Scary Movie 5 Takes Scream 4’s Release Date in 2012

A little factoid that got lost in the shuffle with last month’s Halloween 3D news was that Dimension have set a release date for Scary Movie 5. That date is April 20, 2012 and adjusted for USA’s Friday opening days, that’s the same third-week slot Scream 4 opened in earlier this year (April 15). What’s the deal with that?

The fifth film in the franchise will face off against teen thriller House at The End of The Street which was scheduled first, so it might be a programming tactic to offer a comedic alternative to a heavy matter movie that is targeting the same demographic.

Or… a longshot guess on my part, but instead of going down the same old track of ripping on whatever recent horror and pop culture trends have emerged in cinema, it’s going to be a direct sequel to the original (including returning cast) doing the same decade-later riff Scream 4 did, thus essentially being to Scream 4 what Scary Movie was to Scream. There is no cast or crew attached yet and perhaps not even a script, so who knows. But can we at least see the return of Bizarro Ghostface, please? And more of:

The Wayans brothers’ Scary Movie (2000) starring Anna Faris was essentially a Scream remake hidden in comedy clothing. Scream was a satire and Scary Movie was a spoof, but they shared the same storyline, with the latter throwing in Kevin Williamson’s I Know What You Did Last Summer themes for maximum hilarity. Unlike the senseless nature of most spoofs, Scary Movie‘s storyline seems to have been carefully plotted (or, was a happy accident) because the mystery and twists were more complex, surprising and logical than Scream 3, in this writer’s opinion.

Scary Movie was also a Scream-like success in that spawned a whole spate of copycats, like the excellent Not Another Teen Movie and the godawful Date Movie. With the slasher film officially retired, Scary Movie 2 applied the same formula to supernatural movies which were the emerging direction of the genre at the time. As awkward as the change in framework was, there were some gross-out highlights.

Unfortunately all hell broke loose with Scary Movie 3 & Scary Movie 4, which were put together by the guys behind The Naked Gun. As funny as their style of slapstick comedy can be, this pair of sequels were not Scary Movie. With their central spoof subjects Signs then War of The Worlds, they were basically Sci-Fi Movie and Sci-Fi Movie 2, and that’s what they should have been titled. Scary Movie 5 was previously planned by the same team to skewer comic movies, but thankfully cooler heads prevailed and that project morphed into Superhero Movie.

Will Scary Movie 5 fare better than Scream 4 in the same release slot?

Date Source: Sequel Buzz

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29 Responses to “ Scary Movie 5 Takes Scream 4’s Release Date in 2012 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. So are you saying it’s going to be a Satire of SCREAM 4??? Or is it a totally new film starting from scratch?

  2. Bad news in my opinion. I hope they’d DON’T base this on Scream 4 and instead concentrate on movies that have been out recently, were meant to be “scary” but just weren’t – like “Drag Me To Hell”! That deserves to be made fun out of.

    I like the Scary Movie filmes but if Scary Movie 5 rips off Scream 4, its just going to undermine S4’s comeback and Dimension will totally be shooting themselves in the foot with regards to producing and promoting Scream 5 & 6 (if these are greenlit). If the Weinstein’s want the public to embrace the Scream films as horror/slasher films, then they can’t start making fur of them again. They have a whole new generation of movie-goers to win over.
    Scary Movie made fun of the Scream trilogy AFTER it had been completed. It was like “right, the serious trilogy is done, now we can make fun of it”. Scary Movie 2-4 moved on to making fun of other horror films and then the Scary Movie franchise came to a halt.
    The way I see it, both franchises have done a full circle and Scream is making a comback. It would be madness to now make fun of S4 this soon after it’s release. So in my opinion – make a Scary Movie 5, by all means, but DON’T DON’T DON’T base it on Scream 4!!!

  3. I hope they do spoof scream 4, but not in a rediculouse way like scary movie 3&4 bring back the waysns bros, Shorty and Ray:)

  4. I would like to see them satire Scream 4. Can you imagine what they can do with the scene where Jill beats herself up?LOL!

  5. Actually I would like to see them spoof all the scream movies this time I miss bizarro Ghostface.

  6. they should get emma stone as scary movie 5’s “jill” and have anna kendrick back as cindy

  7. IA I think Emma Stone would be a good choice to play Scary Movie’s
    5 “Jill” It would be funny to see her clumsily try to kill Cindy and then beat the crap out of herself.

  8. If they were to satire Scream 4 in this new Scary Movie they would probably make fun at the scene in the beginning with Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell. (Only in Scary Movie the character would get stabbed alot more than two times).

  9. You know, this could actually help make scream 5, and help scream 4’s sales, if there parodying scream 4, people would go see what it is parodying, love it hopfully and go see scream 5?

    But this is pretty awesome if there doing this, :D, and it means it will have anna faris!!!

  10. This kind of makes me mad. I mean I hate it how people say something like “I can’t watch Scream without thinking about Scary Movie.” or “I kind of know what happens because I’ve seen Scary Movie.” I just hope this doesn’t have the same affect of people. Plus I don’t want Scream 4 to be their main target maybe just because I love the series to death (no pun intended) and it kills me a little too see it be made fun of, even it if be from the same company.

  11. btw you can’t have a Scary Movie without Anna Faris AND Regina Hall!!! Brenda always had the funniest lines!

  12. hahhaa While I am of the worrisome bunch that feels spoofy reflection of the real-deal film waters it down to a point where no one would care to see the original without laughing AT it — I also wouldn’t miss another comedic take on our favorite franchise. Oh, and more Anna Faris, for sure! That pic above says it all…

  13. they’re not going to spoof Scream 4, not enough people saw it for it to be worth the filmmakers while. expect it to go the Scary movie 3,4 route and spoof random films most likely paranormal activity, and Insidous.

  14. I’d honestly like them to call it something like “Scary Movie 9″

    Then have the opening a parody of Scream 4’s opening where they make fun of themselves by having increasingly ridiculous film-within-a-film openings to the fictional Scary Movie 5, 6, 7 and 8.

  15. @ LookKill of course they are going to spoof Scream 4 It made close to a $100 million World Wide. I wish people would stop calling it a flop. Drive Angry was a flop even though Scream 4 was a financial disappointment it still made more then double what it cost to make.

  16. bret that ios awesome, but make a fake film within film name, like “horror movie” or something, and keep having the film within a film thing go over and over, after shorter openings each time, like maybe have one of someone just being stabbed imidieately? lol it would be pretty funny :D

  17. Yeah well i didn’t really like any of the scary movie movies all that much there just ok to me lol but you cant really compare a comedy to a horror movie because a comedy can easily make more money then a horror movie and the last two scary movie movies were pg13 and not rated R. So i wonder if scary movie 5 will be pg13 or rated R.

  18. They released the 4th one on April 14. They just wanted to release the next one the same month maybe?

  19. Shit all over these walls Ray!

  20. Shake-A-Spear In Love

  21. Cindy: Brenda! We’re gonna DIE!!
    Brenda: It would’ve just been YOU! If you’d just SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!

    (sorry I saw some quotes and I couldn’t help myself, this is my favorite scary movie quote)

  22. Er, the Weinsteins are really crazy for money, huh? Scary Movie 5 now will serve to get people to see the Ghostface less and less as something to fear something comical, which took some of the magic of the figure killer in Scream 4. This movie has given what it had to give and it only paid the first 2, the rest was crap.

  23. it would be good if the wayans bros came back.. shorty and ray!!

  24. I never really got into the “Scary Movie” movies, though I did see the first one. However, I will say that it would be cool if “Scary Movie 5″ parodied “Scream 4.”

  25. i loved scary movie, it was perfect and almost all of the jokes were funny. number 2 was alright too but not the same as one. after awhile, it wasnt as funny after the wayans bros left. number 3 was hilarious too but four was alright but kind of dumb. if they make a scary movie five, please make fun of scream 4!!!! it would be a perfect match like scary movie was to scream! they also should bring back bizzarro ghostface and the wayans bros along with all of the original cast. please stop doing movies like saw and dumb stuff like that!!! make fun of scream 4!!

  26. I’ve lots interest with the Scary Movie films when the Wayans left the franchise. When the gangs who did the wretched Naked Gun, and Hot Shot films got their hands on the franchise it became bland and boring. Their bland style spawned more horrible dreck like Vampires Suck, Superhero movie, and others I can’t think of right now.

  27. i love scream. i hope they do follow through with making the 5th movie

  28. i want billy back for scream 5! please come on wes get skeet ulrich back to play billy again bring stu back aswell or maybe both their sisters could be the killers in scream 5 and make them survive and be in scream 6 then make it look like they are the killers when infact its someone else framing them!

  29. please make a scream 5 bob weinstein it needs to me made! most fans would think that but please make a new trilogy kill everyone of in scream 6!so harvey weinstein please make a scream 5 even if your brother bob says no find someone else to work on a scream 5 movie!and maybe a sixth! i think you should kill gale in the opening of scream 5 then kill dewey in the opening of scream 6! or kill them both in the beginning of scream 5!

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