Scream 4 DVD & Blu-Ray (USA): October 4th

Amazon currently list October 4th for the VOD (Video on Demand) debut of Scream 4, but don’t list dates at all for the DVD and Blu-Ray. Because it’s safe to assume that doesn’t mean Scream 4 is never coming out on DVD/BD, it’s equally reasonable to say the date is correct across all formats. It would jive with Wes Craven’s mention of a Fall release.

No artwork yet, though many are hawking a simple poster-conversion as a “prospective cover” which makes it easier to, you know, backtrack if the official art is different.

Special Features will at the very least include Audio Commentary by Wes Craven, Neve Campbell, Emma Roberts and Hayden P., and roughly seven or eight deleted scenes, again according to Craven. By the by, our Unseen Scream 4 series will resume sometime over the weekend (after a month-long break halfway), so be on the lookout.

Scream 4 DVD on Amazon

Scream 4 Blu-ray on Amazon

Scream 4 VOD on Amazon

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35 Responses to “ Scream 4 DVD & Blu-Ray (USA): October 4th ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS

  2. I can’t believe it’s that long but oh well what can you do. I hope they have deleted scenes, alternative openings and have another version of the movie so we can see it without the cuts.

  3. I know I’m probably the only one, but I don’t want an extended cut. I like watching the movies in their theatrical versions. Maybe a DVD with the theatrical version and a director’s cut version. That would be nice.

  4. JUST GIVE US ALL THE DELETED STUFF THAT DIDN’T MAKE IT TO THE BIG SCREEN, PLEASE. I mean, there is so much that was cut that seem to give the story a better and more complete feel. So we the fans really deserve to see them. Plus, they worked really hard to film those deleted scenes, no use for them to go to waste!

  5. I completely agree with Ghostface’s comment.

  6. well didn’t care 4 the theatrical version, not sure if an extended cut will be better. But who knows. I would really like an alternate opening, ending, and, but thats just me.

  7. I think there shouldn’t be an extended cut because i mean, that ending was extended enough in the theatre xP It would be clue if there was an alternate ending though with a different killer, like kind of a “clue” kinda thing.

  8. Why do we have to wait so long, the movie came out early April why wait till October. How about end of July or August. That would make me happy lol. And as far as the special features and stuff id like the original opening and the original ending plus all the deleted stuff in between. Also some commentary from Kevin Williamson would be really cool. But still i dont wanna wait till October for the dvd ive been wanting to watch it again, i was a fan of this one!! Damn them!!

  9. If it’s taking this long to come out, they better jam pack it with lots of special features.

  10. There’s not gonna be an extended cut. Get over it, people.

  11. Really sucks that the date is so far away. That’s a ridiculous amount of time to wait after an April theatrical release…

  12. Anybody else notice the fact that in the original scream, Billy wore a blue checkered flannel near the end as did jill in 4. Coincidence? Nah

  13. Well i hope it has a lot of special features seeing as they have plenty of time to put that all together lol.

  14. To the above people saying “why wait so long..” Most movies (if not all) get on dvd 5-6 months after their release in theatres. I kinda knew the dvd was coming out before this, but I thought it was gonna be in September.

    (Also in my above comment, i meant cool** not clue.)

  15. In the U.K we get it August 8th, but it could be a bear bones disk if were getting it that earlier than the U.S. I want deleted scenes and some behind the scenes features.

  16. Australia gets it August 18th not that long to wait really in the scheme of things.

  17. why do we have to wait soooo long?? iit came out in april in the theater and october to dvd…. thats seven months…. but its worth the wait

  18. It’s totally stupid that they’re waiting until October to release SCREAM 4, while all of the other countries get it in August… WTF is up with that?! Before, our country got everything first on DVD… mostly, but now the other countries get it before us, that makes no sense what so ever. They should have an extended cut w/ alternate opening so we can see the original idea when you see Jenny getting stabbed to death in front of Marnie in the living room.

  19. Why did they wait so long… well, I don’t know, but what I do know is that it’s a 14 week wait for a movie to get released on DVD when it comes out of theaters. But this long…totally worth the wait. I remember when it was yesterday when people had SCREAM 4 on youtube…

  20. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if, as some have already said, the UK and other countries with the August release get screwed over with a skeletal disk. So anyone who starts petulantly losing it over how “foreigners” rather than Americans get it first may be doing so over nothing. I know October is a pretty long time to wait but I think everyone should get the same (Good) version of the Scream 4 dvd because it’s unfair when countries other than America are treated as afterthoughts don’tcha think?! Especially if those countries contribute to a better gross than the USA alone which means that a Scream 5 is more likely for those who want it.
    @TBJ9, have to admit I found your comment funny!

  21. @Horrormaster, Actually yesterday i looked up scream 4 on youtube just for the fun of it not expecting to find anything but i did find the full movie on there in a decent quality as well lol.

  22. Sooo many Scream fans are never satisfied and always complain, about little stuff too, like scenes being taken out, disliking the acting, and now the release of the DVD? Smh

  23. @Sean – the movie would of been much better without scenes being cut.

  24. Their doing it for sales. Everyone’s gonna wanna rent it for Halloween!

  25. Scream fan 89 I was thinking the EXACT same thing. I can already see the ads for the TV beginning with, “This Halloween…”

  26. Wow that is a long time, but that could be a clue itself. Wes could be taking advantage of the time beetween cinema release and dvd release to put toghether his directors cut, maybe he has listened to fans reaction and has edited out the awful line: f**k bruce willis. Maybe he has restored the original williamson penned “marnie death scene” maybe he has restored the all the deleted scenes that the studio was so quick to delete. Maybe he has edited certain scenes better (charlie’s reveal to kirby, which was a bit naff) maybe he’s gonna do an alternate ending (jills still alive or the reveal of a 3rd killer) maybe he will replace the opening theme song and relace with the classic origanal (red right hand) maybe we will find out kirby is alive. maybe he will maybe he won’t but if he does the above, scream 4 will become an even better and relevant film than it already is. 3 words. BRING IT ON!!!!

  27. @William you’re basically expectig a completly new movie

  28. @sean a new movie would be nice lol

  29. Well I heard that wes said that he might or might won’t bring scream 4 unrated directors cut to dvd on october 4th and put the riginal deaths of marnie jenny and rebecca and all the other scenes in the movie too

  30. I would also love to see a new movie. :)

  31. @ William, thats a great idea and im sure lots of Scream fans would love that.. but there right its a totally different movie. and in an interview wes said all the really good stuff made it into the film. So my guess is were just going to get deleted scenes and the original ending. Sorry! just my guess tho.

  32. @sean @nikki totally agree it would be a new film, but personally I feel we got the studio’s version of scream, I think since we paid good money at the cinema to watch a film written by kevin williamson then they should show us a film written by kevin williamson without studio interference (wes said the process was stressful) and without rewrite’s (Eren kruger’s soulless murder of Marnie and the awful line f**k bruce willis). It would be a different movie but it would be the movie we was promised. What I saw at the cinema seemed like scream 4 written by who ever wants a go and directed by bob and harvey weinstien.

  33. i cant wait for commentarry

  34. im in the uk and get it august 8th as long as it has deleted scenes and the usual stuff i wont mind but if the american dvd has a lot more that wont be fair at all. plus its probably coming out late in america cos well lets face it it didn’t do very well money wise domestically did it. it done a lot better foreignly outside USA.

  35. Why can’t y’all just love it for what is rather than gripe over what it isn’t? If you didn’t like the movie then why are you posting? I personally liked the movie, cheeseball lines and all. As for the DVD/Blu ray release date, I can wait…in fact I will want to get it moreso by then. It has provoked me into watching the other three in the meantime and enjoying the Scream series. Let’s get Scream 5 up and running! Lol

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