Scream Trilogy Blu-Ray Box Set in September (Art Added)

Reader Eric tipped us off that popular North-American online retailer DVD Empire is listing a Scream Trilogy* blu-ray boxed set coming from Lionsgate on Tuesday, September 6th. No extras or cover art are listed this early, of course, so it remains to be seen whether this will contain new special feature content, or the recent BD releases repackaged in anticipation of the Scream 4 blu-ray from Anchor Bay a month later on October 4th.

DVD Empire’s price for the upcoming collection is $27.99 (list price $39.99). Don’t want to wait? Amazon already have some pretty sweet deals going for the trilogy: Scream is currently a bottom dollar $6.85 with Scream 2 and Scream 3 a steal at $9.30 each.

Buy Scream Blu-ray
Buy Scream 2 Blu-Ray
Buy Scream 3 Blu-Ray

*or “Triliogy” if you want to get technical, as that’s the way the website has misspelled it.

UPDATE: Here’s the full official artwork.

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26 Responses to “ Scream Trilogy Blu-Ray Box Set in September (Art Added) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Of course, I just bought all 3 separately on Blu Ray last week. If there are new special features, I will kick myself.

  2. ^Me Too!! Target had Scream and Scr3am for $7.99 on blu ray. I thought the box set had already come out but i might just take these back and wait for the box set.

  3. Would be awesome if they gave us some real colectable packaging, with some nice HD deleted scenes and bloopers instead of the Youtube-ripped looking ones that are currently being published.I HOPE TO HEAVEN this isn’t a repackage deal (wich im almost sure it will be, i hope im sooo wrong though.) Awesome collectable packaging, Unrated version of ‘Scream’, HD special features, ‘Scream’ deleted scenes, longer blooper reals in HD (if theyr gonna remaster them in HD, might as well make the real a little bit longer dont you think?), and so much fucking more! I also hope to get some disc art aswell, so sick of the grey discs with no art/effort, looks cheap,lazy, and bootlegged. Im a nut over the packaging, after all, its half the fun of buying the product.

  4. Thats great and all but will someone please release a press statement about Scream 4 on Blu/dvd!

  5. In Italy?

  6. “Trilogy” was misspelled in the liner notes for the “Scream 3″ score album too.

  7. I thought they would do something like this sooner or later lol im glad I didn’t buy them separately. I hope they add some new special features that would be awesome.

  8. I got the Blu-Ray Trilogy from Amazon last week and also pre-ordered Scream 4 there yesterday too. I’ll be so mad at myself if there’s new special features on this box set though.

  9. I’m glad I waited :)

  10. I bought all 3 Blu-rays on the first day, and i can guarantee everyone here is gonna buy the boxset! That’s how we roll!

  11. is it ironic that i just recieved all 3 screams on blueray just yesterday….yea very lol but if the box set has new special features im deffinately buying it

  12. I just read that the Scream Blu-Ray on Amazon is not the Director’s Cut. Hopefully they will add this infor the trilogy box set. Also, I really don’t want Scream 3 on Blu-Ray. I’d rather play an H20 with my mind and forget the third installment never happened.

  13. @Steve&Casey 4Life this is off-topich-USB but I bought the Canadian versions of the trilogy recently and they have legit disc artwork, Scream 2 has the cast on it tinted red, looks legit ~~

  14. I’ve been waiting patiently for re-release of the extended NC-17 cut of SCREAM for some time now. I have that version only on LD but hoped to get high def version of that. I hope it’s finally coming.

  15. I know this may sound stupid, but I never bought anything on the internet would anyone be kind enough to explain the process by which you order stuff (dvds) in this case through amzon? Thanks

  16. Cassidy, you have to set up an Amazon account and have a credit card. To buy the movie, just add it to your cart on Amazon and then do the check out process. It’s really easy.

  17. Alex, thank you I’m definately doing that.

  18. Until I read this post, I do not think I even knew a site called DVD Empire existed, but anyway . . . also has the Scream Blu-Ray Trilogy listed for September 6, as well . . . with a picture. Not sure if will be what it ends up looking like, but might be an idea.

    On a side note, I have owned all three Scream movies on Blu-ray, DVD, and VHS. The only way I will buy this Box Set is if these Screams are the same versions I own on VHS. (I don’t know the backstory.) I don’t know if the VHS’s are unrated or director’s cuts, but they are different than what’s on DVD and Blu-ray currently – most notably Scream and Scream 3. I want those versions on Blu-ray. Hell, I’d take them on DVD.

  19. God damn. If there are new extras I’m going to be upset…

  20. OH NO! i just checked on amazon and the picture they have as the box is so GORSE! It also bills the original as “Scream 1″ on the cover. Sick, Sick and Disgusting! No thanks!

  21. i just got the first 3 movies as a set for $13.00 at walmart. Couldnt pass up a deal like that lol.

  22. i thought this was a boxset for scream 1-4, but i guess not as it only has 1-3 on the cover. Btw weve had a 1-3 blu-ray boxset in the uk since they were released.

  23. Well if there are new extras I’m just going to buy it even though I already have the box set from Amazon. They better be good though.

  24. I can’t get past “Scream 1″, wtf.

  25. I hate the box art. I can’t believe they couldn’t come up with something as cool as the dvd box set!

    ‘Scream 1′, jeez.

  26. Hey hey hey, take a gander at what’ you’ve done

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