Scream 4 Blu-Ray Cover Revealed, And I Don’t Like It (Update)

Well if it isn’t the return of sourface Sid. Today DVD Active posted a sales sheet for the upcoming home release of Scream 4 that reveals the blu-ray artwork. It’s a mashup of the final theatrical poster, some of the international poster, and whatever else they could Photoshop together with the time available between now and… October 4th.

Anchor Bay Home Entertainment’s DVD will retail at $29.98 and instead of a standalone blu-ray copy, a blu-ray/DVD/digital copy combo that will set you back $39.99. However both can be pre-ordered at $12 cheaper at Amazon (DVD, BD).

No word on final extras but as always, once we know, you’ll know. And here you go.

Updated: Here are flat copies of both the DVD and BD covers courtesy of Fangoria.

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65 Responses to “ Scream 4 Blu-Ray Cover Revealed, And I Don’t Like It (Update) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I tottaly agree, they could have done proper photo shoot with the full cast and I think the one with Nico Tortorella was bad but still better than this.

  2. I really don’t give a pooh what it looks like. I just want it to come out. I can’t believe my friends are getting it 2 months b4 me!

  3. That looks terrible!! :( After the great covers of the past, why have they ruined it with such a half arsed attempt. I don’t particularly mind the Sydney and Gale images (although, admittedly, they *could* be a lot better), but the others are just awful!

  4. i actually think that it’s pretty cool. i do think that they could have put another one on like i seen in the paper which was in a v of the cast like the original cover that included sid, gale, dewey, detective hoss, judy, kirby and jill on it. i’m pretty sure that was it but, it looked real and was in the paper. i also liked the pics that they showed at the bottom. it will probably show on the back of the cover, and think about it, there is a pic at the water fountain of the new generation, they wouldnt put that on there if they didnt show it so, there has to be atleast some deleted scenes and maybe we will get what we are hoping for, we just have to kepp our fingers crossed. the dvd also looks kind of fake so, this might be a fake also, until then we just have to wait and see!!!!! My last name is the same as Stu’s!!!!

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with the cover. I just want it to come out already! :)

  6. It’s sad that some of the fan art done creating a cast line-up image looks better than the official thing lol And BTW, for a $30 DVD and a $40 combo pack, this thing better come with some damned good special features.

  7. Horrible! This film continues to disappoint me even on the blu-ray cover, very sad.

  8. the dvd seems to expensive most of them cost around the 19.95 range

  9. That’s pretty much the cost for all DVD an Blu rays on most sales sheets, in stores they are usually about $10 cheaper so don’t worrie folks the DVD will be $20 and Blu between $25 an $30. Also walmart does offer most Blu rays standard (without dvf+digital copy) for around $20 so I’m sure scream 4 will be offered that way to.

  10. This might sound ridiculous…but this cover literally pisses me off so much that I would rather just own a digital copy so I don’t have to look at that God awful cover art every time I wanted to watch the movie. And that’s saying something because I am a very picky movie collector who is usually avid about owning a movie along with the case. I really hope this isn’t the finalized cover art.

  11. Can care less about the artwork. It’s not like I’m going to be staring at it 24/7. I just hope we get what we want(Uncut version, etc.).

  12. I really like the scre4m dvd cover but they couldve made the dewy jill and kirby faces a little bit better but overall I like the dvd cover and for a dvd that cost 29.98 dollars we better get the alternate opening alternate death scenes for the characters that were supposed to be in the movie and they should put the deleted scenes in the movie in the movie to make the movie a little bit longer

  13. I have mixed feelings about the cover. I like that it’s not just one of the theatrical posters and the decided to change it a bit, but it’s very sloppy. I don’t know. I think they should repair it a little, it’s not like they don’t have time to. :L

  14. Good news…at the bottom of the dvd it does say “Cover subjected to change!” Let’s hope to god, since it’s is about 3 months til the dvd covers out.

  15. I don’t see what’s bad about the cover. Some people like to complain about anything that has to do with this movie and I don’t understand why.Scream 3 was a disaster but I don’t think that movie get as much hate from some people as Scream 4 does. I enjoyed Scream 4 a little more then Scream but they both are brillant movies IMO.

  16. LOOK, THE MOVIE WAS GOOD, THE SPECIAL FEATURES MAY BE GOOD, stop complaining!!!!!! if you like the movie, then buy it, if you don’t then don’t!!! people complain so much these days, it’s just a cover!!! and for all we know it is fake!!!! if you like the movie and complain about the cover than don’t buy the stupid movie!!!!!! man, people really annoy me!!!!!!

  17. as it might not be what we are usto. i guess its not that bad…id rather have a traditional scream cover with neve in the middle and courtney on the left david on the right with hayden behind david and emma behind gale. i think that would be better.

  18. They could have done proper photo shoot with the full cast and I think the one with Nico Tortorella was bad but still better than this. [2]

    Is it just me or has anyone else here think that the release date in October too long? I wanted it to August, at most!

  19. This is really bad… It is the same as the international poster, which is horrible.
    I have heard it is subject to change and it better because, I don’t like it at all.
    Hayden’s head and body look like they have been cropped horribly together. It is just bad overall!
    There is still soo much time until October. So, they do have an opportunity to make this an incredible cover.

  20. I think the cover would have been alot better if they just kept the image of Ghostface and remove the cast. It would be simple, but it would not look as photoshopped as it already does.

  21. Totally indicative of the lazy, unfocused, sloppy way with which they’ve dealt with this flick. No love was put into this movie, and it shows. Disgusting.. I’m over it.

  22. is it me or does hayden look a little fat in that picture on the cover but they should have put lucy hale on the cover instead of hayden though cause hayden picture doesnt really look that good

  23. @MIckytftfs Strongly Agree. If they wanted this film to be a success, they should of progressed more into the advertisement and changed the damn theatrical release date. (April,really?) Ridiculous! If they “ever” make another sequel. More effort, please.

  24. The only thing they did wrong for this movie was the release date it should have been in October. Other then that this film is great and almost flawless IMO.

  25. why didn’t they just use the one at the top of this page… it actually doesnt look that bad!

  26. Im really happy with it, i thought Knifeface may show up on the cover!

    Im glad they are doing triple play, so i wont have to pay for a separate digital copy from itunes……anyone know if Triple play will be in UK as well as US?

  27. Why they never did a cast photoshoot in the style of Scream 1-3 is a mystery to me. Wes, if you’re reading – there’s still time before this is released. Get the cast together for a quick V-shaped shoot and slap it on the front cover please!

  28. I understand that some people may not like this cover but if you like this movie then you will buy the DVD no matter what the cover looks like. Anyone who says they won’t buy the DVD because of the cover is just stupid. It’s only a cover! It’s the movie you’re going to be watching.

  29. What the hell is everyone so particular about? We got a Scream 4 when we thought we wouldn’t, we got all the originals back, we got what I thought was a very well done film. I’d say we have plenty to be happy about; so the artwork isn’t the best. Big deal. At the end of the day, it’s the quality of the film that ultimately matters.

  30. I like the poster for Scream 4. I thought it should have been the only thing there on the dvd/bluray cover, but I can understand where Anchor Bay is coming from. The other films’ video releases were similar and made a lot of money, but those releases were uninspired and the photo editing were also bad. I would love to see a box art that was exactly like the theater promotion for the united states.

  31. Dang, they used those ugly pictures from the international poster? It makes the cover slightly unofficial/fan-made looking. Sigh! In terms of cover art, Scream 1 and 2 used proper photoshoots, and those turned out well. Scream 3 was eh, and I guess Scream 4 will be along the same line, in terms of cover art.

  32. Where the He’ll did all of the money go that was put into this film? I don’t understand, the Scream Films have always had a professional quality too them. That is not the case with SCRE4M :(, from the poorly written script to talentless casting to poorly executed
    kills, the over abundance of redundant and silly comedy. It’s like the studio didn’t even care, I mean it may have started out good but man ooooh man did it go to crap :/. I enjoyed the returning cast but that was about it. The half-ass lame thing they wanna call an opening? They wasted the movies most Popular STARS! The 1st of girls was kinda right on. What they should have done was make that scene along with ACTUAL OPENING scene together! Anna and kristen’s scene could have been apart of the Stab universe. combine the characters of Lucy , Shanae’, Brit and Alex, makingthme two characters and VOILA’ an opening scene reminescent of the original but also different because it’s two girls as friends instead of a boyfriend/girlfriend. Add some creepy dialogue! A REAL chase scene ending in a bloody, chaotic deAth! i’n comes SCREAM….4 (minus the goofy fucking music) and introduce, wait for it some one who can actually ACT! lol as u can see I’m a little peeved at what we’ve been given, I PRAY STUDIO EX’ecs read this and Take HINT. Like I’ve said in the past,11 years and THAT’S The Best u can come up with?

  33. @Eddie “the characters of Lucy , Shanae’, Brit and Alex”

    It’s Aimee. But she’s the weakest of the 4 actresses. So I am not as bothered by the mistake, hehe.

    And the comment about people who can’t act… not really. I thought most of the cast is pretty strong. Brittany was very good for what little she had to work with. Alison Brie was also a delight to see.

  34. To this day I have no idea why the character of Tyson made it into the cast poster for Scream 3!!! He is in about 3 scenes and is a totally pointless, forgettable character. Slightly off topic, but there we are…

  35. @ Eddie, you hit the nail right on the head buddy. this whole era of Scream 4 has been one big, Fuck you!, to the fans for allowing ourselves to care about this series.
    It’s offensive.

  36. @ Eddie, your ideas are great, and I believe THAT would have been a better way of handling the material. Wes Craven has a disdain for the fans because a lot of them simply can’t seem to understand that material “SCREAM Franchise” has gotten worse but they demand another film–even when the audience has clearly spoken on the film. The nobles harbor on the foreign returns, which is a complete separate market, deems it a success! They’ve combined the lackluster results from american domestic tally along with the results from SIX CONTINENTS.

    It does seem to be true that many SCREAM fans are so desperate to see their beloved characters up on the silver screen that they will accept even the most superficial lip service to the source material. Bend over backwards, even, to make the movies into something tolerable. (Seems a new Scream movie cannot be released without comments popping up in this Forum that are full of elements the viewers have brought with them in the theaters and jammed into the movie anywhere they will fit.)
    Even when the movies flat out INSULT Scream fans, many of those fans will “turn the other cheek” out of a desperate need to love the film!

  37. I don’t think Scream 4 was that bad, but a disappointment overall. It took the satire to a level that borderlines parody. I think the problems that exist with this film occurred due to the very reason Scream 3 was so lackluster. Kevin Williamson did not have control of his script (regardless of the reasons). I think if Kevin Williamson would have stayed on board from the beginning, and if the Weinstein Brother’s would have minded their own business it would have been better. But when someone is passing the buck they have to have the “say all.” So in the end, the fans loose.

  38. @Philip Tanner, I think Scream 4 could be an end chapter to the franchise. What I wanted was a film that was better than what was done with Scream 3. Scream 4 is not as bad as Scream 3 but it’s bad compared to the first two. Would you mind if Scream 4 was the last one?

  39. I really don’t like these covers….they look so badly photoshopped! seriously, the cast photos are horrible!

  40. so this is what a budget looks like

  41. Mabey this just prototype there is a possabillty there will be another

  42. The poster alone is perfect. Why was the cast photo needed??? Hollywood…i’m starting to think the fans could do a better job! Oh well….the movie was fun and i will own it on day 1.

  43. So the complaining continues huh even about the DVD cover its only a cover lol. You know this might not even be the final picture for the cover. So lets just wait and see what the final picture is and special features are before you jump to conclusions.

  44. @stephon irvin, You are so right. Even after what was force fed to us was such a dissapoinment, fans are looking for any excuse they could find to like this movie. When I first saw Scream 4 I did the same thing, I tried to rationalize it, to make myself like it. But I could not. it’s lackluster, sub-par drivel, made strictly for the cash in. Yet the “fans” stil cry for more???
    why should they bother to work harder and give us quality material (a good dvd cover included) when they do a lazy job, throw this crap at us and we the fans stand up and cheer, begging for more.
    I believe that Wes has probably started to resent the fans and Scream 4 is almost like a middle finger to us.
    @Phillip Tanner, i think one of the main problems of Scream 4, is that it was’nt really a satire on horror movies at all, it was just a satire on SCREAM movies and there’s only so much of that people are willing to sit down and watch.

  45. Like I said people really seem to like to comlpain about this movie. If it’s not about Emma’s size.It’s baout Wes losing his touch or it’s about the DVD cover.Scream 3 was a disaster but I didn’t go to message boards to bash it constantly.Everyone has their opnions about the movie and that’s fine but plaese allow the people who loved it to enjoy it they don’t always want to hear this movie sucked!

  46. Every bit of this is traceable back to the Weinstein Co. You interfere with a writer… change the structure of the story….you pay the price! KW can say all the “NICE” things he wants to about bob but i don’t believe 1 bit of it. It’s crystal clear KW’s original version was butchered. They just attempted damage control and most fans didn’t buy it.

  47. I will say now that i do believe Wes should retire. As much as i love Scream, ANOES and the People Under the Stairs…..the man clearly doesn’t have the pull when it comes to countering studio interference. And sadly i believe his writing skills just haven’t aged well. Some guys can write great dialogue through various generations but Wes’s writing just comes off oddball. Quite a shame considering he has made some of the best horror out there.

  48. I agee the Weinsteins should not have scrapped KW plans. I think it would have been very intresting to see Jill as the heroine/killer in Scream 5 and 6. I also would have loved to see how the truth about how evil and psychotic she really was would have been revealed.

  49. @drewjobullo: how funny. catching up on comments and i look at the posters and think the same thing about tyson. would have been better to put kincade, or even sarah darling.

    as for the new dvd cover. i don’t even think that’s the final product. just a filler.

  50. all i can say is. i loved scream 4 it fit well with the decade it was in and what it was satiring. it gave me the feeling of being a scream movie which is someone is crazy enough not only to just killed based on a movie series but psychotic enough to kill their friends and family just to be famous. and she was right today a lot of people get famous not by working or going to school but either having fucked up shit happen to you or by putting yourself out on the web hence justin beiber and keenan cahill. and they did that really well, i also loved the opening i thought it was original, funny, and perfect, i mean it fit in perfectly that there are so many un needed sequels and characters that dont get enough screen time just because they are going to get killed and you really dont care. hence olivia morris, we didnt see much of her we didnt really get to see her character develope so when she died you really didnt care but as for kirby you saw her blossom and she has became the most loved non main character since prolly casey becker! never have i seen so many scream fans want one character back like the way they want kirby! so as it satires these cliches it also becomes its own cliche….see scream is more than just a guy in a mask going around killing people it has a lot more depth than people give it credit for. and on the note of the cover i stand by what i said earlier i would have liked a traditional scream shot but hey, new decade new cover lol. and this isnt going to stop me from getting this movie it will be apart of my collection regardless because i am a scream fan and i dont bitch about the cover :) and i really cant wait to see if they have commentary on this DVD,i dont see why they wouldnt, its one of my favorite things of the scream DVD features,other than the making of, and i can not wait!

  51. Oh come on what’s the big deal about ‘sourface sidney’? lol. Sure it might not be the best, but I don’t see any reason to disliking it. Seen worse. I just want the movie out now! lol

  52. @LonnieWinchester, lol I completely agree.

  53. I hope the Blu-Ray comes with a slip cover, that looks like the DVD cover

  54. they could of at least got one of the cool posters like the one where its got did gale dewy and ghostface headshots big at the back and then its got the rest of the cast standing in the front i love that poster they should of done that and why isnt there a pic of the normal dvd cover not everyone buys blu ray its so expensive

  55. @JRT, in defense of the Weinsteins-I’ve seen and read nothing but support from these men for their director and their team, while Wes snidely throws them under the bus whenever he can. Their so-called interference has generated billions of dollars and created huge support from maverick filmmakers who openly hate the corporate hollywood system. The Weinsteins want nothing else but the best material from their talent and their property.

    It’s unfounded to make this claim that they’re at fault, they didn’t helm the film, and how did their interference hurt the original Scream and Scream 2? Do you actually believe they approved of Kevin Williamsons first draft, and allow Wes to do whatever he wanted during the first two films? MY GOD, WHAT WOULD THAT FIRST FILM WOULD HAVE BEEN?Do I need to show you Wes Craven’s resume? Based on how the Weinsteins operate with their directors in the past, it seems Wes Craven had problems with the script and didn’t have the balls to express the issues with Kevin. As mediators, the Weinsteins took notes to Wes’ concerns, approach Kevin about the issues and started a compremise. When Kevin couldn’t work with Wes’ vision of the film, the Weinsteins hired Ehren Kruger to do so and judging from his interviews, Wes liked what panned out. So much he was blathering TRILOGY references!

    I think based on their track record the Weinsteins were NOT responsible for what happened to Scream 4.

  56. I was mortified too see that THIS was the final artwork. I loved the theatrical poster with the cast, why not that? At least the international poster was entirely used, but that sucks Anchor Bay let me down on the Blu-Ray work. DVD is okay. I’m also kind of sad they didn’t put the Dimension logo on the spine but instead The Weinstein Company logo. It won’t fit in as well with my copies of Scream 1-3. I wish on the Blu-Ray they’d at least have a different cover sleave artwork.

  57. Is that a VHS tape in the back? people still operate a VCR?

  58. No and yes.

  59. Man, it looks like a straight to dvd movie.

  60. Today I went to Blockbuster, here in Mexico city, and I saw that Scream 4 is gonna be available to rent NEXT MONTH!!! Yes, August 4, thats 2 months before the USA, I think thats kinda weird!! Here’s a picture

  61. Kirby’s DEAD! Her role is striking because she had most of the one liners and the other characters were non-existent. This includes Sidney, and a very aging Gale & Dewey. I think it would have been repetitive to see Kirby’s guts spill out like her very adult “model”-looking friend who lived across the way from Jill.

  62. LMAO your so right Stephon, the only reason Kirby is getting so much love is because she was the only person in the film who resembled a full fledged character. put Kirby in any other Scream film and no one would have given a shit about her. There was nothing really dynamic about her that I can think of.
    It’s further proof at how much this film was lacking. Everyone was just kinda there to let thing happen to them.

  63. I like the dvd poster way better than the blu ray dvd poster

  64. I Really Love This But Its Not The Same As The One Where I Live :( I Don’t Really Like Mine But Hey ITS SCRE4M :D :D :D :D

  65. A Very Ugly Cover.

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