Scream 4’s Audio Commentary Not Lost After All

A director, a killer, a victim and a heroine: these diverse representations of the fabric of Scream were present for the audio commentary for October 4th’s home releases of Scream 4. It was recorded back in June.

When it wasn’t listed on the announced special features, we thought it was lost in the cracks somewhere. You know, the same place the Wes Craven/Kevin Williamson audio commentaries for Scream 2 laserdisc/DVD and Cursed DVD ended up. No interesting stories behind those disappearances, I’m sure. Ahem.

Fear not, because distributor Anchor Bay Entertainment have listed on their website within the Scream 4 DVD & BD product item details: Feature Commentary With Director Wes Craven And Cast Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere And Neve Campbell.

The track joins the previously announced Deleted And Extended Scenes, Alternate Opening, Extended Ending, Gag Reel and The Making Of Scream 4.

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24 Responses to “ Scream 4’s Audio Commentary Not Lost After All ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Gonna buy this DVD for sure… :)

  2. I’m going 2 def buy this dvd for sure cause I just loved the movie scre4m and other movies

  3. I really can’t wait for the DVD! I’m dying to see the special features & commentary.

  4. Thank you Lord! I was bummed when this looked like it wouldn’t make it. I just hope it’s Wes alone doing commentary. The younger people don’t do it well. I almost couldn’t make it through the commentary for ‘My Soul To Take’ due to the childish comments by the cast. Craven is so enjoyable to listen to. Wish it was him and him alone.

  5. Very relieved it will be included after all.

  6. Wow…that is a CRAPPY Blu Ray Cover! Almost makes me wanna buy the DVD and put the Blu Ray in it. Bad work on the studio’s art dept.

  7. NO TRAILERS!!!!! You gotta be kidding me man! Almost every major release has Trailers and TV spots. Heck, the other 3 films had em. That’s disappointing man.

  8. Of course…as much as i don’t care for the blu-ray cover, i just realised that they did the same thing for the vhs/dvd cover for scream. They took the Casey Becker Poster…put it in the background and put a cast shot in the foreground. Ok, i’m still unhappy about not getting simply the KNIFE poster….but at least that makes me feel a little better. =) Bring on the 4th

  9. I’m glad that mystery was figured out.

  10. Yeah i figured that special features list wasn’t final its a work in progress. Who knows they still might add other things but I’m glad the commentary isn’t missing from the special features list now. I cant wait until October 4th.

  11. Good!! I was hoping they’d just forgotten to include it and weren’t holding out for another special edition of the movie down the road…after buying the first three on VHS, then DVD, then the cheap boxed set on Blu Ray only to once AGAIN buy them all SEPARATELY on blu ray I don’t plan on quadruple dipping on this one too…getting to be ridiculous. As it is I’ll be buying the DVD AND the Bluray for S4 and I only wanna do that once! lol

  12. I am so excited to see the “Alternate” opening. I wish they (Bob) would have never changed it.

  13. I think it’ll be pretty funny if everyone decides, “Hmm, that original opening really wasn’t better than the one they used.” :-)

  14. It’s gotta be better, from what do know. It was extended, was it not? More character, more action, and the crime scene aftermath before Dewey & entourage rush to the bookstore to intercept Sid. Sounds fantastic to me!

  15. I really wonder what the extended ending is gonna have. Is it gonna have a few extra lines? Or is it gonna have an ending were Sidney walks of into the flashing camera’s then ONE YEAR LATER and Sidney is getting married or something? LOL Random

  16. lmao at Sidney getting married.

    That would’ve been amazingly random.

  17. lol. You never know. I reckon the ending should be like Kirby is alive and she is living with Sidney. Then the phone rings and Sidney yells out Kirby can you get that. Then a voice says “Im gonna get you Kirby” then she responds “Who is this?” then the voice says “Suprise Kirby” and the ghostface killer is behind her. But then if they make S5 it would be revealed it was a nightmare and she was still in hospital or somfin :D

  18. Let’s get a new post up already.

  19. @awesome:D11, That is a cool idea about Kirby it would be awesome if they did something like that.

  20. @Cody.William.Reints

    I second that! New post please! :)

  21. I don’t even care if its a whole post on who you think scream 5 will be. I just need something new to read up in here.

  22. @awesome:D11, the Kirby sequence you’ve written were, with the exception of the phone call, were endings from the two “I Know What You Did Last Summer” movies.

  23. I haven’t seen the i know what u did last summer movies. Thanks Matthew :D

  24. I think the extended ending should be its 2 months later and kidney is living with,dewy and gale and she takes a hot and sees q familiar face sitting on the bench and she stops and the person hello kidney remember me u didn’t really think after wma couple shocks and a bullet would kill me would u I thought so then the person takes off the sunglasses and she sees the face if Jill and Sydney says no then Jill smiles and brings up a camcorder and says a perfect ending and new blood for me welcome back to my movie and a sequel then she would wake up in her ber and says its just a dream and sees hills I phone next to her bedside table and a note that says its not over till I say its over sincerely Jill tg

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