Scream 4 Nominated For Teen Choice Award, Vote Now!

Time to help Scream 4 get some more recognition out there! It has been nominated for Best Horror Film at the Teen Choice Awards 2011. It faces competition in , Let Me In, Saw 3D: The Final Chapter and Piranha 3D: The Sequel. It’s a crime that Hayden Panettiere wasn’t nominated in the Scene Stealer Female category but let’s work with what we got…

I think Scream 4 has a good chance here, because it has teenage characters in it and is a known property. Saw 3D is known too but was the worst entry in the series and the unrelenting gore seems more popular with dudes then chicks. Let Me In seemed marketed towards more adult horror viewers. The Piranha sequel isn’t even out yet, so how’d it get nominated? I guess Paranormal Activity 2 is the biggest threat, being a relatively new franchise that both young and old are crazy over. Are we gonna let that boring flick win?

Simply go to the site and click Vote – it will prompt you to submit an email address (no verification needed)*, then you can scroll down the Movies section and under Horror click the checkbox besides Scream 4. You can vote every day.

*In that cynical move to capture theoretical teenage demographic data, there’s an age requirement (some sites penalize you for being too young, this one does if you’re too old). I got around this by simply imputing 1995 as my birthdate. Yeah, I wish.

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62 Responses to “ Scream 4 Nominated For Teen Choice Award, Vote Now! ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Voted like 5 times so far I think.

  2. Ha that’s awesome scream 4 is definitely the best horror movie out of this list I hope it wins.

  3. Well there’s a few movies on this list that I like alot better so 4 hasn’t got my vote but good luck to it!

  4. Thanks for letting us know! I’ll be voting ;)

  5. im 21 so i cant vote. but scream 1,2,3, and 4 will ALWAYS get my vote no matter what!

  6. nevermind i broke the system!! lol

  7. I’ve voted about ten times. Come on guys! Keep voting!

  8. I vote Butters be banned from this site haha.

  9. The only film on there that could be deemed better is let me in, which is excellent but its a remake so its inferior to my love of scream 4. Sadly though paranormal activity was so big, i think its going to be insanely hard to beat, we need some twilight style fans voteing for scream like crazy people to win this, anyone who does, we love you. Also if you could vote for anything but twilight to give someone else in those catergories a chance for once, thatd be great! I dont hate (dont love it) twilight just its fans. Im gonna be voteing on my phone as much as i can, i want this baaaaaad! I hate PA films there utter garbage.

  10. 6 times so far :) come on go crazy. Also for added, scott pilgrim totally deserves recognition.

  11. All of these movies suck. Except for scream 4 of course. Screazm 4 is smarter and more clever and scarier than them all. Im a teenager so i can vote :) i think im voting for scream 4 everyday :)


  13. Voted for Scream 4, got a little carried away and voted in every catergory, but i will be voting for scream 4 and anna faris every day :)

  14. Im 15 and went there to vote and when it said she requirement I thought okay I’m gonna put 1989 and it said I didn’t meet age requirements and I was like wtf? So I put in my actual birth year 1995. Hope Scream 4 wins! I vote everyday.

  15. There hasn’t even been a trailer for Piranha 3D 2? Um.

  16. I think it’s baloney it’s only nominated once while poop like The Roomate has like 3 nominations….BALOGNA!

  17. i agree 100% about butters being banned! lol

  18. Sorry I refuse to let my love for scream and scream 2 cloud my judgment and act like scream 4 was this epic movie to end all movies. Let me in was amazing and IMO scream 4 does not even touch it. Let me in won’t win however. I wouldn’t be sad if S4 won but I dont think it’s the best on the list.

  19. I made 4 accounts with my 4 emails to vote 4 times more! I seriously want Scream 4 to win this category. It will in a way, give the cast and Dimension Films that people still love the Scream franchise.

  20. banned butters shes evil
    i got like 5 accounts made and im voting foe scream 4 hope it wins vot poeple vote 4 scream 4 :D

  21. I voted but i know that cheesy, god awful paranormal Activity will win.

  22. @Butters
    Dude! You gotta represent man! How can you be on this website and not vote for S4? You.Disguist.Me. (:

  23. ^ um this is a scream site…infact it’s called screamtrilogy, I’m not required to love EVERYTHING scream related. There are actually better movies then Scream 4. Many. Infact 2 on the list above, so yeah.

  24. And also…dont we think the scream franchise is a little 2 cool for the “teen choice awards”. It’s not really something to be all that proud of. Just saying.

  25. …and I just put a vote in for scream 4 (even tho Let me in is soooo much better), but I’m only doing it this once and just so y’all will shut up! =)

  26. I agree with Charlie scream 4 needs to win so that it will give us a better chance of a Scream 5/6. Seriously watching the ending of scream 4 is like watching the ending of Buffy, Depressing. Knowing that that could be it. Uhh We need at least a Scream 5, Cutting to a shot of Jill’s face then fading into credits was not a good ending compared to the first 3, I’m gonna use other email accounts to vote for Scream 4 also:)

  27. The only problem with something like this is the second SCREAM4 wins a teen choice award the big wigs are going to say teens are the new demagraphic and the next scream will be pg-13.

  28. I don’t think they will make a PG-13 Scream 5

  29. I can’t imagine Scream 5 in PG-13.

  30. @ethandram

    it sounded like i hated all of these movies. What i meant scream 4 is a great movie and the rest on the list suck! LOL!

  31. they wouldnt make the next one pg 13. they would loose a lot more than they would gain. because the reason they get such a huge number now is because of the fans who loved the original and they love the blood,gore, and cussing (lets be honest who didnt get all tingly when Sid said “dont fuck with the original!”) and making scream 5 PG 13 they would loose my respect. there is no way you can make a scream movie PG 13 and still be good lets be honest

  32. @Butters

    your points are invalid, we are here on this website because the majority of us are die-hard scream fanboys and fangirls. we know every line we know all the behind the scenes things, we know all of the little things about the scream trilogy that no one else notices. and as for it being too cool? i guess in some cases yea but we want this to win so we can get the recognition it deserves it was a great film, it had a lot deeper of a meaning the people know. overall it was the best out of the rest of the movies, i didnt see any of the others except paranormal activity 2 and it was pretty lame if you ask me. but hey i guess we all have our own opinions

  33. As long as Wes is on board, Scream 5 wouldn’t be PG-13. So.

  34. Hmmm the more that I think about it pg-13 is a possibility. Say the Weinsteins think like everyone has been talking lately, that scream 4 didn’t do great in the theater (in America) but is going to do good on DVD cause the kids can watch it, throw in a teen choice award win and they might just decide to make 5 pg-13 so they can pack the theatres with the kids. I would hope not, but after this one not being as successful as they thought it could happen.

  35. @Butters – Dimension Films never stated that Scream 4 was the end. You’re giving us a opinion, not a fact.

  36. @scream4fan when did I say anything about scream 4 being the last?

  37. @ BUTTERS

    AS A TEEN IM SO PROUD THAT SCREAM 4 GOT NOMINATED at the tca’s this year
    im a huge fan of s4 and the tca thats a dream came true MY FAV MOVIE GOT NOMINATED FOR MY FAV AWARD SHOW. SO YEAH

  38. Come on guys! Keep voting! UNITED WE’RE UNSTOPPABLE!

  39. @Butters, I understand what ur saying to me and thank you for voting for SCREAM 4 atleast once. All im saying is that even though this sight is called SCrEAM TRILOGY we should all still support SCREAM 4 and the future SCREAM(s) if anymore. Catch my drift? I mean even if you didnt like it, if you were a true SCREAM fan you would give all your support.

  40. I’ve seen the movie more times than I can count. I DO NOT get the hype over Hayden Panettiere’s performance in it. She wasn’t bad, but she wasn’t as amazing as everyone says she is. I think it must be a straight guy / horror geek thing. Kinda like the fascination over Megan Fox who, when the hype died down, everyone realized was a horrible actress who shouldn’t be famous just because she’s hot. I think when the newness of Scream 4 wears off, people will appreciate Hayden’s performance less. She was a girl. She was sexy. She knew things about horror movies. She cried on cue and memorized lines. lol I don’t even think she screamed. There’s always one actress in every Scream movie who doesn’t scream and it pisses me off. Anyway, back on topic, I like Hayden a lot, and she was good, but it wasn’t the greatest horror movie performance of all time.

  41. I just read ALL the comments and some of you people aren’t making sense. I agree with Butters. Just because you support something doesn’t mean you’re a slave to it. Let Me In *WAS* FAR superior to Scream 4. So are some of the other movies on the list. *I* voted for Scream 4, but if Butters doesn’t want to, who cares? It’s his opinion and his vote. Anyway, Scream 4 will win big at the MTV movie awards next year. I can’t imagine Emma Roberts not being nominated for Best Villain.

  42. @Butters, I understand it. We all have our different opinions. I just think posting this on Scream site isn’t really good.

  43. Meh… The MTV Awards turned into the Twilight Awards a few years ago.

  44. “Piranha 3D: The Sequel”? That hasn’t even been released yet. Is that a typo?

  45. Yes, I would have definitely voted for Emma as best villain…she was nutz!

  46. I think scream 4 will win, it was a good film, and has the ability to be enjoyable after repeat viewings. Let’s look at the competition.

    SAW 3D: The 8th instalment, no originality, deaths were brutal but left no resonance, new cast members about as loveable as a crocodile eating a baby, old cast members where stale, turgid and un exciting. The 3d was bad, and the opening scene was as exciting as trip to your local butcher.

    LET ME IN: A remake, no humour, slight scares and a lot of talking. If scream 4 was a trip this was a horse tranquilliser. Some may say it was artistic and moving, I thought it was like staring at the mona lisa painting, you know its supposed to be good, but in your heart you know its not original and it seems kind of lifeless

    PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2. You know when you watch a magic trick, and after you want to see it again, but the second time it just isn’t the same, infact its kind of boring cus u know what will happen, well that’s how I sum this film up.
    PIRANHA 2: haven’t seen it yet, if its anything like part 1 then it will be a t and a horror film wiv cool deaths, a lot of blood and crap cgi fish, I liked part 1 cus it new it was a cheesy film but ran wiv it, so to win an award would kind of make it something its not.

    SCREAM 4: Some fans loved it some fans didn’t, studio politics, onset drama’s, some poor editing and dialogue caused some scream fans to stab the film in the back (pun intended) but nothing could hide the fact that scream 4 was not only a decent film but was a clever social statement on the current horror status of remakes, revisions, sequels. Which is so ironic that scream 4s competition is made up of remakes, sequels and revisions. Scream 4 was also a sequel but it was the only one that mocked itself as well as trying to be more original, fun, exciting and resonated than the other poor entry’s, and that’s why scream 4 should win

  47. ^Decent breakdown. I can back that up. Won’t watch the show, but all the winnings this film can take it deserves. Winning!

  48. Good breakdown, Will.

  49. i found a quick way around registering, so i managed to vote about 100+ times in like 20
    mins lets hope a few more of those plus others votes will have a positive outcome for scream4!

  50. @Will
    Couldn’t agree more! :)

  51. I am the biggest scream fan ever. I have seen all of the scream movies so many times. All of the actors do such a fantastic job on it. I would have loved to be in the fourth one because I want to get into acting and I am such a big fan of all the actors. I am extremely hoping that they make a fifth one.

  52. I’m voting everyday! Fingers crossed!

  53. I Vote that Kirby was the best Character since Stu! Brilliant character.

  54. Woo-Hoo go SCRE4M

  55. You guys! Thanks to scream4life I found a way to vote as many times as we want in less than 20 minutes. Just make up fake emails and info and save the email/password in a document and make maybe 5 accounts and use them everyday. If we really want SCRE4M to win we should do that 5x the more votes. C’mon lets all do that!

  56. Good idea Charlie :D

  57. Been Voting For About A Week Or Something! COME ON SCRE4MERS! :) :) :) :)

  58. I just discovered that Scream 4 was nominated. :( But I did vote and I hope Scream 4 wins. It is way more interesting then the others.

  59. Well theres nothing else we can do except pray Scre4mers :) :) :)

  60. It lost to PA2

  61. Emma Roberts should be nominated for best villain in next years MTV awards. Jill Roberts was a very interesting and complex villain.

  62. Is anyone really surprised it lost to Paranormal Activity 2? Unlike Scream 4. Paranormal Activity 2 is current. While Scream 4 is the third sequel to a movie from 1996. Scream 4 is more for us fans of the others than mainstream audiences.

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