Wednesday Night: Join Us For Scream-A-Thon Online #1!

On Wednesday July 13 @ 8PM PST, Scream-Trilogy will hold the first in a monthly series of Scream-A-Thon evenings where screamers from all over the world will congregate in a live chat while watching Scream (1996) simultaneously. The next best thing to watching the movie with a crowd of Scream fans!

If you’re interested in participating, here’s how it breaks down:

1. If you don’t have a message board account, you will need to sign up. Doing so is quick and painless.

2. You can find out what time in your corner of the world the session starts by visiting the World Clock and selecting USA/California/Los Angeles/8PM but there will be a countdown till start-time up soon so you can simply go off that.

3. Have a copy of the first Scream ready to play. Please note you are responsible for viewing your own copy whether it be on DVD, online or whatever… we are NOT supplying a stream of the movie. Be sure to synch it up to the start of the Dimension logo.

4. Visit Scream-Trilogy or the forum on Wednesday and there will be a very visible link to the chat room.

5. The chat room will be available for open talk several hours before the show, but once the countdown hits zero, I’ll announce MOVIE BEGINS NOW in the room at which point, you can hit play.

6. We talk and joke about what’s happening on screen, and get to know each other through our shared love of Scream!

The livechat will be moderated and run the duration of the movie. Due to runspeed differences in countries (PAL vs NTSC) a 5 minute delay will start to creep in as the movie progresses but you’ll be able to tell from the chat text generally what scene we are on. This might be helpful for any latecomers, too.

The tentative Scream-A-Thon schedule is:

August: Scream 2
September: Scream 3
October: Scream 4

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or visit the forum thread. which contains a lot of discussion on the finer points of the event. We hope to see you there!

4. Have a copy of the first Scream ready to play. Please note you are responsible for viewing your own copy whether it be on DVD, online or whatever… we are NOT supplying a stream of the movie. Be sure to synch it up to the start of the Miramax logo.
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21 Responses to “ Wednesday Night: Join Us For Scream-A-Thon Online #1! ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. yep im there or here watever but im doin it lol

  2. Such a great idea! Boooo for me having to work but I’m sure you peeps will have a blast. I really hope I can be off for Scream 2 tho!

  3. This sounds pretty cool. I’ll try and join in!

  4. Darn it! i have class on that day! Oh well….I guess i will have to join for Scream 2 :D

  5. I’ll try my best to watch this with you guys.

  6. id love to do this.. this is a good idea. i just cant commit cause i have a 4 yr old and its hard to watch movies and chat like that. imma try though. great idea thought really great.

  7. Haha no offense but this is gonna go horribly wrong.

  8. What? I dont think this is horribly wrong! I think its actually such a great idea! Im definately in!!!! Cant wait for wednesday!

  9. If it is EST, why do they need to select Los Angeles on the world clock? That would be PST…a 3 hour difference.

  10. @ILNY83 – “no offense” would be easier to believe if you didn’t precede it by laughing.

    @XNotMalcolm – Thanks, just a blunder (now fixed) and not an attempt to reshape time and space.

  11. Awesome, will do my best to remember and participate

  12. best idea i have seen in my entire freaking life! hell yea ill be there!! i cant wait to get 4 in october that should be a fun one!

  13. Hey, Robert aka ILNY83, if that’s the case then please feel free to not show up. You certainly won’t be missed. Trust me.

  14. When this was originally announced it was said that it would be EST. I realize the front page story had two times, but was changed to only PST. However, the thread on the message board has no change to it. There seems to be some confusion with some of us as to which one is actually correct. Obviously, for some of us, three hours is a big difference.

  15. Just bought my copy today for it! :)

  16. I’m in!

  17. i live in florida…so for me that means it starts at 11 right? cuz if so im free lol. either way i do NOT want to miss this. i already have my scream film ready to go!

  18. There’s now a countdown on the forum to make scheduling easier. No matter where you live, if you can COUNT, it’s easy to know when the event starts. :)

  19. YAY… sounds like fun I might not be able to be around for the whole movie, but I’ll hang out for a while… great idea :D

  20. I’M IN!!!

  21. bohoo! That’s so late for me (since I live in Sweden). But it’s a great idea, and I hope you all enjoy yourselves. :D

    (Still think it should occur on a weekend, though! ;D)

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