Latest Scream 4 DVD Updates

While we float in the zone between theatrical and home release of Scream 4, here’s what we’ve gathered since our last DVD article. First off, yesterday saw the audio commentary recorded by Wes Craven and cast members, as announced by the director himself.

Recording commentary for the #SCREAM4 DVD with @RobertsEmma, Hayden Panettiere & Neve Campbell. Fun to re-live the shoot :)

I wasn’t seriously expecting a writer & director commentary ala the first Scream, because of course that was the only Scream where Kevin Williamson was in complete harmony with Team Scream. And it surely would have been awkward to corral in Ehren Kruger to do the duties. But this is the first commentary in the series to have cast members!

Craven’s tweet was backed up by Emma Roberts:

Recording the DVD commentary for #scream4 today with @wescraven and #haydenpanettiere. You guys are gonna love it!

Since both messages went out rat the same time, I can just imagine Wes and Emma giggling as they synched up their tweets. Go on, picture it. Adorable.

The elder gentleman also had this to say:

#SCREAM4 DVD will be out in the fall! Keep your eyes peeled

For US screamers, Fall isn’t until September 28th – so with street dates usually being Tuesday, this implies an October release. The UK fares better, with August 8th penciled in, and a little later at August 18th for Australia. Early release dates overseas before the country of origin (where extras are usually put together) sometimes means those early countries are getting a bare-bones edition only. Hopefully not, but I didn’t expect getting the film in cinemas before USA to go unpunished in the scheme of things.

Scream 4 Blu-Ray Preorder
Scream 4 DVD Preorder

Anchor Bay/Starz Entertainment in conjunction with The Weinstein Co will release Scream 4 in the homeland. It should be noted, as Lionsgate recently released the original Scream trilogy on BD, a boxset of all four films is unlikely, though not impossible if TWC hold hands with both companies to bridge the divide.

Extras or no, if you want to go purely on aesthetics, Scandinavia seem to have already won the battle with this nifty DVD/BD combo collector’s edition box releasing on August 17th, which comes packaged with the maligned Neca Scream figure.

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30 Responses to “ Latest Scream 4 DVD Updates ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. lol, look at jills face when kirby says “does that mean I am not going to live as long as these two?” she looks so guilty, Emma’s amazing

    And the bluray is looking amazing

  2. AND OMG a neve cambel, hayden and emma and wes comentary? im in heaven

  3. Haha, yeah, she does look guilty.

  4. Hopefully both the dvd & blu ray will come out on August or September (Hopefully August).

  5. Do you have info on all the cut parts? u should post them :) and this is heaven

  6. I really hope the fountain, the scene with Jill and Trevor, and the scene where Jill is mocking Sidney are all on the DVD.Yeah Jill does look guilty. She must have been scared that Kirby was going to kick her butt since she had Charlie try to kill her instead of doing it all herself.

  7. Oops I messed up I meant to say the Jill and Trevor scene at the hospital.I also meant to say that she must have been scare that Kirby was going to kick her butt since she told Charlie to kill her instead of doing it herself.

  8. This is going to be an awesome commentary with wes, emma, hayden, and neve. That blu ray box looks pretty cool too. Hey wicked-scribe do you think that there is still a chance for a directors cut and or a extended cut for scream 4? By the way this website pretty epic and always is updated with the latest scream news.

  9. @Vinny
    Yup! I’ve been covering the cut scenes in detail but took a breather for the past month. Will resume very shortly, so in the meantime get caught up on previous chapters here:

    Thanks for the compliment. I doubt there is going to be an extended cut on the DVD since that could be seen as an admission that the theatrical cut (which technically *is* the director’s cut) had problems. I could see them doing it for the blu-ray though, to get fans to double-dip. I suspect we’ll learn the disc details quite soon.

  10. Today has been full of good news :)

    Can’t wait for August 18th(Ish).
    So long as I have the ridiculously awesome commentary and deleted scenes,I’ll be thrilled.

  11. The US date for the Blu-ray/DVD is August 2nd.

  12. I cant wait!!!!! and greenlight scream 5 already! c’mon!

  13. Doing a commentary with Neve Campbell and Hayden Panettiere in a small booth? Craven, you lucky dog! I only hope that the dvd doesn’t end up skeletal because the greedy belvans put everything good on blu-ray. If they do that I will be more than slightly miffed.

  14. carlos figueroa

  15. I think that is the dvd sales are good and the box office managews to cluimb to 100 mi. 5 will be greenlit, maybe even if it doesnt go to 100

  16. I will proudly own and watch this at it’s midnight release!

  17. Just a little scream 5 update, i got sent the UK sky magazine (sky had an exclusive scream 4 set visit that was released before the film) and in it theirs an interview with Courtney cox who’s says being older made her more confident about scream 4 nd shes also confident that they’ll be A scream 5 & 6. Just thought you’d like to know, as it adds to the idea of 5 and looks like cox is in it for the long haul hopefully.

  18. Where is the next installment of the “Unseen Scream?” I have been waiting to see the differences in the Stab-A-Thon for weeks now? I Really enjoyed it and am eagerly awaiting it’s return.

  19. Lets see if Kirby’s fate will finally be revealed

  20. Wow I thought the deleted scenes 3-5 were just for the trailers thanks for the links scribe.

  21. @ JILL Roberts fan
    Jill mocking Sidney?

  22. @ Scream BOy on the movie trailer there is a scene that shows Jill holding a phone and fake screaming at Sidney and you can tell there’s something pointed at Sidney’s throat.

  23. @wicked-scribe I would totally spend some extra money for an awesome blu-ray edition. I hope they release the details soon.

  24. Im really excited for the dvd, for a number of reasons actually. 1. i wanna see the original opening cause that one looks way better 2. i wanna see the extra stuff with jill in the hospital that looks like it was a really good part in the movie. 3. i wanna know what other stuff they cut out cause i read somewhere wes said theres 7 or 8 deleted parts. Thats awesome its like an extra half hour to the movie. And last but not least the sooner they release the dvd they will see scream fans are still kicking and maybe we will get the next movie sooner then they plan. Id like it to come out September or October 2012 instead of 2013 thats too long of a wait. They already made us wait 10 years for the 4th one no more waiting huh.

  25. Unseen Screams: Next CHapter? Anyone? ANyone? Bueller?

  26. Unseen Screams?… Guess not.

  27. come on scream 1 was the best nothin beats a crazd mathew Lillard and scream 4 better have an extended cu t or i will boycot scream 4ever and if they make scream 5 and 6 one of better have one of the main 3 die or be the killer

  28. come on scream 1 was the best nothin beats a crazd mathew Lillard and scream 4 better have an extended cu t or i will boycot scream 4ever and if they make scream 5 and 6 one of the main 3 better die or be the killer

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