Scream Trilogy Blu-Ray & Scream 4 Special Features

Oh yes, this I like. If you’ve wondered if the upcoming Scream trilogy blu-ray box set was going to have any new extras, and also when the Still Screaming feature-length documentary was coming out, it’s a two-birds-one-stone situation as it was announced today that Still Screaming will be contained with the Scream BD set on September 6th!

Obviously, this puts DVD users out in the cold and forces owners of the existing standalone blu-rays to double dip, but I feel it’s a more than worthy purchase, and you might agree if you go back and look at all the coverage we’ve done on the doco. It’s clearly going to break the mold of what we all know about the trilogy.

You can pre-order the set now. In light of this addition, I feel the $27.99 price could possibly go up – however pre-ordering buyers will definitely get the existing (or lower) price. So chop chop.

And a month later on October 4th, Scream 4 will be no supplement slouch itself as it was revealed today that Anchor Bay’s DVD & BD will include:

-“The Making of Scream 4″ featurette

-Alternate Opening

-Extended Ending

-Deleted and Extended Scenes

-Gag Reel

We know all about the alternate opening but the extended ending is news to me! But what the heck happened to the recently recorded cast & crew audio commentary?

Source: Shock Till You Drop

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65 Responses to “ Scream Trilogy Blu-Ray & Scream 4 Special Features ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Extended ending? Woah. Im officially stoked. I can’t wait to see all the deleted scenes and alternate opening, too. :$

  2. I would have already bought 1-3 seperately on BluRay. I don’t know what to do now.

  3. Extended ending! fingers crossed its that scene with Jill screaming into the phone with Sidney standing right beside her!

  4. I bought all 3 movies together last year, I don’t want to buy another whole set for Blu-Ray then on top of that the fourth movie which will probably be $25. Grr.

  5. The extended ending is 3 more seconds where we see Jill take a breath. :)

  6. Guess I gotta buy a Blu-Ray Player now… At least I don’t already have the individual Blu-Rays… Pretty stoked to see the extended ending on the S4 release… I would like to have had those scenes integrated into the movie, but whatever…

  7. @Lewis – Agreed. I want an Uncut Version.

  8. As much as I want to see the Still Screaming documentary I’m not gonna buy the original trilogy all over again. Hopefully they will release the documentary individually.

  9. I deff want to see the extended ending, I deff think Jill screaming into the phone is in this! XD I bet they forgot to add the comentary because everyone already knows about it

  10. wheres the commentary? the thing i was most excited for

  11. I’m livid about the Still Screaming thing. Why could they not have just released a set originally with it? Or at least release Still Screaming separately so that those of us who went out and bought the stand alone Blu-Rays aren’t screwed over. This is why people download stuff illegally…Because when they actually fork over cash, they get screwed.

  12. Since we in Canada are getting Scream 4 from the same folks who deal with the other 3 perhaps we can get Still Screaming in THAT BD or a complete set (which I’d be much cooler about getting than 4+ the Trilogy again). Although a separate DVD/Blu are what I’d like most, myself.

  13. Maybe they didn’t mention the commentary because it’s just one of those features that are always on a DVD and since they were so obvious it was happening to the fans, WE already know that’s coming. Or maybe someone looked over it.

  14. So this means that Still Screaming will only be available to the US?! Unless I buy myself yet another blu ray player which is region free. No way! This fucking sucks!! :puke:

  15. Craven said the hospital ending was there from the beginning and not added to end on a positive note. It was even supposed to be the whole 3rd act and had to be streamlined during the rewriting process.

  16. I knew I had to wait for the complete set! Thanks I had patience.

  17. Nice little callback, Cory! Good to know you survived Windsor College! Now I’m thrilled I didn’t buy the individual BDs. Now I can enjoy them all on blu-ray in just about 8 weeks, and I didn’t shell out extra money for em!

  18. Will the Trilogy BD be the same as the Canadian one released late last year ? That cover was much better. We will not get to have Quadrilogy I supposed !

  19. Very happy I decided to wait for a boxset now. That’s pretty crazy that you have to buy the whole trilogy to get Still Screaming, but whatever. More excited for this then 4!

  20. Hmmmm….The Scre4m DVD sounds Good.
    (I think Ethan is right about the commentary)

    Sooo the Aussie Blu ray won’t have Still Screaming on it?

    I’ve bought 6 DVD players in the last close to 2yrs,they can’t seem to handle my excessive use of them…Might be time to invest in a blu ray player.
    Byebye Gotta Google BluRay Players Lol

  21. Ugh, so are we getting an extended version or not? Or is all the extended/deleted scenes in the extras? So stupid… not impressed.

  22. No extended cut at this time

  23. I really want to see the fountain scene and Jill screaming on the phone mocking Sidney.

  24. I hope the U.K get the same special features, otherwise im holding out to see if the blu rays region free. I’m not to worried about still screaming because it will obviously get a stand alone release.

  25. Is it just me or am I the only one PRAYING that Kirby pops up alive in the extended ending and or deleted/extended scenes?. So stoked about this!!!

  26. I believe the extending ending is Jill looking the camera and the audiences would think that she’s stil alive or maybe the classic Scream finale, the survivors and a panoramic shot outside the hospital with the press and reporters (like the first and the second film)

  27. @Tristan Well, we know for a fact Kirby will be in atleast one deleted scene, trailers and stills proved she’s in the fountain scene.

  28. Maybe we will also get the Tatum flashback

  29. Sounds great, but it’s still disappointing to know that there won’t be a director’s cut, because the editing was horrible in the theatrical version. I really wish Wes would just spend a couple of days perfecting the movie, so that there aren’t so many flaws.

  30. @Vinny or whoever can answer

    I heard several people mention the supposed-spoiler shot of Jill screaming into the phone, standing next to Sidney. I’ve watched the trailers looking for this and haven’t seen it. Is there something I’m missing?

  31. Extending ENDING??? Oh My… Me thinks Kirby fans will rejoice because I believe they’ll be getting their wish. Now where are my RED SLIPPERS!

  32. Looking at the trailer again, it seems to me that the shot of Jill screaming into the ‘phone’ is just a doctored shot from the third act confrontation. Presumably so that they could include the shot, but not give the killer’s identity away.

    @Lucas It’s a split second shot towards the end of the 2nd Official trailer. The one that runs 2.32 I think.

  33. What makes you think if Kirby comes alive in the alternative ending she has a chance to return?

  34. @BEn link to the trailer?

  35. $28 for 3 movies on Blu-Ray? That’s a good deal :)

  36. Besides the scream documentary, This article doesn’t list the rest of the special features on the box set, anybody know what they are?

  37. Extended Ending? Kirby’s body being found!! :)

  38. Yea seriously, what are they gonna keep the commentary from us and release that a few months down the road to try and get us to double dip for this one too?? This is all such a scam. I already have all 3 on both DVD and bluray. Now they want us to buy it AGAIN just to see the new doco??? This couldn’t possibly be more blatantly about dollar billz…

  39. So, who’s gonna make a bootleg and insert all the deleted scenes, alternate opening and extended ending? ;)

  40. I’m glad I didn’t buy the blu-ray trilogy yet knowing from past experience. The marketing world always holds out for a better version down the road.

  41. That would be fun to edit the scenes back into the film, and I wish anchor bay could have had an extended-branching for the scenes.

  42. Scream 4’s Australian release has been pushed back to October 6, according to ezydvd:

  43. Wow – people really need to start accepting that Kirby is DEAD!!! When I hear “extended ending” my mind does not go anywhere near Kirby. It goes to a longer hospital scene or getting so see Sidney, Gale or Dewey AFTER the hospital scene.

    I highly doubt that a longer ending would instead pan nicely away from the hospital, over the rooftops, through the trees, to Kirby’s back garden, where we see her casually getting up, brushing herself off and popping into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea and stitch up the massive stab wound in her stomach!!!

  44. So you can’t get this documentary outside of the US? Forgien figures basically saved Scream 4, and this is the thanks we get?

  45. what is this scene with jill on the phone i havnt heard of this?

  46. i wanna see new trailers!!! lol

  47. Forgien figures basically saved Scream 4, and this is the thanks we get?


    Did I miss something? Has the Weinsteins greenlit Scream 5? How did the foreign figures saved Scream 4? The reason why extra material is coming to the United States is BECAUSE HOLLYWOOD MAKES FILMS FOR A DOMESTIC AUDIENCE. HELLO.

  48. Well, you’re wrong there. While domestic performance is a large factor in a film (or franchise) getting a sequel, Hollywood doesn’t only ‘MAKE FILMS FOR A DOMESTIC AUDIENCE’.

    The sad fact of the matter is that Scream 4 underperformed in the States, and strong figures this side of the Atlantic bolstered the film’s final tally. And that isn’t opinion, that is fact.

    Also, I don’t know why everyone is freaking out about the special features not being released on the editions outside of the US. As far as I’m concerned, the features will appear on all versions, it’s just that the promo has been from US sources, about the US release.

    As for Still Screaming, again this is from US sources about the US release. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

    Sorry, rant over.

  49. ???

  50. If i don’t get a Director’s commentary i will be one pissed of fan!

  51. So if Kirby doesn’t show up all fine and dandy in the extended ending, will you losers finally shut up about her still being alive?

  52. If Hayden does not sign up for Scream 5 then they will be no question that Kirby is dead.

  53. This can’t be final…almost every film now includes Trailers and TV spots.

  54. I officially hate blu-ray. Money suckers

  55. So the Still Screaming documentary is only being released on the blu-ray set? What about us who only have DVD and not blu-ray?

  56. I have a feeling that Alliance Films will release a Quadrilogy set sometime late this year, around when Scream 4 comes out. That would be EPIC to have all four Screams PLUS Still Screaming in one box set! Canada Rules! :p

  57. The extended ending will just be a lame extra few seconds that doesn’t change a damn thing.

    Haven’t we learned from this tricks???

  58. the extended ending might be the one in the trailer where Jill is screaming at the phone.

    I’m excited for this one!!

  59. Extended ending is probably extra dialogue and whatnot. Nothing too special, so don’t get your hopes up people. LOL This sucks the documentary won’t be released on DVD. I hate greedy movie companies trying to force us to spend more money into buying Blu-Ray. It’s never gonna happen. They can suck it! LMAO

  60. @drewjobullo – Bwahahaha! That’s so funny you almost had me writing “LOL”, something impossible unless I suffer Jill-esque cranial electroshock! I have to say I’d like to see THAT demented ending!

  61. What trailer is it were she screams into the phone??

  62. Can someone explain to me why the UK DVD/BD has no extras such as these – is this just a USA release with extras on?

  63. Okay you guys is it when you buy Scream 4 seperatley on Blu Ray your gonna get the alternative opening, extended ending, deleted scene and making of featurette and the docutmentery?

    Cant wait! :D

    Marnie’s death
    Rachel’s extra line
    Jill screaming into the fone
    Charlie’s new line
    Jill screaming MUM in the hospitial
    The fountain
    Olivia’s death – bloody mask

    What else?

  64. WTF?! Do you only get the extras if your in USA?


  65. hi everyone im from the uk and im so pissed off that the special features havent been released here on dvd or blu ray

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