The Next Scream 5 Poster To Be Mistaken For Official

Today we spotlight a pro-quality Scream 5 fan-made poster. Designed by Ruben Correia of Portugal, it joins the high rank of last month’s poster and continues the theme of matching up Sidney and Ghostface, which I think is the way to go for a real teaser.

I do have some suggestions on this one – the Dimension Films logo is way too large in relation to the title logo which itself is awkward with the 5 in front. And the tagline is clunky: “Rules were made to be broken” would have sufficed without trying to shoehorn in the old “Someone” motif which was dropped after Scream 2 for that same repetition factor.

In my opinion, fan artists shoot themselves in the foot by trying to be marketing writers too and coming up with a tagline which, if falls flat, can detract focus from appreciating the actual imagery. In that regard I’d prefer some sort of placeholder text (Scream 3‘s very generic “Welcome to the final act”, for example). But what do I know? In any case, what makes edges this through is the sleek design. I can “buy” that Dimension would create something like this after the low-key, recycled affairs of the Scream 4 posters.

Premium Scream 5 poster artists, feel free to email it in or post in the Fan Media section of the forum and and the best – only the very best – will be featured on Scream-Trilogy.

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19 Responses to “ The Next Scream 5 Poster To Be Mistaken For Official ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Wow that’s pretty awesome they should totally do something like this if they make scream 5 lol.

  2. Nice

  3. Pretty cool poster design! I don’t like the tagline either, and agree with the article in relation to that. It seems like a tagline that would’ve suited Scream 2 better.

    I would be hopeless at designing anything like this, though, so don’t want be to be too critical ;)

  4. Great quality. Now only if they could put a stitched-up Jill in the knife reflection…. :)

  5. that’s pretty cool, totally makes me wanna see it lol

  6. its really cool. i also lke the fact that curve at the end of the knife kind of make up ghostface’s mouth

  7. Great Fanart… The Weisntein must hire these online artists

  8. It’s nice, but looks like a nice amateur job.

  9. AWESOME poster.

    But to be honest I’m not interested unless its the real deal.

    C’mon SCREAM 5!

  10. The original of THAT poster was stolen. There’s this dude called Joshua Patrick Dudley and he makes ‘Stab’ fan films and that’s a teaser poster he created for Stab 5. The portugal guy added in Sidney’s reflection and all the text, so he stole it from the Stab 5 Facebook site. Go check yourself.

    Not that I’m complaining though because Joshua Patrick Dudley is a big fucking baby, and hasn’t grown up yet! He’s rude and if your opinion on his ‘movies’ aren’t nice then he doesn’t wanna hear it.

    And I love how on his site he has ‘Official Site of the Stab Films’ when it’s not official. The dude just bothers me, I’m glad his poster was stole.

  11. The fans always kick so much more ass with these posters…

  12. I think if they make it sidney will die because she almost died in SCRE4M.

  13. Don’t like it. Just looks like the teaser poster for 4….with a little something added. Also, the title is way too small. I do love the teaser for part 4….but not this one.

  14. lol. once again my art gets used :D even if its “STOLEN” i originally made the mask and knife in 3d separate then i gave josh permission to use my stuff. but looks like this guy took from me and josh.

  15. I completely love it! very well made.

  16. It’s nice but I’m not a fan…a little amateur esp with the fonts.

  17. so im sitting here watching scream 4 and something kinda clicks. now we all know they in ways reboot scream 1 with the 2 girls mimicking casey and steve, the publicist kinda mimicking himbry (IE she was a message) olivia was tatum, and of course trevor and charlie are this generations billy and stu and jills mom is maureen, but what about kirby, robbie, and the cops? see here i think is where they add aa bit of play of scream 2 (stab 2) robbie is randy, the cops were the cops from the original, and kirby was jills best friend IE hallie sids roommate or maybe a quick play on CiCi. and we all know jill was pretty much sidney. idk i could be wrong but in ways it makes sense

  18. ITS PRETTY!!!!!!!!! :D

  19. Nice idea, and the mask and the dimension logo looks good.
    But overall looks too polished, especially the knife, makes it cheap. like a direct to video cover.
    but there are worse posters. sorry, whoever worked so hard on this.

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