Jill Is Dead… And Emma Roberts Knows It

In a recent interview with the Baltimore Sun, Emma Roberts talks up her new movie The Art of Getting By. The touched-on subject of Scream 5 makes an oblique reference to her recent MTV interview where she was asked if Jill is returning even though she was put to brutal rest in Scream 4.

She also agreed how goofy it is that people have been asking her about the prospects for “Scream 5,” considering how her character ended “Scream 4.”

“Everyone’s asking me like I would know,” she says (spoiler alert!). “I was like, ‘Not only am I the killer, I was dead [at the end].’”

You get the impression clueless journalists ask the stock “are you coming back” question, half the time never actually seeing the movie that’s the basis of the question. Actors are expected to be good sports and give polite “maybes” which is far easier than properly educating the journo. In this case, the interviewer is hip to the situation so likewise Roberts’ answer is refreshingly honest. Just one more reason to love this girl.

Roberts now finds herself on that cursed list alongside Jamie Kennedy and Liev Schreiber. Me? Like I always say, “dead is dead” when it comes to Scream. But I could easily see Jill returning via videotape – err, video file. It would fit in with Charlie’s statement about immortality equal to art and be a nice villainous twist on Randy’s appearance in Scream 3.

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48 Responses to “ Jill Is Dead… And Emma Roberts Knows It ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I agree Emma Roberts is awesome and it would be cool to see a villain leave some sort of video file for someone to find.

  2. Well duh!

  3. There are ways they can bring back Jill if they want even if she is dead. She could have left a videotape telling Sidney it’s not over and she has fans who will continue her mission to kill Sidney.They can also come back to haunt and taunt Sidney in her dreams or imaginations.

  4. “But I could easily see Jill returning via videotape – err, video file. It would fit in with Charlie’s statement about immortality equal to art and be a nice villainous twist on Randy’s appearance in Scream 3″

    — LOVE IT!!!!

  5. good she was a bad killer anyways

  6. ^ I didn’t mind her as a killer I just think people in the scream movies should stay dead

  7. Like I said in my first post I would love to see her comeback on videofile.To tell Sidney it will never be over.BTW she was the best killer I can’t think of another killer who came closer to killing Sidney .Roman never came close to killing her.I figured she had taken a bulletproof vest from the police station just in case she needed it.

  8. Poor girl..still having to explain the defib and gun shot wound(and selfmutilation)means Jill is Dead.Lol

    I’m diggin’ the Jill Fans turn Bad idea.
    It would keep the “New Trilogy” alive & feed into the “New Decade” spiel.

    And meets my criteria for a next scream movie….The KILLER isn’t Related to Sid in any way whatso ever.

  9. I do agree the next killer shouldn’t be related to Sidney but the killer should be connected to Jill.I think we need to know more about Jill’s past from the age of 13 to 17 years old.

  10. I love Emma Roberts. She’s awesome :)

  11. @matt, I couldn’t agree more. Thank goodness she’s not coming back. :)

  12. Emma never said Jill wasn’t coming back she only said she was dead.She could still come back in videotape or in Sidney’s to menace her.most people liked her as maybe 10 or 20 people didn’t like her.

  13. It finally being confirmed that Jills dead has really made my day! I
    say “yay!”

  14. Let’s hope Hayden Panettiere can answer a similar question about her fate so the Kirby possibilities for Scream 5 can put to rest.

  15. Yep Emma pretty much confirmed it but I still think we will see her in Scream 5 or 6 for a couple of scenes I’ve already said how they can do it.

  16. Wasn’t that crazy about her acting or her character. In my opinion Kirby is hands down the coolest character since the original cast from part 1.

  17. Kirby is good but Jill was the best character since the first movie because there was so many layers to her. Kirby is cool but she is a one note character there are no layers to her.

  18. I think that jill will come back in videotape and tell sidney that it is not over and that sidney will get tapes of the murders from woodsboro cause jill and charlie recorded them when they killed their victims

  19. @stephon irvin – you’d think an enterprising journo would have asked her that by now, hey? I guess we may have to wait till the Scream 4 DVD/BD Audio Commentary, in which she participated.

  20. Emma didn’t even need to say it for it to be confirmed that she’s dead. Her eyes were wide open after she was shot dead!

    Hayden is the one that needs confirmation because its her fate that is the most discussed.

  21. Maybe in the middle of scream 5 they’ll find a video of Jill telling someone who to kill and how…like the Saw movies.. She left it for someone to start where she left off…

  22. Jil’s death was debatable because Sidney didn’t shoot her in the head and possibly missed her heart.Then again Jill was heartles so there was nothing there anyways.BTW I know there are more then 20 people didn’t like Jill but most people did like her. It just seems like the few that didn’t like her are more vocal about it.

  23. Another eweason I say Jill’s death is debatable is because she clearly takes a breath and she slightly smiles. She could be thinking this isn’t over I will be back.

  24. I wasn’t CRAZY about Jill,but she had good lines,and I was left speechless at her “reveal”. “You don’t need talent to be famous, you just have to have fucked-up shit happen to you…”. Probably messed up the line,but you get it. SAVE THE CHEERLEADER (Hayden/”Kirby”),SAVE THE WORLD!

  25. Who uses videotape anymore? lol. This is 2011. Jill’s going to record something and upload it a memory disc or a CD-R.

  26. @Jill Roberts Fan “Another eweason I say Jill’s death is debatable is because she clearly takes a breath and she slightly smiles. She could be thinking this isn’t over I will be back.”

    Did anyone else other than “Jill Roberts Fan” see that…?
    I personally saw a very still shot of her dead body.

    I didn’t like or dislike Jill or Emma.
    I think she did all right.
    But your very biased view for her is often QUITE a stretch!

  27. No! I ALSO saw her move and smile the slightest bit when I went and saw it before it left theatres last week…..I was like O.O But I think it was just a slight mistake on her part is all…..if she DOES show up in Scream 5 as the killer I can’t say I will be too pleased but the whole not shooting her head bit DOES leave room for it to happen……..on another hand……BRING KIRBY BACK!!!

  28. @ At Ghostface the only reason I noticed that was because I was paying close attention it was va very fast breath and a slight smile.If I had gone seen the movie with my friends I proably wouldn’t had been paying attention because we would be getting ready to leave and I wouldn’t had noticed it.I also noticed I misspelled reason in that post.

  29. A little OT am I the only one that also wouldn’t mind if the killer in Scream 5 had no connection to Sidney at all he/she kills because they enjoy it and think it would be cool to kill the ultimate survivor Sidney.At the end of the movie after Sidney has killed the psycho she could imagine Jill taunting her telling Sidney she is no better then her she has killed a bunch of people of too making everyone think Sidney could be going crazy to set up Scream 6 which would be the darkest of the saga.

  30. @ Jill Roberts Fan, Thats a very interesting idea.

  31. @ Matthew thanks, I just think it would be cool to do something different like that for at least one movie. At the end like I said seeing Jill @ the end of Scream 5 would be the first time she really would show signs that she has been effected by everything that has happend to her the last 15 years. Jill would be the perfect pyscho to torment her because she was the evil teenage version of Sidney.

  32. @wicked-scribe, What do you think Kirby’s fate is? To me I think her fate is forever ambiguous unless they make scream 5. So I was just curious if you think she is straight up dead or alive or if you think its debatable.

    @Jill Roberts Fan, I agree it would be cool to do something like that.

    @Ghostface,I also noticed that and it does look like Jill takes a slight breath right before the credits come up. I’m not sure if she smiled slightly though.

  33. Emma Roberts was fantastic in Scream 4 as Jill. She was one of the only redeeming quality in otherwise a crappy movie.

    I dont see there will be any more sequels. But it would be great if Jill returns. And I agree her “death” was highly debatable.

    I agree with “Jill Roberts fan” Most people who saw the movie liked Jill the most. Jill’s a very intriguing character.

  34. the whole dead is dead thing can suck because that means that kirby is dead since we didnt see her in the back of an ambulance like we did dewey (twice) so in this one they really did kill off all the main cast (except deputy judy hicks) unless there is a deleted scene? but i doubt it. so i guess we will have to wait and see, but either way from scream 4 kirby is deff my fave new character

  35. @ Cheshire I disagree with you about the movie being crappy I thought it was the best Scream since the first one but that’s JMHO.We agree on Emman Roberts she was fantastic as Jill Roberts. Jill was a great and fasicinating character with many layers. I really believe we need to find out more about her past I know she was only 17 years old but something tells me she went through alot at home and at school before she snapped.

  36. They could always bring Emma back as a blonde Jill look alike. She wouldn’t have any connections to Sidney or Jill.She would just be a student that goes to the same college as Kirby who would freak out when she saw her andit would unnerve Sidney. She would be a suspect in the killings but in the end it would turn out that she was just a red herring and she actually would end up helping the trio stop the new killer.

  37. Its about time we got some conformation she wouldnt be back. I liked jill in the movie i liked the actress for the most part but like ive heard a few times already “dead is dead” in the Scream movies. I do however think they screwed themselves by killing her off. They were advertising a new decade new rules for this movie. And sure i got the new rules part and most of the new decade part, but if they were really smart they would of either (and i know a lot of you are gunna be like no whatts wrong with you) but hear me out. They should of killed off sydney and jill could of taken her place as the new sydney for the other movies. She could of found someone just like she found charlie to help her and play the victum again. Or they could of not included syd as much in 4 to bring her back later. But since they ended the movie like they did idk where there going to go from here. Kevin Williamson has his work cut out for him.

  38. @Nikki Sid didn’t shoot Jill in the head though and that gives Wes Craven an excuse to bring her back that is the only way to kill “Ghostface”.Except for Mickey he was shot 14 times so there was no way he could come back.They can always say Sid missed her heart.

  39. @ jill roberts fan i get the whole didnt get shot in the head thing but i think the plan was to keep jill alive ro begin with then they changed it at the end. Plus how are they going to keep her in the picture someone would recognize her they all knew at the end she was the killer idk i just think shes done for. She was good tho.

  40. Jill Roberts Fan wrote:I know she was only 17 years old but something tells me she went through alot at home and at school before she snapped.

    @Jill Roberts Fan, you’re bringing something onto the table that has never been established. Far as we know, Jill’s mother seem like a pretty decent human being. Jill’s contempt for Sidney and her “all of a sudden” chance for glory sounds arbitrary. There was nothing in the film that would lead us to her revelation. If you look at the first two Scream films closely, the killers’ traits were staring right at us but for me I thought at the time were just creative characterizations of the characters. Looking closer and listening very carefully at the beats of the phone conversations from Ghostface reveals WHICH KILLER is taking to Sidney.

    A character trait that was lost in Scream 3 and now Scream 4.

  41. @Jill Roberts Fan, there were signs that hinted on the killers’ motivations in the first two films.

  42. @ Stephon Irvin I mentioned maybe something with Jill and her mom was because of Kate’s to Sidneyell Jill that I’m sorry.

  43. I mean tell Jill I’m sorry. If I have a complaint is that I do wish we had seen some real hostitly from Jill towards Sidney maybe when she was talking to herf riends. Other then that I have no issues with the movie.

  44. I would have liked more clarity of Jill’s character. Something along the lines, Jill creates her own web page or we see a dedicated person working on her facebook account. Her friends could have also been keen on making an account. Jill could have been a journalist major and wanted Gale as a mentor to know about the workings and techniques of fame and journalism. Something that would steer me towards to her reason for becoming Sidney. She could have even been interested in acting- a drama major or took it as an elective in High School. Some sort of clue, maybe while Sidney is chatting with Jill’s Mom, the mom brings that up as a conversation.

  45. Jill should come back because the last moments in the hospital were just her nightmare while in the hospital. Jill lives and gets away with it, but someone knows her secret…..

    It should happen this way because that girl mentions that Stab 5 used time travel.

  46. you don’t understand jill and charlie are dead that can’t send anything to sidney and they definetley didn’t pretape anything.

  47. Wes Craven said on the DVD that he didn’t have Jill shot in the head because they might want to bring her back again. I wish people would stop saying she’s dead when no one knows for sure.It does that Jill and Stu are in the same catagory their status’s are unknown, The only killers who are confirmeed dead are Billy,Debbie Billy,Mickey,Roman and Charlie.If you have problem with Jill and Stu’s status’s bring it up with Wes Craven.

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