The Unseen Scream 4 Part 7: Pay-Per-View Alternate Cut

Sometimes TV cuts of films yield vast differences to their theatrical counterparts, but over this past weekend, the hotel Pay-Per-View version of Scream 4 became apparent to be altered in numerous, if subtle ways. There is some debate that Olivia’s deathscene is edited a little differently and has perhaps more impact but outside of that, what makes this an alternate cut and contender for Unseen Scream 4 status is all in the audio and dialogue. The changes mostly break down into three categories:

- Added Dialogue: brand new dialogue added to the film
- Looping: existing dialogue replaced with slightly different lines
- Dubbing: dialogue replaced with alternate takes of the same line

Prominent examples, to name a few, are the revelation only previously hinted at that Jenny was the “other woman” that Trevor cheated on Jill with, Woodsboro High’s principle’s announcement about a curfew (just like Himbry in the original) and confirmation that Robbie is dead (told ya, dead is dead!). Arguably the audio additions enhance and clarify the film while the audio replacements have been called a mixed bag of improvements and ruinations for some characters, so if you’ve seen the PPV cut do let us know your thoughts (no links/info for downloading copies please, big brother is watching).

Special Thanks goes out to Brett Vickerman for creating this exhaustive list for us.


Sherrie added dialogue
“Trudy! Oh, my God” after seeing Trudy get stabbed


Chloe added dialogue
“It’s your own fault” after stabbing Rachel


Something to Die For plays longer, fades out while Sid and Rebecca talk


Olivia dubbing
“Ok, so Trevor called me last night”
“He’s worried your cousin coming to Woodsboro is distracting you from knowing how worry he really is”

Olivia added dialogue
“Problem with Trevor is he never quits.”

Olivia dubbing
“By the way, have you seen the grim reaper? Angel of Death?

Olivia added dialogue

POSSIBLE Jill dubbing
“If I knew her, which I don’t really”

Olivia dubbing
“Wherever she went, people died. Other people, it was never her. I mean, Stab is the wrong franchise for her, it should be Final Destination.”

Jill dubbing
“Ok, why is Jenny Randall calling me?”

Olivia dubbing
“Ooh, the other woman.”
“I can’t stand Jenny Randall.” Is redone and differently placed

Jill dubbing
“Hello?” is differently placed

Deleted dialogue
Kirby’s “Why?” is gone

Olivia dubbing
“Wow, that was original. I got a call like that this morning from Marnie the Carnie.”


Dewey dubbing
“One generation’s tragedy is the next one’s joke”

Dewey added dialogue
“Why’s that?” in response to Judy saying “I wish I’d been old enough to be on the force when you were solving those crimes.”
“…or trying” after “She’s writing – fiction.”


Gale dubbing


Film geek added dialogue
“Look.” signaling Robbie to the girls

Robbie dubbing
“Oh, this is hall pass with Robbie Mercer, here with the luscious Olivia Don’t-look-at-my-tits-I-have-a-mind Morris. Here is my Woodsboro Massacre anniversary question. What is your favorite scary movie?”

Olivia dubbing
“Is that all you got, some stupid douche question?”

Jill dubbing
“Yeah, where’d you hear that anyways?”

Kirby dubbing


Jill dubbing
“I think Charlie likes you.”

Kirby dubbing
“And I like him – to teast, to torment, to make him squirm.”

Jill dubbing
“You could do a lot worst, trust me.”


Gale added dialogue
“What are you doing here?” instead of “What’s going on Dewey?”

Perkins added dialogue
“Hoss, I’m hearing something!” (right before Hoss “Sheriff, it’s ringing out here!”


Dewey dubbing
“So look, uh, you’ll have 24-hour police protection” (instead of “police surveillance”)


Trevor looping
“Be cool, it’s ok, it’s just me. Relax, relax, it’s just me.” (instead of “Be cool, it’s ok. Relax, relax, it’s just me.” and placed differently)


Olivia dubbing
“You know there are two zombies sitting outside your house in a car?” (instead of “You know there are two zombies sitting outside the house in a car?”)
“Angel of Death leave?”
“Forget it, next door’s close enough.”
“She’s at her boyfriend’s. It’s creepy around here tonight.”

Kirby dubbing
“Then who the fuck are you?”


Perkins dubbing
“What’s going on in here?”
“We’ll check out back.”
“There’s nobody back there.”
“Hoss, call it in.”
“Hey, are you ok?”

Bystanders dubbing
“This is all your fault, Sidney.”
“You’re just like your mother!”
“We thought this was over.”
“Come on, leave her alone.”

Hoss and Perkins dubbing
Perkins: The kids are over there.
Hoss: Over by that tree.
“Hoss, clear these people out.”


Robbie dubbing
“This is Hall Pass with Robbie Mercer webcasting live in our darkest hour. What began as a day of remembrance has ended with serial murder. Olivia Morris, who officially will never go out with me, is dead. So is Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper. Our local legacy – the Stab movies – is coming to life.”


Doctor dubbing
“There’s no broken bones, I think you’ll be fine. Take it easy. You’re lucky, Sidney.” (instead of “There’s no broken bones, I think you’ll be fine. Just take a couple weeks off.”)


Rebecca dubbing
“Have you even read my book, Rebecca?”
“The problem with Sidney is she never gets laid. Or even a little shitfaced once in awhile. She’ll call me tonight and apologize. Just watch.”


Ghostface dubbing/added dialogue
“If you wanna be in the hospital, I’d be happy to put you there – in the fucking morgue!”

Rebecca dubbing
“Cut and run”


Perkins looping
“Oh, shit!” is placed differently

Dewey dubbing
“What am I supposed to say?”

Gale dubbing
“Listen, I may not be wearing a uniform, but I happen to have a lead and you don’t”


Principal added dialogue
“And remember students, tonight’s town curfew is nine o’clock. You should be home with your doors locked at nine o’clock.”


Robbie dubbing
“That’ll do.”


Ghostface looping
“Right? Am I right?” (instead of just “Am I right?”)

Kate dubbing
“Oh, my god.”
“Come on, Jill.”
“She’s not picking up.”

Hicks dubbing
“Hey! Hold!” as Sidney drives away


Kirby dubbing
“You missed chaos, utter chaos.”


Jill dubbing
“Charlie!” (first line in kitchen)

Charlie added dialogue
“That should keep him quiet” (after Jill executes Trevor)

Hicks added dialogue
“He’s gone!” after checking Robbie’s pulse


Dewey dubbing/added dialogue
“It’s ok. You’re gonna be ok. Jill, you made it, that’s all that matters.” (instead of “Jill, you made it. That’s all that matters.”)

Added loudspeaker dialogue in two places – right before Jill opens her eyes in her bed and as the nurse walks by
“Your attention please, there will be a mandatory meeting for all non-emergency personnel in the basement conference room in five minutes.”

Dewey dubbing
“Dammit!” instead of “Shit!” when realizing Jill’s the killer

Jill looping
“You think I won’t do it?” replaces “What, you think I won’t do it?” and is placed a bit differently

Jill added dialogue
“You heard her!” in reference to Gale telling Hicks to do it

Gale added dialogue
“Give it to her!” in hushed tone while Hicks is standing

Added sound effect
Hicks gunshot grunt is much more audible

Jill added dialogue
“She’s not going to help you.” (before “Come on.”)
“Neither is he.”

Gale added dialogue
“Dewey?” (looking at Dewey on the floor)
“Where the hell is everybody?!” (after Sidney’s final line)

As it’s unlikely it was created just for PPV, it remains to be seen if this version was culled from an earlier cut of the film or if it’s an improved, “modified-from-theatrical” version that will be what we see on DVD & Blu-Ray. We’ll surely find out on October 4th, if not sooner!

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41 Responses to “ The Unseen Scream 4 Part 7: Pay-Per-View Alternate Cut ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. cool

  2. Saw this version and the only piece of dialogue I noticed that was different that actually improved the movie for me was Ghostface’s morgue line… classic!

  3. @wicked-scribe: You are a Scream God amongst Scream men… you thoroughly rock and I thank you for all the hard work you put into the site. I liked the bigger pictures better on the main page, but I see how the smaller ones make things look cleaner. Keep up your awesome work!

  4. I really like the added dialogue, it provides some missed details from the original theatrical version – eg, the hospital announcement indicating where all the staff were! But the dubbed dialogue seems to take away from some better delivered moments in the original cut – Kirby’s “Well who the fuck are you?” for example. Still awesome either way though! :)

    Oh and “I’d be happy to put you there… In the fucking morgue!” HAS to be included on the Blu Ray cut, best addition! :)

  5. There are many instances were i would prefer this PPV version over the theatrical cut, and Visa verse. All of Olivia’s lines feel, and look dubbed, which is a HUGE turn off to me. Kirby’s original “well then who the fuck are you”, is truly missed. I am in utter love with BOTH of the loud speaker additions to the film, both the principles AND the hospitals! Also something i realized was, in the PPV version a guy listed of a woman shouts “Your just like your mother”. The guys delivery of this line , cheesy, yet more believable then the terrible actresses that shouted it in the theatrical version. I would like the line “Its your own fault” If the mixing were better, sounds out of place. So im not sure which one i would rather have on the DVD/Blu-Ray. I would probably have to go with the PPV version just because of all of the added stuff, JUST PLEASE FIX OLIVIA’S DUBBING!!! ITS TERRIBLY OBVIOUS!

  6. Maybe they don’t have time to finish the theatrical version son we have a extended cut unrated dvd…

  7. This is pretty cool! I love some of the added dialogue. I haven’t seen this myself, but I guess I’ll order it on PPV even though I’m definitely buying it on Bluray haha

  8. The two announcements could have really improved the believability and credibility of the film A LOT more… they should have been kept in… but yeah… this is great!!!

  9. And no “fuck you, Bruce Willis” removal? Too bad!

    And I want Sidney to have the final line!

  10. I think that that “morgue” line was in the spanish cut I saw.

  11. Im not sure what I think about this, dubbing can be really, REALLY, bad sometimes, and some users are saying it is, wish they would just keep the original version,

  12. Interesting!

    I’m curious about the added lines….like WHY were they added.
    Not that there bad more like why weren’t they in the theatrical release and why add them to the PPV version?

  13. The only time I’ve seen Scream 4 was when I saw it at the cinema (in the UK) and the morgue line was DEFINITELY there. International cut?

    Can’t wait for the Blu!

  14. It’s weird, I remember all of these lines from theatres. Literally, all of them. I watched PPV and I didn’t see any different.

  15. i think that some of the lines were in it and some were not. i like alot of the lines except for the lines that were cut short like kirby’s line while on the phone with ghostface. but yeah, they were some that could have been added and i think that the shool and hospital announcements were more realistic too and some should have been removed because of the bad lines but, cool!!!!!

  16. Some of these lines are IDENTICAL in the version I saw in theater. Maybe the lines are exactly the same, but they dubbed them in a different tone/way so that they sound better?

  17. The added dialogues do make the hospital scene a little more believable since no one was on that floor to interrupt any of the commotion going on for a good 5-10 minutes. I wish they have thought of that before releasing the cut to theaters.

  18. Hey guys, I’m the one that wrote up the information. Mr. Floppy and James, what dates did you see the film? And are you sure all of the other changes were present as well?

    Ghostface, the changes are mostly different tones to lines, yep.

  19. Some of those lines were in the movie. Particularly some of Olivia’s stuff in the first scene. The Final Destination line and other stuff.

  20. Yeah, I wasn’t going to say anything because I thought I might just be nuts but none of these new lines seem different to me at all, like maybe there’s 2 theatrical versions? Maybe the is just some weird mistake?

  21. The morgue line was in the theatrical film. Just the fucking was added…. wasn’t it?
    and i really wish the hospital announcement was in the film because it would have made it alot more believeable… yet not. because how lucky would have jill got that there just happened to be an “emergency” meeting in the basement so no one heard anything?? lol
    Unless there was a third killer who made the announcement!!!! jkjkjkjkjk
    and i dont think they really needed the principal announcement. i didnt really care about that one.

  22. Interesting. I like the added stuff such as the announcement in the Hospital and Sidney saying “Where is the hell is everybody?”

    I REALLY want to get this Blu-Ray already. I’m going to get spoiled though since I get it last.

  23. Guys, most of the dialogue here WAS in the theatrical version. It was just re-done for the PPV version with different intonation.

  24. After reading this I went to the site where I watch movies online and sure enough someone had updated the cam version that had previously been on there to the new PPV cut in full screen DVD quality. I could definitely notice the difference, although this site did provide a nice tip. It makes me wonder if it will be the version on the blu-ray. I kind of doubt it, but I wouldn’t mind.

  25. Yeah a hell of a lot of those lines were in the theatre versions I saw- you just can’t pick them up on your first or second viewing because some of them are near throwaway lines that characters merely muffle.
    However, the principle’s loudspeaker and the hospital announcement are completely new things.

    Oh and the fucking morgue. haha! Love it!

  26. So i wonder if this means that we will see an alternate, unrated, or extended cut or whatever they call it lol

  27. i just got done watching the ppv version and…im some ways i like it a lot better some of the added dialogue was really nice, and fit the movie well, some dubbed was weird specially olivias. but best added was in the fucking morgue. that was sooooo ghostface! lol and i prefer to hear dewey say dammit for some reason.

  28. No one said some of these lines weren’t already there, they just dubbed over and now it looks liek crap (most of Olivia’s scene) and the added dialogue are not necessary. I don’t need to know that Jenny was the other woman, it was better when it was implied and there was a doubt. The only think i like better is the “fucking “morgue thing.

  29. I’ve been able to get different versions of this of different sizes and they are all horribly out of sync. Has anyone seen an in-sync version??

  30. @Lola “I don’t need to know that Jenny was the other woman, it was better when it was implied and there was a doubt.”

    A lot of viewers didn’t catch the implication like the hardcore fans. We the fans are already familiar with who Trevor is right off the start, so we caught the reference easily. But for regular watchers, they haven’t been introduced to him yet during the opening scene. So it is harder for them to register. I think the addition actually clarifies the story better.

  31. Seems like a workprint to me.

  32. I think the PPV version will be the final version in Blu-Ray. I actually hope it is. I like the addition of the campus loudspeaker announcing the 9 pm curfew.

  33. Just saw the PPV version. Some of the dubbing changes listed here did not sound like actual dubbings to me. Could be audio/mixing effects done by the editors.

  34. Were do u see the PPV version???

  35. @wicked-scribe There is another change in the dubbing as well for when Dewey is running to Sidney’s hospital room the “Hicks, get up to Sidney Prescott’s room and call for back up” is dubbed.

  36. Pay Per View has gone viral on YOUTUBE! just type in: Wes Craven’s Scream 4 (Part One)

  37. The PPV version is the version on the scandinavian Blu-ray/DVD and the morgue line was always there but here he says the F—ING morgue ;)

  38. This version is what we have in the UK :D

  39. Pay Per View has gone viral on YOUTUBE! just type in: Wes Craven’s Scream 4 (Part One)

    HELLO! I’ve been telling everyone about THAT version for a couple of weeks. Strange, SCREAMINGFOR4, your post about this discovery hasn’t been edited???

  40. I found a Blu-Ray copy online and it is the PPV version. I think it’s a rip from the UK Blu-Ray. So there’s no telling which version the US will get until October 4th when we ALL go by the Blu-Ray/DVD.

  41. Yet another aspect identified by dimension is actually how large of a waffle the mold will produce.

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