt scream. and you have to remember what your talking about is kind of the thing scream satires. this is the reason i feel like kirby should live she would be more of a new sydney maybe. or if not her then maybe dewey or gale i mean gale had to of pissed off a lot of people. look i love sydney and how neve brings her to life, but her story is done, honestly it was done in the 3rd movie there is no more connections having to deal with her mother, now maybe a revenge plot from stu’s lil bro? maybe billys father…but i guess he would be way to old to kill aha. idk i think if its gonna be sydney its gotta be something incredibly creative. but as far as jill goes, i think she is done. maybe a dream kill? which i would kinda love in scream 6 sydney has a dream sequence of all 7 to 9 (depening on scream 5) killers or something and syd jus eventually goin into the crazy house. she has been through so much to not be damaged physiologically.

  99. Stu isn’t coming back. The actor is older now, how do you know that he would want to do other scream? Also if he comes back, his character would have to one of those people that you just run-into and stuff since hes now a grown up and not the teenage stu.

    =P Plus, I doubt their going to bring back ANY past members of the scream series who were “killed” / “died” because Scream 4 is suppose to be the start of a new trilogy, their not gonna bring back past old members. I don’t even remember them mentioning anything from the past other movies except maybe Sidney’s mom but whatever.

  100. @ Gannon I think know they bring Jill back in a realistic way maybe they can have Sidney imagine Jill taunting her about the new murders and saying that she is a killer like her and Roman insanity runs in the family. I say this because sooner or later Sidney has got be questioning her sanity because of everything that she has gone through.I think it would be perfect to have Jill be the one to do the taunting because she is basically the evil teenage version of Sidney.

  101. @ hockey 632 i know Stu isn’t coming back I was just saying he wasn’t shot in the head like Billy was so there was a small chance he survived the TV falling on his head.Jill and Charlie did mention Billy and Stu since she was remaking the first murders.They only mentioned Sid’s mom once and it wasn’t by name.

  102. I thought the idea of Stu coming back was just a joke by Matthew Lillard?

  103. @TBJ9, lol i was only curious as to why you would want to talk about something you don’t like and now you pretty much answered that when you replied back to me so we got to the bottom of that. I’m not sure if you thought i don’t respect peoples different opinions but if you or anyone else thought that then i apologize. Had i known that asking that question was going to set off a string of arguments about it i wouldn’t have asked.

    @JIll Roberts fan, I actually think that’s a really good idea about Sidney imagining Jill tormenting her and making her question her sanity. But do you think that should be towards the end of scream 5 to set up a scream 6?

  104. @ Matthew Yes Sidney Jill taunting her would happen at the very end of Scream 5 when she is at home by herself after the killer is dead and it would show the first signs of Sidney maybe finally having a mental breakdown after what she has gone throught in her life making people think that maybe Sid has finally snapped to set up Scream 6. I think Jill is the perpect psycho to torment her because like I said in my earlier post she is basically the evil teenage version of Sidney.

  105. I meant perfect psycho.

  106. @Jill Roberts fan, That would be a cool little twist to make you think that Sidney is going crazy. Or would you want her to go psycho? Although I don’t think I would want to see Sidney be a psycho it would be interesting but shes like the hero of the series and it would be sad to have her go crazy in the last one. That is if they make anymore.

  107. ha someone liked my idea for scream 5 or at least the actors id like to see gutted on screen lol. anyway we can make suggestions for the cast?? lol

  108. @matthew na u seem cool bro. no need 2 apologize. I’m a HUGE fan of the first 3 movies and just think that they could have done much better with s4. what better place 2 talk about that than on a scream website.
    I’m in the same position as u 4 the Hangover 2. People keep telling me that they hated it and I loved it. It doesn’t bother me when they say things against it. Plus it’s cool talking about movies like this to see the ideas that people have about this one or possible future movies.

  109. @ Matthew we would think for most of Scream 6 that Sidney has gone psycho because her hallucinations of Jill would get worse but it would turn out that she isn’t the killer but she does have issues.Everything that she has gone through the last 16 years finally started to wear on her and killing Jill who reminded Sidney so much of herself before she found out that her teenage cousin was insane and a serial killer was very difficult for her because she had gotten to know and love her.Finding out that Jill that was so jealous and hated her was shocking because she didn’t show any signs of having animosity toward Sidney.At the end of Scream 6 after the final killer is dead Sidney would decide to go see a shrink to help her deal with everything that has happen the last 16 years.

  110. In other worlds Scream 6 would be the darkest of all the Screams.

  111. @TBJ9, True that’s a one of the reasons i like this website.I liked the hangover part 2 lol.

    @Jill Roberts Fan, Interesting stuff. I also think Sidney and Kirby would make a good team to take on ghostface in the remainder of the series. I hope they bring her character back.

    @nikki I really don’t know who id like to see in scream 5 lol atleast not for new cast members. Do you have any ideas?

  112. @ Matthew thanks I forgot to say the killer in Scream 6 would be someone who idolized Jill that is another reason why Sid is hallucinating her so much.Yeah I agree Kirby should be the new heroine if they bring her back.

  113. @matthew haha yeah Hangover 2 was funny as hell.

  114. @Jill Roberts fan, Yeah Kirby was awesome she is my favorite new character.

  115. @ Matthew Kirby was my 2nd favorite new character after Jill. I really think she would be a great heroine if they make a 3rd trilogy.

  116. @Jill Roberts fan, Jill was my second favorite new character. That would be awesome if they made a third trilogy but thats kind of a stretch. I hope they complete the second trilogy and bring back Kirby to be apart of it.

  117. Robbie and Kirby could possibly still be alive kirby got stab in the gut once and robbie i forget where robbie got stab to but the film didnt show them dead jill and kirby should alest be in scream5 with sindy and gale and Dewey and robbie in the hosital

  118. @ Matthew yeah I now it would be a strech that they would make a 3rd trilogy. Yeah Kirby would be involved in Scream 5 she would have a bigger role in Scream 6 since the killer would be a fan of Jill’s she would be the 2nd main target.

  119. @ Josh there is little chance that Robbie can be alive Charlie stabbed him a few times.The only ones that could possibly alive are Kirby and Jill.

  120. @ matthew Umm my ideas were more who itd be cool to see in a horror movie lol. Umm Mila Kunis, Sophia Bush, Shailene Woodley, Keegan Allen, Ken Baumenn, Lauren Graham (only cause she was supposed to be in the 4th) Taylor Lautner. I dont remember all of them lol there in an earlier post. What does everyone think? Got any ideas who you think would be cool in a horror movie.

  121. @Nikki, Oh well then yeah Mila Kunis would be cool to see in a horror movie and maybe Blake Lively,Rachel McAdams,Olivia Wilde and theirs others i cant think of right now lol what do you think about those three?

  122. @ Matthew, Ya Olivia Wilde would be cool to see.. and idk much about Blake Lively. Only movie ive seen her in was Sisterhood of the traveling pants. Never seen gossip girl or anything like that. Dont know if shed be good in a horror movie. Rachel Mcadams might be cool to see in a horror movie. Im having a hard time thinking of guy actors lol. Did you like any of mine, or know any of them lol.

  123. @Nikki, Blake Lively was in the movie the town that came out last year i thought she was pretty good in it. I think she would be awesome in a scream movie. No i don’t know who any of the guy actors are that you mentioned lol.

  124. @ Matthew, lol i had a feeling you might not know any of them. Umm Taylor Lautner is from the Twilight movies. Ken Baumenn is from the tv show Secret life of the american teenager and Keegan Allen is from Pretty Little Liars. Didnt know the girls either? What about a plot for Scream 5, anyone got any good ideas. I think its great sharing your love of Scream movies with others. Maybe im weird lol who knows. But i just love these movies.

  125. @ Nikki I have an idea for Scream 5 that I posted earlier. The killings this time wouldn’t have anything to do with Sidney’s past. The killers would just be killing people because they are psychos who enjoy it and they would want to kill Sidney because they think it would be cool to kill the ultimate survivor. She would also start to have hallucinations about Jill making everyone think she could be going crazy to set up Scream 6.

  126. @ JillRobertsfan, i think i read that earlier. Thats not bad stray away from the normal i hear ya. But i was thinking about one too.. im not real far into it yet but ill give you the main idea. Alright so 5 starts with a completely different bunch of teenagers/maybe college students.. and the Stab movies are still out but they havent made one in a long time. And at this college (preferably because they did high school this last time) theres a group of kids who take a class on movies, not just horror movies but all movies. The teacher of this class is Gail, she moved on from writing to teaching. There in a totally different town not even close to Woodsbouro. Her and Dewey are still together hes a cop still. (I know it sounds a lot like all the others, but bare with me) So of course the movie has to focus on a certain group of teenagers, so anyways.. They have this class and they are talking about horror movies but Gail wont discuss the Stab movies in class. Well of course the killings start.. but noone suspects this has any relation to the originals. You dont see sydney right away either. See these murders there a little different, its still someone in a Ghoust mask and hes stalking his victims with phone calls, messages, all that. The difference is in the end.. when you figure out who the killer is. Its someone whos been a part of the story before someone who never got recognized. Randys sister maybe??? lol thats just an idea for now. And with syd when she sees all these stories on the news, oh by the way shes living in a home for crazy people. Cause she figured she at least would be protected all the time living in a place like that. She stays in hiding unlike in Scream 3 and doesnt emerge untill the killer is caught. Shes insisted that these have nothing to with her. And shes right.. untill the very end when you hear a phone ringing and syd picks up to hear Hello Sydney. What do you think of that one??

  127. @Nikki, lol Yeah i know who all the girls are that you mentioned. As for an idea for scream 5 i think it would be awesome if they brought Kirby back and have her and Sidney team up to take on ghostface.

  128. @ Matthew ya that sounds like a good idea. lol I liked Kirby and you can kill Syd. lol That would be awesome.

  129. i meant cant kill Syd lol.

  130. @Nikki, Yeah i agree Sidney is like the hero of the series she cant die. There could be two soul survivors if they bring Kirby back which i think would be really awesome to see.

  131. @ Matthew, Ya in stead of having 1 surviror you have 2. Plus you could split them up till the killings start and they find there way to eachother and take down the killer. And Kirby’s a good choice. But i have a feeling she wont be back. The actress said shed like to do a different kind of role then playing a teenager. But you never know with the Scream movies lol.

  132. OK so i know this is random (maybe) but i think that jill killed hoss perkins and her mom, it couldnt have been charlie he was all the way at stab a thon. so we know he attacked Gale and killed Robbie. so here is what i think

    jenny and marnie-charlie
    hoss perkins and jills mom-jill
    and the rest we know like kirby-charlie
    trevor and charlie-jill

  133. @Nikki, Well I don’t think Kirby would be a teenager anymore I mean they were already seniors in high school in scream 4 and I would imagine scream 5 would take place a few years later after that. Kirby is a big fan favorite now to a lot of people because I think Hayden Panettiere did such a great job playing her. So they should think about bringing her back if they green light scream 5. If they don’t make a scream 5 which hopefully they do but if for some reason they don’t then Kirby will always still be alive to me lol.

  134. @ Gannon you are correct except for Jenny that was Jill she had motive to kill her. Trevor cheated on Jill with Jenny.

  135. @ Nikki That sounds pretty good it gives Sidney a rest she deserves one after what she has been though and living in a crazy house is a perfect place for her to hide.The end would be a great way to set up Scream 6.

  136. I just have to mention that lots of people seem to forget the fact that Jill was electrocuted…in the brain? I think that spelt it out for audience pretty well. Stu was electrocuted too and we never saw him come back. Sorry, I know you all like Jill ( I did too) but I had to put that out there.

  137. @ Alice, Jill popped right back up after being defibbed then Sidney shot her in the chest.If they want to bring her back they can because they can always say Sidney missed her heart.

  138. They shouldn’t bring Stu back because he was in the first trilogy which was about Maureen Prescott and that story is over.

  139. Bring kirby back.Sydney was stabbed twice and she’s alive.Kirby was moving.

  140. I know how they can bring back Emma in Scream 5, they can bring her back as someone who looks like Jill except with blonde hair she wouldn’t be related to Jill or Sidney at all.Everyone including Sidney would be shocked when they saw her because of her resemblance to the psychotic teenager who terrorized Woodsboro and came the closet to killing Sidney the year before.When the new killings begin she would be the prime suspect but of course she won’t be the killer. It would turn out the killer targeted her because she looks so much Jill,I think the killer should be someone who is a fan of Jill’s and they think she is Jill and they want her to be impressed by what they are doing.

  141. Jill roberts fan.That’s an awesome idea!!!They should do it!

  142. kirby could still be alive as we didn’t see her die she was still alive when charlie walked away Charlie is clearly dead it only take one puncture to the heart for someone to die jill is DEAD she got electricuted and then shot in the chest she dropped dead so she aint alive robbie is dead as his last words were ‘Run’ and then he died the only survivors were Sidney gale Dewey and Judy hicks and Kirby can still be alive as i said we didn’t see her die so she could of been saved would be great to see Hayden (Kirby) in the next film :D

  143. Wesd Craven has said Jill might be alive so for now please refrain from Jill is dead unless you hear confirmation from Wes Craven, now that being said I doubt she will return because Stu was never confirmed dead and he hasn’t returned.

  144. wow wow wow jill being alive in the next one tats siko i want it to stay si,ple the killer is always supposed to die like what i hope they dont let her stay alive i hope she stays dead but i want kirby to come back i loved kirby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  145. i hope jill will be alive so thet sydney at least has a realtive in her life and shes in a mental hospital than she gets better and she says sorry but in number 4 she was origionly spose to get shot in the head and when i was watching the special featurs haydens friends said that they were mad that she died and she said or did i? and at the end of the movie it was spos to be that when kirby was at the hospital the doctors said weve got a heartbeat. she will be in the fifth one

  146. soo kirby will be in the fifth one im pretty sure!

  147. i want jill and kirby to come back alive i love them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Jesus Christ there is lots of spammy comments on this page. Have you at any time believed about attempting to remove them or installing a tool?

  149. I really don’t think Jill would come back for the next one. Honestly, what about the past characters? Some people might think it would be old news, but what about Billy’s dad? What if he was actually the one who planned to kill Sydney’s mother to begin with. He did have an affair with her and so did Cotton Weary.Maybe Mr Loomis was the first one to have an affair with her. Then he follows her around and discovers that she has an affair with Cotton, so after his wife leaves him, He could have possibly gotten Billy to help with his plan to kill her and frame Cotton Weary. Mr.Loomis could have been kept a secret the whole time

  150. I think a 5 film should either be a quarter of the film showing Sidney’s mom being killed and the lead up. Then you see a 16 year old kid sitting there in front of a computer watching a video of his father, cotton weary. Subsequent killings begin to happen in Woodsboro going after Sydney. The son then finds Sydney and shows here the video. It is cottons last will new rules. He states that all rules are off and someone with a past vengence will have plotted her death for over a decade. after the usual killing you come to find out it is newly escapted persumed dead stu who is the killer

  151. I don’t understand these guys. Jill’s character couldn’t be played by a better person!! Emma was perfect for such a thing, she looked exactly like the character was asking her to look like: innocent, friendly, psycho, crazy, smart. Why that hate to her? Many of you can’t even act! She’s very talented and was perfect for the role. Also, Jill coming back is not really a good idea, I mean they just can make her character look back by a video instructing somebody or such. Kirby is alive, the only unwound persons at that house were Sid, Jill and Charlie. Jill has hidden close to the door so she could impede Sid’s escape, Charlie was standing behind her. We clearly hear a door and some noises coming from the basement, if “everyone” was upstairs than it is most likely to be Kirby. Also, the door was left opened by her when she was untying Charlie and he still left it opened when he went back home again. But, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t at that hospital.

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