Miramax Adds 2nd Major Scream Doco To Blu-Ray Boxset

Daniel Farrands’ landmark documentary on Scream (1996) that aired on A&E BIO Channel back in April will be available in Miramax’s Scream 3-movie Blu-Ray boxset releasing on September 6th, it was today announced on the doco’s official Facebook.

“Inside Story: Scream” will make its home video debut as part of the all-new Blu-Ray box set of the original “Scream” trilogy. Coming in September from Miramax!

Inside Story will join Still Screaming in the boxset. Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Documentary and Scream: The Inside Story (as it was titled early on) were both announced as being in production around the same time last year and were sometimes difficult to tell apart, but it became clear over time that each doco had its own clear mission. Still Screaming is an ambitious overview of the entire trilogy while Inside Story is laser-focused on the original that started it all.

Surprisingly, Amazon have temporarily knocked the boxset price down to $20.99. This is a case where I suspect many will gladly double-dip. Throw the 3 movie BDs away if you already have them, sell them or better still give them away to a non-fan. On that price alone we’re getting at the very least 2 & 1/2 hours of in-depth documentaries. So smile!

For both of these to end up in the same collection (and in HD) is just perfect. Note: we previously held a 2-part roundtable interview with the makers of Inside Story here & here.

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17 Responses to “ Miramax Adds 2nd Major Scream Doco To Blu-Ray Boxset ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I will definitely be double dipping on this!

  2. Now i am suspicious that the fugly box art is in fact NOT the real box art (lets hope). This is literally the best news! IM SO EXCITED! The box refers to the set as being a “3 blu-ray set”. I would assum that these docs with either be on the same disc (a 4th disc) or have them being on there own separate discs (bringing the total to 5). So hears hopeing that we are getting some real collectable looking box art. Its safe to say my life’s been made with these 2 Docs being released on BLU-RAY (non the less) :D

  3. Ugh. I guess I have to double dip. Maybe I’ll give the three I bought as gifts lol. I think I only paid like 30 bucks for all of them together anyway.

  4. I still want more though. Lol, now would be the perfect time for them to include all that deleted material in the first three movies — for example, Randy at the end with the video tape in Scream 3 — Cici’s extra scene in Scream 2. INCLUDE THEM! Lol. If they don’t include the stuff now, I feel like we’ll never get to see that stuff.

  5. This just keeps getting better!

  6. Amazon has pretty much guaranteed I’ll double dip on this. I’m still pissed off that they would do that to us, but 2 documentaries for $20 is awesome in itself so whatever.

  7. I don’t even own a blu-ray player…but I’m pretty sure I’ll get one in the future…and it is only 20.99 on amazon. I guess I’ll buy.

  8. it’s actually 19.99 now!

  9. I already own the Australian non-region bluray of Scream, the canadian bluray trilogy boxed set, the three movies on bluray (american) PLUS I have the laserdisc, the dvd trilogy boxed set, another dvd copy of the first, the three scream deluxe vhs tapes, a widescreen vhs of the first, and the regular vhs releases for all 3… whats another set? LMAO can’t wait for this!!

  10. Are these documentaries strictly Blu-Ray or will they be released on regular DVDs as well? I spent so much money upgrading from VHS to DVD and I really don’t want to upgrade from DVD to Blu-Ray. But I really want to see Still Screaming lol

  11. Now: $19.99 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. And I have Prime, so it’s free shipping for me already. What a deal! :D

  12. Now they need to add The Scream E True Hollywood Story Documentary to the collection.

  13. Already bought it days ago when it first dropped, but now I get the pre-order price guarantee and get the deal anyways! There is no better deal out there, Screamers! This is the whole package (however I agree w/ “Anthony” that they should make all the movies uncut/unrated/extended with ALL previously deleted/unseen footage included; let we the fans decide if it “added to the story or not”, I want it all).

  14. So does this mean we will see a NEW box set with all FOUR movies and TWO documentary discs in January or something? It’s getting confusing and annoying.

  15. Uh, welp, now I’m officially guilty of double-dipping… PREORDERED!!!

  16. I think I pre-ordered before they announced this.

  17. What about new transfers? They look awful on Blu-ray, they should make completely new masters. Look at Se7en, it’s from 1995 and looks like it was shot today.

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