Theatrical Cut Confirmed For Scream 4 DVD

A leaked screener copy has become confirmation the print for the upcoming home release of Scream 4 will be the theatrical cut, rather than the Pay-Per-View Cut that has been recently playing on order in hotels/motels.

That would seem to indicate the PPV Cut was an accidental release of an earlier cut, one that was virtually indistinguishable to the final product.

It is highly unlikely that the PPV Cut will get an official release in any form. If you have it, treasure it! Call it elitist, but there’s something really cool about owning a rare version the masses don’t have access to.

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26 Responses to “ Theatrical Cut Confirmed For Scream 4 DVD ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I knew the ‘PPV’ version was a workprint.

  2. I know that sometimes a film that plays on tv or cable can actually be different from it’s theatrical source material. For instance, if you watch the dvd of ‘ERNEST GOES TO JAIL’ and then catch it on tv….the tv version has like 10-12 minutes of extra footage. Sounds absurd but it’s true. I never could figure out how a film playing on tv could include scense ommited from physical copies….but i guess it’s a rare thing that happens. Sounds like this happened with S4.

  3. So can anyone tell us what the difference in the PPV copy is and the theatrical version we saw?

  4. If you go back through recent articles you should find one outlining all of the differences between the two copies. :)

  5. Thank God. But thinking about it, why did they remove the “he’s gone” from the original version? Still think he is probably dead, but it is kind of intresting.

  6. I have the PPV version. So no worries :)

  7. I dont get it

  8. I like the PPV better, mweh! Can’t wait for the deleted scenes!

  9. ugh, i might have to check into a motel tonight :P

  10. Thank god they’re is a theatrical cut of the film for the dvd maybe we will c the real deaths and the alternate opening

  11. That’s a bummer. Because some extra additions in the PPV version made the story much clearer than we heard in the theater. They should consider merging some of the positive things between the 2 versions.

  12. The only thing I think they should have kept in from the PPV cut was chloe’s line “It’s your own fault” because that made more sense as to why Anna’s character said “why?” in my opinion

  13. I like the hospital announcement and Gale’s very last line, among other things.

  14. I just realize there is a fly on Sidney’s face.

  15. lol is that really a fly??

  16. Any clue is to where we can obtain the PPV version ? I do not live in America and pre-order both Trilogy and Scream 4 BD

  17. So, this also confirms there being no extended cut? Pathetic…

  18. Oh the quality of the bdrip is amazing, and I preferred the theatrical cut anyway. And I’m not too bummed about not getting an extended cut I mean did you seriously think we would? It’s good enough where getting Deleted/Alternate scenes.

  19. same thing happened with RZ’ Halloween. i own a copy that was never released in theaters or DVD….i bought it from a guy who sells bootlegs the day before the movie came out in theaters

  20. Oh my gosh! Guys, the PPV cut is on youtube. HELLO! I’ve posted the address before but was edited. There should be some that may have Scream 4’s footage. Click on to the sender’s address there’s a stream of parts for the movie.

  21. AWESOME :D 11

  22. Mwaha guess you cheered too early! Europe gets the right aspect ratio/dts and it’s the PPV version.

  23. Apparently according to a website. On monday when my dvd gets here we will have the PPV cut and some deleted scenes, gag reel and a making of feature, that’s what t said in total film but when I forced the dude in blockbusters to show me the case because I could NOT wait. It had no info on the special features ugh too confusing :/

  24. The UK/Ireland cut of the movie is the PPV version. The one with the curfew announcement and confirmation of Robbie being dead.
    No special features, just a trailer.
    It came out Friday in Ireland.

  25. I watched the PPV cut online for free. And I didn’t realize it until Rebecca’s death scene.

  26. nah……

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