Kevin Williamson Almost Watched Scream 4

Williamson is the finest screenwriter of my generation. He famously divorced himself from Scream 4 pretty much before filming even began. Silence spoke volumes – he only opened up prior to release in the pages of Entertainment Weekly in a sort of pop-culture purging – before largely returning to that mental long distance.

We dubbed the whole saga… Kevpocalypse! Check out the archives for flashback fun.

So in the last day or two, Williamson found himself in a hotel, right out of The Shining, with nothing to watch. Then he scrolled through the available pay-per-view movies, and master of the ironic that he is, shared this photo along with a corresponding Tweet:

kevwilliamson: What to watch? I can’t decide. @wescraven help!

Oh, what a tease. Following that, he posted a stream of tweets commenting on the contenders…and the choice he made. Thor. Ouch. Come on Kevin, you seriously should have watched it – who knows, since it likely would have been the PPV Version, that might have given you some sunshine and sparkles like it has with some other viewers.

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36 Responses to “ Kevin Williamson Almost Watched Scream 4 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Has he seriously not seen it yet?

  2. He has to have seen it. Right after the premiere he posted a tweet saying something like “Everybody go see scream 4.”

  3. Thats kind of funny i guess but if he is really turning his back on the movie franchise that made his career that is extremely stupid. I mean without Scream he wouldn’t have a career well not a very good one at least lol.

  4. Although i will say the killer “Reveal” in part 4 didn’t do anything for me….the opening to S4 is pure genius and should be getting praise from any fan of the series or horror fan in general. I never saw it coming. Great stuff from a great writer. Too bad he’s all about the TV. I wish the man would do all film. He’s top notch with characters. Scream 4 despite it’s flaws has some brilliant scenes that are etched in my mind since opening night. The whole Steven Orth re-enactment was just amazing. When that light flips on and charlie is in the chair……amazing stuff!

  5. @Matthew I don’t think the man would turn his back on the Scream franchise. He openly said in an interview he would never do that. I’ll be honest with you. I’ve always felt in my gut that Kevin wrote in the script that Jill Kills Sidney….Bob flipped out and said NO WAY….and cue the fight. That’s just my opinion….since the whole cast outside of the original three died. The hospital ending did feel added on and it seemed like Sidney was supposed to die in Kirby’s house. Just a guess. But i guess we will never hear KW’s original story for S4.

  6. @JRT, Yeah i thought about myself that maybe Kevin did want Sidney to die in Scream 4 maybe not necessarily at Kirby’s house but yeah but i remember reading somewhere that Kevin and Craven said the original three would be with us until the end. It makes me wonder what the extended ending is for scream 4.

  7. I dunno if he “divorced” himself as much as we all think he did, i think it was a lot of silence…it just goes to show that the 11 yrs break didnt help because they were outta the groove on how to continue. plus the weinstiens changed a lot of what he w anted to do…they should just know to trust him by now

  8. With the movies in that photo my choices would be Insidious (best theater experience of my life!), Unknown, or Scream 4.

  9. Lol, Kevin is such a jerk for what he did.

  10. I’m actually watching the first film with the commentary now. Sad that the S4 experience wasn’t like what they describe the S1 experience to be.

  11. I think it’s all pretty funny. He’s clearly just messing with Wes and all a bit. I feel sorry for the remotely famous online anymore – they can’t say or do anything tongue-in-cheek without everyone jumping on their case for it, thinking they’re serious.

    Come on, Kev! The “Adults Only” tab is right above it!

  12. This could easily be written off as a joke but it’s like Jeeze can Scream fans get SOME kind of positive feedback from SOMEONE?? It’s almost as if they don’t even give a damn anymore..

  13. I know he’s joking, but Kevin has already shown his displeasure with the Weinsteins, I think he need not be doing it. After all, at the end of the day, the biggest hit of his career is that franchise. I hope that if there is a 5th movie, his ideas are not changed so he will be satisfied.

  14. That faggot.

  15. To me those tweets, were saying “I’ve seen the movie and I didn’t think much of it, I would rather watch these movies over Scream 4.”

    I could be wrong, but that’s what I got out of it. Theres no doubt in my mind that has to have seen it

  16. He saw a movie w/ his name attached to it on the TV screen. He has twitter. Wes Craven has twitter. He tweeted him w/ a joke and a pic. END. OF. STORY.

    Do you people really think writers, directors and actors sit around watching their own movies over and over again? That would be F’ing PATHETIC!
    1) Why does he need to watch a movie that he’s probably all ready seen?
    2) Why would he want to watch a movie we know he had problems with?
    3) Why would he pay for a movie he probably has a screener of at home?
    4) Why is he being lambasted for not being so pathetic and egocentric as to NOT sit in a hotel and watch his own movies?

    Look, Kevin Williamson has done two very important things for me in my life. 1 professional and 1 personal. I’m not saying I’m best friends with him. I’m not even saying I’m friends at all with him. But the facts are what the facts are. Believe it or not, I don’t care.

    I know a lot of people who post here are young and don’t realize the intricacies of the film business. I also know those young people don’t understand the people who make these movies don’t obsess over their own work after they’re done working on it. Seriously, that would be creepy and pathetic.

    But, Matthew… guess what? Yeah, Scream made Kevin’s career. But Kevin made ‘Scream.’ Also, it seems as though the franchise (i.e. the owners of the franchise) have turned their backs on Kevin.

    Scream4fan… I’m not exactly sure “what he did” that you’re referring to but, again. I know Kevin (a little bit) I’ve dealt with him personally more than a hand few of times for over 10 years. The man is anything but a jerk.

    LMAO… Yeah, he’s gay. Why the need for the word you used? You’re the jerk.

    Matt… don’t read so much into a tweet, please. The guy is not petty enough to slam his own movie (which he’ll be making more money off of in a few weeks) directly to his friend who directed it ON TWITTER of all things. You’re looking for drama where it doesn’t exist.

  17. Correction to my previous post…

    “4) Why is he being lambasted for not being so pathetic and egocentric as to NOT sit in a hotel and watch his own movies?”

    Should have been…

    4) Why is he being lambasted for NOT being so pathetic and egocentric that he’d sit in a hotel and watch his own movies?

  18. Seems like he had something to say about every other movie BUT Scream 4. damn Kevin
    There’s no doubt that this was a subtle diss at the film

  19. @Whatisyourproblem?

    OUR PROBLEM is that Kevin could give us something more than a slap in the face comment! Maybe at least act like for once that he CARES ABOUT Scream 4!!

  20. AJ,

    How was that a slap in the face comment? Read what I said. His tweet shouldn’t be read into beyond the fact that he saw the movie he and Wes worked on together on TV. He tweeted at Wes and image of it. That’s the end of the story. What about that was a “slap in the face”? Without adding your own impressions of “He watched Thor of Scream?!” What about what he said is a “slap in the face”?

  21. Wow… I left a lot of typos in that one. Don’t want to issues corrections for every post I make but that last one needs it.


    How was that a slap in the face comment? Read what I said. His tweet shouldn’t be read into beyond the fact that he saw the movie he and Wes worked on together on TV. He tweeted at Wes an image of it. That’s the end of the story. What about that was a “slap in the face”? Without adding your own impressions of “He watched Thor over Scream?!” What did he say that’s a “slap in the face”?

  22. Kevin will never leave TV to focus on film because in film the writer gets shit on constantly, but in TV the writer is king.

  23. And why does Ehren Krueger cop all the hate again????

  24. “And why does Ehren Krueger cop all the hate again?”

    – Because Scream 3 wasn’t nearly as good as the first 2.
    – Because the humor of 3 was sitcom/spoof-ish and not dark/smart like the first 2.
    – Because from what we know of Scream 4, Kevin seemed to be on the right track (Hayden liking and then not liking her part, Gale and Dewey having a kid pre-re-writes) and what was released was a dry, un-funny, un-involving film.
    – Because he wrote Transformers 3

    If you’re insinuating Kevin deserves hate and Ehren doesn’t then why don’t you answer the question that I asked AJ… What about Kevin’s tweet is disrespectful, insulting, or whatever you believed it was that means Kevin should “cop” hate?

  25. I’d like to slap everyone in the face who thinks this was a diss toward the film. Obviously, I’m just kidding there – but I don’t think I should even have to say that.

    Williamson got to bring back characters he loved, things were adjusted here and there but, in general, the film has been well-received by fans. He knows what the business is like, that rewrites happen, that schedules get in the way, etc. We all heard about how he and the Weinsteins had some issues but then patched things up because they knew that the only reason they butted heads was because they were both passionate about the project. Then he tries to be goofy on Twitter and supposed “die-hard” fans, who you’d think would understand satire, sarcasm, tongue-in-cheek humor, etc. after having watched four of these films…jump on his case for being SERIOUS about it?

    …Wait. I’ve rethought my stance on slapping everyone here who thinks he was dissing the film. I actually want to do it now.

  26. Kevin Williamson irratates me. Ew.

  27. I love how everyone keeps INSINUATING he did something wrong by saying he “irritates” you or that it was a “slap in the face” or that he deserves more hate than Ehren Krueger for the fans. BUT, they won’t explain exactly what is is that he did to irritate you, or slap you in the face or earn hate. And not what you feel he’s trying to say there. But what he actually said. It’s really rediculous how much you’re adding onto the actual event just to feel how you want to feel.

  28. Seriously people? I mean really? Are you all really whining this much about something that was obviously a joke? Now that’s irritating.

  29. Seriously Spectre? I mean really? Are you really whining this much about people using their keyboard as an outlet for their thoughts and concerns? Now that’s irritating.

  30. The whining on here is beyond irritating.

  31. i think the whole problem with scream 4 is that when it was in theatres u could find the whole film all over you tube…now that its been out forever u cant, pirarcy in action and the weinstiens not stopping it

  32. I think Kevin is just promoting that the film is out there to watch.

  33. @whatisyourproblem
    uhmm, im not insinuating shit. Kevin Williamson IRRITATES me. End of story. Read the comment before you let the shit spew out of ur mouth. Thanks :)

  34. Amy,

    You posted that he irritates you on an article about a completely benign tweet. So, something about the tweet irritates you. And if it doesn’t then your post was off topic and unneeded. You said he irritates you on this specific article about this specific tweet. I said by saying he (and his tweet) irritates you that you’re saying he (and his tweet) were wrong/irritating. Think about what you post before you write it. And, you know what? If he irritates you so much then why don’t you stop watching the Scream films he’s written? Enjoy part 3!

  35. Kevin Williamson should be annoyed by what has been going on since Scream 3. He writes a script the way he sees it and someone else comes in and changes everything. He probably felt like his service is no longer required so therefore, he distanced himself from the franchise. I wish he would just come out and say it. I wish he could just tell us the reason why he’s having a hard time enjoying working on Scream.

  36. I don’t have a problem with the tweet at all. If he really hated the movie, then he probably would not have posted anything at all. But my big question is….what was the fight about? I’ve always been of the thought that Sidney was supposed to die. And part 5 it would be “known” that Jill was the killer and Kirby would be the one who “survived” and then the other two movies would be Jill vs. Kirby. I really don’t see how they truly believe that a different person would unsuccessfully try to kill Sidney, Gale and Dewey 6 different times. Or maybe there never was a new trilogy, and they just told us that to throw us off the trail that Jill was the killer?

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