Updated Scream Trilogy Blu-Ray Boxset Artwork

Not the outright cover redo fans have been demanding, but since the announcement of two landmark documentaries being added to the upcoming Scream collection, Miramax have altered the artwork to better pimp out the new features.

They’ve also dropped the Trilogy title and re-named it the Scream: 5 Film Set. This confirms the docos won’t be bundled into the 3 films discs. My best bet is both of them will be on a 4th disc together. If so that’s going to be a tight fit. Still Screaming is supposed to have extras, at the very least an audio commentary by director Ryan Turek.

Thanks to Eric for catching this on DVD Empire.

Pre-order on Amazon for under $20.

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22 Responses to “ Updated Scream Trilogy Blu-Ray Boxset Artwork ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. While the dropping of “1” after ‘Scream’ is a definite positive, the “5 Film Set” line is pushing it a bit. ‘Still Screaming’ may be a film but I don’t see how they consider ‘The Inside Story’ one by any stretch of the imagination. It should be a requirement for the art directors of sets like these to be fans of the series in question; they’d be far less likely to fuck it up.

  2. No Scream 4???

    That’s kind of ridiculous.

  3. when i read 5movies i thought there’d have 2 be S4

  4. Its almosst like they’re trying to keep Scream 4 totally separate. You always hear the movies referred to as a trilogy still but the fact is that its now a quadrilogy. I don’t know why they aren’t cashing in and releasing a complete set of all four films. I know the idea is that there might be a new trilogy starting with Scream 4, but if they do take it all the way to Scream 6 then that makes the Scream franchise a six-part series, not 2 individual trilogies. Urgh, just release a complete set! After all, the whole Still Screaming thing is because the series has continued thanks to Scream 4 – at least shove that movie in with it to justify it all…!

  5. Why are people still complaining that 4 won’t be included in the set? It’s been discussed at length that we won’t see that any time soon because the first three belong to a different studio to the fourth.

    Unless the studios team up (unlikely) then this is the best anyone can hope for.

  6. they propably notice already how many times SCREAM fans buy the same movies the same time just 2 get something extra LOL

  7. Guys, “Scream 4″ is being released by another company. It can’t legally be included in this boxset.

  8. I prefer the Trilogy tag instead of this 5 Films Set wich leads to confusion.

  9. I’ve gotta say, the deal on Amazon is pretty darn good. Since it’s a pre-order you can cancel it at any time before it ships. Plus, if the price goes up, which for some reason I think it will, you still get the locked-in price of $19.

    Just sucks that I already bought all the blu-rays a few months ago.

  10. Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3 = Miramax-owned, Lionsgate home distribution rights

    Scream 4 = The Weinstein Company-owned, Anchor Bay home distribution rights

    I wish people would gain some sense of the complicated rights issues and legalities involved before complaining cynically about the companies wishing to screw over fans by “enticing” them with numerous repeated purchases of the same relative content.

    In the quite unlikely event that some agreement is reached between the companies in the future and they can release all four together, I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of complaining from people who don’t understand why they would release a trilogy prior to a complete boxed set “unless they just wanted to take fans for more money”.

    Imagine if the trilogy boxed set had been released and then, a few years down the line, after obtaining the rights later on, they released one with the documentaries. Oh, the hatred they would receive for bothering to offer fans a more complete experience as rights would allow…

  11. Oh, gosh. How many times do people have to explain this. Scream 1-4 can’t be released together? Why? Because Scream 1-3 and 4’s home video rights are owned by two completely different company.

    Scream 1-3 HV rights owned by Lionsgate
    Scream 4 HV rights owned by Anchor Bay

    Why is this so difficult to understand?

  12. LMFAO, are you kidding me? No SCREAM 4? I wonder why they wouldn’t include it . . .

  13. Releasing scream trilogy and calling it a five film deal is weird and confusing, personally I’m not interested in the blue ray, because in the uk we get no documentary with it, boo hiss, plus the way things are going it won’t be long before the QUADRILOGY will probably be released in ALL NEW SHINY 3D CONVERSION, FOR AN AMAZING PRICE, £99.99, sorry for negative comment my dog died today, his name was billy named after evil mr loomis

  14. This obviously means the 3 blu ray screams are just gonna be the ones released ages ago, and the collection is only worth buying for the 2 docs if you already have the blurays. Bit lame really was hoping for new updated blurays!

  15. I hear it includes a FREE “Forest Whitaker” tattoo! Oh wait…wrong box set….never mind. =P

  16. The one thing i will say was crappy about the recent blu release (and i doubt it will be any different here) was the bonus features were HORRIBLE quality. The ratio was small and i actually prefer watching the bonus features off the dvd boxset. Felt slapped together if you ask me.

  17. I really don’t mind the cover, it is different from anything we have right now, I just think the “5 film set” is annoying but whatever. Bring it!

  18. I agree. “5 Film Set” = Weird Marketing Decisions.

  19. LMFAO, are you kidding me? No SCREAM 4? I wonder why they wouldn’t include it . . .

    @Amy, it’s because Anchor Bay have the distribution right for home video.

  20. I feel they could of done better art work…just saying.

  21. I’m glad they decided to give us a little more than just the collectors edition blu-rays, which I hope feature some new bonus features. My only issue is the “5 Film Set.” If there are 4 Disc included or 5 (I hope) than it should have been called “4 Disc Set” or “5 Disc Set” Hopefully they will include the same bonus disc as including in the 2000 Trilogy Boxset. Either way I’m buying this because I love Scream and hopefully it will sell enough to add to Scream 5’s budget and get on track soon.

  22. Oh and on Amazon.com it says that there are 5 Discs included.

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