The Unseen Scream 4 Part 6: Gale’s Tarnished Brand

Scream 4 had a lot of characters to juggle, and within that juggling, three core characters to service. While many were happy with Sidney’s sizable screentime and others unhappy with Dewey’s seemingly short shrift, Gale Weathers seems to have just the right amount to make her presence balance the others out. Prior to these decisions being made in the editing room, there were many more instances of Gale’s rogue investigation.

At the beginning of the second act, we are outside Olivia’s crimescene when Gale immediately rushes to the two-man geeksquad of Charlie & Robbie for help. Originally, that move was her ‘last resort’ after pestering the police for an exclusive comment on record. Ironic, because in Scream 2 it was Debbie Salt pestering Gale for a quote. As the photo below shows, it was Deputies Hoss & Perkins on the receiving end.

Now let’s catch that from the opposite angle…

Marley Shelton’s presence suggests Deputy Judy may have slinked in at some point…

This scene would have reinforced Gale’s drop to the bottom of relevancy. Arguably that point was already well-made in other scenes. In the released film, bypassing the established-as-useless cops and going direct to the teens proved a smarter move on her part (of course, in retrospect she was directly asking the killer for help!).

The next major trim for Gale was the Stabathon. Make that trims. Originally a much longer sequence that took eight nights to film (plus a return to the location for more party footage the following week), besides the removal of the alternate Ghostface masks, several minutes were excised featuring Gale’s arrival and infiltration of the barn – and more.

Gale was to arrive in her gold car (naturally) which she hid in some trees. Clutching a Ghostface mask, after looking around she put it on to get past the teens outside…

For whatever reason, she couldn’t go through the main entrance of the barn so went around and found a basement/under-structure to prowl through…

After which she rises from the trapdoor with the mask back on, which we saw in the finished film as her new first appearance in the barn sequence.

Another cut calls back to the scene from Scream 2 where Gale & Dewey spot the college guy on a phone and go after him: After setting up the cameras, Gale was to have noticed someone dressed as Ghostface acting suspiciously, and followed him outside. She hides behind/under a car at which point the close Ghostface takes a piss just next to her, revealing it’s only a drunk teen. Hopefully Gale didn’t suffer any um, “sidespray”.

Yet another deletion took place after Gale discovers that a Ghostface is covering up her cameras. She marches back into the barn sans-mask and gets surrounded by a group of of Ghostfaces – like Sidney’s Cassandra rehearsal in Scream 2. The real Ghostface is somehow among them but gets away because Gale is momentarily stuck in the crowd.

Ah, the infamous “Go ahead if you have the guts” moment from the trailer – maybe Gale should have said “Go ahead if you have the cuts”!? But in all seriousness, that was only half the line and out of context. I believe Courteney Cox’s dialogue to Ghostface in full was (to paraphrase) “Go ahead if you have the guts, because I’m fucking famous!”

Although the original lengthier barn sequence probably read better on paper as a more old-school solo investigation for Gale Weathers that forced her to navigate a series of trials to get the scoop, on film it was evident to be all over the place in pacing.

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35 Responses to “ The Unseen Scream 4 Part 6: Gale’s Tarnished Brand ”

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  1. It doesn’t even sound all over the place, it sounds like a suspence builder! WE NEED AN EXTENDED CUT!!!

  2. 1. The pestering of the police officers may or may not make it clearer to the audience why the killers are patterning the current murders off the original tragedy. Therefore, I feel ambivalent about its being cut.

    2. The whole getting from the car to the bottom of the barn scene adds a lot of suspense and scary moments, I feel like. Should not have been cut, imo.

  3. Great article. We really need a extended cut.

  4. That sounds like a nice suspenseful scene….suspense is something they obviously chose to do without for this installment though.

  5. Why, Wes, why? You didn’t need to cut half the scenes filmed! Oh my god. Oh my god. The barn scene would’ve been even better and it was already the best scene in the film.

    P.S. I already have the trios screentime + Jill and Kirby, wicked scribe :)

  6. You guys should do a break down of all the Kate stuff that was taken out, especially from the test screening.

  7. scream 4 really lacked in suspense. this scene would have been perfect with all the build up. its a shame that it got cut as i felt we needed more scenes just like it. obviosuly, the closet scene was suspenseful, but what else was? nothing really.
    the barn scene would’ve felt much more epic if it showed gale having such trouble getting in there to start with…

  8. @Mel “That sounds like a nice suspenseful scene….suspense is something they obviously chose to do without for this installment though.”

    @Tony “scream 4 really lacked in suspense. this scene would have been perfect with all the build up. its a shame that it got cut as i felt we needed more scenes just like it.”

    THANK YOU!!!

    The problem I had most with this installment is the lack of suspense and the lack of character development. While watching S4, I felt like I knew what’s going to happen next, and I really did not care for what’s to come, either.

    One exception is Olivia’s death. And it wasn’t due to either suspense or character development. I did not know Olivia well, but the brutality from the killer simply made me feel SOOOOO bad for her demise.

  9. I think that the scene when Marley steps in got out because of that red hearing Wes talked about..
    Marley had a lot of moments that made us suspect her and Wes said that some scenes got out because of to much ref hearing at some points on several characters..
    I think maybe that scene would be one of them?
    What do you think of my speculation?

  10. It sounds like they had other cool parts to the barn scene but I still liked how they had it in the final cut lol. Nevertheless I hope its all on the blu ray dvd.

  11. Geez
    They really cut the wrong scenes,I’m digging the longer barn scene.

    I’m thinking Dewey’s racing to get to the Barn would have been helped by these missing Gale scenes.

  12. @Ghostface, I couldn’t agree more. I also knew what was going to happen next, and didn’t care. And Olivia’s death was the only worthwhile scene imo.

  13. I want some Scream 5 news!

  14. I didn’t like the barn scene, the pacing was too slow imo. Though, they shouldve kept Gale trying to get in. Iunno. I just didn’t care too much for the scene all-in-all.

  15. Too many cuts… Too many cuts

  16. THAT! I hope, will be left out forever. I don’t need more Gale Weathers in this movie, she should have been killed one movie ago. No point for a Gale Weathers when it’s proven she’s OUT LIVED her usefulness, and Wes’continued drivel with STAB proves all a character need to figure out the crimes is know the retarded plots from the STAB series of mcguffins(WHICH I STILL DON’T KNOW BECAUSE WES HASN’T SHARED THIS ELEMENT BUT ONLY WHEN THE TIRED STORY NEEDS TO).

    Investigating has to deal with real people and digging out a possible sub-plot that may link to the actual plot. Scream franchise no longer is interested in those elements so there is no need for Gale. I’d rather more Sidney Prescott in the films than that old lady from Cougar Town.

  17. Great to have the Unseen posts back, and finally a Gale scene! I was, ahem, gutted when Gale didn’t get to say her “do ahead if you have the guts” line that we all saw in the trailer. The extended barn scene sounds pretty nifty, though you can see how it could’ve slowed the film’s pacing. That said, Gale’s screen time was relatively minimal, so watching her skulk in the shadows would’ve been awesome.

    I really do hope we get an extended cut of the film on DVD, or at least a special feature that lets us put deleted scenes back into the movie if we want. Fingers crossed.

  18. “GO ahead” – d’oh. Silly tired fingers.

  19. My hope is that the reason it is taking so long for the dvd/Bluray is because they are repeiceing the cut scenes back into the movie for a regular/director’s cut version. At least we will get to see the cut scenes if anything else. Can’t wait. Counting down like I did when I was waiting for the theatrical release.

  20. Iagree that thi would have been more suspecful… not to mention i felt that the barn scene was too short! for the dvd they should inlude all the cuts including the other 2 ghost face masks

  21. ….. wow my spelling sucked in that post.. lol did anyone notice that she’s wearing pink flipflops in the first pic??

  22. It does sound as if it would be “all over the place” because she would have gone from outside to the basement and into the Stab-athon barn.

  23. With 20 extra minutes, this film would have been so much better. They miscalculated by making a shorter film — true fans (the only people promoting the film) could sit through over 2 hours. So what if the newbies thought it was too long.

    The result is a film that let the fans down and bored the newbies.

  24. I think that they should have an extend and regular version of the movie just to make all us scream fans happy

  25. Why is everybody saying Scream 4 had no suspense? I thought the ending was suspenseful, and Olivia’s death scene. Scream 4 was NOT a bad film, and I don’t understand why so many diehard fans like me are saying it was a disappointment. It was amazing. Just because it was shorter than the other doesn’t make it a bad film.

  26. i have a question – does anyone remember someone who posted a review of a screening before s4 came out, they really lead me to believe that Gale was going to die in the barn sequence – i mean – they even went as far as to say – something about a REALLY shocking moment that affected the entire audience “it’s gale isn’t it?! =(” <- something like that

    but now i'm thinking maybe he meant Kirby? Although my only two main issues with the film (which i LOVED) are:

    no main character died (i think as much as i love gale, her dying would have been equivalent of randy dying in s2, and she to me was the most interesting returning character)

    and i didnt live the hospital sequence i think it would have been insane to end the film with jill on the stretcher with cameras everywhere

  27. I didn’t really care for the barn scene. I felt like Kevin Williamson was watching Halloween 5 when he came up with that idea. The barn theme didn’t feel like something teens in Woodsboro would do IMO? It would have been more appropriate if they had the ‘Stabathon’ at a big house party ala Stu’s house party in Scream. Could you imagine house tense it would be for Gale if everyone was walking around the house party dressed as Ghostface. I just gave my goosebumps!

  28. @HorrorLover12, Well said I agree its an awesome movie and not a disappointment by any means.

  29. definitely a suspense builder and that’s what this film was lacking, quiet tense moments that had you dreading what was gonna happen next. UGHHH so frustrating. They had a problem with the pacing of this scene and not with the awful pacing/acting of the opening scene and the quick edit pacing of the rest of the movie.. bull Sh*T!

    Also, where are you getting all this information from??

  30. @HorrorLover12 “Why is everybody saying Scream 4 had no suspense? I thought the ending was suspenseful, and Olivia’s death scene.”

    For me, I have been following the production for so long, I kinda knew what will happen when and where and all that jazz. So maybe the suspense is gone because of that?

    But even it is partially due to that, a lot of film is just too predictable. My sister, who didn’t bother following the production and/or news, can guess what’s to come next in various scenes. She predicted the Olivia will be the next victim a mile away, for instance. The whole closet scene had no suspense for her.

    I think sometimes, a slower pacing is almost required to build up any type of tension or a feeling of uneasiness with the audience member. I know when it took forever for Hannibal to kill that one victim in the movie of the same name, I was feeling rather uncomfortable, the good kind. Same thing when it took forever for “Paranormal Activity 2″ to have ghostly things happen after almost what felt like half an hour.

  31. It SOUNDS suspenseful, but for all we know it could’ve been all over the place just like the article said.

    There’s a lot of scenes that SOUND good, doesn’t mean they are, which is why they were cut.

  32. I pray to God they are making an extended cut for DVD, and that’s why it’s going to take SO LONG to be released (October 4th?). Otherwise, this would be coming out in August at the earliest.

  33. Can’t frackin wait, it will be a completely different movie with all these deleted scenes back in! I really want to see Gale pestering the cops.

  34. I would pay allot of money to see all these cuts from the film in on huge extended cut, I don’t know why they didn’t put some of this stuff in it sounds great :(

  35. So was the only thing that was on the DVD (from this page) is the scene where she is asking the cops??? What about the Guts line and her sneaking into the Stab-A-thon etc. etc.

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